World of Tanks – A Tale of Two Tanks

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Aside from the fact that they both take place on Himmelsdorf, these two couldn’t play out more differently if they tried.

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  1. Is it just me or is the audio not synced properly

  2. The Cat With a Top Hat

    Why hasn’t Wargaming adapted WoWS secondary gun mechanics for the M3 Lee? It makes sense and would be easier to control than the Hell that is War Thunder’s multi-turret system.

  3. 0:44 actually Jingels, the Bobject 279 (e) is the most overpowered tank in the game.

  4. good old ‘dave’

  5. I love all your videos ….. but isn’t it an old story with the Pz. II J? Its maybe once in a 1000 games that you are not in the very low of the team …. mostly u cant even penetrate half of the enemies with “gold” …. only if lucky and the big boys are dead already, then maybe u can kill the easier targets yes. So whoever plays that tank nowadays is either bored and just wants some “maybe” fun … or … ah i dont know 🙂
    I have it too and yes it was some fun long time ago … i admit 😉 Still nowadays its getting pretty dusty in my garage …
    Still, just because its you i still love the video 🙂

  6. 10:45 I think world of tanks blitz did that first (correct me if I’m wrong I don’t play wows) we have both tier ten premiums and collectors

  7. sound sync out again

  8. Level 98 Bear Hunting Armor

    That Panzer II J duel reminds me of the battle of Hampton Roads

  9. The cruiser with the deep gun can kill it, at least in my experience.

    • It used to be able to, but WG took that option away when they moved the Cruiser II down a tier. So no high caliber derp from tier 3 lights anymore.

    • @subtlewhatssubtle that’s a shame

    • @Edward Kenway Yes, but it was probably for the best. It was a notorious seal clubber and, like the Pz IIJ, rather unfair for new players to encounter. WG games have a player retention problem as it is, you don’t want to disgust the tier 3 newbies away from playing the game ever again if you want to keep mid-tiers populated with anything other than seal clubbers.

  10. Suffering a lot from Deja Vu this week..

  11. I was legitimately surprised to see the teamkiller penalty on that T2 Light since friendly fire was disabled, until I realized he was an extra-special breed of berk who pushed his ally off the cliff.

  12. Ackchually Jingles the Jageroo managed to inflict infinitely more damage than you said. The team’s victory wouln no have been possible if he did not bump into the IS3 for a booty -shakin, digestion-disturbing 11 points of raw and pure damage!

  13. Me who has been watching Jingles for going on probably 8-9 years now: “Another Pz II J replay. I guess it’s that time of the year already.”

  14. Letting a gold spamming seal clubber have his moment in the sun is a bad idea. It is encouraging other people to do this same exact thing. We should absolutely judge players who play like this.

  15. WG could balance the Pz. 2 J. Just remove the apcr ammo and done!

  16. As for the battle in the panzer II j, just wait until you hear how WoT Blitz massacred your boy. It still has the weak spots, and the gun was buffed so you can pen stuff. But because it nearly always faces tier IV opponents there, it never is invulnerable at all, especially to tanks with 75mm long guns.

  17. Pz. II J, sealclubber of the year since time immemorial.

  18. Why wasn’t the capture progress being blocked by both being in the same cap together?

  19. I’m sorry I would have let is3 kill the jageru then kill is3

  20. Amazing what WOT can do with what is in all practical purposes is a gussied up tankett.

  21. Oh Jingles Jingles Jingles….the front of the T110E5 tumor is only 210mm thick and around 230mm effective. WG nerfed the tumor 6 or 7 years ago. Even when using it’s full 8 degrees of depression the effective thickness is only around 260mm. The tumor is still the bane of every T110E5 driver ever.

  22. 15:45 ish he did stop. He rammed a building

  23. Lmfao the chat from the first battle

  24. Does anyone else remember when the smooth music Jingles would put in his videos was The Girl from Ipanema?

    I miss that, it’s a shame he lost it

  25. “that thing has a gun with 258mm of penetration with standard ammunition”
    Actually Jingles, it’s 299mm of pen with standard ammo.

  26. Try taking the Pz II J out against tier 4s. It really isn’t a seal clubber against things like a Marder or a Matilda – it is the one getting seal clubbed in that scenario. It’s great at smashing up tier 3 and 2 – but is a very limited vehicle overall.

  27. *Pz.2J:* you pay $5,- for the tank. $95,- for the ammo.

  28. Nothing better than a Jingles WoT video.

  29. I want to see a PZ2J in the free low tier giveaway Christmas battles

  30. The Friendly Gnome

    The chat was making me die with laughter… If only they knew.

  31. He should have tracked him went up the hill and come down at full speed and tried to ram him to cause damage……well at least have a chance to. lol

  32. Oh man the chat the chat. At 9 minutes or so.

  33. just seeing the chat on the first replay makes me glad I quit this game

  34. well seeing there is 10min left of the game we are all losers arnt we =(

  35. i think the PzVII kinda lost the will to live and just decided to “retreat” to his death off the side of that mountain. he didnt really need to be nudged by Senor Taco.

  36. on the xbox version of WoT the Pz II J can be got when you run out of xbox live gold and you play the xbox WoT trial, but the tank can see tier 4 tanks and so even with gold you will always be running into tanks you simply can’t penetrate because they are 1 tier higher then you. it sucks. but a good tier 3 to combat the Pz II J is the T127, especially if you have gold in that thank, the Pz II J can’t pen you but you can pen it

  37. i dont play more wot, i tink im below average or at best a average player and my first thought is way not cap!!!

  38. I don’t know how many times I have to say this – the Pz IIJ is definitely broken, but it is NOT overpowered. It can only see tier 4s at the most, admittedly, but it often does see them, and that means meeting Hetzers, Pz B2 740(f)s, and worst of all, Matildas. Matildas WRECK Pz IIJs. The only reason Matildas don’t kill this tank even faster than they do is that they can’t see the screen for laughing when they meet one. Even tier 3s with decent HE rounds will kill a Pz IIJ if they get to shoot at it for long enough, and its gun is just so utterly feeble that they often do.

    It’s still fun though, as long as you aren’t attached to the credits it costs to run one…

  39. “Don’t worry Dave, I won’t judge you…I’ll leave that to the internet.”

  40. The comments made me laugh: “Reported” “Noob”

  41. man I remember that old replay where some guy in a churchill(I think) ran out of ammo against an AT-2 and they both just kinda followed each other

  42. Those guys in the first replay are so innocently ignorant and toxic it’s hilarious

  43. You? Not judging. Being hypocritical? Nah. Never Jingles. Never did that anytime before

    Ayyyyyy get your shit together War Gaming holy macaroni

  45. I have notices that the enemy pz II J used standard ammo

  46. Think they have crossed that line on wot console, at least that’s what I heard 🙄😬😳

  47. Some day Jingles will realize that nobody actually pays for gold rounds anymore

  48. Yeahh… you say that but it’s already a thing in wot console, you can buy quite a few teir 10s now, even that Russian heavy with the 3 tracks lol.
    BTW I’ve already brought me a arp yamato 😉

  49. Anybody remember the OG T18?

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