World of Tanks || A Bad Match Up

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Today ExtremeDivern is going to show you how to play, the , in a bad match up.

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. First!

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. Merry Christmas or a happy holidays everyone!

  4. Panther 8.8cm Good?

  5. Quickybaby it was a great livestream sunday and you really did a great Job.
    But i have a question do you think that the obj 260 is op? And wish you a
    happy christmas and a happy newyear.

    The netherlands!!!

  6. He was actually shooting gold at this IS-8’s front.
    No hate, just saying that he used shells with higher penetration than
    198mm, although I think with such a good aiming Divern presented it would
    be enough to penetrate this tier IX tank with AP shells.

  7. will you make a review for the new premium panther 8.8 ? 

  8. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  9. So QB has about 2K efficiency and this guy had almost 3K efficiency! OMG

  10. so many lucky shots :/

  11. nice panther gameplay.

  12. I got very frustrated with my Panther being constantly ammo racked, even
    with safe storage. I eventually purchased a wet ammo rack for it, but it
    still happened too often.

  13. Merry Christmas and holidays everyone!

  14. Can the Panther really use the 88mm gun as you say at 0:58? I thought is
    was removed.

  15. Spider zasa někoho zabil…

  16. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Boldog Karácsonyt minden magyarnak (is) !

  17. 0:59 QB Panther can not use the 8.8 cm gun anymore.. It got taken away long
    time ago did you not notice? Around when they removed the top engines of
    most high tier German tanks, before Port got removed from the game, so it
    hasn’t had the 8.8 cm gun for ages.

  18. merry midwinter everyone!
    or whatever you happen to celebrate this time of year, happy that!

  19. I really like seeing players do good in a bad match up.

  20. I don’t suppose anyone could tell me what is different between the brothers
    in arms and the crucial contribution medals is

  21. Fantastic replay!

  22. Merry Christmas to all from Denmark

  23. Nice, use of, the commas, in, the description.

  24. Please change your intro QB 

  25. please dont do the 45 fps things cause my laptop cant handle it and 480p
    looks crapy

  26. Benjamin Romeo Salalima

    Merry Christmas QB and everyone else! 

  27. The Panther is just a very good tank. (Even I had very good results in it
    even in tier 9 matches.) The replay is nothing special and doesnt show any
    skill. The player didnt make many mistakes but he was just lucky.

  28. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these replays, where someone isn’t top of
    the list in a battle, but ends up doing extremely well.

    Also, Merry christmas people

  29. The panther is my favorite tank in the game currently. with a gun rammer
    and vents it has a very quick reload that then turns into an insane dpm.
    the accuracy and penetration is amazing with that L100 75mm and with proper
    angling you can find yourself bouncing many shots with it’s great armor.
    it’s speed is not amazing but is still good and with it’s 54 tons of weight
    it is amazing at ramming people which i must say is alot of fun.

  30. C&C at desktop )

  31. The unfamus “blow gun”

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  33. all that’s ever shown are unicums

  34. The panter is an awesome tank and the only downside it has (and the only
    reason I don’t have it yet) is that to get it you have to get through two
    heavy tanks ( DW2 and VK 30.01 H ) that just do not fit in a medium line
    and I’m not going to even try using them, I hope that WG in the future will
    fix this and they will enable going to panter from the VK 30.01 D .

  35. A prime example of why the Comet needs one of the biggest buffs in the
    history of mankind… 

  36. 28 minutes from Christmas Day here in Hong Kong!

  37. What gives the panther the edge is that penetration. 

  38. Just look at the top tiers in his team all useless fucking deep red bots.

  39. ExtremeDivern just proves that a tank is only as good as the tank driver.
    Being at the bottom tier does not count to an extremely good WoT player
    like this guy. He still had carried the game! And whoever says that he is
    not good and was just lucky, well, show us a video where you are at the
    bottom of the list with a tank 2 tier lower than the enemy tanks and
    carried the game. If none, then maybe a humble pie would be good for you.
    Thanks for showing us this awesome replay QB. You simply are the best!

  40. well played

  41. Noones going to comment on the error in loadouts he made? lol Ok I will.
    The Panther no longer gets the 88mm gun. Which is sad but the L/100 75mm
    gun is very capable. Just dont get into a slug match with something with a
    bigger gun =|

  42. The only great thing about this replay is that he has 111 fps!

  43. The panther is not what it is realistically, in real life it was a absolute
    terror to fight and “try” to take down because if the fantastic armor and
    amazing gun that had a habit of one shotting a lot of tanks, so in
    conclusion I think the panther needs a buff on either the gun or the armor
    and then it would be beast :3

  44. lol, 12k wn8 for that game. i shit that in my m41….

  45. This video also shows exactly the weaknesses of the Panther. Insanely low
    alpha, making it hard to exploit opponents’ longer reload with its amazing
    rate of fire, also making it hard to clean up weaker tanks without trading
    hp. Insignificant armor, combine with low alpha high ROF gun, meaning that
    it must either expose itself a lot, or giving up shots to save hp.
    This tank can seldom get a high damage trade profit against other tanks,
    either snap 2 shots while they reload, or slam 5-6 while you eating about
    400+. It is in the case of not having any other opponents aiming at you
    (you know the pub players like to focus on easy dmg). Last but not least,
    the high alpha(300+) creeps at tier6 do not help.
    It would be nice if it has at least more usable armor, or better mobility.


  47. There is no more 88mm on the panther

  48. imagine a VK 30.02 D in this match :/, a Panther is one of those tanks
    where it doesnt matter if you play against tier 8/9

  49. I do like the panther because you aren’t really afraid to see tier 9
    opponents, but I’m sure you agree that it just does not compete against the

  50. Everybody check out the advent calendar it is the grosstraktor and the t-34

  51. can you do a T20 review?

  52. Golden Gaming Channel

    +QuickyBabyTV You should do a replay with someone who sends in a leopard 1

  53. *cough… i don’t remember the panther 1 having an 8,8

  54. i would take panther for your loved comet everytime

  55. Like!!!!

  56. QuickyBaby says these things like these players are complete professionals.
    And while I’m not saying that they aren’t I still wonder if the decisions
    they make were just professional knowledge and skill or just lucky ones. :/
    What do you think?

  57. Ello ello people. I hope everybody has a good christmas! To amswer your
    question QB, I initially rushed the Panther due to its fame. When i got it
    I was extremely new to the game and didnt know how to handle it. I got
    frustrated and sold it. Recently however ive picked it back up and have
    been having loads of fun in it! Ive found it’s a great tank if you can sit
    about 3-400 meters away and keep the gun singing for the panther’s dpm is
    crazy. Again have a merry christmas @Quickybaby 

  58. quicky when are you doing the reveiw on the new panther merry x-mas take
    your time

  59. The panther is one of those tanks that cannot perform realistically due to
    it’s real life service. It would be extremely unbalanced to pit panthers
    against T-34s and other tier 5s like the tanks it would have fought in real
    In addition it’s huge penetration and ability to engage at large range is
    vastly neglected in WOT. In real life often a single round was all it took
    to knock out and sometimes destroy an enemy vehicle but WOT’s arcade nature
    means that the extremely lethal 75mm has to put up with a weak alpha damage.
    In my opinion the Panther is misrepresented hugely in WOT but the same can
    be said for other tanks in the game. In game terms I find it an enjoyable
    tank to drive despite not seeing much success. At the end of the day WOT is
    not about realism so i can’t really complain.

  60. Correct me if im wrong, but is the panther still has its 88/L56? Because as
    I remember it, the panther did not have its 88 no more, but Im not sure

  61. Wtf! I call bullshit i could never pull off clutch shits because war gaming

  62. Love the Panther. Granted it feels a bit stacked in MM at times, similar to
    this video, but still an amazing tank. Now if only the AFK Panther had a
    better chance in the game.

  63. Does QB play fullscreen?

  64. not to judge, but quickybaby can you try to post more often? You keep us
    waiting for a few days at times.

  65. Some really lucky shots that went in against his enemies and some really
    lucky misses by his opponents. Well played, but this replay would have
    been a lot shorter had the Indien panzer shot him and the is-8 had hit him
    once of the two times he fired.

  66. tier 7 mediums
    Panther pretty good
    comet not enough pen really
    chi ri same gun from tier 6 just autoloaded and also big and weak
    T20 pretty good/average not many people seem to use it

  67. Merry Christmas Quickybaby 

  68. This is about standard for MM on the SEA server!

  69. QuickyBaby!, have a look at my T29 replay it was an awesome game that I
    think that you will like, it was really funny because the scumbag arty
    commits suicide at the end, which doesn’t give me the last kill 🙁 :

  70. i think the panther is a sub optimal flanking tank. other tanks do its job
    better, is it inadequate? not by an means it still does its job just fine
    but their are other tanks that fill this role better. its a shame we will
    never see it on the new low tier map as i feel it would be really useful in
    that environment where it could use the open side areas and the
    crisscrossing city streets to great effect.

  71. Very impressive, as usual, thanks for those replays

  72. i would just like to say panther is bad compared to the mighty CHI-RI !! I
    take my chi-ri in tier10 games because it feels more balanced like that

  73. finally!!!!!!
    this is THE video i have been waiting for!!!!!!
    maybe i can learn some things and increase my own panther skill.
    thank you quickybaby :)

  74. 4:04 “But thankfully, the Jagdpanther is quite a heavy beast” 😀 its a
    panther, not jagdpanther

  75. I love that map! It’s not overplayed to the point of boredom, and the
    rural/city fighting is just awesome!

  76. This tank is so fun to play, and i don´t know what it is about the Panther
    2 i love this tank

  77. new light tank dropped my PZ 1 C crew skill to 0 … 🙁

    Got my self T2 Light and it’s nice

  78. That ammo rack at the start wasn’t unlucky, it’s the way the tank is. The
    entire side of the tank is one big ammo rack and any shot there will damage
    it, to the point where I carry 2 repair kits just for that and have even
    been triple ammo racked in a game before.

  79. I feel in real life this is how a Panther and its crew would dominate the
    battle field, training around and exterminating with extreme prejudice. 

  80. Now this is skill, not like the stb baboon driver :D

  81. Took some lucky shot though, still a GOOD GAME~!!! Great map

  82. Fairly sure the Panther doesn’t have the 88mm gun anymore. it got removed
    when the panther got reworked a while ago.

  83. I wanted to get the Panther but this replay made me want it more.
    I need dis tank :)

  84. Yey i was dat light t54 😀 im a Star now :D

  85. Merry Christmas niggers!

  86. This tank is just amazing nothing awful about it at all rate of fire and
    pen ….sucker is dangerous

  87. awesome replay, i consider to play this tank again 🙂 ; even though i
    wouldnt call it terrible matchup because you see 2-5 t9 in the panther in
    20-25% of your games

  88. Lehväslaiho is still alive and kicking ars.

  89. Well 50/50 is not a actually 50/50 b/c of draws technically a 50/50 game is
    49/49 b/c 2% are draws.
    so his team was favored in match 

  90. Panther 1 forever. plajed 1200 battles…

  91. very good battle , and merry Christmas qb to you and your family !

  92. the panther and t29 are the 2 tier 7s that dont care about the match up
    they get. although the panther isnt op but in my personal opinion the t29

  93. QB could you tell to war gaming to put back the confruntation mode please.
    And merry christmas ;)

  94. not gonna lie i thought this thing got a buff from the last time i played
    it when it was changed to hd. i remember the reload time being about 4s
    whereas now its about 3.75 which made this tank a lot more fun to play for
    me. i also got i think 3 Ace tankers the week i bought it back when i was
    playing the hell out of it.

  95. Nice replay… but i did much better with my panther long ago… :)

  96. For me, T 20 is still the best :)

  97. Personally I love my panther, I struggle using tanks like the comet

  98. Merry Christmas to you QB and Peppy.
    I hope you had a great evening. :-)

  99. I really enjoy playing WoT in my Panther. Great replay.

  100. QuickyBaby, you forgot to put the annotations on at the end again…

  101. +QuickyBabyTV i have got a replay of a wz121 in a match that i was
    expecting to lose. but after firing 3 really lucky shots i safed a teamate
    and that turned the game around around 4k damage base xp isnt to high at
    800 but its more about the teamwork towards the end. there is the link Esurio1
    :edit. sorry for posting this here but i have yet to find how to send you
    replays and i am not gonna spam quicky in the wot garage chat so i dit it
    this way.

  102. God damn QB, It’s a Panther, not a JPanther :)

  103. You do say jagdpanther alot ;)

  104. Hey Quickybaby, I love your streams and hope you got some rest from the 3
    days of streaming. Hope you and Peppy good luck. I like my panther but I
    wish it could have a bit more armor. Merry Christmas to you, Peppy, and
    those tasty tigers! Best wishes from the United States!

  105. This game was awsome but still i did more than 3200 dmg in a tier 5 tank in
    a tier 7 match hope qb will show that replay too

  106. I think that panther is very underestimeited but it’s actualy good because
    big amounts of players make that mastake and let panter shoot them 5-6
    times until reckt them

  107. I not gonna get the panther because i hated the vk3002M (but some how got a
    mark of excellence..) , I had a 44% w/r in it, with my over all w/r being
    51% And i did unlock the panther.

  108. WHAT THE…. WOW! O_O

  109. Another noob play with premium and wot give benefits of people expensive
    real money on game like you quickly shit. … 

  110. Hey QB, Merry Christmas. I just wanted to let you know that watching your
    videos, coupled with Jingles and a few others. Has really helped improve my
    stats. I have been a tomato for so long now. But my stats are constantly
    improving. The game is much more enjoyable for me now. So thanks again for
    the informative and fun videos. Cheers.

  111. So he was lucky and should be dead at 4:00 if enemy connect shots. And over
    all he was just lucky snap shooting till late game…This guy is good he
    was going into good positions but TBH this was mostly luck based game. Can
    you as ‘youtubers’ stop giving some crappy heavy luck driven games as
    example and comment them as someone was good when in reality he was just

  112. Can you please do a vido tips for people that are like tier 7 or 8 cus I am
    at 7 and I am not that good please do a vido

  113. That was the best match I have seen in a Panther. I had to sell mine out of
    sheer frustration. I might buy it again, but low alpha damage, even with
    such a quick reload, is so aggravating. I don’t know, all the light tanks
    introduced in patch 9.3 (or was is 9.4?) have much better alpha and reload
    times comparable to the Panther. I need to ponder on this, or see more
    replays like this to motivate me to get back in a panther.

  114. these guys still win gold?

  115. I will finally have to buy my VK 30.01 H crew a tier 6 tank, and I am not
    sure, if I want to go VK 36.01 H to later get the Tiger, or VK 30.02 M to
    get the Panther. Crewskills are rather towards view range and faster aiming
    than towards repair, like a normal heavy crew

  116. WOW echt heftig einfach ein top Spieler nur weiter so. Läuft bei dir 

  117. Ah the Panther, made out of ammo racks just like the leos

  118. This feels like a normal matchup for me when I’m driving my Panther…
    Guess I’m unlucky.

  119. Hey quicky I have a pretty good Maus replay you should take a look at if
    you would like a link just let me know

  120. I played about 6k games and unlocked the Phanter a long time before. I will
    buy it soon to get the Panther II.
    I trink its great.

  121. I know that im epic …

  122. Don t undervalue german steal!!!! The panther was a beast in WWII and if
    you know how play this tank…. you became the king of the battlefield

  123. How do you put on the languages on wot? 

  124. I think its never changed cuz its a good balanced tank. Good pen for a tier
    7 pretty good mobility armor can bounce some lower tier and own tier shots
    view range is standard And the rate of fire is holding up for the 135 avg
    damage i have got the panther myself and in my opinion its a very good tank

  125. No mastery? wow.

  126. IIRC the Panther did actually get some changes a few patches ago about the
    same time the engines were changed around on the higher tier German tanks.
    They buffed the top turret turn rate which made the L100 much more

  127. U world Of tanks m8

    I have a screen shot of my xbox 360 edition and i got 6k xp no bullshit

  128. Good replay.
    Btw, this tank lost 8.8 gun at least 3 patches ago.

  129. the guy had a lot of luck…but you can see that he is a good player…but
    the results aren’t anything special…don’t get me wrong it is a great
    result…but everybody can get it

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