World of Tanks – All Aboard The Hate Train

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There are so many different things that are going to trigger you in todays’ video I just gave up trying not to. All aboard hate train, choo choo!

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  1. Lemming Rush “The 907 is not an op tank, not that much better than the 140.” 907 proceeds to bounce shells of all guns with stupid penetration that not even the 430U can bounce and shells the 140 can only dream of bouncing… Yeah right, looks equal on paper, certainly not in game…

  2. I love to hate stuff, will this be the video for me?

  3. Why the Fuck is water so wet!?

  4. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    I’m a salty ex WOT player. I still love watching you and Claus but I’m never playing WOT again. But I’m still giving you a thumbs up as always, Jingles!

  5. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Wow how self righteous man can you get Jingles? I am almost exactly your age and It doesn’t take the bullshit you spout so often to make it in this world. I like your videos but you are so over the top for being nothing but a milk toast ass jerry.

  6. Spare us the moral quandaries. “What would have happened if Phoenix’s team took him out at the beginning of the game?” …. still a defeat though they would have been able to play their tanks again sooner.

    Oh hey as you state about people hating on gold spammers “That’s tier 10 gameplay, deal with it” same for artillery, ‘That’s WoT gameplay’ stop hating hypocrite

  7. Love you Jingles. No homo.

  8. I watch all of your uploads, Jingles – I just forget to click the button. Just finished watching – wonderful game by the 907 – who basically played alone. Bunch of Muppetry on both teams, of course.

  9. Why does he even carry HE if he doesn’t use them on the lights and paper turret TDs?

  10. What kind of monster uses their left hand?

  11. Most likely a clan war ammo load out tbh.

  12. Serves him right, he fucked up the cap when he didn’t use the rock properly to hide from the T95.

  13. They need to take the reward tanks out of random battles, unless they are going to give missions within random battles to earn them.

  14. For some reason you thought it would be interesting to watch an OP tank seal clubbing lower tier enemies while bouncing all their shots… Hope you monetized it enough to make it worth.

  15. While I do view the game as a worthless piece of trash, it is still entertaining to watch videos from you, QB, and others on this game. WG is a slimy, money hungry, inconsiderate group who does not care about the opinions of its user base whatsoever, but that does not mean you guys should be boycotted or hated for showing it.

  16. I just want to note that the flank where the salt mining god called artillery a pussy was the same place where QuickyBaby got his ass handed to him by an American arty a couple weeks ago 😉

    *dons fireproof suit*

  17. Stopped watching, fuk Russian tanks.

  18. liked bc 907s r dumb

  19. ToughAncientSpark

    I hate the haters for hating.

  20. This was one of the best Jingles commentaries I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Thanks Oh Master of Salt 😉

  21. WAIT water is WET??? 0_0

  22. Inawana Industries

    Not all artillery players are jerks, just the majority. I’m in the minority.

  23. His ping is soo good that he was able to hit the first shot. Mine would definitely miss that kind of shot.

  24. Ex world of Tanks Player but I only ever thumbs down a video I class as stupid but I won’t upvote WoT.

  25. Yeah not particularly the smartest move at the end

  26. He could also have made the mistake of trying to help a flipped teammate and started doing/taking damage from one landing on the other. That will turn you blue very fast.

  27. I’ll just summarize what everyone is saying below since it’s already been said:. You’re not blue to the rest of the team. The t95 is not a potato, not when he guessed right twice in a row that’s not a stat that’s a trend. And last but not least it was blue because he probably shot and asshole. The real assholes in world of tanks usually troll by trying to ram you and stuff like that things that you don’t turn blue for those are the real assholes and they’re professionals at it.

  28. Two things:
    There is no such thing as a “premium reward tank”. A “premium tank” and a “reward tank” are two different things. The major difference being that “premium tanks” make bonus credits.

    Also, just because you show up blue on your team list doesn’t mean you show up blue to everyone else.

  29. T95 was the real leader here. He knew the fast medium would cap, and he knew how to prevent flanking at the end. Really nice play by him.

  30. water is dry !!!!!

  31. Clown cars, sky turds, OP clan only tanks, the people who play any of those classes. WOT has given us tons of things to hate and just a few to like. The best part was watching Phoenix die….just make a video of unicums dying over and over, it will be your best video.

  32. What sort of base degenerate jerks off with their left hand? For shame

  33. I automatically read HEAT train lmao… guess that said a lot

  34. You’ve become depraved in your old age Jingles. Talk about morale collapse! Sickness!!! DisGUSTing!

  35. Hmm…. if only after he had killed the Object 257 as the second to last enemy tank alive he had driven a bit forward, enough to convince the T95 that he was going to try to find him and not go to their base. Oh well…

  36. The Penalty system in WOT favors the haters/ bully’s. Wot’s biggest issue.

  37. This game is trash, we need to stop giving WG money for their terrible decisions.

  38. The other consolation is he got his replay on Jingles channel. And stop calling is8’s “t10s”

  39. Wow, I was laughing so hard! thank you

  40. Soon Comrade Jingles you will come to Mother Russia where a trip to Gulag will reeducate you into using Russian preferred words “Special Ammo”

  41. For the thousandth time, water, isn’t, WET

  42. Object 907? Really? Didn’t make it past the CDC. Obj 907 spamming gold not relevant to me

  43. I’d never have done anywhere near as well, but i didn’t like his ammo, his driving with the at, or his non use of he when appropriate. Plus his tank and premium… He’s still good, but he’s sure greasing the wheels.

  44. Haha, beautiful. Justice is served.

  45. I voted it down, but I am a current WoT player and I have a Obj 907…

    It also wasn’t because he was blue, we’ve all been there. Oh, slight tangent, his team would not have seen him blue, that’s his own warning that he’ll he’ll get a ban if he team damages again, you cannot start a match blue to your team mates.

    The reason I down voted was that he took way too much premium that is required in a tier X tank and he mopped up lower tier tanks with no real skill shown at all, he makes no effort to avoid taking damage and just used his hit points and better tank stats. Not a great replay to watch I’m afraid.

  46. ANY profit at tier 10 makes it a GG…
    Fucking WoT high tier economics…

    As a reward tank owner myself, not 907 but rather M60, I can confirm that whenever you drive one of those tanks and you make a suggestion to the team 9/10 times there’s always that one pubbie who is bad and responds ‘STFU free tank having bitch’ etc because they are too jealous that they couldn’t get one…

    Like dude, five years I WAS YOU, telling M60 drivers after the first campaign to shut up with their bullshit tank…

    All you gotta do is commit yourself to getting better to getting into a clan to help you get one, it’s not a bad goal to set yourself… You get a nice reward, and you get better at a game you enjoy…

    And while the Obj. 907 and new T95/FV201 may be ‘Questionable’ tanks like the M60 are actually quite balance and both fun and rewarding to play right because it’s not a ‘rolling easy-mode’ tank…

  47. I avoid Tier 10 like a plague, to full of try hard premium round spammers so no point playing at that level, i just don’t see whats so fun about it.

  48. Rule number 1 of playing T-95: never cross to the other half of the map

  49. 1/ Based on video and stats alone since I don’t know the player:
    2/ Good game with lots of kills and damage – Congratilations
    3/ Not showing any signs of intelligent gameplay – just going to standard locations and being lucky – not so entertaining
    4/ Player had 2 good oportunities to use the HE shells – The Waffenträger and the 103B and would have trouble killing T95 because of it – inexperienced play at best
    5/ Leaving cap circle for an extended amount doing a super obvious flanking attempt… What other result to expect? Works in low tier though 😀
    6/ Gratz on a super good game but I’d write it up to using standard locations in a strong top tier tank within a 3-5-7 template AND being lucky
    7/ Pretty typical tier X bob – Spamming tier X isn’t that admiring to be honest with the current tier x balance and skewed MM templates…

  50. i noticed that in Frontlines mode you can’t do team dmg not sure if that has carried into the Random battles yet or not but it damn well should.
    Hundreds of WOT players will be crying on the forums tho bc they can’t TK other people
    They can make a mod pack that doesn’t allow your gun to fire when pointed at allies but _somehow_ the Devs can’t figure that shit out?
    Sounds like WG Devs hung around with Bethesda Devs too much when they were plotting their scam to wreck the gaming world with micro transgressions
    ( _uh TAP thats transactions_ )
    oh no I got it right the first time mind ur biddness Quicky

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