World of Tanks: ACE TANKER: IS

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Source: NovaTempest4892

Where: Winter Himmelsdorf
When: Thursday, March 19th, 2015
Game Mode: Encounter Battle

Hey Guys! After a long silence I have returned and will be posting Gaming videos once again! Though of course it will start mainly with World of Tanks, do not be surprised if you start seeing Videos featuring other games in the near future!

up is what happened to be a stunning match in the Russian Tier 7 Heavy, the IS, fully upgraded and with a skilled crew and the right hands, this beast can make mince meat of anything it’s fearsome gun gazes at. Which you will get a good sample of in this very video!

Enjoy the Carnage unmolested by Voiceovers, Commentary, or any other doodads and perhaps even learn a thing or two on just how nasty this tank can get!

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