World of Tanks – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode One

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It's the Season Three opener, and World Of Tanks isn't going to get away with it, either.

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  1. Hey Jingles, have you seen the latest Wot/Warhammer40K collab? They are adding the Leman Russ tank and two unique commanders, a Ultramarine and a Sister of Battle, to the game.

  2. Julian Thrussell

    If they let the enemy advance at the beginning of the battle – the OI would dominate the fight, It’s a good position because the OI will be impenetrable at that range but can kill everything.

    • if rng lets the oi hit the and pin theres always that in this skill based game BURP did i say skill based ?

  3. Stefan Skoglund

    Carl Gustaf Mannerheim was a swedish speaking finn ie finlandssvensk who until the October revolution was a officer in the imperial russian army (and part of the upper finnish nobility – Freiherr) so JINGLES , dont call him swedish – it would be almost as bad as calling queen Victoria of England German.

    He moved back to Finland due to the October revolution and became part of a interrim military/army committe (the standing army in Finland was at this time the imperial russian army which had really bad problems with communist agitation.)

  4. Achtually Jingles,
    since there were 14 seconds left at the end and they were 2 in the cap circle, that means there were 28 points remaining, so the VK didn’t need to arrive 7 second earlier, but a full 28 seconds.

    on that note, I’m heading back to the salt mines.

  5. Honestly, having both the VH and the OI on your team is definitely worth complaining about.

    • Driven by those players? Absolutely. Do not discount how powerful a competently driven O-I Exp can be, however. Even if driven poorly, if positioned properly, the carcass is extremely useful cover.

    • @Antony Duhamel Yes, I was talking about the players.

  6. Jari Heimoluoto

    He is new player im sure. Also its not always any use to message. Like my self i have disabled chat. There was rarely any useful info and when there was info it was usualy something i knew already. So i blocked the chat. Much more relaxing gaming experience to not have some window liker rage in the chat how bad the team or a player is while he is still finishing at the bottom of the team. Better to ping the base to give a hint about capturing the base.

  7. Mannerheim most definitely was NOT swedish. He was born in Askainen, Grand Dutchy of Finland. Served as chevalier in the Russian Imperial Guard before Finland became independent.

  8. May the 4th be with you all!

  9. Dickie's Drives

    The most sobering thought is that these people can, potentially, breed and when they become 18 (in the UK at least and assuming they’re not already) vote…

  10. The VK was the enemy teams MVP

  11. This kind of game is why I quit playing. VK got 5 kills, T67 got 4, and O-I got 3 doing fuck-all until way too late to be useful and then screw the pooch on the enemy cap.

    Utterly infuriating gameplay from a box of muppets.

  12. Can we bring back eugenics? cause we have several volunteers from this battle alone.

  13. WOW and Great Draw

  14. teammates like that VK are the exact reason I switched to solo games

  15. woah, double throw !! how unpleasant this was to watch !

  16. Bad player in bad machine. What could possibly go wrong?

  17. I quit playing a few years ago, but unlike this VK, I don’t join battles anymore.

  18. Actually Jingles.. Mannerheim was a FINNISH. He was Swedish speaking (Finland is a dual language country with history of being part of Sweden), but was born in Finland (although at the time Finland was part of Russia (Grand Duchy)… Btw – he has a very interesting history (recommend reading it) – He was born in Finland, Spoke Swedish, served in the Russian military (all the way up to Lt. Gen in Cavalry), led the “whites” in Finnish independence war, led the Finns during Winter and Continuation war (as Marshal), became the President of Finland in the end of the war and eventually died in Switzerland… and that’s just the short sum of it. He also made a long expedition across Asia (while in Russian military) and he receieved numerous medals and honors in different countries, including the GBE… I’m Finnish, and biased of course, but I still highly recommend on reading of this man, he led a truly extraordinary life.

  19. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    On Console this map is called Arctic Region

  20. I think he was tunnel visioned on getting a 6th kill, who knows, maybe he never got more than a kill or two before and was too excited xD

  21. I knew the VK was going to cost the team that battle. Honourable mention to the O-I in the HEAVIEST tank in the match being too scared to use his bulk for anything useful.

  22. Mannerheim was 100% pure blooded Finnish for fuck sake, but he was a swedish speaking finn

  23. Always enjoyable videos from you Jingles! But: Mannerheim was a Finn. There are Finnish and Swedish speaking Finns. And: Finnland has no mountains like on the Mannerheim map.

  24. Jingles, situational Awareness can Win matches. Without such, a drawing this case.

  25. Also the Mannerheim line is well known for being in the mountainous highlands and not lowlaying wetlands and swamp areas.

  26. Imagine want to strangle youtube for that throw

  27. Idk why but when dave here called the OI EXP a fatso there at the start i laughed a bit lol.

  28. Geoffrey Richardson

    The VK driver is obviously STUPID.

  29. Lol wow
    That was quite entertaining

  30. This is my fav way to watch a WOT replay. Having Jingles commentary along. Thanks Jingles!!

  31. Andreas Müller

    Looks like 4 out of 5 DDs in WoWs, capping is for loosers.

  32. Winning is over rated.

  33. The name of the tank indicates that it was the first design of a 30 tons tank, therefore the name of the tank is thirty-oh-one and not three thousend and one.

  34. wow…. yup why I uninstalled

  35. The moment Paul started to name the VK and the t67 my thought was, “It’s a draw!” and I was right! 😉

  36. Gelanghaarte Weile

    Holy cow… first the low tier fun from flambass now this… Jingles i’m loosing toooooo much brain cells!!!!

  37. Im having a stroke watching this.

  38. I feel for that arty, I was to late to pull out once. Child support is a pain in the ass.

  39. On console its still called Arctic Region

  40. surprised he didnt drive into the cap circle on his way to the other corner of the map tbh.

  41. Yea…. this is the quality (the O-I Exp and VK) of most players in WoT these days. They may have done well on paper, but the reality is not so good as they lack in grey matter.

  42. subtlewhatssubtle

    Technically the T24 couldn’t have capitalized on the disable against the T67, as its per-shot reload is terrible for a 75mm gun at tier V, so hanging around for the 6ish seconds required for a second shot (and he’d have needed at least 2 shots to do it, so a minimum of 12 seconds) is enough time to get spotted and die surprisingly quickly.

  43. Thanks J

  44. Ugh my god….clueless.

  45. dominique Bobbink

    that vk lookt like a bot

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