World of Tanks – Action Lansen

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In I try to make a reference in the title to the obscure 80s action movie starring Carl Weathers that almost nobody ever heard of.

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  1. Payed actors 🙂

    Edit: Nevermind, this is from the NA server, something like this would never happen on EU

  2. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Aw I didn’t even get to be featured in the video of my replay …..

    Ah well maybe next time …

  3. Damn that thumbnail got me excited, thought this was gonna be a Console vid 😂 that Lansen in the thumbnail is actually known as the “Draugen”, a reskinned version of the Lansen C that has a 105 mm gun with 390 alpha and ridiculous HESH rounds.

    It’s currently considered the best (and probably most overpowered) tier 8 premium tank you can get your hands on now on Console.

  4. InfinitySquirrels

    Its fun being top tier in 2+

  5. George Kharaishvili

    Maybe that Cromwell tried to bodyblock Lancen to save teammate. If successful, E8 would have just retreated behind the corner.

  6. I suspect our intrepid tanker is an Expanse fan.

  7. Some excellent names in this vid…Incognito_Potato was a favourite of mine

  8. WoT Players: ” You can’t get a Steel Wall Medal in a tank with 16 mm of armor!”
    Schwedenstahl: “Hold my beer!”

  9. There is a reason why my tank never take more than 3 HE (safe for things like the KV2). I never risk doing nearly no damage due to HE being shit. I’ve seen plenty of shots hitting him and doing like, 16 damage because it was HE.

    I’d also like to point out. Why don’t I fight absolute retards like that when I play? Must be something in the water.

  10. I swear, Profound Monkeyballs has plot armor.

  11. 6:39 – What are the chances that he presses enter to type in chat at the exact right moment for his turret to lock at an angle where he would bounce the dicker max’s shot with his gun mantlet while auto reversing around the corner and not even having control of his tank (you can tell by the orange reverse arrow in the bottom left in the tanks damage panel)

  12. Ardjan Timmermans

    Some famous last words at 6:26: ”Just one more shot…”

  13. Actually Jingles … um … never mind, what’s the use ? ; D Keep on Jingling.

  14. Wow, that enemy team. Well harvested sir! He must have been in disbelief at how he survived that close in brawl. I know I was. 🙂

  15. What! A game!

  16. No 4k reeeeeeeeeeee

  17. amazing luck – the force is strong with this one . . .

  18. well jingles looooong time ago (version 0.7#) i got a scout medal in the t-14 heavy t5 so anything is possible

  19. 03:47 Why would you spoil every development in the video and leave no tension at all? Just delay your commentary by a couple seconds and your video is ten times more enjoyable to watch.

  20. cue the seagull “MINE MINE MINE” scene from Finding Nemo

  21. If RNG would have worked completely right AND functional, he would never have survived this ! Yet WG still ( silently ) provites a by far better RNG to those red Tomatoes and/or Payers because their only Goal is it to make Money without doing something !

  22. In the immortal words of Rorschach from ‘Watchmen’:

    “You’re all trapped in here with me!”

    That city fight was amazing.

  23. The most important part of online gamingnis your name. All else follows behind.

  24. 2 things, AC/DC big balls when monkey goes monkey balls in city. The missing shells didn’t miss, they went in one side and went out the other causing zero damage.

  25. didn’t play bad but driving backwards while typing in front of that dicker max should’ve been punished in my opinion. super super lucky all game

  26. Just curious about 0:45 in PMB, and probably others, ran over what appeared to be a ‘tank trap’ … are there NO obstacles you can’t run over? Perhaps that is a change WofT needs to make.

  27. What no 4K for this one?

  28. That was awesome great match for Mr Balls LOL.

  29. He survived because the game is decided before the game starts.

  30. U can’t blame the dicker max he shot it’s the broken ass game rng that somehow blocked a side shot

  31. This is the content I come here to see: improbable heroics and jaw-dropping comedic failure.

  32. he was fighting against a BUGI, yje new polish tank w a derp gun that is where the 8 splashes came from

  33. Genius games often require less-than genius opponents. This was one of the best games I’ve seen.

  34. Methinks Sweden had access to a shitload of Stalinium armour.

  35. I wish #TheMightyJingles Could do one video on world of tanks console and how they have turned it into #WWE Wrestling it would be a very funny video and embarrassing to console players.

  36. The RNG GODS smiled down on Mr. Monkey Balls, because by all accounts he should have gotten obliterated.

  37. what is not shown in the video are the 6 chickens monkey balls sacraficed to the god of rng right before the battle started….

  38. The Churchill quote is actually from his first war correspondent assignment in Cuba in 1895

  39. New indicators in World Of Tanks are shit… Instead of attention / Ping map you got – I’m going here… lost the Affirmative and Negative aswell something that is useful… (only thing i like in the new indicators are “Thanks!” if some1 helped you… but really how hard is it to say “thx” in chat… Wargaming just wanted to update there game in some way so they can say there are doing something.

  40. I love my Lansen C, fun tank

  41. Monkey Balls has no more luck left in his life!…

  42. That name? I beg to differ. “MonkeyBalls” is insufficient for that gameplay. “OversizedGorillaBalls” makes more sense.

  43. Richard Wroblewski


  44. Christophorus Andreas Bonifacius Kolus

    Credit math at the end of the video is quite peculiar as well. Not what I’ve been taught in school.

  45. Well it’s official. I cannot play this game

  46. Not surprised the Dicker fluffed the shot, its accuracy and dispersion are awful.

  47. Hats off to the allied Indian panzer

  48. Actually Jingles, it’s not too surprising that the Lansen was able to survive all those hits; the B.U.G.I. is firing HE and doing about 20HP per hit. While Monkeyballs is a one shot kill for most everyone, they probably could have taken four more HE hits from the B.U.G.I.; it’s pretty absurd though, if that Polish tank had been shooting AP instead, Monkeyballs probably would have died.

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