World of Tanks – A’Hetzing We Will Go!

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Hetzer’s still got it. Actually the Hetzer never lost it in the first place. What IS a “Hetzer” anyway?

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  1. Oh, Jingles….you don’t play wot any more, do you?

    Food for your tought – since the WG buffed HP pool of low tier vehicles, Pz S35 needs to do between 2,5-3k dmg and 6-7 kills in order to get a master badge. And that is tier III!!!

  2. 85rnds, in the Su-5? Where?

  3. Never loaded them because of a different gun?

  4. Aleksander Domański

    Sorry Jingles but Your story about so called “Hetzer” is not correct. It would be in case of panzer 1 to 3 but pz 38 (t) is diffrent size than “Hetzer”. Even wheels are diffrent size. Its design was highly influenced by proven ideas but still it was a diffrent design, only similar in look.
    Btw :even name “Hetzer” is incorrect. Noone used it during the war. It was a nickname for E-10 test TD (similar in looks) and after the war those two TD were mixed up.

  5. Outstanding skillz

  6. i remember back when Hetzers use to one shot T-28’s, they use to be and still are my Hetzers favorite food!

  7. “There’s the SU-5, he’s not afk, and he is not out of ammo..but he is dead!”
    Hetzer gonna hetz!

  8. The hetzerz back nearly broke from just how much dead weight he had to carry in that game!

  9. #Hezhezhez…

  10. Interesting. Felt like they were trying to give Hetzer the run around to try and gain flank or rear shots. Might have worked…. but then again, it’s a Hetzer

  11. Oh man, if only my 105mm howitzer reticle could have shrinked that fast back in the days….

  12. Jingles, Hetzer was based on 38(t), even build on the same line in BMM/ČKD near Prague but it is not done as a conversion from existing 38(t)s – those that Wermacht did not lose were given to german allies or were used for rear security in occupied territory, some might have been modified to flak panzers or were straight down stripped for parts (I think the engine and gearbox were the same or used many of the same parts in all 38t variants). Even the Marders (I think) were build from scratch because it was easier then to mess with existing hulls.

    Also the issue with the armor was more down to general construction method than to quality of the steel, where Germans used welding the pieces together, both ČKD and Škoda used riveting the armor plates to a skeleton construction (well at least for their original designs before Geman ocupation).

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  14. German here… I think baiter does not really work well either…. Agitator or Instigator are also valid translations, both work miles better than baiter, but my personal preference betweent hese two would be Instigator, which can also be translated as Aufhetzer (see).

  15. Hetzer does not mean Bater, it means Agitator or Instigator. Very nice game to watch.

  16. Another bit of historical info about the Hetzer: its thin but heavily sloped armor design was inspired by the Romanian Mareșal tank destroyer.

  17. 02:15 Nothing worse than teammates who don’t grasp the tactical advantage of letting the enemy push corners/ridgelines thereby allowing supporting TDs in depth to track (snipe) them (giving you, the spotter, spotting damage) while you can advance under covering fire to finish them off.

    Keep pushing the corners/ridgelines yourself with no support from behind you (keeping the enemy concealed by the corner obstacle or dead ground on the far side of a ridge) and all you’re doing is allowing yourself to be sniped at by their TDs and camping MTs/HTs and ensuring your removal from the battle prematurely.

  18. When Jingles was talking about the meaning of the word “Hetzer” I kept hearing him saying, “Beta” rather than “Baiter.” Seems the English, like their New England cousins, have a problem pronouncing the “r’s” at the ends of words. This observation is of no interest to anyone, but it is early and I refused to go for the “master” joke as it was low hanging fruit. Speaking of low hanging fruit, I once saw an old man in a steam room…

    • The funny thing IMHO is that this “pronunciation error” made it’s way into the English loan words in Japanese. They don’t end with an r (or rath ru) but with a long a,.Like customer = カスタマー/kasutamaa.

  19. Love the low-tier games!

  20. as a notebook repair tech. they will have your computer in a giant warehouse. they will have laid off or furloughed most of their workers to ensure that the little amount of work coming in is enough to make coming to work worthwhile. making both work coming in slower and work going out equally as slow

  21. This is 1 of those painfully slow vehicles

  22. Paul, this channel is a great watch, if not already subscribed too, in real time, currently Germany trying to assault Moscow in winter,

  23. I have a turbo on my Hertzer 😀

  24. “Hetzer” is actually the German for “blind as a bat.”

    • According to crew reports – yes. Otherwise – no.^^
      I am astounded, how and where he got positive reviews from the crews…they actually referred to it as a “coffin on wheels”.

  25. Hwell actually, Jingles… 🙂

  26. JAG - the Trekkie - GEMINI

    Funny Episode but as a German, i must say that the Word “Baiter”
    seems a bit strange.
    “Rusher” would be a fitting but lose term to describe the vehicle imo

  27. Watching this reminds me of the days when Jingles was known as Bohemian Eagle :3

  28. Good replay and all, but He really should have moved into his own base a lot earlier. Still good job tho

  29. Oh Jingles…this time you completely missed the mark with your translation and explanation of “Hetzer” or the verb “hetzen”.
    Sorry, I HAVE to perform an “aaaaaactually Jungles”-action…I am German after all, and we can not stand any inaccuracy 😉
    Simply put:
    Baiting is a, more likely passive, “pull”-action, when you pull your target out of cover with the help of a bait.
    “Hetzen” or being a “Hetzer” is a very active “push”-action, when you hunt, dash or hound your target and pressure it out of its cover, until it runs out of stamina.
    Even to the extent, that it has been “totgehetzt” -> rushed to death.

    The hunt even has a special name: “Hetzjagd” (coursing, chase) with lots of “Hetzhunde” (hound dogs) to hunt deer, wild boar, foxes.
    And yes, it is gladly evenly forbidden now.

    Additionally, (actually Jingles^^):
    Although the tank ways certainly reliable, it almost had no view range, which led to very poor operability in everything else, than defensive actions.
    Even in the defensive it was highly vulnerable, because it was highly dependent, to not get flanked – and the frontlines at it’s time were not nearly as coherent, as the years before.
    The crews referred to it as a “mobile coffin”, because there was almost no way to escape the tank in an emergency situation (like being hit…^^).
    Combine that with the piss-poor visibility from the inside, the moral of the (often very green and young) crews, was (mildly put) a bit on the “uneasy” side.
    I’d be veeeery interested, where you’ve got the positive crew-reports from.

    I’ll lead myself back into the deepest depths of the salt mine.
    Finally some proper wörk for a proper overlord.

  30. Wouldn’t it be neat if WG offered a replay mode where you could see all the players on both teams in the mini map? You could then watch the replay and see where that last tank hid.

  31. “No, I said no such thing, and you can’t prove anything.”
    *rewinds video*
    “An M8 will not survive one hit from a Hetzer’s 105mm howitzer.”
    Oh, Jingles… never change.

  32. Jingles, that was a great game for Salty Old Viking. Outstanding!!

  33. Didn’t expect to find our lord Lemmy referenced here, but that’s fine.

  34. I was half expecting Jingles to think that this was the most amount of kills he ever saw on a Hetzer, forgetting that he posted a video a few years ago of a Hetzer getting 15 kills.

  35. If that was me, I would’ve died by the arty at the end

  36. Worth the wait.

  37. I’d like to give an extra few likes for adding Lemmy.

  38. @Jingles i know you like a wee bit sci-fi, you are going to LOVE this game Falling Frontier, its still in development, early access starts in june. the last time i was this excited for a game release was waiting for world of tanks launch.

  39. If I knew a Hetzer game was coming, I would’ve tried submitting my console replay. (pre-6.0, don’t worry)

  40. Oh jingles, the hetzer is not build upon a pz38t, is not like take the turret and Upper Hull and just put the casemate on top, that only happens in GuP lol. The hetzer Hull was inspired, based on the 38t, but is an entirely new Hull, the germans had to build the new hulls, couldnt just used the old 38t hulls lying around

  41. How to get featured on jingles: play a derp tank.
    One video a week and they are all derp tanks.

  42. Ahh, the HetzuHaru!

  43. Is he shooting HE all the time? And uses 10.5cm gun?
    Looks like a fun tank, i just bought it but want to make sure i use it the right way.

  44. I thought you were saying “beta” not “baiter”

  45. Baiter?! No Old Man, more CurryWurst for You until You get it right!!

  46. 1:12 For future rerence. You can just take the drives out and plug them into another PC to access the data. That works expecially easy if its just a data drive that doesnt have an OS on it.

  47. SU-5 has a short range.

  48. I saw a Hetzer being driven around quite enthusiastically at the “A Military Odyssey” show at Detling several years ago. I certainly wouldn’t describe it as slow – seemed quite fast and nimble to me in fact, so I can understand why its crews loved it, especially if its armour was as effectively thick as you said, and it’s small size makes it easily concealable, so overall surviveable and deadly to the enemy.

  49. I think he got Lemmy’s medal 😀

  50. Hetzer does not mean baiter. But you are right, it is a hunting term. It refers to making your target/prey run as fast as you possibly can make it. The idea is not to catch it but to tire it out.

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