World of Tanks – A Perfect Game on Fisherman’s Bay

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Source: LemmingRush

I’ve started livestreaming on Wednesday from 11:00 time.


  1. Lemming would u ever consider having a duo buddy? I’m a 3k recent Canadian who is also in high school 😛

    • The Undead Mage

      Then start making videos, gaining a basic understanding of video editing and creation, introducing your play style and thought process.

    • The Undead Mage I’m not looking to be a youtuber bud, just looking for someone to play with for fun

    • The Undead Mage

      Oh sounded like you meant for starting videos when you said Duo.

  2. Wow, just last week I asked for a Game on Fisherman’s bay. Now this. I don’t know if you read my comment but thanks a lot.

  3. And now I just have to figure out how to handle mid on the north side!

    Also, yeah. Those bushes in A4 need to be reworked, so they don’t give so much of an advantage to the north side on protecting B2.

    • yeah the heavy line is useless now, better to avoid the bay at all costs.

    • I have seen a switch where the Northern will now focus the opposite flank and do a massive push through there, completely ignoring the town. Yeah those bushes do need to be reworked, they’ve made the heavy push into town completely null and void for the Northern spawn now.

  4. Hey lemming can you make a video about how to play south spawn arctic region/mannerheim line?
    Pls 🙂

  5. While this player did execute well the one thing that stands out to me in almost every high dmg replay is that the player (no matter how good) often gets very lucky. Things have to fall in just the right order to get games like this. Simply put, being a good player isnt enough, you need luck.

    • I agree, it is a common thing to see. He simply went up to a well-known sniping spot and kept shooting at the side armor of a bunch of morons crossing an open space with a spotted Autoloader. Sure, he did his job right, but the enemy team being awful + two lucky (come on, a 95% damage ammorack on an Overpowered 705A) ammoracks is what gave him the highest damage. Simply having an HE clip shows he isn’t “the best of the best”

    • Bad player can have good games
      But good player have more good game
      Good players don’t have as many horrible games as well

    • Overpowered 705a?
      Dude that tank is shit

    • youre playing a game with 25% rng on pen and dmg, and even more rng when aiming. its impossible for luck not to effect a game

    • Quick Flick and that is the worst part of WOT, its not MM, its not OP tanks or whatever else ppl bitch about but fuking 25% RNG that makes this more about luck than it should

  6. Lemming can you do a video about stock tanks in tier 8-9 any tips to make it not want to blow my head off?

  7. why anyone goes anywhere other than that first mid bush is beyond me.  map is so broken, just camp there, farm, win…

  8. 25th; ohh wait no one cares

  9. This map is so awful

    Edit: I take it back in this case the red team deserves this fate other than that Wz132 that actually tried to prevent the bloodbath early on the rest of them were just basically as passive as Buddhists monks sitting at the back like that

  10. This IS 7 snipping is idiot ??

  11. looked like PvE not like PvP

  12. LR, I believe you were looking for the phrase, “nail-biter”. Nice replay.

  13. Better than watching just the replay 😀 I like your comments

  14. well played by him but his enemies were utter lemmings

  15. Major Disappointment

    I had a great game in my IS3. Yes I do play that tank still shocker. Didn’t t do a massive amount of dmg only 4.4k top tier. But I think the way I played the game allowed us to win. If you’re interested about the battle my player name it’s The_0dd_Urca I’m on the NA server and the match was on prokhorovka. The title says 4.8k dmg but I forgot when uploading the replay. Also amazing youtuber I can’t believe you only have 36k subs. Keep up the great work

  16. Why he was spotted at 2 minutes in. While the bush in front was dark the one on his right was not and the tank in town probably saw him. Or a tank on the left pushed just long enough to spot him but I doubt it as he would have dinged when that tank was spotted by him. If you are on the other side farther back and you see the tanks in front taking damage blindfire that bush. Usually that’s the positions I take if teams start going the right ways.

  17. That much damage and he left another 1k out there with the HE clip.

  18. ‘Butt clencher’ ?

  19. Hey guys, I’d like to ask something. How do I make bushes in wot move and wiggle whan you go through them or shoot next to them? Mine are completley static..

  20. Ahh it’s not you, your bragging streem ends, muhaha.
    I don’t have a life

  21. Finally someone backs me up on loading HE in TVP is idiotic, especially due to TVP’s low ammo capacity.

  22. Not that I’ve ever got even close to those numbers but kinda fucking sad to have that HE clip, could’ve been 14k game.

  23. This new map isnt working well for heavys

  24. Lemming, could you do this kinda video more often? Pls

  25. “1.0…..whatever the hell it is.” ???

    Too funny.

  26. Hahaha, “1.0. whatever the hell it is…” You’re a legend! 😀

  27. Dobrze

  28. DrasticPurpleHippo

    EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Local potato farmer farms potatoes and wins the lottery!

  29. The interesting question is, has he removed the HE after that?

  30. dubhead spartan

    I’m losing brain cells over the conversation between the is7 and udes in chat

  31. QB usually only picks very close games where someone carrys and is last alive against a few tanks etc, this kind of game wouldnt get featured on his channel.
    I feel like this guy just got lucky basically, the enemy team was terrible so he just got to farm and he actually made some big misplays where he should of been severely punished but wasn’t.

  32. The IS 7 on his team… what an absolute moron.

  33. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Lemming please do more of these videos ?

  34. longbellycaster

    Wow the stars aligned and he played well

  35. Ninja Plays Games

    Great content, great video, great squeaking chair!

  36. Of course it has to be on the OP50/51

  37. mountain time????
    im in mountian time….live in montana

    i bet you either live in canuckistan…. or Denver or something like that
    but cool to see another MT time dude….. not many people live in our time zone

  38. “Hiko kinda blows the rest of his load”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. Loved the quickybaby snicker haha,i have learnt a heap more of lemmingrush’s channel than any other.?

  40. 3:42 Why idiotic light tank, that’s the work of a light tank, to spot enemies.

    • The WZ132 played quite recklessly; the position that he committed to was too far forward and lacked a safe path out of. He might have been more useful further east, keeping the enemy tank destroyers spotted. Losing him meant that his tank destroyers could not make effective use of their firepower and made it easier for the TVP’s team to push.

    • because for salty lemming everyone that is not on his team (and quite often also his teammates) are idiots. That’s just how he sees the world. Apart from that, I like his analysis on gameplays.

  41. Rainface Atriarch

    So I’m trying to find a video that has the most experience earned. WoT just has around 2k experience gained in a match but I’d be sure there’s much higher out there with all the x5 multipliers in the past few years. Who’s got a video that has absolutely astronomical experience numbers awarded to them?

  42. What a game! IS-7 must’ve watched QB’s video on 3 marking, and kikonilo blew his load at the end.

  43. Mr. Fearstricker

    The ammorack is at the back of the turret, but the more well known spot is the upper glacis and the lower glacis. Basically once a high alpha TD pens that part, you have a free ammorack. The only tank which gets ammoracked more often than the IS7 is the Leo PTA. I mean, I watch justforlolz monster shots, and just counted the number of IS7s ammoracked in that one 10min video. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

  44. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    IS-7 ammo rack is actually the classic left side middle of the hull. Whenever you engage an IS-7 frontally and get the chance to pen his UFP to your right side, that’s where you detonate them. 490 alpha and higher gun can actually oneshot them.
    I’m pretty sure this here was a great example of WG being WG, just like Panthers getting their engine damaged everywhere around the tank and 1.0 SConqs gettng penned by shots that missed 5m above the tank.

  45. So mad why cannot I get 2 ammo racks and a moron team to play against

  46. TankingLikeABoss _

    Dat IS-7 on his team 😛

  47. “Don’t tell me what to do”

  48. Intescy Avenger

    Not to take away from him but, he just was in the middle farming with a tank that does 1280 damage perclip. Got a few ammo racks, it was a high damage game but I have seen less damage games that had more tactics used in it. And who even uses he? Especially in an autoloader.

  49. The south have a really good advantage when it comes to mid, shooting into the heavies going to town. Got multiple games where I just use that position and rack up damage. The north spawn doesn’t have a good cover for heavies to move to town, or when they’re in the town compared to the south. At least from what I’ve noticed.

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