World of Tanks – Allegro!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

“Allegro” – Italian for “fast”. Sort of. Which is appropriate since fast is the best thing that the P.43 ter has going for it.

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  1. wait how did the tiger tank players manage to drowned themselves in a frozen lake?

  2. My mum is visiting, Jingles, and she just said “oh he has such a lovely voice”. So you’ve made a fan amongst the senior set.

  3. I think the “no gold spam, he is a hero” attitude is not really justified when he uses all the premium consumables, is it?

  4. not the most incredible steel wall…I’ve seen a steel wall on Chi-Ri….and I personally got one on VK 30.02 D

  5. These days I come here to watch PC replays because they still look like WoT. RIP WoT console 2014-2020

  6. That are Coglioni of steel!

  7. This may be crazy to ask but I would love to see a video about how the BB meta has changed some time for a WoWS video. I know this is a WoT video but for some reason it made me think of it.

  8. “Lying awake dreaming about…”

    Dreaming while awake.

  9. The lesson is the economy in WOT is shit unless you pay, and the more you pay the better it is.

  10. The tier 4-7 of the Italian mediums are pretty fun to play with bcuz of their troll armor. Kinda funny since I saw someone got a steel wall too on the P.43, the tier 5.

    • Yeah. I liked the tier 6 and 7 as well. The gun performance is meh but the sloped armor can rival the T-34-85 and I also got a steel wall with the tier 6 P.43 bis. Only the Mobility is really bad though.

  11. People on EU (at least in world of warships) use chat for ranting and complaining. Communication? Pfff . Their ego is too high for that. And then you see their stats…. oh, anyway….

  12. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    Little bit of a dick, or bit of a little dick? Toxic little wankers: always channeling their outsized frustrations over their undersized equipment…

  13. The NA server is just as linguistically diverse as the EU server for communications. There are three primary languages spoken on the NA server during NA daytime: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Then you have the ANZACs (English) and Asians (Russian/Japanese & Koreans/Chinese and various other linguistic players from SE Asia) who log-on from ~15:00 PST¹ (next day noon/morning in the western Pacific) to ~03:00 PST (same day late night/early evening in the western Pacific).

    WG/WoT needs to implement some sort of rudimentary translation mechanic in game (or give us a greater number of pre-set “commands” to choose from).

    ¹ PST: Pacific Standard Time (West Coast Canada/US)

  14. Cmon jingles do your research. All italians up to tier7 have decent armor for their tier. The p43 ter has 100mm at a decent angle. It’s one of th most armored mediums on tier7 together with t34-1 and cs44.

  15. Use improved aiming device and vents to transform the gun handling on the P43 Ter and add food if you want to drop optics to fit the improved aiming. Except for the turret on the T-34-1 the P43 Ter has the best armour of any tier 7 medium.

  16. Jingles, just as recap of why gold ammo is a total meme, remind me: Obviously Wargaming used to sell it for REAL cash, Wargaming removed WEAKSPOTS on tanks AND gave them armor so EXTRA THICK that the standard ammo is basically useless. And of course you have the player stupidity of “well shit i don’t how to play, but at the press of a button i can get higher pen” Which Wargaming thankfully NERFED the damage of which means they need to dig even DEEPER into their pockets for those kills.

    So am i missing anything? Btw would you believe they REMOVED the m3 lee from the game a few years back? I too was surprised.

  17. Allegro? Is it faster in reverse than it is going forwards?

  18. as much I loved the tier 6, I hated the tier 7 with a passion, this one doesn’t feel like an upgrade

  19. This is why i like low tier games. No need to shoot gold because none of the low tier tanks have any armor. Most of the hulls of tier 5/7 are paper and easily penned by most tanks.

  20. All I could think with this title was the crappy Austin Allegro

  21. That M10 complaining about the Wolverine, and yet he did less damage than the guy he was complaining about. Worse, the T34-85M bought what the M10 was saying in game…

  22. Bakunawa BenHierro

    i also loved playing that tank.. but i used the 240 damage gun not the 300… you do get steel wall from time to time with it cause 100mm armor lol

  23. Okay okay this is one of my favourite tanks so I gotta come in and actually you. The armour is one of the best for T7 meds. The hull, when angled, can absolutely bounce an IS and the turret is 100mm thick in the front but then has an 120mm plate over most of it giving it about 240mm of effective armour. It also has a pretty good dpm for the 240 alpha and goes at decent speed with the top engine.

    • That 120 mm plate is not on top of 100 one, so its only 120, not 220. So the entire turret front is one massive weakpoint.

  24. Darfle is a hero for making the P.43 ter work. There should be a special reward for that in WOT, seriously. “Stoic” or “Stonecold” would be a nice name for such a medal for players undeterred by missing so many shots at point blank range and ending up with a result like Darfle’s. Well done!

  25. this game is starting to feel and look ancient. Cant believe people still throw money at WG.

  26. Where do you even drown on this map, like, ive never seen water😂

  27. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I like the tank but sometimes the gun is just not that reliable even the shell velocity is a bit slower

  28. Jingles please post more Jurassic Park videos

  29. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    Actually Jingles… THIS IS SPARTA!!!! … I’ve been drinking, sunrise shot.

  30. How can you lay awake at night and also dream about 0.35 accuracy?

  31. Several of the missing shots have nothing to do with the tank’s accuracy.
    For example at 06:53 or at 09:32 which is very clear.
    As soon as he shoots he zooms out with the (shift?) key. That is almost guaranteed miss from any distance other than point blank. It’s a known “bug” for a few years now. Unfortunately not only Wargaming doesn’t give a poop, but most users apparently don’t either.
    I complained about this many times over the years while I was still playing this game and WG ignored, where other players gave such great advice as “shut up noob, why would you zoom out anyway”.

  32. Ive a strawberry species called allegro tastes great!

  33. OK, I don’t know what it is about this game but it feels so much better then the common WoT game. it feels faster, more fluid, more motion. it’s not ‘everyone is dug in, no one moving, send the scout and watch him die’

    Why couldn’t THIS be WoT in general? This is what I DREAMED of as a Medium driver

  34. Jingles! You didn’t mention that he had Chuck Norris as his commander!! Chuck is not going to be happy with you…

    I actually had my Chuck Norris in my P43 until I got to the heavy tank (don’t remember the name) and I sold the P43 and moved him and the crew to that tank.

  35. Oh yes, that poor weakly armored medium tank on tier7, with only 100mm (sloped) armor. How much armor does the Tiger have??

  36. 0:25 Brave of you to assume I know what day of the week it is.

  37. As a player on the North American server, well, FORMER player; there is communication in chat on the NA server. “Effective” is debatable.

  38. Jingles, we know you’re busy with lots of stuff, and hey, who is gonna turn down a World of Tanks video?

  39. head them off at the pass, I hate that clichè. Hedley Lamarr.

  40. to be fair to the Tigers, first time on this map i drowned as well, not knowing to avoid the edges of the water

  41. I’ve drowned myself like enemy Tiger, didn’t watch where I was going and straight into the lake.

  42. sweet video

  43. Is that a commander voice by yourself? I haven’t played this since the new launcher

  44. Darfle has got his tank an adorable paint

  45. I’ve never intentionally drowned my tank in WoT. This is not to say I haven’t drowned in WoT. 😉

  46. Does anyone else find it funny that Chuck Norris was his commander on an Italian Medium tank (not a tough tank). Maybe that’s how he got the steel wall….lol!

  47. Happy New Year Jingles! First person that draw me to WOT, have played it like crazy for many years, till WG refused to transfer NA to EU accounts (despite many transfers to other servers), anyways keep it up, love your content!

  48. Love the P43! I have a 2,040 WN8 on that thing. Everything you stated is correct – you MUST fully aim and you have very little effective armour. Nice video, Jingels.

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