World of Tanks – Advanced Side Scraping Tactics

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  1. gg

  2. Stronk unicum tactic 😀 I gonna try that with IS-7 x’) gonna hide is lower
    plate behind the wall and only show the turret.

    Advanced unicum play style cannot be understand by all player

  3. and that just proves that the new physics is retardedly easy to get
    flipped. A Maus? comon.

  4. “Why does it treat me like I’m ammo racked, though? That’s kind of

    I can only imagine the trouble two men are having hefting those enormous
    shells into the breach of the Maus SIDEWAYS, rofl.

  5. Hey Anfield, you probably get a lot of theses but anyways. I like my
    Centurion 7/1 and am in no ways a great player. I have 1.4k Wn8 in it and
    have been climbing since revisiting my strangely using the 105. My Winrate
    does not reflect this however. I only have 47%. I am quite ashamed of this
    and quite often I finish at least top 5 damage. Really gets to me. This
    also annoys me as I will consistently lose 10k or above on a loss. Any

  6. Why you falledid like that?

  7. Christian Hostetler

    that IS3 tho, god tier positioning, imagine getting a IS7 in there.

  8. How funny would it be if you could turn your turret to the right while you
    were on your side and then it made the maus go right side up

  9. I clicked on this vid thinking you were actually doing a side scraping
    how-to XD

  10. I wish theywould make it so that you could pop a repair kit & turn back

  11. Murat Görkem Tetik

    Side scraping at its best and this shit is next level!

  12. Wow that is a new one I havnt seen that before, will have to give that a
    try :D

  13. They should introduce a perk that removes the ammoracking when you’re
    tilted XD


  15. Says youre ammoracked cause its slightly harder to load a tank while youre
    kinda turned upside down

  16. alireza farzaneh

    FCK update 9.14

  17. YEA physics

  18. This is arty sidescraping. Now when their shells land on you, they’re
    hitting spaced armor.

    Checkmate arties.

  19. Yeah, I can’t imagine why you’d reload slower when your tank is tipped on
    its side. I’m sure the loaders would be fine with loading the shells that
    are sliding out of the ammo rack, kek

  20. Nice one, I’m gonna try this MLG tactic in my ELC, thanks for the tip
    Anfield, if anyone asks I’ll say you showed me how ;)

  21. played just under 600 matches since 9.14 and have yet to roll a tank, came
    close a bunch in my T34/85 but saved it each time so far

    personally i love the new physics and the new sounds (but the guns need
    more of a crack to their report imo)

  22. Whan goes you’re video on to in HD than ?
    i olways watch you’re vidoes 🙂 !!!11!!1

  23. Is your Xbox II Anfield II?

  24. Don’t say I never teach you anything. If only noob team supported my
    advanced plays.

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