World of Tanks || AC 4 Experimental – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AC 4 Experimental. Today I’m looking at a brand new T6 Australian/British premium medium tank the AC 4 Experimental.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. *QuickyBaby posts a new video on a new premium tank in the shop*
    *Gets excited*
    *Goes to premium shop*
    *Not there*

    You lied…. I’m disappointed.

  2. He literally just Yolo rushed them…… this replay only happened because
    he had rng and enemy stupidity on his side.

  3. Seems you have to play it like the Firefly, as you are the last tank to get
    into position.

  4. Personally, I prefer the laying drive over the rammer, given how little
    armour you have, and the fact you have the same engine durability as the M3
    Lee, you really can’t sit in the open for any length of time; in that case,
    I find more value in being able to snap shots off more quickly than having
    a faster static rate of fire.

  5. Better pen than Super Pershing! ?

  6. how do you get that ‘it’s a trap’ sign?

  7. Drank Tunk Sholdure

  8. Also, 3 weeks ago, they released this tank in ASIA Server and Aussies
    delighted when using tank.

  9. [HUN]Kowalski799

    Tier 6 medium can penetrate a Maus frontally with 239 mm pen premium
    Seems fair.

  10. John Vladimir Son

    This is a re-upload :)

  11. why is the australian flag in the thumbnail

  12. The AC IV is Australian not British.

  13. QB the test server is up and running again so i think that YOU SHOULS GO ON
    IT AND DO A VIDEO, the death star got the Centurion AX turrent…….

  14. I played it on Tankfest account, and i have to say its mediocre to bad

  15. OMG WUT :O

  16. I would take Rammer, Net and Binoculars and played it as a sniper/TD (cause
    it gets quite nice camo and TDs no longer get bonus camo from shooting)

  17. Potentus The ONE

    Hey QB i really like that u explain and recomend crew and equipment the
    last videos, makes ur videos much more better

  18. Gordon Ramsay is your loader? He would load carrots instead shells xD

  19. Nice photo with Weenis Quicky XD

  20. The tank is ok, but the cammo is a big let down. The AC1 got the Two Tone
    Australian Cammo on all three terrains but this one only gets the same TTAC
    on summer. And you can only buy UK cammo for the other two terrains.

    And a UK cammo on an Australian tank is a big no go for me.

    Bitter dissapoinment for me.

  21. Waffy The Clickbait

    QB’s crew names are hilarious af. Hahahaha nicely done QB! Nicely done.. xD

  22. This replay was staged!

  23. Should of put lol wot

  24. Bought it and already 70% wins and 3.7k WN8 (average damage 1530) over 27
    battles; yup I like it :D

  25. The unicum skoda noob insta uses gold.. So pathetic when u cant aim
    properly, and ppl think your so skilled.. all you fire is gold.

  26. how can you like this shit ? He went full siemka pl style rushing and all
    the enemy missed him… really ? how lucky you can be.. 0 skill here pure

  27. Crumwell?

  28. Mirkoni-EXYU-Grobar

    Someone put dick on tank :)

  29. Wotko s Vokurkou

    I guess he did not forget to take, he just forgot to check the box
    “automatically refill consumables” :D

  30. Patrikas Ramanauskas

    This thing is awesome it destroys evrything

  31. m46 kr or t34? since July 4th is near and the m46 is on sale for 15 days?

  32. Kovács Bertalan

    10:59 It’s not hard to imagine the whole crew is drunk……

  33. 日本語訳をください!!(`・ω・´)キリッ

  34. Is anyone XVM mod not showing the damage log? what I mean by is when you
    get hit by APCR it shows how much it damaged because im not getting that.

  35. second cock tank, well i wiil buy it on cristmas….

  36. its not a british tank its Australian its just in the british tech tree

  37. The Australian chode is back :P

  38. I have seen it doing 60 kph guys. The driver had just gone cliff diving
    because the team was terrible.

  39. Cromwells are OP shits, so comparing anything to them is nonsense. If you
    go do review on tier 7s TDs, will you compare them to E25? Or tier 6 heavys
    to O-I? Its obvious they lose to raw numbers overall, even if they get some
    aspects better.

  40. Had 1 on the SEA server a few weeks now. It up tiers very well and the tier
    8 HT I slay with it rage in chat. Earns ok credits because you dont need
    the prem rounds. Turret it tiny so poking ridgelines is fun.

  41. Matthew Van Buren

    Of course the other tanks are running away from the experimental; its the
    only tank in the game with a raging erection!

  42. try to extend the mini map on half the screen…

  43. Double Double 4G

    In other words, just wait and buy the Cromwell B instead ;)

  44. It is a Cromwell BERLIN not Buhlin.

  45. He changed the names

  46. should I get the Churchill 7 or the cromwell?

  47. I saw this in the test server!

  48. This tank is awesome i bought it and i get 2k+ damage every game!

  49. Posti Movies (Posti666)

    I got the AC 4. I like it! Its great. You can’t compare it with the
    cromwell’s. 2 different playstyles. I think its more like the hellcat. And
    no matter what the numbers says, i bounce a lot with the turret when i use
    it hulldown. The gun is great and i dont feel the dpm. Is that bad. Sure
    the mobility is bad up slope. But on normal ground you can and will reach
    45-50. And that is enough for me.
    “Thumps up” from me on that tank.

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