World of Tanks – A Game of Throws, Season Three Episode Three

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Source: The Mighty

That's right, World Tanks, you're not getting away with , either.

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  1. i dunno man, too much autoaim.

  2. Actually Jingles, it wasn’t twice as much damage ^^

  3. back in the day´s, many many moon´s ago, this was my favorite tank to play

  4. good game

  5. Wont take away any honors, but enemy team literally gave it to him. 🙂 Tier 5 battles are always mess like this.
    He was lucky to bounce so many shots, more than Jingles even noticed. Any of those shots would make difference at the end.

  6. 7:55 “more than twice the damage done of the next highest scoring player of the team”
    Um AKSCHTUALLY jingles the Cromwell B did 1536 dmg.

    Jingles, what are you doing with that shotgun? Jingles?

  7. Another epic “hold my beer” episode.

  8. 10:30 reminds me of a game called Heroes and Generals. I joined an on going match late and my team didn’t have tanks. I jumped into mine and proceeded to utterly destroy the enemy team and giving ours. I did something like nearly 50-10 and I earned a 6th of a new grip for the starter gun.

    Needless to say that was my best match and if I needed to do that 6 more times to get a new gun grip for the one I started with then I just called it quits.

  9. SU-76 is forgiven because he’s a Dolphins fan.

  10. Why Geek? Why don’t you call him Oppai? 😉

  11. That man needs back support from carrying that hard. My goodness.

  12. the Creditlosses is exactly the reason why I stopped playing this garbage.

    Yeah yeah, thats how they monetize the game they advertise as “FREE” is what some low IQ plantlife argue. Well, robbing banks occasionally killing people is how bank robbers “monetize” their life, we dont say thats “fine” now do we?

    World of Tanks and any other so called “free” game should be forbidden from using the word “free” to advertise their damn Casino Scheme.

  13. I prefer replays of teir 8 and lower. Thanks Jingles! love your show, been here for years.

  14. Yeah, a typical low/mid Tier Game 🙂

  15. Enemy team: goes up by several kills, abandons the base, looking to NCKA.

    Also Enemy team: Why do I hear boss music?!

  16. I’m glad that this series is reality based and not written since all the writers went on strike. All you need is a couple of really bad World of Tanks players and you got yourself an award winning series!

  17. Guðmundur Hunfjörð

    Finally not an over powered premium.

  18. (Commander:) Give me ramming speed! (Driver to Loader:) What did he say? (Loader to Driver:) He said ramming speed! (Driver) To late we got hit first.

  19. Pertaining to the Doom music maybe you could get someone like Miracle of Sound (his “Doom Song – Hell to Pay” rips quite well) to give you the rights to play part of their game inspired music against clear mention and links.

  20. Jingles, you could just SING the Doom music. Then it’s an original performance.

  21. Assault mode should be the default mode for WoT as it removes those sissies who like to fast cap or win by a stupid cap rather than through skill. Best mode the game has bar none for regular matches.

  22. My opinion is i still prefer not to cap unless absolutely necessary, if you manage to throw a game despite being well ahead, imo you absolutely deserve to lose because how can you be that good yet that bad at the same time 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Oppaigeek if you’re reading this I like your name. I’m a oppaigeek myself.

  24. It is as it is: Youre a half decent player, your team’s a bunch of window licking idiots, the opponents are clueless: Ace Tanker incoming! Well done! 🙂

  25. He was definitely all out of Bubblegum!!

  26. Bazil Grimstride

    wonder when we will see a pz5/4 replay jingles lol

  27. this battle reminded me about playing WoT on console and somehow getting steel wall with a m5 stuart. GG Geek on the battle

  28. T-28 player: I am restraining my choice of tank for your safety.

  29. That was an awesome result! Oh, and actually Jingles.., 7:48 Not quite more than twice the damage as the next highest scoring player on his team, but hey, math isn’t my strong suite either

  30. DerSilberneKonig

    anyone think jingles would ever play project zomboid?

  31. Thats not a game of throws. Thats just 2 really bad teams. Im suprised that none of them drowned themself.

  32. I had a lot of fun back in the day with the III/IV. Glad to see it’s still around!

  33. the “Earnings” part of the Detailed Results tab is the best advertising punchline Gaijin could possibly need.

  34. A Standart result in WoT 😁. Tops are flops and Loes are the best 🤣

  35. to bad side skirts are only for show

  36. I have to wonder if the SU-76M loaded in with no ammo and tried to make the best of a bad situation.

  37. Actually Jingles, the losing team wasn’t carried at all. They had pretty good damage across the board. The winning team was carried. 😀

  38. Economics in the game are f’d up

  39. No one can describe the absolute joke that is wot like jingles. Thank you sir for all you do!

  40. Jingles: “A tank you don’t see much of any more”
    Me: What you talking about V/IV is quite…. wait a minute that’s a III/IV.

  41. I dont play WoT, but from what ive seen with Mailand and other CCs, that tank is *incredibly* fucking broken OP .

  42. So glad I’m not playing this game lol

  43. *doom music intensifies*

  44. The Russian TD line has never made much sense.

  45. I so miss playing WoTs. Oh… wait… my bad…
    I meant to say, I so *don’t* miss playing WoTs.

  46. Thomas Chadwick

    Where’s your video for today?

  47. What? You don’t do most of the damage on your team in the first couple minutes before you die on a regular basis?

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