World of Tanks – Almost Italian

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The Prototipo Standard B, the tier 9 Italian that’s 75% . Don’t ask.

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  1. how fast can it reverse ?

  2. Soo….what Jingles is saying is that the Italians have an auto-RE-loader, not just an autoloader. Yes, for the sake of argument it is an autoloader, but because the mechanic of the Italian system is slightly different, it really is an auto-RE-loader.

  3. This thing is hardly Italian. The project was originally German, French and Italian, but I’m pretty sure Italy left the project before any prototypes were completed. The project resulted in the Leopard 1 for the Germans and the AMX-30 for the French, but Italian influence was absolutely minimal if even present at all in the final designs

  4. As someone who’s earned 3 marks of excellence and 1k games on the Leopard 1, I have to point out that to compare the Standard B to the leo proto is to compare apples to oranges and completely unfair. Firstly, the leo proto has a higher top speed, so the B isn’t necessarily faster. And while the proto isn’t very flexible and is made out of ammo racks, it is a pure sniper, and is more similar to an strv than any medium. Consequentially, because the leo doesn’t have an auto loader, it has a much shorter aim time, greater accuracy, and slightly higher dpm. So to conclude, Germany didn’t pick the bad aspects of tank design, they just picked the ones that matter 😉

  5. Jingles! You’re English! Never apologise to the French!!!

  6. Jingles, its an autoREloader, not an autoloader

  7. I get quite anxious about Jingle’s massive gaping hole

  8. Maybe, just maybe a WoT tank does not quite resemble reality?

  9. I like when youre telling a backstory about the tanks

  10. Hello, Commander.

  11. make all auto-loaders like this?????????????

  12. I remember when I got my leopart pta the VERY FIRST SHOT I took damaged my ammorack

  13. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    3:42 I honestly think the reason is simple: Non german tank should be good or if it is, it will be other tank that is better Or 2 or 3 if the opponents are Russians

  14. Ask Yes ,Give it to on plate NO. Do your Job and Get it Your self that is why there so hard to come by

  15. German tank design has only became exceptional in the post WW2 period.
    there is nothing on an M4 that the German arms industry could copy, not the stabilizer, the engine, nor any of the armor castings.

  16. Wargaming is giving us magi tanks, jingles

  17. Power Creep at its finest.

  18. Federico Spadone

    That’s the 25% that matters 😉

  19. Italian naval guns are outstanding. They make 76mm guns currently that are basically large caliber machine guns (up to 120 rounds per minute), and their 5″ gun, while heavy, is quite the exceptional peice of hardware.

  20. Jingles you forgot the third option why the Standard B is better than the Leopard PT.
    Russian bias game!

  21. Probably the worst sin that WG commits is making people think that all these blatantly made up paper tanks with their fantasy numbers are somehow representative of reality. Why didn’t any of the world’s tank operators ever take up autoloaders and magazine fed guns ? BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T EFFING WORK !

  22. pro-toe-tee-poe

  23. 14:25 that guys just like “wtf wasn’t there a house there?!” Lol xD

  24. But its the 25% that counts.

  25. Anyone else see that Pershing drown himself and complain about the team? It does remind me of match I had. Half my team drowned themselves saying it was hopeless and their team was full of noobs. We went on to win the match.

  26. Rather only 25% Italian than imaginary

  27. The issue with wot is that it sets a “specialty” for each nation and for the most part sticks to it regardless of how the tank really is. American has good turret but poor gun handling. French got the auto-loader but poor armor. Germans got armor. Russian got big guns and magical slope armor with good mobility and good camo. Noticed a pattern here? German tank has the only specialty in game that gets cancel out by the 2 key. Everybody else either got turret u can’t pen or armor so thin it doesn’t matter. While everyone gets something to make their tank worth playing. German tanks gets nerfed on everything else to compensate for that armor which gets pen by the 2 rounds. Russian bias is real, so does anti-German bias. I am glad i walked away.

  28. Differences: autoloader, ammunition near autoloader instead of in bow rack, thinner armor, and (I’m assuming) higher price irl, more complicated maintenance irl. Leopard budget tank lol

  29. well you have to give it to a Germans that had to fix and rebuild the infamous horrible British modern rifle, L85A1

  30. Why no Italian tech tree video Jingles?

    OH YEAH!!

  32. Jingles you need a podcast

  33. Only a few minutes in and Im thinking “camping stat padder.”

  34. Guy camps, in a Medium, and whines about the Heavies camping. Mediums were designed and built with one great strength in mind, which they have in common. Good if not great mobility. By camping in your Medium, you CHOOSE to throw that strength away, on PURPOSE. In essence, telling your “team mates” ‘SOD off’, using jingles term, because you won’t flank while pretending to be a TD. It’s all about farming damage, for YOU, and to hell with the job that comes with the tank, which is was built for in the first place.

  35. The Italian Leopard is better than the actual Leopard in World of Tanks simply because it’s not German.

  36. Anyone coming to tankfest on Sunday?

  37. Love the amount of people in comments getting mad at a medium for not brawling heavies. Obviously a tank with no armor and .3 accuracy is supposed to be up front.

  38. “Massive gaping hole…” Oh Jingles, I have to rate this video “L” for Lewd…

    If someone has 7 or 9 kills and they ask for another one for the medals I’ll let them have it, I mean they obviously carried me in that situation so what am I gonna do, make them fight the enemy AND their own team?

    I find that typically the people who respond to asking for the kill in the manner of “No, work for it yourself shitter” are probably those who haven’t gotten a kill that game and after the match you see haven’t even done their own tanks HP worth of damage to the enemy.

    Some will say “Well, those guys with that many kills don’t always carry, sometimes they just kill steal”… A) There’s no kill stealing in this game, which means that since nobodys name is on a given kill declining the guy asking is a fair play, if declined in a respectful manner. and B) If the guy was a one shot for you, what stopped you from killing him? Reload? Terrain in the way? You suck? Either way you blew your chance and someone else snagged it up, don’t hate the player, hate yourself for your bad timing/positioning/skill…

    Point is, people asking for kills for say, a Top Gun, don’t bother, but if they’re asking for a Radley’s or Pool’s then they most likely have done more for the team than you have and while you don’t have to give it to them, you don’t have to be a dick in declining it…

    And it shows you’re a good sport…

  39. The irony is that Germany designed (and became obsessed with) plenty of really bad tanks during WW2. The Panther, the Tiger, the Maus, the Elefant, etc.

    Yes, the Tiger was pretty bad. It had a fantastic gun, good optics, good ergonomics, and a large amount of frontal armor, but it was very heavy, had bad mileage, was a bitch and a half to service/repair/maintain and recover from the field, required substantially heavier pontoon bridges to support crossings, and its armor was largely flat (which was horribly inefficient).

    The Panther also had a great gun, and great frontal armor. And that’s about it. It had horrible mechanical reliability problems, it burned through final drives horrendously fast, was horrific to maintain/service/repair, required extensive combat-engineering support, was difficult to recover, suffered from major tunnel-vision due to lacking mid-range/wide-angle optics, had bad crew survivability, had poor mileage, and it was pushed into a medium tank role despite being a heavy tank.

    And let’s not even get started with the Maus. The thing had a 75mm secondary coaxial gun for rangefinding. The amount of stupidity in that one aspect probably should have told the designers that they were making something absurd and ridiculous, but, well…Hitler.

    And the Elefant…oh yes, let’s take a tank chassis with an electric transmission that turned out to not be powerful enough and reliable enough to work as the Tiger prototype, and stick an even bigger gun, thicker armor, and more weight onto it! Surely the electric transmission won’t just fail even HARDER, right?

  40. jingles insulting nations left right and center 😀 or its WG making up magic tanks, hm? I wonder whats the solution to this.

  41. you had me at “not made of ammoracks”

  42. Jingles! Having had the privilege to own an Italian made car in the past… I really don’t have such high expectations about their tank building abilities:P

  43. 75% German and 25% Italian
    WWII in a nutshell

  44. It pains me, watching German heavies getting curb-stomped by MEDIUMS that are just outright better than them in every possible way.

    After putting in all the effort to get an E-75, E-100, Maus, etc… Seeing new line after new line full of same-tier tanks that can just drive up and wreck you with impunity appearing against you is a real kick in the nuts.

  45. HunterKiller gaming

    Jingles speaking of good Italian ships i don’t believe u ever made a video featuring the Roma tier 8 Italian Battleship u should do a review it as ur next world of warships video.

  46. You mean Wargaming released a tank very similar to an existing tank only objectively better in many respects?
    Surely not!

  47. hard earned? looked to me like he was one of maybe 3 out of the 30 that had a clue on how to play the game.

  48. To Italy’s credit the Semovente 105 was well regarded as a TD in real history.

  49. Out of all the Italian tanks, the standard b is the one I’m most looking forward to. The standard leopard prototype (yes i know… the naming is getting stupid at this point xD) is the only high tier tank I’ve 2 marked so far, no idea where this made of ammo-racks shenanigans comes from, my Leo PTA even bounces shit…. lies i tell you =)))))) (srsly though i don’t seem to get ammo-racked in it any more than in any other tank so maybe something’s fishy)

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