World of Tanks – A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which a whole bunch of people make a whole bunch of highly questionable decisions. Except maybe not…

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  1. AFK failed internet service WIN! Oops. I’ll go back to the salt mines now …

  2. I’m sure that JagPz E100 at the beginning is thinking “What do you mean it bounced?!?!?”

  3. I don’t have an issue with anything stratox did, if he had of gone down the hill an sat at that corner like most heavies that do just stroking it not pushing down heavy tank alley line then I would have an issue, my 2 biggest issues in this video is the SU 152 *NOT* shooting HE and the next issues I have is, if war gaming would put voice communication for team only rather than have to sit there and dick around typing “hey guys its only 1 tank v 5 lets flank him and win” its much quicker to press a single key and say that rather than type it.

  4. its a wonder that he didn’t fire all his rounds bar one to get the fadins (not shaw if it is called that ) medal. hindsight is always 20/20, well played

  5. The guy carries Binos, he obviously isn’t a very smart player.

  6. Given the strategic outcome, the correct decision was made. However, tactically it was a poor choice.

  7. Imagine how different the comments would have been if he hadn’t bounced the shot and it would have looked like he wasn’t back at the keyboard.

  8. If it’s an enemy tank, it gets shot, afk or not

  9. Definitely did the right thing. If you come across it, kill it with fire a bunch

  10. I would have done exactly the same thing regarding the WZ TD. I’ve been in that situation many times and the times I opted not to kill the afk, they came back and bit me in the ass later.

  11. wish i could get enemies like that. only 1 time would be nice. but that has not happened yet. but then…. i only played 50k battles. so maybe next battle?

  12. I was thinking this can’t be the issue Jingles is talking about….if you don’t have tanks immediately engaging you then you always take out the AFK tank.

  13. As far as I’m concerned, an AFK unit IS a harmless and overly easy target – but you have absolutely no way of knowing just how long it’ll remain that way. Ignore them at your peril..

  14. if it was something less dangerous like the tiger or progetto going afk, I would have said that that was a bad move to make, but given that it was the MOST dangerous tank, that guy could have just been panicking inside his settings menu

  15. An AFK tank that could threaten you in your current position can quickly become a non-AFK tank. It’s all risk management. I can’t count the number of times that AFK person in various games was… me.

  16. meh to the first clip. t2 light, tier 2 light tank. 17mm or less armor all the way everywhere… 150 hp. i have a spartan in it 😀

  17. LOL — just last week I had an argument with someone who kept firing AP first then gold ammo (all bouncing) into a very low HP tank. I said use HE. And he argued back HE won’t work unless it hits a weak spot. And I could not convince him to try the HE and he died and we eventually lost. Maybe that’s the issue here. The monkeys do not understand how HE works and does damage over distance and at close range.

  18. You can’t leave it to fate if a tank shoots you or not. An “afk” player is just as dangerous as an active player. There is always the potential for them to wake back up

  19. And there it is…. the last Jingles video I watch for an undetermined amount of time as I head off to Afghanistan to die-errr, play in the sand. See you when I get back!

  20. I’m still amazed why SU-152 drivers use the 122mm. We have the 152mm as STOCK! And is better

  21. if its stupid but it works then it isn’t stupid

  22. That AFK TD that he was shooting at at one point there was engine smoke 4:03 i think he made a right call he was about to be alive kek.

  23. And that is why you don’t fire HEAT.

  24. 1:54 “I can’t show this cuz he’s going to get savaged by the comments section”

    >Jingles proceeds to get savaged by the comments section

    Oh, Jingles~

  25. I don’t see an issue here. The tanks you say he should be shooting at…aren’t shooting at his teammates, they’re fighting him. The tanks that are killing his team, he can’t do nothing about where he is, maybe his team should learn to carry themselves

  26. I had connection problem before where I managed to get in the game late so being AFK doesn’t mean that he/she cant come back so I always take them out to prevent unwanted butt sex

  27. Mupet enemy team. Incredible.

  28. A god player should have some luck to

  29. Overload puts up vid major bad descision
    Tells salt miners to go at each other in comments section
    The miners band together and majoritivly agree
    The rebellion begins

  30. I have no problem with shooting that afk tank as it was spotting him. If it was left alone it would have handed him some suprise butt sex when he came back on line. We all have the situation of a drop out and log back in and then finish a game. As other people have commented his team died to two afk tanks and people who havent heard of high explosive in four minutes. Havent we all done stupid crap a times? Long live the KV2!

  31. I just yesterday bounce Defender in my BC-12t :). All skill no luck 😉

  32. Field Marshall Rommel

    This one didn’t turn up in my sub box?

  33. Kill shot never pens

  34. Agreed, kill afk, then move up, as he wud have been, spotted, plus, if team are muppets, u get xp, it is an online game, so, help yourself.

  35. Just a greedy b’stard who got lucky.

  36. there was a video that from a ricochet someone make a kill

  37. Yup, that’s world of tanks right there. Especially 3 people in a single team being AFK

  38. Jingles i lost 15k gold last night with their server problems and it seems to not rezolved i for myseld will not “invest real money” in this game no more while it is runnes by WG

  39. Never leave an enemy strong point in your rear area… Basic Military logic

  40. I don’t really care about shooting the afk td, what I find a lot more dubious is the garbage position he put himself into to begin with…

  41. id say after 200 heath left if still afk leave em so u can do full dmg

  42. They weren’t pressuring the corner anymore, they had fallen back. Removing the eyes (afk tanks still spot you) was totally the right call, even if he had never connected.

  43. As usual, there`s nothing outstanding.. just a guy playing a very arcade game against very stupid enemies… how impressive.. point and click… point and click..

  44. Kill AFK players, as this battle proves they may come back.

  45. I have no problems with his decision at all. Whilst I am not a WoT player. Playing WoWS, if I saw a highly dangerous enemy ship AFK, I would go for it every time because if they come back into the game, then they are a danger to the team, so removing that danger quickly, is by far the best course of action. Even if he had left that tank, he wouldn’t have been able to stop most of his team dying so quickly.

  46. To borrow one of your quotes, If it’s stupid but it works is it really stupid?

  47. This may be a bit rude but since Jingles you don’t seem to have any problems with pointing fingers and putting yourself on a high horse, i am going to be blunt. *You* being a bad player thus failing to understand the rationale behind his actions, doesn’t make this player any less skilled. Next time you try to act all clever, which you have done so *many* times before, actually try to understand the issue thoroughly?

  48. Why don’t i get morons like this when I’m alone against 5 or more players.

  49. Biggest fault must lie with the last tank on the enemy team. Probably thought ‘8v1, I can grab a cuppa’

  50. It was a Right, Wrong decision with a Round-off- Back Handspring and Back Handspring Double Full Dismount.

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