World of Tanks – A Tale of Two Abbeys

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Two games on the Abbey map, but the only thing they have in common is that they’re on Abbey and there are tanks in them.

Because YouTube.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Is it called a “russian bias of O.P. premiums?”

  2. A constipation of tankers.

  3. Jingles commentary when you’re drunk is fucking priceless. Lmfao.

  4. I just dont have löwe, i have fail-löwe.

  5. a bunch of WOT players….A queue of window lickers

  6. Oh look, its that broken P2W tank game being “advertised” again
    …Now that the obligatory advertising for the greedy, moraless and ethically broken russian over lords is done…can we have a REAL game vid soon uncy Jingles?? ?

  7. the correct collective noun for a group of WoT players is “a bunch of Muppets”

  8. How about a “Bag of Dicks”

  9. A collection of WOT players? A “Band of Dipshits”.

  10. A Lemming of Players

  11. Now I understand why you switched over to World of Warships from World of Tanks Jingles… No one on World of Warships can drown themselves !!!!! Brilliant mate !

  12. I love you, Jingles!

  13. Drowning your own vehicle should be either a ban hammer or they should make water something you cannot enter except the really shallow stuff. Either way those pieces of crap should be perma banned and forgotten about. Waste of Skin and Oxygen.

  14. Disappointing … but the match maker is so one sided these days I can understand it. I’ve basically given up on the game.

  15. Good day,
    Wargaming should be distributing the xp for the drowned tanks equally among the then current survivors of the opposing team (whether drowning on purpose, showing how much of a rectum they are, or drowning accidentally, giving the points due to a player’s own misplay/mistake). Does that seem like a reasonable reaction to drowning tanks???

  16. 0:46
    Answer: A cackle of trolls.

  17. a “clusterf*ck” of WoT players?

    peace (from the UK)

  18. A “salt” of World of Tanks players

  19. A bunch of WoT players is usually referred to as an infestation

  20. In a group, I believe it’s a fuckery of wot players.

  21. Nice video Jingles….O>

  22. A “Gaggle of ‘Tards.”

  23. I stopped playing at the first nerf… I’m so glad I did. Once they start nerfing for the kiddies, it’s time to go.

  24. A cluster f*ck of players?

  25. The collective noun for world of tanks players is scrubs

  26. A gagglefuck of WoT players

  27. “a lemming of players”… From the obvious lemmingtrain

  28. I think in general any group of gamers should be called “A salt of players” collectively.

  29. @jingles

    Its a Shortbus of WoT Players

  30. Of course the first match is on the fucking NA server.

  31. It’s the new meta for the SU-130PM

  32. Remove XVM, or at least the possibility to see other players stats in the game. XVM is the biggest reason these things happen.

  33. More epic fails please!

  34. What do you call a group of World of Tank players is a Custer F….

  35. A gathering of world of tanks players = a cesspool.

  36. I was worse Jingles. I got the T34–3 as my first tier 8, when it had 3 degrees of gun depression. Ok, laugh at me now, get it out of your system.

  37. Yaaaaaay! Two Videos in one! 🙂

  38. The collective noun for WoT players should be a farm. That’s what they do and that’s what they are. Xp – , credit- and internet penis length – farm.

  39. A Turd of Tankers?

  40. 11:15 Reason 3 , Gold shells 😀

  41. I for one Loved playing ARTY ! And I never just gave up like so many of this generation do because they’re all little cry baby’s. My motto is “Live on your feet not die on your knee’s” Love or hate me ! My answer to you is EAT A DICK ! And if this hurts your feelings so what, build a bridge and get over it !

  42. A train of lemmings?

  43. When will we see game play from you personally?

  44. A Rush of Lemmings = a flock of WoT players

  45. Jingles: Nothing is gonna pen 100mm
    WOWS Player: hold my beer…

  46. My suggestion is a toxic of WOT players.

  47. wot players are collectivealy called a team of tards

  48. Why wouldn’t you suicide in a clearly lost game? You get the waste of time over faster and you deny the enemy any chance to farm damage/xp. You’re not one of those cringe people are you? “B-but a miracle might happen guise!!! Look we have a 0.5% chance of winning! That’s totally worth wasting a good 20 minutes of your life with next to no chance of it paying off”. I mean why cut your losses when you could throw good money after bad amirite?

  49. Couldn’t Wargaming just add that whoever damaged someone last gets the kill when somebody drowns himself ?
    I mean War Thunder just added that whenever you kill yourself in a plane, the enemy thats closest to you gets the credit (atleast as long as he’s within a few Kilometres at most), can”t be too hard.

  50. Lowe 2nd best Tier 8 german heavy (vk 100.01P better but less flexible)

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