World of Tanks || Aggressive Scouting

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World of Tanks. Today I’m playing the T8 the RU 251 on a mission to get as much as I possibly can in the least possible time.

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  1. It frustrates me that QB can do the scouting that we do but his assistance damage literally skyrockets. I feel even if my team tried to shoot the targets I spot they wouldn’t do shit.

  2. Lovely Ru-251 & Lovely Gameplay

  3. I like this, many games that I’m in the light tanks just charge out and die, spotting a few tanks early in the game but then they are gone.  Spotters need to make efforts to stay alive.

  4. What is your Teamspeak?

  5. Cant wait for this thing it War Thunder!

  6. 1758 damage shot with American artillery MERICAAA.

  7. i have 12K spot damage with t49

  8. hey QB I just looked at your sub count at its almost at 500000 holy shit i remember watching you on twitch way back in the day and asking you for advice on how to play the is3 without the top gun and you actually were small enough to answer that seems crazy now you have soo many fans good for ya man!

  9. Wow QB you seem unusually excited today.

  10. They need to remove the patriot it’s to op

  11. My favorite t8 light is the RU 251 it’s close with the 13 90 but RU captured the no1 spot for me, I’m getting the bulldog atm I’m pretty close to it I hope I like it

  12. Deep Meaning In Everything

    I love playing LT. I feel like it’s useful in all maps and that most of the time it carries the game for the team.

  13. Man, I wish when I spotted Lakeville my team would take advantage of shooting early targets.

  14. LTs are OP af…

  15. Hey, QB, i love you video so much. I have upload a funny replay. hopefully you can check it out!! here is the link:

  16. Quickybaby, you are so good you can get a handycap hit from a team mate and still win the game, classic!

  17. i love it when 3 gameplay in a video

  18. Great video! Can you tell us what kind of equipements you use ? And what skills your crew has?
    I guess these choices have a great impact on every game, and can lead your followers to improve their performances.

  19. “no TK for you scumbag”! had to laugh at that, was said so aggressively haha

  20. That heavily armored jagtiger sure looked like he had a fun game against well balanced artillery when he took 1758 damage from a lower tiered tank. Great job wargaming, another happy customer.

  21. Nice shot E5

  22. thx qb, now i know where and how to spot better. Keep up the good work

  23. If you are playing in the Chinese server in lakeville, sitting in that Bush is suicide, because as soon as someone in the enemy team take damage, everyone in the enemy team will blind shot these bushes. European server is so nice for experienced players.

  24. T 54 light weight because of the armour and speed and gun

  25. one i spotted someone and all our 3 artys shot at him XD

  26. this helped me understand the ru better thank you quickie baby

  27. 11:11 like a drift king 😀

  28. UKDS forza horizon 3 group

    Hey QB I just bounced of an enemy spg and ammo racked one right next to it killing both of them with a single ap round lol ?

  29. @quickybaby RU 251 is fastest tank in game

  30. Rating system need an overall, Light Tanks spotting damage should be rewarded. Bring WN9.
    Scouting is no easy task in most situations.

  31. Great job, QB! I learn so much thank to you!
    Why don’t you record your live streams? I would like to see yesterday’s Swedish stuff 😉

  32. wargaming the robbing cunts a case is being took out against them here in the uk not stating stuff in their terms and conditions lmao

  33. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    That 51% Winrate Lightgreen Player Got the 260.. makes me sad with my 2300 wn8 not getting that fucking missions done 😀 Maybe he bought that online?^^ Cuz there are guys who want Cash to do the Missions for ya and stuff..

  34. hemorrhaged nearly 200,000 credits playing that tank so far…sigh

  35. I just got the game and tire 4 m3 Lee and just learned that matchmaking is broken and alout of BS happens how can I fix this?

  36. Great games in light tank. Could you in one of your next videos comment a little if WG is doing enough to sanction the Team Killing players? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  37. Even QB hates you guys for being so noons lol haha ?

  38. I only got 4 T8 lights: AMX1390, RU251, BlackDog and T54lwt and i love them all <3
    My overall favorite light tank in the game is the LTTB

  39. My favorite tank ever! Ru251 I will still love u even when u have 75 kph top speed not 80!

  40. Favourite Tier 8 light tank so far is my premium German M41 Walker Bulldog.

  41. Guys like this little backstabber in the beginning, are in my special list of submarine tanks. I just drown the bastards whenever I see them again.

  42. this goes to favorites for sure.. Impressive!

  43. assistance damage from shitty clickers isn’t honorable

  44. Its ironic that light tank missions with honors are gotten by sitting Even more in bush, becose there is no honor in sitting in bush ?

  45. Holy shit RIP e5s account

  46. That T110E5 got rekt #burnbabyburn

  47. Picks up RU251
    Drives to a bush
    Gets spotted by BatChat
    Batchat 1st shot motor + track
    Second shot ammorack
    Then I die with 0 spotting damage.

    Picks up RU251
    Gets spotted
    Turn around, drive 80 KMH in zigzag
    Arty 1 shots me, 0 spotting damage

    Picks up RU251
    Drives to the right side of the map
    Entire team lemming train to the left

    Sure, it is fun to drive a light tank.

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