World of Tanks – A Game Of Throws

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I can't see any good reason why World of Warships should have the monopoly on throwing matches!

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  1. World of bots never again i am tired to carry all times…

  2. Never underestimate the power of bloodlust and stupid.

  3. 1:50 WarThunder: “WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!”

  4. The minimap is too small to properly anticipate.

  5. It warms my heart people still using the Super Pershing.

  6. No matter what they rename it to, the bombastic soundtrack for this map remains one of the best.

  7. Fun replay. Always appreciate when last two tanks know how to conduct 360 security wo being told how.

  8. Brynjard Øvergård

    I’d be surprised if it did 55 in freefall 😛

  9. Thanks Jingles. No cap! Kill all! – the dumbest strategy ever employed.

  10. Players who could work together to actually win , Unfortunately does not happen enough .

  11. I main WoWs so I got to ask… is capping not worth crap in WoT? That’s only reason I can think for Progetto to not capping. If in WoWs I was given the choice between getting some damage on 2 last enemy ships vs getting cap medal, I take cap because that’s cash money in credits and xp.

    • Matteo Zoccatelli

      In WoT medals give you nothing (or close to) so capping doesn’t get you any benefits. Killing all is favourable from an economic and account progression prospect.

    • Sometimes it’s not. You need to stay in a small circle, usually without cover or concealment, and not move for a considerable amount time. And you cannot afford that if you’re one of the last people standing, especially with the amount of fast and accurate tanks in the game. One shot is enough to reset the capping progress, and by sitting still you’re taking yourself out of the fight. It can also be used to put pressure on enemies, to force them to move and make mistakes.

      TL;DR: Capping makes sense if you can spare the tanks to cap in sufficient numbers (up to 3), and the enemy is so considerate as to not interrupt you. Or if it’s a superheavy on the other side of the map.

    • @Matteo Zoccatelli Oh damn, that explains it. It’s pretty weird because in WoWs getting cap is real good for economy, if I get cap medal it usually means I’m breaking at least 1k base xp, so there’s real motivation to play for the team.

    • Matteo Zoccatelli

      @Miklis Yeah, “playing for the team” doesn’t exist in WoT… Please stay away from this game.

    • @Miklis yesterday I fully capped the capture zone by myself in a tier IX battle in WoT. And I didnt even break over 500exp in that match. So yeah considering the risks and benefit, usually capping is not worth it.

  12. I don’t know if I’m getting old, or just calmed down since leaving retail, but I’m not even mad at witless teammates anymore.

    Had a guy in WarThunder complain about not having any support when his B-17G got shot out from under him, and all I could do was ask what he expected to happen by flying face first into the enemy before any of our fighters even reached altitude.

  13. ImJust0ne Gaming

    funny enought. finland had seat on nato table for while now. now its just need to be made official

  14. Alex Jackson-Smith

    Hindsight is your advantage Jingles…

  15. I always found it kind of funny when people called others cowards on WoT and WoWS. Like calm the eff down armchair commisar, it’s a video game with literally nothing at risk.

  16. Reftous Warships

    welp jingles currently on na servers its not uncommon to get double cv action plus subs so you got to know we having a great time

  17. I need some entertainment bad right now.

  18. World of muppits.

  19. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Guess Jingles forgot that Rhm Borsig has very bad engine and ptw ratio that’s why he was crawling is way to that corner

  20. It’s funny to hear players (in tanks) playing the suicide game drowning themselves or throwing themselves off a cliff… in a tank.

    Sounds funny when it’s “tanks” committing suicide.

  21. Sorry mate, if I want to watch 15 minutes of horribly incompetent gameplay I’d play a game myself. A Game of Throws twist at the end isn’t enough to make me watch through this.

  22. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    A Game of Throws
    Field Marshall Giggles
    Field Marshall Babbles
    Field Marshall Obvious
    Field Marshall Repeats Myself

    Never change Jingles.

  23. A strong tailwind

  24. its all fun and game if you look at the reply’s, but if you are the only one “good” player every time on the team its not that fun. and i said “good” player but i’m no good player at all, yet i’m top 3 of my losing team every single time in damage done. i hate this game.

  25. Always enjoy your content jingles keep it up sir!

  26. “No CAP, kill all.” That should be all that’s needed…

  27. Jingles, I achieved my first six kill game on this map. The enemy was cooperating by stepping into a cross fire my team was able set up. This was in a tier 4/5 game, mid-tier are the most fun!

  28. Now was that VK the rumoured former tank regiment padre who plays tonks?

  29. Good job with a mediocre tank.

  30. Aleksander Domański

    Jingles, if you look at recent footage from Ukraine you would see lots of similar tank “graveyards”.

  31. Myself. Been in too many one on one brawls with lone enemy tanks and seen friendlies drive by without even turning their turret. I honestly don’t know why some people do WOT.

  32. WG ought to rename WoT as World of Abject Losers.

  33. I totally thought it was a WoWS video, then I saw the tank in the thumbnail and thought, Uh Oh, Jingles has lost it officially. Still a pleasure.

  34. Ivan Stepanovic

    Oh, Jingles…
    “Reverse slope” means that the slope is towards the enemy, so the tank is going downhill, thus exposing its roof armor…

  35. Mandatory engagement comment! Back to the mines!

  36. Not really Game of Throws, just he usual completely braindead WoT player base.

  37. Let’s be honest, WoWs has about the same amount of premium units as WoT.
    And a good number of those are made up too…..

  38. That doesn’T look like the Progetto got spotted firing thou.. unless the map is lagging behind like 5s+ @13:31 the VK is long gone into the dip ..
    I suspect that the bush between him and the 122 has a tiny opening on the rock side and hence the T122 spotted him the moment he came around.

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