World of Tanks|| Abbey Map T-32 Heavy Tank Gameplay Tutorial Hints and Tips

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|| Map Gameplay and

The one where we look at how you can get a Super score by just sticking to the basics.
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►Looking for replays with-
(Replays MUST be the latest version of WoT and meet ALL requirements set)

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
►Looking for a Clan~?

EU Clans

Please apply to H3VOC

UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks

NA Clans

World of Tanks University

2 NA
►Music –

►Intro & Out Music : ‘We Carry On’ Mitchell Miller FEAT’ Taryn

Please check this guys out mates he is amazing!!!


  1. Stephen st.clair

    Hey Pete great vid as always (nice to hear Frankie listening to you) keep
    them comming

  2. Great info!

  3. Brilliant work, well done to Fubzy and a great match too :)

  4. The one where we look at how you can get a Super Unicum score by just
    sticking to the basics.

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