World of Tanks || ACTION HERO!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today I’m going to embrace the inner action hero in a double dose of T6 mayhem!


of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. STRV 103B tech tree Showcase live now 🙂

  2. I’ve got a hankering for a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich after watching those replays.

  3. 36 APCR

    Wow, such skills, such proism (sarcasm)

  4. francesco piromalli

    Great job qb

  5. GG Yvanoe, un bon FR ! 🙂

  6. that’s why Ranzar uses the hellcat as some kind of Rambo :v

  7. good games… Pudel is a gangster, Hellcat used to be a terror, still good, but not like the old days

  8. Just load 50/50 and click 2…I don’t think I need to watch your game for…gj..good example for new players..that’s why I rather watch somebody who actually plays and wins without constant use of the skill key

  9. Why was the video removed

  10. What to do in a bad match:
    Get good
    Or get dead

  11. Best thing to do in a bad match really is to not even notice it is a bad match. If you notice you’ll just feel more pressure.

  12. Wow…amazing how you had a kill stolen from you, which is funny cause in another video with another youtuber, in a video about world of tanks, I left a comment about kill stealing and 3 guys responded to my comment about how there is no such thing as kill stealing in this game, yet I just saw it here. I should point to those idiots this video…

  13. UncleFestersWorld

    Thanks QB for some low tier game play.  Everybody but everybody with a YT account playing WoT all feature high tier games almost exclusively.  It’s nice to see some low tier/bad match up games.  Although, personally, I prefer to be bottom tier as much as possible.

  14. RIP this game

  15. It’s not 0,35 on hellcat. It will disappoint you everytime you need that accuracy to win battle… In those crucial moments, where 480 dmg may be the difference for the whole battle…
    I had on game in it, where I was 1v7. I killed 5 of the enemy team and than missed 2 shots at distance of ~100 meters on 100 HP Black Prince… And after BP it was only SPG to kill for free… Never lucky with that gun on hellcat 🙁

  16. Now go find a skin of The General Lee from the 70’s T.V. show The Dukes of Hazard and put it on your Hellcat, Quickybaby. ?

  17. Stop banging the dead is3 please. Too rated R

  18. I call it “Hellcat Syndrome”. Same thing happens with the CDC. Cromwell, and many lights

  19. Potassium Cyanide

    now do it again but in bottom tier and bad team

  20. actionmoviebaby

  21. comet was focus firing not kill stealing.

  22. Why are you showing us replays with absolute tards that are top tier. No wonder you win…

  23. Don’t forget to get that air conditioning unit for your office

  24. Dont give tipps how to kill a t95.,. I love it!

  25. I liked the funny bit with the Tiger ^^

  26. A “Moist Yen”? What the fuck is a Moist Yen?

  27. 3:49 lemme smash

  28. Man, these replays, especially the Hellcat ones, take me back to better times in WoT. Back when it didn’t matter to me how many tier 10s I had. Back when tier 9 was my highest and I just collected tier 6 tanks to earn money to afford tier 9 and 10 tanks. But those tier 6 and 7 tanks were the best tanks ever to me because those tiers were so balanced. And then massive nerfs came and they were allegedly more balanced, but less fun. I’m talking about the KV-1S, Hellcat, among others ofcourse. Tanks that will remain in their former glory are the T29, Cromwell and T-34-85, but I can’t enjoy them that much anymore. I wish WoT didn’t change so much. I wish I hadn’t become such a “WN8 warrior”. I wish I’d never grown up I guess. But that’s just life.

  29. This is 1 in 100 game luck. Nowadays no point in playing tier 6,7 or 8 as always end up in bottom tier. If your top tiers are crap, you will lose. No matter what you do. Strategy will be to join the game, hide at the back and if game somehow goes to a win, run in and try to kill enemy tanks with low HP. Nothing else you can do.

  30. QuickyBaby – I wanted to say, you do a fantastic job with your videos and I really appreciate. You are in a class all your own, heads and shoulders better than anyone else. Thank you for everything you do! 🙂

  31. very entertaining video….more please

  32. Isn’t Mäuschen supposed to be pronounced as Maushen, not Meuschen (moishen)?

  33. Scrubbybaby

  34. How to sealclub 101

  35. JGPZIV is the best ?

  36. Only one star on the hellcats gun, Mr. Quickybaby??? ?

  37. The t32 at 6.50 is my team 9/10 times

  38. This is why I love and hate the Hellcat….. good camo, good speed, good view range but the gun doesn’t feel like 0.35 dispersion…. It feels more like 0.38-0.4. That’s why I sold it and went to the chinese TD.

  39. Brilliant keep the mid tier games up

  40. Videos are so dark that it’s hard to see anything.

  41. as long i play wot i never saw this Polish Pudel tank in shop i hope to be anytime soon!

  42. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    THANK YOU for anything below tier 7!
    Most of the tanks in WOT are below tier 7 but 90% of YouTube WOT is the “seriously boring high tiers”
    Thanks again for showing the fun tiers.

  43. RIP The Hellcat. RIP the Bulldog. RIP the T67. Wargaming hates American tanks. Nerf them all to the ground!

  44. T-34-2 gameplay from you QB please!! 🙂

  45. Do you use food on almoust every tank ?

  46. Love to see variety of mid tier tanks as there is loads

  47. yes for me tier 6 is horrible due to the mm

  48. nice job with that IS-3 🙂

  49. Mmmm your vidoes are tons of fun QB

  50. Poor helcat :/

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