World of Tanks – Ammunition Optional

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Circonflexes back, this time in the showing that when it comes to wiping the floor with the enemy team, using your own ammo is entirely optional.

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  1. Great game by the LT driver. But does anyone spot the elephant in the
    room??? He LOST 11k in silver for his trouble!!! On a Premium account no
    less . This right here highlights all that is WRONG with this game. This
    sort of thing is what is sending this game down the bloody toilet.

  2. Many ppl don’t TOG.. TOG from behind is GOT, so they habe to GOT it!!!!!

  3. Circon is using APCR against a Batchat? Wow. Then again…

  4. Aaron Brockington

    great vid!! this is one of my favorite tanks, but until a few days ago I
    always got eaten like a plate of bacon at a weight watchers party. now I
    seem to be having decent matches and scoring kills even when I’m bottom
    teir…did it recently get a buff?

  5. I have $50 to spend on World of Tanks and am not looking for a premium
    account. What should I spend it on? Thanks in advance.

  6. Professor Grandpuppet

    I saw both of Circon’s videos in the Type 64 and they were amazing,
    especially when he used as a “heavy tank”.

  7. keep up the good work jingles, i love the content you put out.

  8. And still lossing money thats who i am getting sick of this game

  9. awesome game I luv my 64 only one mark though

  10. I saw this on Circon’s channel, the next video is just one big dank meme.

  11. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog
    The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog
    The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog The Walker Bulldog

  12. What are you talking about jingles 59-16 is great, you just have to know
    how to use it. i get 1,000 dmg games in it. :)

  13. Bothering Knollinger

    anyone see at 7:42 the blind shot by the m53/55? that was kinda crazy

  14. That was awesome, I was on the edge of my seat!

  15. whaaaaa?

  16. The 59-16 gun isn’t horrible at all.

  17. Awesome match Circ!!!

  18. I literally facepalmed the moment I heard you say he was going to us a Type
    64 as a heavy tank. XD

  19. circon is NUTS, but he knows what he’s doing as well…….soooooo

  20. Just wow ! Or rather WoT !?!?!?

  21. As a Light tanker, it really irks me how he wastes his ammo in the

  22. What?! Where is that bloody boat game video?

  23. Hey, Jingles, just want to let you know I’ve been watching your videos
    since the old wot tank reviews and I just want to say thanks for everything
    you do. You always put a smile on my face even after bad days, and I always
    am excited to see what you have for us next 🙂 keep being awesome

  24. I always chuckle if I see a Circon video because I sumbled into his house
    once. I was invited by a friend of mine, who knows I love tanks and he
    casually remarked his housmate is a ‘famous wot streamer’ ‘who?’ I asked,
    fully expecting not to know this famous gamer. The reply was ‘Sir-conflex
    or something’. I burst into laughter which was loud and to be honest too
    long for comedic effect but when I finally controlled myself, the friend
    dryly remarked. “You probably woke him up now, he’s scheduled for an
    American timeslot”

  25. Dayum!

  26. why didn’t he get the spotting medal?

  27. If you watched this on Ciron’s stream the best part is after the match he
    “friends” the TSA driver and compliments him. I envision this guy getting
    an invite to platoon in a future Circon’s stream.

  28. I’m not going to lie it kinda help me learn a few moves for my scouting

  29. When I read the description, I thought it was going to be a mess of TKing,
    accidental rams, and generally Circon running circles around the enemies.
    Oh well, this was still glorious.

  30. I thought it would be about ramming :(

  31. i can’t wait to see the next one. this guy is awesome.

  32. I have a question…why is Circon sending YOU videos to show on YOUR
    channel….when he has a channel of HIS own to show HIS replays on? I come
    here to see…”normal/average” player replays NOT Unicoms as watching the
    “average joe” excel is part of the enjoyment, at least for me, of watching
    your channel. I sent you a replay of a great game several months ago and
    while i know you have TONS of replays to watch, I have yet to see or hear
    anything from you regarding my replay. So to sit here and watch a replay
    from your unicom buddy may be all fine and dandy, to be passed over for it
    kinda pisses me off. Just saying.

  33. Most entertaining WoT replay I’ve ever seen

  34. Actually, one can do a reasonable amount of damage in the 59-16. If one
    uses the 57mm gun that is. The top tier autoloader gun is garbage due to
    it’s ultra low penetration. The 57mm has a low alpha damage potential, but
    if u use the mobility of the tank, you are actually able to make an impact

    Jingles, were my teachers wrong when they taught me that ‘sneak’ is not a
    regular word?

  35. What is this teamwork mod? Is it legal? Am I allowed to install it?

  36. Masterclass.

  37. type 64 best heavy tanku ^^

  38. How do i send W.o.w.s Replays to u or something else or what ever?do u
    (If u no how to send replays to people,please leave me a message on how to
    do it,I’ve only been doing my own YouTube channel for about 4 weeks now and
    I would like to how to send replays to other gamers or u.

  39. Great video?

  40. Your my favourate W.o.w.s replay gamer.

  41. I’ve been watching your video’s well before I even started my own YouTube
    channel & videos on World of warships my favourite & I do other video cool
    stuff to.

  42. Stefan Kleinfengels

    this is the first mighty jingles video in years i disliked. this is because
    i saw the exact same replay on circonflexes channel the other day. and i
    can not help myself but believe, that i saw “the heavy tank action” jingles
    mentioned in the end as well on circonflexes channel. is this a test or do
    they think we are stupid?

  43. Saw this on the stream. Amazing the second time around.

  44. Prefer the videos on Circon’s channel with his twitch live commentary, you
    need to play more Jingles, this is getting very old and boring now. All you
    do lately is talk shit while other people provide the real entertainment.
    Remember this is just my opinion. All the best for 2017. Happy tanking

  45. Very good and entertaining light tank play!
    Fired up my T37 Yesterday, only got T9 matches on Himmelsdorf and Ensk so I
    quickly stopped playing light tanks again.

    If only I would get some of these maps it would be awesome!

  46. jingles i think you’re in an episode of Brain Games (a show on NatGeo) i
    just saw it on tv they were doing some stuff in times square and you’re on
    camera for like half a second

  47. Toto Geenen (Games&Tech)

    wait a second… his team has 2 tier 10 tanks and the ennemy 0

  48. Wow, the way he switched from shooting the SU on the hill to the batchat…
    just awesome awareness.

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