World of Tanks || A Royal Screw Up

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Super . Today we’re going to see more of the legendary RoyalScrewUp!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. ARTY contributes SOOOOOO much, especially if you like a class that risks nothing but gets to hit you from across the map with nothing risked skin in the game, unless their team loses, then a large percentage of them kill themselves . . . . . . so it encourages what exactly ? Game is royally broken

  2. Guy I play with the most and i dont know IRL is a guy by the name of CFH. Saw him in battle one day went oi CFH as in Cowboys From Hell? He said yep and we have had some banger matches since. PanterA for the win (and im not referring to the newish Italian tank lol)

  3. steiner means rock

  4. QB…GGs for everyone.

    Since watching you (QB), and Royal Screwup; I’ve have been sending more GGs and I have learned more than tactics from QBs past 2 videos.

    WOT is a Great Game. It’s a shame Players in the game, forget that every player doesn’t have a Great Game all the time, thus begins the Toxic Messaging.

    GG…Quicky Baby?

  5. Stephanie Kawadias

    Oddly enough most of the friends I have in WOT, I have made in general chat just defending myself and by being polite to those who was not being rude. But there is one person who I made friends with just playing the game, and was kind of working as a team with them to back them up even though I was new in the game.

  6. this guy has changed so much over the years remember when he would rage he doesn’t do that anymore gj on the video’s

  7. lol i feel the same as royal screw up when it comes to arty… like my big problem is when arty can splash you through building and rocks and kill crew members… that is not realistic AT ALL its like the most unrealistic part of the game

  8. Sir, mind if i ask what mods are you using ingame sir? A reply would be much appreciated

  9. Man, you need to do more of these…

  10. Royal clickbait!?

  11. weird flex, but ok

  12. not smart at all in the beginning, just change corner will kill ism.

  13. QB why did you snuff Claus ?

  14. Is-M is bae<3

  15. House Steiner from Mechwarrior?

  16. @9:14 Could be in reference to one of the funniest videos ever –
    Turns out ……… wasn’t a premium ship

  17. so the top 3 in 3-5-7 had a great game, template is fine then I guess.

  18. I miss minecraftboy

  19. I know Stats are important to you,, but I have a 560 WN8 and less than 5K battles and I play like a yellow or green. So I try to base the end battle results on the Stats, mistakes can happen to anyone, even if they’re pro (Or atleast that’s how I think if I was a pro)
    Good to see RoyalScrewUp doing something fun

  20. Endurance The Jedi White Wolf

    Need more DEATH STAR! 😀

  21. I met my very first WoT friend in a random battle when I first got my KV-1, then we continued to platoon that night. We friended each other and we were having fun joining clans making more friends and connections until he had to quit WoT to pursue the career he wanted.

  22. soo u loaded gold… and I finished watching…. and yeah Im not playing anymore.. few months now

  23. It sounds like QB has made a new BFF!

  24. not murovanka 🙂

  25. I don’t have any world of tanks friends

  26. Steiner is a Seargant from a war Movie “Steiner the Iron Cross” that takes place in WWII and is very popular with German soldiers.

  27. Is it just me or does the most recent version of QBs mod still cause the nasty platoon bug. In my case I still cant see the entire team lineup, both friendly and enemy as soon as I play in platoon.

  28. QB’s 2nd manlove clip. Happy he found a friend, hes so enthusiastic about 😀

  29. For me, the most famous “Steiner” will always be Oberstleutnant Kurt Steiner (Michael Caine), in “The Eagle Has Landed”.

  30. hi, i think when he is using “Steiner” he is referring to a famous action war movie called “Steiner – das eiserne Kreuz”..Steiner – the iron cross..with James Coburn as Steiner , directed by Sam Packinpah..a good movie, to my liking

  31. oh, i should have scrolled down, before answering..answers were already given

  32. Hopefully your next video will be about you, royalscrewup and steiner together

  33. minecraft boy is so famous now

  34. I have a small twitch channel and I have the chance to play with new mates almost every day. Believe me, it is a pleasure for me to see how many play styles are existing and how funny is to play with a new guy each time!

  35. Great to see more of Royalscrewup and you working together Quicky! I REALLY enjoyed the first video and this is a lovely bonus. Kudos also for including Steiner in your ‘toon. This is the sort of sportsmanship, along with your acknowledgement of a great opposition player, that makes any game worth playing.

  36. Felix Steiner was SS-Obergruppenführer :p

  37. Wait, you’re running your xvm ????? site says it has violated some conditions I can’t even download it 🙁

  38. Quickybaby i need your help, i got the IS-7 but i’m not sure what to put in it to make it better. Can you help me?

  39. Steiner was the german general leading the defence of Berlin in Downfall, is that the reference?

  40. I guess Steiner named himself after the iconic charackter from the movie “The iron Cross” with James Coburn and James Mason from 1977 🙂

  41. Met my clan mates in game when we were all in different clans. We just clicked, they started a clan and I left my old one to clan up with them. Been making history ever since.

  42. steiner cames from final Fantasy IX 🙂 best 😉

  43. Another decent vid with some good teamplay, well done QB and Screwup
    How about making a hashtag for ingame to let other #teamplayers know you want to work together? (platoons do not mean teamplay often, IMO)
    upvote if you are a #teamplayer

  44. I met my friends and clan mates on world of tanks through the old tank company battles, where i joined them in a junior tank company and they added me to their clan and helped me along the way, fun times.

  45. QB … adopt minecraftboy as your monthly tomato!

  46. Why is the video laggy in compare to the others? very very laggy….

  47. Fv215b vs s conqueror

  48. Steiner ist the german name of the he movie “iron cross”, it’s a famous movie in Germany.
    QB I like these type of games you shared. They show us how to play WoT. Great

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