World of Tanks – All 12 HD Maps! Stream Highlight

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Source: Anfield


  1. Hd maps and 720p.. come on don’t upload !!

  2. Serious question anyone think a GTX 750Ti will run this lol

  3. When you break a wall into rubble and it piles up on your tank does that reduce the pen of incoming shells?

  4. Ok here we go WoT looses 50% of players becuase they can’t run the new stuff. I remember my old favourite game it was called “Army Rage” the reason it was shut down is becuase they stole skins from other games, but they lost 95% of players afrer they introduced HD and reset all progress for all players. I hope WoT doesn’t die.

  5. Don’t listen to the haters Anfield. You ARE beautiful

  6. wwwwwwww what the hell

  7. Holy fuck this looks nice! I like the HD maps and other stuff, but sun flare even though its cool, feels like its gonna be an annoyance

  8. So, it doesn’t look like they changed the maps too much from a balance standpoint, just some tweaks for climbs and stuff?

  9. I have a intel i3 5800K, rx480 8 gb and 8 gb of memory ram, how many fps i will got with ultra graphics ???

  10. The maps look great, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy experiencing them when they’re live, but in all the WoT Forum threads that I’ve read, no one has ever said, “The problem with this game is that it isn’t pretty enough.” WG needs to fix the game’s problems, not stop map development for 2-3 years just to give us some eye candy.

  11. at sand, should be much more dustier ride. From back it should shoot lot of sand into air. Same on dry dusty roads. Also water ripples should get be visible 2 seconds more looks like they dissapear for performance reasons too quickly

  12. any idea when ca we see this ;;;;?????????

  13. I hope they release it at Christmas when all the gaming PCs go on sale ?

  14. Seriously Anfield? Your face is the only reason I watch your stuff 😛

  15. looks nice. no map balancing, made to look bigger rather than actually use the chance to actually make the maps truly bigger, missed opportunity?

  16. What is the FPS difference compared to non HD maps?

  17. Abbey – 0:00
    Cliff – 8:07
    El Halluf – 20:25
    Himmelsdorf – 34:10
    Malinovka – 46:10
    Mines – 55:49
    Mountain Pass – 1:07:24
    Murovanka – 1:24:10
    Prokhorovka – 1:38:22
    Redshire – 14:38:41
    Sandriver – 2:01:56
    Steppes – 2:14:24

  18. It's not what you think

    Console Graphics are better than what PC has currently because the PC version was made targeting hamsterwheel russian shit computers. Since they have no way of knowing how to optimize for all hamsters, it was easier for their targeted userbase to just run the game with low requirements. With consoles, they know that each xbox one is going to have the same hardware so they had a set bar to work with. The reason it’s being updated now is because nobody wants to watch a shit esport, let alone one with 2009 graphics. Bitch

  19. Are you running this game at 1440p, or 1080p, or a different resolution. I’m trying to estimate what my performance would be like with a GTX 1060 6GB and at 1080p.

  20. oh my christ fuck those graphics tho

  21. it would be really good if they added weather 🙂

  22. Wow, this looks like a whole new game! Cant wait till WG roll this out.

  23. More techno

  24. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    Why do bushes grow from rocks?

  25. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    Lol 1:24:30 is the best part of the video! ((:

  26. Did they change hill climbing, those e-sports locations

  27. 1:24:29 the flag is totally frozen! And yet it makes tht cool flag…wavy…sound.

  28. 39:20 lol. It is a stop sign (no entrance) after all ??

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