World of Tanks – All Skill, No Luck

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There are good players and then there are lucky players, and while it’s true that a great player will make their own luck, there’s always space for gifted amateurs.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. so whos leg did he hump for a game that went all skill no luck lol. ive had to quit because of how bad it was when i started getting mass “im trying to see how low i can get my win rate and firing only he while afk” players regularly.

  2. Great Game! Alex

  3. 7:29 Oh my god, auto-aim at 500m, I just… why would you do that to yourself? Guaranteed kill if you hadn’t been lazy about it.

    Edit: Okay, maybe I was too hasty to judge, our boi seems to be using a track pad so it’s at least understandable. That said though, I still think they probably would have been better off aiming manually.

  4. I dont want to shout wolf, but on my phone this looked like advanced autoaim. The last shot fkr example looked pretty dubious for me. Pls correct me if i’m wrong

  5. Lol that fancy victory drift at the end XD

  6. Stop saying Primo Victori, you’re british, you should have no trouble saying Victoria

  7. GJ Alex. You’re a hero. Now pay thirteen thousand credits because russian maths..

  8. Jingles just call the Bat chat the BC then the number it sounds better and easier to say.

  9. pRoUD tO BE fiELdEn

    Jingles, it’s primo Victoria. As in queen Victoria. Not primo victoray

  10. You need way above 8k dmg to get as tanker medal on BC… i was struggling to get one as well… I get it with 8.3k dmg 8 frags and 2k spot dmg. 🙂

  11. pRoUD tO BE fiELdEn

    Ok so I’ve counted 3 jingles moments.

    1) it’s an AMX M4 51, not an AMX 54
    2)Victoria in primo Victoria is pronounced like the name
    3) the T49 has the 152mm, not the 105mm

  12. Top Tier, where you pay the game money for your victories.

  13. Can you make your videoes more like 1 hour? I just cant seem to get enough.

  14. You said “I want to diversify my content” and 90% of your videos is WoT and WoWs.
    Do some other games,this $hit is boring after all these years.

  15. Well, to me it makes sense that the stupid french autoloaders can’t get an Ace Tanker with such a game. They are as OP as tanks go in this game.

  16. Oi Jingles, World of Warships Blitz just officially launched

  17. another fast tank driving around with autoaim no skill involved turn off autoaim and do the same .no chance. show some replays with some skill involved.

  18. just a driver go play assetto corsa . lol.

  19. The T49 doesn’t have good camo. I can easily out spot a T49 under most circumstances in the Batmobile. The Bat can actually camp bush better than the T49.

  20. If you made a profit in tier 10 the game would die.

  21. Kinda starting to miss the famous sir Dave on this channel. Jingles, we need tot see some of his gameplay, or we might forget him.*

    *Written bij a not-native English speaker so my apologies for any mistakes

  22. Aah shit, was hoping to see my own batchat replay when I saw the thumbnail, this replays result is good too, but not 9,6k dmg in full T10 1vs5 good(heartbreak included)

  23. How do you get that paintjob?

  24. I don’t normally comment on this kind of stuff but your title “All Skill, No Luck” has so much irony. First off, I will state that NO HARM member (and I do mean none) has skill. They will either get extremely lucky (like shown in the video) or sit back and stat pad. Secondly, when he gave up on the Magical Forest, he was being a coward. He saw one tank he didn’t like and ran instead of thinking of a position he could use to counter said tank. Thirdly and finally, the amount of auto-aim he used was so unrealistic that you know he didn’t deserve that win. I mean come on. Auto-aiming at a MOVING TARGET at a DISTANCE shows the pure idiocracy he has. A smart player would’ve simply led the shot and could have killed that T69 much earlier than he did. That guy had no skill at all. It was all pure luck. And before anyone decides to say that I’m being an idiot or a scrub or say that I “don’t know what I’m talking about”, I will add that I was part of HARM nation before (the good part of 2HARM before HARM got jealous). I know exactly how each branch is ran because i witnessed it all and i know exactly how their players are.

    • Not So Super. Look at the FPS! You can’t exactly aim when you’re playing at 15-18 FPS.

    • E-Reviews I did it before….hell at one point I was always at 500+ ping and did better than most players…..I know what its like but I still aimed properly

    • I don’t know how’s that even possible. I play at 140-160 ms over WiFi, and my shots miss because of that. It’s frustrating, I really don’t believe you did well playing at 500+ms.

    • E-Reviews its adaption…..find the average delay time and calculate it in…..I play on a laptop using Wi-Fi and any time someone goes to send a picture or video to anyone it shoots my ms to 700+ for about a minute and we know a lot can happen in that minute….just have to follow the pattern

    • Have you seen a Jingles video other than this? — I ask because I could hear the sarcasm in the title from Florida.

  25. Got to love that WOT economy tho…

  26. eeeewww a HARM player

    REMEMBER 2HARM!!!!!!!

  27. Love your videos Jingles, keep it up! Also I’m a Laird, meaning I own land in SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!

  28. one hell of the good game sir!

  29. I hate flambass

  30. He did it in 15 FPS

  31. Autoloaders kappa

  32. He did so well, and still lost money. Once of the reasons I stopped playing WOT.

  33. Pretty normal for high standard tank. I did 7.2k in pre-buff 113 and still no Ace Tanker.

  34. “Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.”

  35. I’ve been following WOT & you Jingles for years.
    But I still don’t know what a Bat-chat is or what it means.
    Please help a long in the tooth Noob.

  36. This guy is my hero! He’s playing at fcking 15fps!

  37. Jingles’ internet hamster fell off the wheel!

  38. i dont want to say this and be wrong but i think he is using an “illegal” mod, im pretty sure he was locking on to targets without line of sight on them. and im also not sure if that is illegal on whatever server he is on but im almost certain it illegal on NA

  39. I like the game especially the modules like being able to shoot out their engine and so on but I don’t like the in-game economy, the equipment for example….. forcing low-tier players to pay hi tier prices, like 500k for “coated Optics” even if the low tier newbie has a tank worth only a thousand, doesn’t really add up and it forces them to suffer a serious disadvantage for a very long time, I was that newbie always being out spotted and outgunned and I came to within a Razor’s Edge of uninstalling the game???…….just my opinion….

  40. Really helpful commentary. Thank you so much.

  41. At around the 7:30 mark why the auto aim instead of aiming the shots manually? This seems like a poor decision in an otherwise really well played game.

  42. Could the BC have rammed and killed the T49 when the T49 came down the hill?

  43. This title kind of triggered me. I’m getting more convinced it’s mostly dice rolling with a bit of skill and map experience. Kids it’s all shit

    And PS….Gdi people don’t try to cap with all those tanks still alive you just make yourself an exp piñata

  44. 9kills, carried team, still lost money… ah World of Tanks, dont ever change

  45. The Maus is dead

  46. Personally i hate those little toy tanks batchat, t49, t-54….maus, type 5, jp e100…those are the tanks not this

  47. It’s WoT. There is no such thing as skill. It’s all luck. Random teams, random number generators. Well supposedly random teams personally after a few years of playing I had a feeling the game was stacking things against me intentionally. Of course I was right. That’s why WoT will ever be in any serious professional gaming league, WG had to make their own. Cause the game the public plays is as rigged as a Vegas Casino. I stopped playing heavily a year ago. It’s rigged Free2Play/Pay2Win garbage.

  48. You want a game that takes skill? Go play something else besides WoT.

  49. Jingles, why didn’t you report on duty and started your shift in the salt mines about the lost 13k? “Oh, you silly Wargaming, don’t ever change!”

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