World of Tanks – A Broken Clock

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Nobody ever accused Polish 40TP of being a good tank, but even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

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  1. Jingles, all of your videos uploaded in last week or so are out of sync (sound is late 1-2 sec after firing)

  2. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles…. WHAT IS AN PARTIAL OVERMATCH? you either do or you dont.

  3. nice game

  4. After your “So…” I expected: “…yeah! Hahahahahaha”. 😉
    Great commentary, as always. All the best, Jingles!

  5. The DPM on the 40TP looks pretty good imo

  6. audio sync …………again

  7. WG please nerf that tank! This is unacceptable

  8. Thanks for the wot video Jingles. Do you ever play wot anymore?

  9. Lord Runolfr Ulfsson

    (9:23) 40TP is ready to joust!

  10. Jingles did you hear what they did to both Console versions of World of Warships and World of Tanks?
    World of Warships has pretty balanced CV’s
    World of Tanks has MBT’s so fun

  11. the 53tp is even worse lol its tier 8 heavy with same “armor” as this tank (40tp)

    • i have reached the 50tp but the tier 5 grind is much worse with its pompom with 40mm penetration .. at least the stock tier 6 gets the 135mm penn top gun from the tier 5

  12. Can’t pronounce it so the tank is called Dave.

  13. I like the gas, the desperate attempt to reduce the pain of driving the tank

  14. That was a risky path he picked to go towards their base, but high risk, high reward – it certainly paid off.

  15. Since this is based off half Russian design does the hand of Stallin come and guide this round? Or does he have to send half the souls he collects to the Gulag? Also does he get the power boost of german engineering lol?

  16. 9:23 is it just me or does he looks lie a knight on a horse , with his Lance ready to strike :).

  17. Captain Golden Beard

    As an Xbox player, I’m happy to see that World of Tanks on the PC hasn’t started to look like a bloody cartoonish arcade game.

  18. Matheus Rondel Leite

    I love the crew voices of Poland!

  19. T20 = Tier 7 … not 6 … I think the master is trolling his slaves down in the salt mines

  20. Liar – you know exactly why you like that name 🙂

  21. Armando Rodrigues

    Jingles there’s just one problem about your analysis, the T20 is tier 7 and not tier 6, the American tier 6 medium tank is the Sherman “Easy 8”
    the simple thought of comparing a Tier 7 medium with a Tier 6 medium is a sign of how mediocre/outdated the “oldest” tech tree in World of Tanks is
    of the original tech trees in the game the US TT is the only one to not have received any major rework or expansion since the addition of Tier 10 mediums, tank-destroyers and SPG’s

    there is a reason as to why you rarely get to show us a good match played in a American tank, with some exceptions – mostly T29 at Tier 7 – the rest of the TT no longer fits the META, above all it is a pain to grind especially since a crew you have maxed out does not necessarily fit the next tank in line

    the everchanging playstyle between tiers plagued other TTs as well, however those have been reworked, like how the Badger is much more suited to follow the Tortoise rather than the FV215b(183), even now with the new branches we see that from AT LEAST tier 8 thrugh tier 10 they try to keep the playstyle, and yet the US TT has not received the same level of attention

  22. T20 is a tier 7 medium not 6.

  23. I really like this tank. It looks very much the part of an early MBT, has the turret of a tiger 2 and the hull of a KV. On console at least, it performs fine, but there’s so many other tanks with better stats around, that it just doesn’t get played that much.

  24. Got an 8 kill game in this thing

  25. To be fair to the 40TP, the tier 7 is decent (one of my personal favorites), the tier 8 and 9 have absolutely painless stock grinds, and the tier 10 has the best snapshots of any 152mm cannon in the game, apart from tanks blessed by Stalin’s Touch.

  26. A polish design put in the game by a russian dev? I wonder why it’s terrible…:P

  27. 9:20 the TELEPHONE POLE had me ROLLING! HA!

  28. Jingle, have you seen the new mbt on console?

  29. I’m currently grinding through this POS right now.

  30. I kinda hate watching your WOT videos because it makes me think “maybe I can do that.” I then reload the game, play for a few days and remember just how bad I suck and why I uninstalled in the first damn place.

  31. and what you expected for russian developer

  32. Wp mister powerbottom

  33. Sromotny Kobziarz

    You’re a piece of garbage Jingles. This is a great polish tank. ChWP 😜

  34. Piotr Mikołajski

    Sorry Jingles, this wasn’t actual design. This was proposal only, without any hard specifications, without development and without any WG bullshit you are referring to.

  35. 2:04 well, german tier 7 heavy tank? no. just the tiger P. the tiger P’s long 88 does 240 alpha, the short 88 does 220. the regular tiger, though, has 280 alpha with the exact same gun and ammo (the long 88). how? don’t know. why? don’t know.

    -sincerely, salty ex-tiger P driver (in WoT, of course).

  36. The Polish tank tree is generally terrible which makes me think it’s because those commie bastards still can’t forgive the Poles for the ass-whooping they received in 1920.

  37. Polish tonk strong

  38. Funny thing is I actually liked this tank and the 45tp, that alpha can just be fun, decent depression, just works

  39. Here’s hoping we get a vid of his kitty exclusively soon.

  40. Hej Džingls long time no see

  41. The 25tp stock made this thing feel almost pleasant. I did seem to have decent luck with it though

  42. Has anyone told jingles about the modern armour update we had on console where we can now drive M1A2s and T 72s

  43. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.
  44. And 3 spg’s, that truly sucks in this game. Slow heavies are getting massacre and it’s extremely annoying. That wasn’t suppose to happen anymore but WG doesn’t give a shit.

  45. Wow… quite a game.

  46. Say what?! The Chi-Ri isn’t a good tank? One of the best harassers at tier 7? What nonsense, Jingles!

  47. stock tanks. cent 1 stock. fear my 141 pen.. in a tier 8 medium 😀 Even with the ‘second gun’.. fear my 171 pen, you tier 10’s 😀

  48. Oh Mighty Jingles our Great Overlord, can we in the salt mines every get to see both you and Rita “tooning” in WoT again ?? please, oh please ……….PLEASE

  49. Jingles,you fell for Wargaming’s WoT page? Shame on you. I mean, how the hell a Polish designer would know anything about the Pz IV (let alone the T-34) before the invasion of Poland?

  50. I’m just waiting the day when Jingles features an object 416, the forgotten tier 8 medium. Also, I’m fairly certain the nashorn just wanted to die. Playing that thing was absolute misery. (But then again I was never any good with it tbh.)

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