World of Tanks || AMX 13 57 – Tank Preview!

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Let’s check out the brand new T7 premium light the AMX 13 57!

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. hahha the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KingOfRotterdam16

    Get a new intro!!

  3. Brainfuckinyourhead

    Hm I’m at the AMX 12t which is an awesome machine… I want that 13 57 now

  4. Wesley vandeurzen

    Holy schit

  5. Finally something that can kill the m41

  6. amazing WOT Replays

    LOL,if you turn on the subtitles/CC ,it says “hey guys its creepy

  7. Um that looks just wow um no words

  8. Quickyfingers aka world of tanks sales department,
    People will run out buy this tank only for war gaming to BALANCE IT in the
    very next patch, STANDARD WOT TACTIC TO MAKE MONEY.waste of money as is
    world of rip off tanks.
    Quicky you never mention any of this games many faults instead you always
    big up this bl–dy awful joke of a game. f you were a balanced commentator
    you’d also do clips on the these problems.

  9. I ask again, how much does wg pay you? 

  10. Can I buy this on Xbox 360 

  11. How to get the AMX 13 57 ?

  12. Johnnes yläoutinen

    I would LOVE more gameplay of this tank, it would be so great to see!!!BTW
    Loved the video.

  13. I have a replay with su-8 how to send it to you

  14. I’ll be getting it for my French light crews.

  15. Minecraftster148790

    That clock at the start of the video shows 9 past midnight. How late do u
    stay up?

  16. Not a big fan of autoloaders. Concept tanks become OP in game while
    historical tanks are crappy in comparison. Example – tier 7 Panther with
    best gun does 135 damage with around a 4 second. This new tank can defeat
    it with ease in 2 clips.

  17. WG actually lets u test new tanks on the regular servers? What if they are
    overpowered vehicles… I mean it would be rather unfair for those playing
    in the regular servers stats-wise….. anyways I feel that this AMX 13 57
    should have more shells….. probably 1 or 2 more clips (8-16 more shells)
    would do great… if not u cant really carry the game even if u wanted/had
    to, right?

  18. Wargaming said that they have infinite number of this tank. After that they
    stopped registaration, because “To much people registered”. Seriously,
    Wargaming I hate you. I don’t even want to go to Grand Finals now.

  19. I thing the low dmg per shot and the low penetration are balancing it.

  20. How much will it kost?

  21. I enjoy your videos and we are really happy for your new marriage. But…
    (sorry?) this video needs to be turned down a notch. You came across as a
    salesman for WG. Other than that, keep up the good work and we hope the
    best for you and yours.

  22. I hate auto loaders, they should be slow as heck, due to the huge amount of
    ammo they carry, cuz it has weight too or the penetration should / needs to
    be much less, cuz 40+ rounds take up some space which the tank doesn’t
    provide, therefore the shells need to be much smaller ,hence less
    penetration / damage

  23. I think WG fucks up on the DPM balancing of autoloaders, making them a
    win-win, although they sacrifice armor, but let’s be honest, they gain it
    in mobility, so it’s a fair trade there.
    The problem to me is the DPM, which is given mostly by the reload time not
    just the time to dish the magazine.

  24. I think my french light crew will need this, been running around in my
    german lights too much. Gotta give the frogs some love.


  26. WG…effectively balancing auto-loaders since…well never, really.

  27. Great preview, I really enjoy all your reviews, keep up the good work and

  28. Looks like I’ll be adding another premium tank to my garage.

  29. The 16 second to reload a whole clip might be a little OP. Everything else
    is fine. You’d be doing 2520 damage in 1 minute if my math is correct….15
    seconds times 4 = 60 seconds, 720 damage times 4 = 2880 damage, 90 damage
    times 4 = 360 damage, 2880 damage subtract 360 damage = 2520 damage.

  30. Quickybaby decided to change his T-shirt while doing a tank review.

  31. cute evil tank :D

  32. Ah man that M12 at the end made me laugh hard! A total power donkey!

  33. A French E 25 with a turret…. Well fuck

  34. mon dieu quel panzer méchants Love it nice Job :)

  35. Hahaha, you guys and QuickyBaby should try playing the AT-7 with the
    autoloader, it’s so fun when you get the side, back or weak front of a tank
    and unload. Check out the gun!

  36. This tank is a fucking badass tank 

  37. Never got past tier 3 of the french tanks but I want this.

  38. I played this tank on Chinese sever, the rate of fire is awesome, but it
    drives very slow. Not a good T7 light tank, but it is a premium tank, as
    long as it makes credit and XP..then it is a good tank :)

  39. I think the amazing gun is balanced by the gun depression as only -6 and
    the power to weight quite lower. Also even though it is a premium tank I
    does not get preferential MM so it still has to stay competitive with other
    tier 7 light tanks.

  40. I think this is very similar to the bulldog but more similar to the T71 and
    13 75.

  41. I’m going to grab one of these right away. I see this tank being
    discontinued ala Type 59 very soon after it goes up for sale….

  42. The 59-16 is one of my favorite tanks and i love the auto loader but it
    sucks, this tank it going to fill my love of that auto loader and play
    style. gonna buy the shit out of this tank.

  43. Looks like a riot to play! However, I predict a clip reload nerf.

  44. Very nice Video 😉

    But i find, that the Amx 13 57 is too op

  45. aleksandar draskovic

    Can you plz do some tier V and tier VI tanks review

  46. mathias mortensen

    I love how i knew this before QB!

  47. We can already see that the AMX 13 57 has low ammo capacity, be sure to be
    a good shooter folks.

  48. Holly shit that reload between each she’ll is crazy, WG will nerf that soon


  49. lol its awesome, i realy like autoloaders and this look like that will be
    very funny tank

  50. it really looks fun, and i cold need a premium for my french light crew but
    its not really a tank for me tough :/. AND WHAT WAS AT THE END SUPPOSED TO
    BE? :’D

  51. I am subscribed to you. love you videos. Please use magazine not clip. LOL

  52. insanely op tank…

  53. Looks like Wargaming took a page out of Gaijin’s book and added machine
    guns into the game.

  54. Absolutly great that you got acces to an WG acount for testing! Thanks for
    the review! :)

  55. what was the crew like QB?

  56. That artillery at the end gave me cancer. If you don’t know what I’m
    talking about, 21:13

  57. Nice moneymaking by Wargaming, every new autoloader shoots faster than the
    previous so people are like “OMG I need this take my money!” One day
    non-autos will be more rarely seen on the field than autoloaders.

  58. Arthur van dulmen

    I think the reload time of the clip should be nerfed.

  59. It’s too OP for a light tank and don’t worth to put this in game because
    the story with remove of e25 will be repeated

  60. it will take 10 seconds to kill this thing in a bulldog and a 13 57 needs
    arround 27 seconds to till a bulldog

  61. pff i will crush thos things in my bulldog

  62. The Autoloaders are already a balancing issue, so WG introduces another one?
    Ok, sounds like a good plan…not.^^

  63. 9 days late ?

  64. this is amazing ill def pick my self up a AMX 13 57!!!

  65. Looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun.

  66. ”machinegun tank”

  67. I think I may buy one, but it is ugly.

  68. I’m getting it

  69. AT first I thought it said “AMX 13 75”. Then I re-read it… Lol.

  70. Povilas Štramaitis


  71. 2 updates then this tank has the same future than the e25

  72. Ability of press account or driving rare vehicle has the ability to call in
    the donkey players.

  73. A43 has a 1.98 second reload but it’s not a t7 or a light so it gets good
    MM so basically your wasting your money (in my opinion)

  74. It trader very well against the T71, though it helps that he didn’t seem to
    fire a shot and couldn’t even drive the thing…

  75. I WANT ONE

  76. Why do the Germans never get this much love I know why because Wargaming
    hate hate them.

  77. enough fking autoloaders…

  78. This tank has all the benefits that non-premium french lights has: good
    camo, high clip potential, and small silhouette projection. However, amx-13
    57 as it is now also surpasses its other amx-13 brothers by having better
    hull traverse speed, and faster unloading of the clip, aspects that many of
    us french tank drivers suffer from.
    One thing you didn’t mention in the video tho: when is this tank coming
    out? I am very excited about this premium tank as I play a lot of amx-13
    90, and this tank seems to have overcome all the disadvantages I found in
    the amx-13 90 in some 1000 games played, and that is slow hull traverse,
    slow clipping, and most of all, very expensive to run if you fire lots of
    premium rounds.

  79. If it’s anti-scout Vehicle then it’s alright in that regard

  80. Holy *** that’s so op! No way it wont get nerfed!

  81. Oh look! A good Chi-Ri.

  82. PanzarBrothers_14

    I think the AMX 13 57 is gona be awsome when you drive it. When i see the
    video i thought the tank have the speed and the gun to make it to a real
    monster in close combat battle. If you get a chance in close combat you
    just need to dance with the enemy to take him out.

  83. Great video qb if u can though I would luv to see the t-54 first premium
    tank in action if u get you’re hands on one 

  84. Take out the E25 replace it with this. Well played wargaming

  85. Is it me or the only positive point of this tank is the rof?! The 30 75 is
    better in all the other stats..

  86. It looks cool, but I am not sure why WG are giving us so many light tanks
    at the moment.

  87. Im buying Dis tank

  88. I WANT IT. KNOOOOW!!!!

  89. every time you say “clip” it makes me cringe. please stop saying it plus it
    makes you sound ignorant.

  90. well, in your hands, everything is overpowered.

  91. looking forward to this tank, now I can get some of these LT missions done!

  92. In your hands it is OP, in most hands it should be balanced

  93. I did well with the AMX 13 75 and 90. I also a fan of DPM so I think I will
    like this tank.

  94. I would SO MUCH like to see the chat from these battles :D

  95. And then I saw the icon of Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour at your
    desktop and just thought: Does he even play all the good games? xD

    PS: novel, not overpowered

  96. This thing screams through ammo. 8 shots per clip, 7 clips total. 7
    seconds to fire through a clip, 16 seconds to reload one. That means you
    have effectively 2 minutes 25 seconds of combat time total, if you don’t
    reload a short clip.

    Don’t get me wrong, you have decent damage output over this time period,
    and you won’t be firing non-stop, but this tank will not be a tank for the
    long game >< Along with the ammo issue outside the damage, its health / armor for tier is low enough to be 2 shot most the time. The tank is balanced for the gun, but the skill required to play this tank may be the main draw of it.

  97. I noticed that it doesn’t have a lot of shells… so if u are in a carry
    situation, it’ll be near impossible…

  98. does anybody know how much gold the USS Atlanta costs in WOWS
    and Great video it was very interesting thanks!

  99. That wasn’t stupidity Quickybro, that was pure asshole behaviour at it’s
    best. The world is full of assholes, therefore so is this game.

  100. realy would like to see the Israeli super Sherman with the amx turret and a
    90mm gun added as a premium

  101. The speed with which this tank unloads…… As if that shitty little 57mm
    barrell would handle that strain. Ok Ok it’s an arcade game, but come on
    man! This is just ridiculous.

  102. i don’t like the such low alpha damage, you have to expose yourself for way
    too long. It’ll take too many shots from it to even kill an arty

  103. W.o.T. best game ever

    Wow…thst aiming speed :O

  104. And then they say it’s not pay to win…. T7 premium standing toe to toe
    with T7 standard. Not liking the direction Wargaming is taking this game
    in. Good thing the fuckers gave us World of Warships.

  105. This vehicle can beef EXP for all those AMX light tank crews you want to
    stuff into it. Perfect addition to the game. Premium with a niche, ca face
    10’s so goldies can sling down with it. Which gives good scouters with
    damage assistance scouting a lot of credits.

  106. A sneaky, fast premium with low pen, a blistering rate of fire and no
    armor. No, nothing at all like the E-25 that got removed for being a
    popular pest. It’s ok though, only heavies and TDs get to stay op and never
    get nerfed, so it’ll be garbage or get removed after a few patches.

  107. That’a cool tank

  108. Surprisingly different from the AMX 13 75. Thanks for the review.

  109. buy buy buy buy buy buy

  110. It is great – must have it :)

  111. Qb. when you do livestreaming at twich tv, what program do you use? XSplit
    or OBS?

  112. For some reason I always watch those scumbeg kills at the end. Glad I did
    this time. :)

  113. Crogamer productions

    I think his gun isnt overpowered because he doesnt get good mm so its
    balanced.btw this was nice vid.thumbs up For m12 on the end 🙂


  114. The gun dispersion after each shot seems a little low, the way it is now
    this tank is maybe a bit OP ^^

  115. You cant really call this OP. The reload isn’t fast enough .

  116. In the real life the Amx 13 90 had a 12 Ammo per drum and 1 sec per shoot a
    man in Scotland are having one and are driving it there, so cool.
    I hope i can drive one in my life too i hope.

  117. Go away you little bastard! Signed Tier 10 arty.

  118. This next to my E25 will rock! Both OP and super, super fun! 🙂 I wonder
    how would it do against E25 (now that i’ve mentioned it…). 

  119. That ending :D

  120. That tank is amazing! I’m going to get one of those.
    I think that is a tier 7 Luchs.

  121. For those of you who didn’t see it, QB hid a 20 seconds clip at the very
    end of the video!

    People like this arty are dumb…

  122. i can already see how a Star wars sound mod would work perfectly whit the
    pew pew pew pew!!

  123. I nickname this tank: ‘the rifle’ (Well, ‘the ninja’ would suit it as well

  124. I want to play this tank!
    I could train a new Amx 13 90 crew. Or the new female crew which will go to
    the 13 90

  125. When I saw the title of the video I thought you made a typo,and I thought
    it was an AMX 13 75 video xD. And then I went 5 seconds into the video and
    read the description. Then I was like “A new French premium light tank? Yes
    please!” Great video by the way!

  126. Deadeye perk….!! o.0

  127. I think the gun might be little bit OP and the argumment about being it
    balanced by low penetration doesnt stand because its a premium tank and you
    can afford to fire lots of apcr and if you have premium accaunt you could
    even fire gold all the time and you still wouldnt lose money!

  128. i bet many people dint watch the last one

  129. Nice Tank w will buy it

  130. I think that if I’m in a light tank and meet one of these I would be really
    afraid to face it by myself, making it my first priority to take out of the
    game from a hidden place preferably.

  131. not enough ammo

  132. Im just gonna buy it directly

  133. Well I can see myself getting one but I could wish that preferential
    matchmaking was still around.
    Perhaps given the number of light tank lines we have in the game its time
    to do away with scout matchmaking and make them the same as other types.
    Oh well Buy Scorpion then Buy 13-75 sounds like a good plan to me.

  134. I hope letting you guys review it like this means it’s actually getting
    sold rather then being a competition reward.

  135. AMX 13 57 and AMX 13 75? Oh god, my dyslexia!!!! D:

  136. Yet another juicy target for the stronkest tenk, KV-2!

  137. Dat ending xD

  138. I want it *-* how much for it ?

  139. Looks like a baby AMX 50 B

  140. M53/M55 has them wg red tomato rolls. That was a bs snapshot of the
    century. “Accuracy nerf” 

  141. So this tank comes out in 9.7 ?

  142. one shot for kv2 :DD

  143. This tank’s turret looks like it’s wearing a turtleneck sweater 😀 I’m
    gonna call this tank “Turtleneck”

  144. Vojislav Maksimovic

    QB…Can You do Review on Lowe! PLEASE!! :)

  145. I can see why WG would give you a test account, you could make a
    Panther/M10 look good. But my T49 and I approve this tank entering the

  146. Here come the haters and 9 year olds

  147. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Seems to be a fun tank but man… look at it… it is so ugly there’s no
    way I’m gonna buy it. 😀
    I rather keep playing my good old Type 64. Will be a tough enemy though.

  148. Mitchell Stankovski

    AMX 13 57 when it 1st come out it was going to have a 10 shot clip witch
    would have been it ever better.

  149. Joe Raw Cockerill

    Yeah I’ll have one

  150. Looks quite fun..

  151. How much gold will this tank cost

  152. I just hope it’s not 30 dollars or 20.49 pounds.

  153. WG has just withrawed the E-25 of course they come with a new tier 7
    premium tank that is a bit OP

  154. Honestly this tank is completely pointless. QB compares it to the 13 75
    which is an awful tank, if you compare it to the Bulldog it is blown
    completely out of the water. It has worse terrain resistance, worse hull
    traverse, worse specific engine power, worse view range, worse alpha, worse
    penetration, worse clip damage, worse gun depression etc. etc.

    The simple fact is that the American tier 7 lights are so good, that there
    is no point of buying the 13 57. I think QB was… slightly influenced by
    WG to try and make this tank seem like it is good.

  155. This tank will ruin the fun for non-premium people playing world of tanks
    for sure as it is very hard to keep up with it.
    I think it should be a reward tank instead of a purchase tank.

  156. considering you will have to clip between killing arties… not interested,
    gives them too much time if you’re facing more than one at once

  157. Great, now the Gold Noobs can buy an autoloader.

  158. I want one QB :)

  159. Such a good tank nice kill at the end ;)

  160. OH SHIT! Another terror!

  161. That gun is like a little needle poking you, great rate of fire which
    reminds me a lot of the Chi-Ri that I quite liked.

    The mobility is still ok for a light tank but the thing I am worried about
    is not so much the damage per shot but the penetration of 143. This is
    simply *VERY* low compared to the other T7 light tanks and already a
    problem on the Aufkl. Panther which has 160. You notice as a player that
    you already ding a lot of shots in the Aufkl. Panther in most match-ups.

    Personally I think the penetation on this tank should be buffed to 150 or
    160 to make it competitive in the long run, it already lacks gun depression
    and to a certain extent mobility as well as having horrible aim-time for a
    light tank of 2.3s.

    Looks like a whole lot of fun to drive though, if the price is right I
    might pick one up.

  162. Time of complete reloading 16 secs, sure and each shell reloads 1 sec, what
    a bullshit. Some kind of mini waffellcopter…

  163. Lol the end … .”

  164. So why are they not giving the 12t it’s original 12 rounds? WG gave it 6
    saying it would be to unbalanced giving it 12 rounds, but here we have the
    M41 with 10 and now the 13-57 with 8.

  165. O man I can’t wait for this to come out I paid 50 bucks for a tank like
    that that gun is awesome but the real question is how much gold is it going
    to cost

  166. Anyone notice that every game he goes in is full of red players or as i
    call them shitters…..

  167. They balanced well. They made a long aim time and lowered the alpha damage.

  168. thumbs up if you watched the end

  169. Might happen that this tank will compete with the M41 Bulldog in ESL and
    Teambattles.The thing that isnt shown is its camorating so it is probably
    way better than the M41 maybe around 13 90 or 59-16 camo value.

    Otherwise well driving it for fun or WN8 farming for those stetpedders out
    there. Ammo capacity looks rather low like Type 64.

  170. OMG this tank is like the japanese tier 7 Chiri on steroids :D

  171. lol dat m12 so typical

  172. I can see a problem there.. you will run out of ammo fast in this tank..

  173. Because fuck 13 75

  174. It’s a 13 75 with an autoloading Konisch on it. Shittier aim time and
    shittier accuracy compared to the old Konisch.

  175. Ooooo. Imagine being rushed by a platoon of these monsters.

  176. This tank might be as much fun as the VK 16.02 Leopard :)

  177. It will be nerfed the patch after it comes out

  178. This tank looks fun, good for flanking and counter scouting like you said.

  179. It is a nailgun

  180. will it come at 9.7 or?
    Holy shiiiiit soo absurd fast shooting and no chance to run away in time.
    nerf that shit!

  181. Most tanks looks OP when handled by an expert. What’s interesting is the
    general statistics once it’s out.

  182. 8 shells not only has the possibility to do module damage it also probably
    can cause a bit of panic – a “when is it going to stop shooting me?!” or
    “how many shots was that?” kind of panic.

  183. Where do you find the test servers?

  184. wellp wargaming…. TAKE MY MONEY :D

  185. This is slow and soft shit….

  186. Another pew pew pew -tank, oh well, more gun food is always nice :)

  187. Пешко Бешко

    I like your effort of giving us videos ofetn but why are you making videos
    at midnght ?? Keep up the good work but take some rest :)

  188. Nice little tank. I want it!

  189. This is amazing o_0 No way it gets out into shop without nerf >.<

  190. I got a horn right now…..

  191. Command and conquer fan eh?
    Love that series!

  192. Oh god no…. NOT another one of these little bastards 0.o

  193. I don’t think the gun will be OP. It may look so in the reviewer videos
    we’ve seen becuase they are all expereinced, skilled players (I’ve seen
    QB’s and RitaGamer’s reviews, with similar performance). Let a 400 WN8/
    47% WR player buy this tank and they will get max 150 average damage. Give
    it to an average player and they’ll do better than their own HP, and a
    Bluenicum will perform as we’ve seen the reviewers do. I think the tank’s
    skill ceiling keeps it from being OP. Not Wargaming’s fault that some
    tankers are better than others.

  194. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Quicky do you know when this little terror is going to be available? I
    really want one of these. ^^

  195. QB makes every tank look OP though…

  196. 9.8????

  197. if only wargaming had introduced this 2 years ago like they should have

  198. i cant wait!

  199. Inb4 AMX 1337

  200. You could play a game with my lawn tractor and a daisy bb gun and make it
    look good. I must disregard all of your advice, it is entertaining and I
    will keep watching though.

  201. Hahaha that M12 at the end :D

  202. The heat of the battle is messing with your speech it’s a 53/55 not a 50/53

  203. Thanks for this video, cant wait for this tank.

  204. berndleestditniet

    It’s OP as hell, the reload between shells means you have no time to react
    to an attack. The reload for a full clip is the same reload for a full clip
    in the T71 wich has 6 rounds. Not 8.
    The ballancing factor with the pen is overruled by the fact that its a prem
    tank with prem money making so you can shoot gold and make still a profit.

  205. while real life 1390 get 12 round autoloader @@

  206. Jochem Groenewoud

    Quicky baby how much dmg in 1 shot? I think not very much, nice review and

  207. My 59-16 shit itself

  208. this is a magnet for kids and weekend players if u ask me, but at the end
    it will be a little bugger. cheers!

  209. Looks really good and interesting, but i dont playin it almost a year.

  210. Wow another prem ammo only spamming tank….

  211. Nebu7ous - World of Tanks Xbox 360

    I’m Lovin’ It

  212. That engding…..

  213. Christian Broehmer

    Looks awesome. But u need to think about what u shoot or else ur gonna run
    out of ammo really fast

  214. AMX 13 57=just another on non non for my KV-2

  215. I’m going to despise this tank….. 1: I don’t play autoloaders because I
    think they are the number one thing introduced into WoT that made the game
    worse instead of better. 2: I just know they are going to pop up on my ass
    when I play in my heavies and be the annoying little shits that they are.
    Thanks, WG… thanks a heap.

  216. i think my wallets gonna take damage from this tank

  217. how much does it cost? 

  218. That balanced m53/55! Points and clicks. Aim time confirmed.

  219. i hope that gets slightly nerfed

  220. What a funny video :)

  221. I the AMX 13 57 is going to add a whole new premium tank that people while
    both enjoy, and argue over being OP, worst than other tier 7’s, and not
    acknowledge its uniqueness.

  222. what were the chances of that arty hitting him after just turning RNG much

  223. And also, what the heck was that M12 thinking!?!?!?!?

  224. Premium MM?? A I see, yes! That is slightly OP

  225. people probably thought you were hacks with that dpm

  226. game is fixed do not spend money on this game trust me!!!!!

  227. Maybe reduce the time between shells to 1.33 and reduce the whole reload
    from 16 to 14

  228. I do have a question: does this tank come out in 9.8 or will it be saved
    for a later patch? My 3(almost 4)-skill AMX 13 90 craves this little demon!
    And also, excellent video! Very nice show of how this tank can do in
    skilled hands.

  229. should we call this little thing Rambo?? lol

  230. this is a very pleasant surprise from Wargaming considering the recent
    premium tanks released. The CDC is great but then at the same time the
    STA-2 has no balance in comparison. everything the STA-2 does the CDC does
    better except for a few millimeters more armor. This tanks looks really fun
    and balanced. Not to mention that you can now make money while you play
    light tanks.

  231. the reload is amazing lol ima enjoy this tank :p

  232. It’s somehow balanced. Sensational rate of fire vs. no preferential
    matchmaking. After release, we will probably see lots of AMX 13 57 chasing
    other lower tier tanks and running away from the VIII – X Tiers. Imagine a
    platoon with AMX 13 57’s. It will be fun. I hope the price will be also
    easy to digest. I expect to be somewhere around 20-23 euros. It must be
    cheaper than AMX CDC, wich is 29 euros.

  233. I look realy funny to play it and I love the 59-16 and the Leopard and the
    Amx 1357 also shoot so fast I think I will by it if I can 

  234. Another OP tier VII light tank, the wz-131 needs an autoloadder on the 85
    mm gun or something

  235. The french commander can’t speak, because you shot so quickly that the
    commander can’t say a sentence till the end! (at 18:30)

  236. i need that tank o_O

  237. Furst

  238. I really like this Auto-Loader and I think it’s really good

  239. This tank MUST be in my garage :-)

  240. The tank is a little OP considering it’s a light tank. I haven’t seen a
    light tank, that has 8 amazing penetrating shells. Good job!

  241. 16:24 That guy thought you only had 6 shots in your magazine :p

  242. did youself notice that the word “indeed” is used so frequently in all your

  243. Nathaniel Goldstone-smith

    How do you reload the ammo mid clip btw?

  244. Quicky, you say Walker Bulldog is one of your favorites, I presume Comet
    and KV-2 are up there as well, but what about T49? M41 Walker Bulldog had
    sex with KV-2 and in comes T49, the most fun tank I’ve ever played in my
    63k rounds.

  245. That ROF though…

  246. Oh man!! and people would get pissy over the E 25 lol. This tank is such
    pure troll that I’m absolutely loving it already……..and I loath lights

    Oh and I have a sneaking suspicion that the WZ-111 on Fisherman’s Bay
    possibly thought that the 13 57 may have blown it’s clip so crested to
    pound QB only to be surprised by an additional 2 round in the clip :D

  247. How much is the amx 13 57

  248. lol to bad the 1 sec reload will get nurfed

  249. I cannot wait to get my hands on this beast.. Loved the 59-16.. Get the
    feeling I’m going to love this little machine too…

  250. This tank is better than 13 75 in every way!

  251. I think this tank will be the new E-25…
    Round about 10 seconds reload for a clip is very fast…
    And the 90 alpha damage per shot…
    It sounds really a little bit like the E-25

  252. You are Playing Comand and Quanquer 

  253. wg makes premium tank better than standart one.

  254. its going to be intresting, but I hope its not going to be another E-25

  255. I love my AMX 13 75 and am using it as crew trainer for my future BC crew
    but this would seem to fit in nicely next to it…

  256. I feel like getting hit by a shell a second will be seriously unnerving for
    your opponent

  257. Did everybody see the last clip after the end? You can thank me later

  258. in playstyle it reminds me the luchs

  259. I like how you added the little clips on the end, “Tricky situations” seems
    very professional and dynamic in terms of how you decided to make this

  260. Christian von Essen

    thats is a good tank

  261. TelclivoGaming HD

    ink im gonna have to get this…

  262. Haha that dude after the credits.

  263. BurpAtTheMoonAtNoon

    With a gun like that, this tank will not worth it’s price.


  265. The jury is out QB – it may be just a tiny bit OP, but then it was you
    previewing it. We’ll see. It sure looks like a fun LT though!

  266. i think that the reload time needs to be nerfed a little

  267. What is his shell capacity because the other french lights dont get much

  268. Me Want Likes! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  269. this tank looks so OP, why are they removing things like the TOG, panther
    M10 and E25 then add things like this?

  270. I told myself I was done spending money on this game….I think i might be
    spending some again

  271. i get the feeling this tank could be tricky to play but rewarding once
    mastered i seriously doubt it will be over powered because lights like this
    with low gun depression are tricky to play so i think its well balanced.
    hell the e-25 was considered balanced and its surprisingly comparable to
    the tier 7 lights.

  272. I bet this tank will easily set things on fire and cause ammoracks because
    of the fast firing and consistent hits on modules. 

  273. *t-50-3..Keepo

  274. Lol that arty, the RNG is real

  275. if you ought to play this tank a lot their light tanks dont stand a chance,
    so i think this tank is op, cause the enemy team wouldn’t have any info on

  276. .je suis français
    i’m french

  277. Under 301 club, please respond B)

  278. this tank looks very very good!

  279. is that possibale that i have already saw this video?

  280. So basically its a better 13 75 in the majority of ways. It really is what
    the 13 75 should be.

  281. is this a reward tank or a regular premium?

  282. Nice barley any views and comments

  283. 4th comment

  284. I hope you all enjoy a full preview and gameplay of the upcoming T7 French
    Premium light tank the AMX 13 57! It has a stunning 8 round autoloader…

  285. Qb are u recording your videos with OBS or? Btw you play some nice games
    in that short time :D

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