World of Tanks – Adding Insult to Injury

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Don't want to give away any spoilers in this description. Suffice to say you're all going to have plenty to talk about in the comments today!

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  1. Afk is afk, he might as well exit or uninstall the game rather than make other player’s games a bit more miserable than it already is. Heck, it would’ve even been a bit better if that Foch player would just shut his crap gap for the whole game and be truly afk.

  2. Jingles is genuinely pissed off at this guy lol

  3. Otosj van Tolerbok

    1:27 That is a presumption!

  4. Had to check what a Hellion was … a troublesome or mischievous person according to webster

  5. an afk fosch 5 health and purgetto short for the win

  6. Otosj van Tolerbok

    App. 60% of all bacteria are killed by a type of virus; phages.

  7. So bassically the foch player did what is called a pro gamer move. Probally gained more credits then our hero of today

  8. Real winner of this match is WG.

  9. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    If it wasn’t some time of war going around somewhere, Germany would have had handed his arse to himself for developing KF51 Panther when nobody needs it. Thx to Krauss Maffey Wegmann.

  10. I got sick of the legions of dickheads and uninstalled the game – WG do nothing about the pricks when you do bother to report them …. WOWS and WOT no longer on my PC.

  11. While I understand his frustration with the losing streak, I do not condone his behavior in even intending to drag his teammates into that nasty hole of self pity. Such people I generally avoid and do my best to forget, lest they become a festering boil on the impression I have of the general public, which is nevertheless in a sorry state anyhow.
    I hope people will see this and become better teammates, fostering hope and cooperation that will inspire teamwork and improvement.

  12. foch’s a coward, and a poor sport. end of story.
    As for the 45k loss in credits, I don’t know why wargaming hates tier 10 etc. players… but it’s one reason I quit WOT. and I rarely used gold ammo, too. I still routinely lost money on matches. But, this was a long time ago now. the game just stopped being fun once they added the chrysler GT… which I never actually faced, but that’s the timeframe I lost interest. that, and they opted to remove everything that made light tanks fun…

  13. Maybe the Foch noticed the name of the arty player and just let him die because he’s clearly a POS. That name is ConfederateRebel btw. F that guy, I’m glad he was left to die.

  14. That Foch player fails as a human being. A quitter in online games and possibly in real life.

  15. These are just a few reasons when I do play, which is rarely, I play tier 6 and blow. Don’t have a premium account or ammunition. It would really suck if I were flushing real money down the crapper and loose most of the time.

  16. Looking at *kraft57’s* (NA) stats is not surprising of his attitude. 55k+ battles and his overall WIN8 has been earned at below Tier V (Tier II being the significant contribution to his WIN8 despite it representing only 7.6% of his overall battles). He doesn’t play well in upper tiers, even though he has 5k+ more battles (30k+) in the upper tiers.

    A 7-battle loss in-a-row isn’t that unusual on the NA server. I recently had 12 losses in 13 battles (in T8 tanks), but I also get good days as well.

    Had a 72.5% win rate over 40 battles (29 wins) on the Jun 18th in T6 TDs: 13 battles at T6 (either as top-tier or even-tier matches); 15 at T7; and 12 at T8. The last 20 battles I played that day, I had a 90% win rate (9/1 in the WZ-131G FT & 9/1 in the M36 Jackson).

    Next day had an 11 straight loss streak, finishing the day with GP/W/L/D : 40/21/18/1. I’m happy if I can finish the day with a 50% WR.

  17. Envy, resentment, spoil-sportery, and petty behaviour is nothing new in gaming. That doesn’t excuse it, however.

  18. Do you only get NA server replays for WOT and WOWs recently ? no good ones get sent to you anymore ?

  19. Very nice battle, so not AFK Forch just a jerk if I might be so blunt.

  20. I don’t care about percentages. I play WoW and play aggressive. Wounds heal, Chicks dig scars, Glory lasts forever. LEEEEROY

  21. I don’t want to be a dick but the amount of luck involved in that Kolobanov is through the roof

  22. And that right there is why I no longer play WoT on either PC or Xbox.

  23. “Sneaky fahkin Russian!”

  24. SuperChickenLips

    Take away the “Battle” button, and replace it with a “Roll Dice” button. Roll a 6 to win the battle. Spend IRL money on items that can affect the dice roll by as much as 1%.

  25. just goes to show, that sometimes being an asshole does pay off

  26. If they ever revamp the economy I might pick this game back up.

  27. What makes this immeasurably funny for me is that the Foch is a french machine, so the fact that he just “gave up” right from the start is comedic in a meme way if you catch my meaning. Though it was kind of ruined by the fact that he did 1400 damage as shown in the end results.

    • That makes it even more relevant. It was the French leadership that gave up, not the average soldier. One way or another they fought honorably until the end of the war.

    • @Roger Hinman I know buddy, I was referring to the “France always surrenders” meme. It’s a joke.

  28. Christ, its just a video game. Relax.

  29. WG when they implemented the Premium ammo for credits lost my love for the game. When you play machines such as the Borsig with its paper armour or a T3 light tank to try another nations tech tree and the “5%” of all ammo fired is premium nonsense happened. When you play for an entire weekend and then watch your replays and its more like 80-90% you start to lose the will to live. I finally gave up in a battle where a scumbag did something similar to the foch except he drove to the corner of the map and afk’d, the team could have used a top tier tank but we fought till the end where the last 2 friendlies died and left them with no time left and the afk F&*%^er gets a kolobanov’s for doing nothing but winning against 5 enemies. Uninstalled 20 seconds later.

  30. Seems like many players forget that this is a game and they need to just have fun. Bad sports spoil the fun. Cheats spoil the fun. Wargaming has made some decisions that spoil the fun. BUT sometimes, as with Hellion’s game, a player can have fun albeit at a cost.
    The Foch player needs to go do something fun that doesn’t spoil the fun for other people.

  31. I’ve lost far more than 9 games in a row back when I played WotB back in the day. I think my loss streak was over 20 but I don’t remember exactly.

  32. so I already thought some of the repair costs of vehicles in war thunder are bad. But in WoT you actually have to spent real money to get ammunition to fight enemies when being uptiered and stock condition just to get a negative outcome out of it?

  33. Kraft57. Sounds like some German Boomer. I play WoWs and i absolutly HATE these people. They are absolutly stubborn and will not accept that they are just too bad and they are the reason why their teams always loosing.

  34. Honestly, given how badly and maliciously this game is set up a verry large amount of non unicum players will likely end up like that Foch at some point before quitting the game.
    I mean, with the lack of a skill based matchmaker, how little effect a single player has on the outcome of a game and how the economy works, whats the point of putting effort into the battles when as an average player you are going to loose roughly half your battles anyway no matter how good/bad you play and a victory in which you were AFK grants you basically the same or more rewards as a defeat where you did record levels of damage? Combine that with how every aspect of the game is carefully crafted to draw in players with fun but insubstantial gameplay at the low tiers only for the mid and high tiers to be purposefully set up to frustrate players into spending money through the matchmaker and economy and no wonder there is a toxicity problem…

  35. I stopped playing in 2016.. and I’ve never looked back… ofcourse I instead played warships but still xD

  36. this guy is insufferable to watch…useless teammate

  37. Kudos to the WZ-120 but this replay show several reasons why I dont play WOT anymore

  38. Fosh got what he deserved

  39. AFK non players are a fact of WoT life. AFK sort of players should be highlighted in Blue on the map wherever they go.

  40. My record loss streak in WoT is 27 battles. You can bet your gnome warlock arse I fought my dick off in every single one.
    World of Tanks is a dozen intentionally wrong structural decisions in a trenchcoat. Granted, what the Foch could do instead of bitching could have been to quit for the day (or for good), but that would just push the next matchmaker-sponsored 15-2 defeat bonanza by 16 to 24 hours.
    Now, I am an 850-at-point-of-uninstall-WN8 piece of subhuman trash. Somebody in the comments has had a 34-game loss streak, and I am SURE they are a better player than I am.
    Streak length is not a dependent variable on skill. In most battles, neither is the outcome. Blaming the Foch for being frustrated with something broken by design is Reddit-tier behaviour.
    Edit: after that ending, I would like to emphasize my point about things that are intentionally wrong. The Prot and Ferdinand orchestrated a decent pincer. All Hellion had to do to win, was to out-*RNG* the Prot.

  41. No justice, No pizza!

  42. yay world of tanks fucking over the player base with shit rewards well hell look at russia anyway a shit hole of a place

  43. I have choice words for the Fosh player, that’s all I’m gonna say

  44. subtlewhatssubtle

    Unfortunately while AFK punishment systems exist, some of them surprisingly effective, there is no good way to punish pure dickishness. I mean, there’s the report system, but how much good is that without a comprehensive and transparent response team?

  45. One of the many many reason why I stopped playing WoT. At times it feels like its 29 vs 1. Your own team hurts more than the enemy does.

  46. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Nah man, viruses actually are an extremely important part of our ecosystem. The Foch doesn’t deserve to be called one

  47. WHERE IS A GNOME ABROAD?! Your stories are epic

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