World of Tanks – A Game of Two Halves

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Two replays for you today, one of hopefully you’ll find enjoyable. One of which, hopefully, you won’t.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. IP-ban for sure would do some good vs griefers

  2. Ask the french some of their tanks had 20mm coax.

  3. Hardware ban should do the trick

  4. Require a credit card for account creation, and ban the card. Children would have to get a parent’s card.

  5. They should flat out up ban all of these people. No more trolling for these assholes

  6. COD Warzone introduced 2FA on logins suspected of cheating recently I read, that would cut it down a lot as how many would have the patience to re-register numbers all the time.

    They also brought in a system where suspected cheaters were put in lobbies with other suspected cheaters which I think is hilarious. If griefers only played other griefers it would be glorious.

    IP bans won’t work as most home users have dynamic IP addresses or access to a VPN. MAC addresses can be easily spoofed. Other hardware identifiers on the motherboard would certainly help and slow it down a lot.

  7. Here is a drastic measure, permanent ban there IP addresses.

  8. Banning them is simple Jingles which is probably why you didn’t think of it 🙂 Ban the IP addresses associated with those accounts. Simple they can’t log on. any account with that IP address won’t work new or old account.

  9. *First suggestion, stop giving them attention and coverage on YouTube.*
    As for what WG can do. Other suggestions have more insight,

  10. Sad wanker platoon

  11. I would consider making connecting to WOT log your ip for ID purposes, or require newly made email addresses and get the IP from there, though VPN’s are often used perhaps when they make a mistake you can get the real ID pass it along to vpn’s to ban from wargaming services.. or just ban all vpn’s from WOT.

  12. DUDE! Great carry in the Cent.

  13. Sugesttions for the Bann Problem : EASY !!! IP Bann which includes the Exact position of the used PC. If that´s not going to work, Put a Hidden but Permanent Program into their Tanks Program which did not let´s them enter the Game. How to do that…. All players have to install the Game Center or the Game itself so everyone gets the Program. How it activates ? Let it read the tikets ingame. If there are far to many against a Player, that Program activates and blocks the Game.

    Not to Mention that it is forbitten to use or create any typ of Mod against that !

    Yet WG will never do such a thing for sure because all they are after is Money and not Player support !!!

  14. They could permaban their IP addresses

  15. Useemetrollin… Trollololo those were my name in Wow when I last played…I hope people didn’t view me as a troll… Oh… Wait I was a troll.

  16. Blizzard somehow bans people so even if they replace everything, use VPNs, even unique ids parts in their computer, they still remain banned.

  17. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    Yesss.. What a satisfying game (2nd game, of course)

  18. Thank you for bringing this up Jingles. No answers, but the question needs to be asked.

  19. Having had 5 games on the trot where that bunch of armpit sniffers made an appearance I packed up playing WoT.

  20. 11:15 to answer your question on the 20mm (this is from the Tank Museum) it was used to shot and destroy soft skin vehicles encountered on the battlefield were using the main gun was a waste of ammunition and crews were ordered to use it sparingly due to the amount of tanks against them.

  21. It really is simple to do. Install a IP identifying software that logs the “reported” accounts, then compares them to known “good” accounts. Once you have a match, you ban ALL accounts under that IP. Yes sure a innocent might get caught up here and there, but no big deal that can be fixed on a case to case basis.
    You then institute a ban by MAC address system, that will reject packets at the router level from any known banned computer/laptop/NIC. Not hard to do at all, and would effectively ban the abuser to the point they would have to purchase new NIC to try and troll again.
    (Above explanation is highly oversimplified for the non network engineers reading)

  22. Yo WG, implement an IP ban to solve this.

  23. Hardware Bans will slow the idiots down. Or just turn over the offenders info to the Russian Mob. DNA removal is a far better solution when made public why they were removed.

  24. Good game

  25. If it were me, I would ban any accounts associated with the IP but leave the throw away accounts. I’d enjoy that

  26. And for that hard-fought skin-of-his-teeth victory, Dave was rewarded with … 15,000 credits in debt.

    This, even more than the trolls in the first part, is why I stopped playing.

  27. this video is probably going to get taken down because you are “harassing the players” and “promoting abusive language” because that’s just how great youtube is these days

  28. Either hardware banning or IP bans could work

  29. People like that are the lowest life forms on world of tanks exploiting these codes to make other people’s lives miserable they deserve to have all of there accounts deleted and if it is legal they should pay a damm fine to prevent assholes like them from doing that again

  30. I can not even fathom using my free time to try and make people miserable. What a sad existence.

  31. Wargaming needs to learn how to ban ip addresses.

  32. hardware ban is a thing

  33. Premium ammo isn’t “opening up your wallet” it is grinding tier VIII’s premiums a bunch to make credits.

  34. I only see two options for professional assholes.

    1. Ban their IP addresses to counter potential future accounts.
    2. Shadow ban them.

    #1 can likely still be circumvented, but the risk of banning their “real” accounts might put the fear of God in some of them.

    #2 could be harder to implement, but could be more effective with more options. For starters, force the players into extra long queues. Like, 5-10 minutes before getting a game. And when that game fires up…load the match with bots. Bonus points if the bots have real-looking names. If there are enough in queue, you could also just throw all the griefers and cheaters into their own games with everyone trying to out-asshole each other.

  35. Why does one need a 20mm in addition to a 20lb er? Simple. *MORE DAKKA*

  36. It would seem to me that WG could easily just ban the entire clan. Dedicating yourself to ruining games is a clear rules violation.

  37. mac bans. there are ways around it but it can be very effective.

  38. Otto von Bismarck

    From my point of view, the guys have beaten the system. They are clearly pointing out one major flaw of WoT. And of course WG gives a fart about it. It would be quite simple for WG just to delete the whole clan from the planet as a first measure. Sueing them for Nazi-paroles could be a second one (for damaging WGs business and their “good name”). If just somebody at WG listened.

    Don’t get me wrong: the guys in question deserve to be drowned to death in their own excrements at moonlight while their wifes and kids are watching !

  39. can you not IP ban them?

  40. I would like to think that it’s just a few guys who just have a shit ton of accounts.

  41. It’s a miracle he won that game. He played so badly and made so many mistakes that should’ve cost him the game many times over

  42. Acutely Jingles the clan now has 85 members.

  43. I mean wargaming COULD go for IP bans, but that’s easily avoided by using a VPN… Other than that? Afaik WG forces the wargaming game center which is being used with all of your wargaming accounts at the same time, switching back and forth between them. Maybe someone who’s been using the a launcher with at least 3 accounts that have been banned in the last year could have all accounts that have been used in the last… two months? will receive a perma ban as well, that way the main account of these people might also get banned

  44. And wargaming wonder why they don’t get my money anymore lol

  45. I P ban them?

  46. Aight. The trick is not to ban/block accounts. TAG the accounts to gather all the data on the user they can…somewhere in there is going to be the PC’s unique IP address. Block that IP address from accessing WG and you neuter asshats like this. Mainly because it will also castrate their main accounts too….

  47. ハークライト

    While it wouldn’t solve the issue outright, perhaps changing the way invite codes give their rewards could dis-incentivise trolls from engaging in such behaviour. Wargaming could easily keep the invite codes and have them give out free gold, premium time and premium tanks but make it so you get those freebies in tiered rewards, unlocked by playing a certain number of games (maybe 10 gets you the 7 day premium, 25 the gold and 50 the premium, maybe even double those numbers). 50-100 games is next to nothing in World of Tanks for someone who actually takes interest in playing the game, but such a gateway to the premium could make trolls think twice about rolling an account to troll on at tier 5 which could just get banned after 5-10 games of trolling.
    Of course that wouldn’t solve the issue, and perhaps many would just troll at tier 1-2 ’cause you can get T2 after 1-2 games anyway, though those tiers are often roflstomps so their trolling likely would be more inconsequential.

  48. I opened a ticked and reported someone for making rape threats. I got an automatic reply….

  49. Well, there will always be people like those in that platoon. I think accounts and clans like that should be kept to their own matchmaker, which tries to mach equal minded players and after it cannot do that (let’s say: after 5 minutes) throws them to a poor team which has to endure that sh*t thei have done…. and of course: get more than 30 reports on a day puts you in a “wait to play” matchmaker.. at least starting on tier 5 upwards

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