World of Tanks: ACE TANKER: IS

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Source: NovaTempest4892

Where: Winter
When: Thursday, March 19th, 2015
Game Mode: Encounter Battle

Hey Guys! After a long silence I have returned and will be posting Gaming videos once again! Though of course it will start mainly with , do not be surprised if you start seeing Videos featuring other games in the near future!

First up what happened to be a stunning match in the Russian Tier 7 Heavy, the , fully upgraded and with a skilled crew and the right hands, this beast can make mince meat out of anything it’s fearsome gun gazes at. Which you will get a good sample of in this very video!

Enjoy the Carnage unmolested by Voiceovers, Commentary, or any other doodads and perhaps even learn a thing or two on just how nasty this tank can get!

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