World of Tanks || AMX 30 1er Prototype – 9.7 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Let’s check out the brand French medium tank the 30 1er Prototype coming in !

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  1. speed kills – especially in World of tanks

  2. the gun looks like a tube lightsaber. 

  3. That moment when you realise that french MT are faster than french LT….

  4. The day this is better than the T-54 is the day I win the lottery.

  5. wg need to add more heavy armord tanks…the game is just dominated by
    TYPICAL mediums and lights that out play the old heavys.

  6. Meh, seems a little OP. Nothing new from WG though.

  7. isn’t it a better version of the leopard prototype? why would anyone play
    the leopard after this one comes out?

  8. How much exp to research T10? 200 000?

  9. 30b review coming up,?

  10. so is this like the leopard pt A but with higher dpm and lower alpha?

  11. Seems a bit overpowered? Especially the Leopard Pt A looks now really bad. 

  12. Lorraine and batchat or amx 30 prot and amx 30b?

  13. This is what power creep looks like.

  14. On the test server can you use every tank? Also can you go straight to tier
    8-10 tanks or use tier 1 then 2 then 3 etc…

  15. For some reason the wot test sever will not dwnload the update and it that
    the webpage cannot cannot be displayed by this program… Can someone help
    me plz??

  16. I see it sports the classic French ‘duck’ look ;)

  17. Sheety tanks but can work with them ( is my opinion 😀 )

  18. Nice preview Quicky.
    This, and the tier 10 bigbrother , will be my next “tanks to get” once I
    unlock my Cent 7/1.
    I agree that the LeopardPTA does becomes a bit…out of place when compared
    to the AMX 30 1.
    I like my LeoPTA but it is a very special tank to drive. And had it not led
    to the Leopard 1 (Witch I LOVE ) I would properly never have bought the

    That said I cannot wait to get my hands on this one, and it’s allways nice
    when they add tanks that are not “what if” tanks that only exsisted in
    blueprints or never entered active service.

    I might be wrong here. But I seem to recall that the AMX30 and the Leopard
    1 actually started off as a joint venture between France and West-Germany.
    They share the same gun and overall look very alike.

    In the end De-Gaulle refused to accept that France should follow the then
    adopted Nato-standards, witch the Germanst where very much aiming for.
    In the end the despute between France and West-Germany resulted in Germany
    taking what they had and going all in on a purely national development; aka
    the Leopard 1 MBT.
    And France following suit a few months later taking what they had from the
    joint venture and making the AMX-30.
    😀 Both tanks are still in service to this day, in upgraded versions of
    course ;)

  19. As QB sad the heat have trouble to penetrate spaced armour or majority of
    times on test server the legendary side armour but I didn’t try apcr normal
    amo so it was my bad and I have to check this out

  20. Okay so they give the French Germans and Russians all tanks that were there
    around the m60 and America is stuck with a antique m48 Patton losing hope 

  21. The AMX 30 prot. and AMX 30 B are just awesome! But, they both perform very
    very similar to the Leopard Prot. and Leopard 1. And thanks to the test
    server i found my new favourite premium tank, believe it or not….the
    Panther 8,8. Had some incredible games in it, and im just loving it! QB,
    what is your opinion on the Panther 8,8?

  22. Btw why they nerfed other med tanks and also some TDs penetration?

  23. AMX30 look good but I’m waiting for the UK spear head HT the Chieftain
    MkII, that look better than this tank.

  24. You should put out more reviews or at least basic videos for more Premium
    tanks. With this sale going on at the moment I was hoping to see some of
    your opinions on these premium tanks but you didn’t have videos/reviews for
    more then half of them yet you have the tanks.

  25. Are there physics on this test server? or is that a other server.

  26. When does 9.7 come out? 

  27. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all

  28. Rosalia Marseille

    This looks… amazing!

  29. Whats about the 100 mm? Ist that an Option as well ? Pls let me know if You
    Know it ….thx abreagiert Guys…….pls give me Dome stats like rof,
    accuracy and aimtime

  30. AMX 30 upper front hull is only 40mm thick
    80mm represents a small area on the “beak” like the M103 and the 152mm on
    the centurion Mk.7

  31. 80mm of armor means almost and 150mm plus gun will pen with HE

  32. YAY MORE JAPANESE TANKS!. <-not sarcasm, desperately grinding my 12T....

  33. great… another vehicle wich completly outclasses the m46…
    just like the fv4202 stb 1 obj 430 obj 140 and every single tier 10 medium
    except bat chat and e50 m outclass completly the m48
    i say it should get its rate of fire nerfed to 5.80

  34. Its an MBT they all perform the same. Light armor and standard NATO caliber
    of gun. Soviets have 5 mm less caliber and slightly less alpha. Otherwise,
    they’re all similar. 

  35. Question: If i buy special crew consumables like coffee/chocolat/tea. Will
    i need to repurchase them if my tank gets destroyed? 

  36. Should I wait for the 30 1er or get the Lorraine firstm

  37. I know test server is full of people just fooling around but that M48
    Patton in South Coast battle camping in base and using the stock 90mm gun
    just amazed me…

  38. I was thinking about getting a tier 8 medium premium, what should I get?
    The Panther mit 88, the t26e4, amx cdc or the sta 2?

  39. I wish I had done more in my AMX 13 90 in advance. Currently fully upgraded
    and 5k exp left over for the AMX 30 proto. Sorry Lorraine, you’re going to
    have to wait longer.

  40. martynas samsonas

    80mm front armour in tier 9 really is nothing would probably bounce a tier
    6 scout tanks but other then that only miracle bounces at least that’s what
    i think. But that mobility though it’s incredible. Also it seems it will
    have problems with low gun elevation.

  41. I don’t get why we Brits bash the French army for being ‘surrender monkeys’
    et cetera, when they sacrificed a large portion of their armed forces to
    allow British soldiers to evacuate from Dunkirk on 4 June 1940, so they
    could live to help recapture France at a later date…the French army is
    very formidable and we should be showing them the respect they deserve.

  42. Haven’t played this heap of garbage game in over 4 weeks, though it’s not
    the game that makes it horrible, it’s the community…Still love the vids
    though QB. 

  43. JUST TO POINT IT OUT – The largely debated subject of the ST-I. It is
    definately ST-I and not ST-1. I know this because I also play the Xbox 360
    version, and the font is different, showing a clear I and not 1. So in case
    you can’t tell the difference between I and 1, it’s ST-(eye), not ST-(one)


  44. Rolandas Paklausk

    medium tanks getting stronger and heawy like my m103 getting more to suck.
    did got pen -10 todey…

  45. Nerf is on the way, perhaps? 

  46. Wow, the power creep is strong in this one. Why would you play a M46 when
    this is around?

  47. Awesome. I have an excuse to go play my AMX 13 90 again. Wooooo!


    Tank is sexy as hell going have to make a b line for this tired of sweating
    the elc amx all day for the shits and gig

  49. QB you sound a little sick, hope you feel better!

  50. WG modus operandi: introduce a new tank with OP stats – players use gold
    (ie pay $$) to get free xp to get the tank early/fast – WG money spins for
    a while – then nerf.
    Cynical? No – just business.

  51. They are showing a lot of love to the French tanks in the last patch and
    this one coming up. I guess that makes sense. The French did have advanced
    tanks for the time.

  52. @snakebloke we bash the french the same reason we bash others because its
    only good fun. France retreats, the US is fat, the british have terrible
    teeth, and the Irish are all alcoholics. Stereotypes sure but i never take
    them seriously as often times theyre jokes. France retreats? Cough, foreign
    legion, cough. US is fat? A small portion sure but vast majority not.
    British with bad teeth? Sure, some but again not all. Irish are alcoholics?
    My best buddy is a sober irishman. Learn to have fun :)

  53. Great show of WoT knowledge QuickFingers. Your observations make me a
    better player.

  54. Hey Quickly Baby can you talk about the T26E4 people and me still don’t
    know if it got nerf or buff apart from the HD remodel.

  55. I’d be excited about this, If I could be bothered to grind the 12T 

  56. I like this more than the tier ten funny enuff.
    tier 10 my fav. will always be the stb-1 sucks that the new pen is 248mm
    should have been over 250mm…

  57. There is no way this tank will make it into the official release without it
    being either nerfed, or other mediums buffed. My money is on the former.

  58. i rammed one of these in my E-50 split him in half

  59. Interesting tank but I’m sticking with the leopard 1 got me an ru-251 and I
    absolutely adore the little bugger I like tanks that r insanely fast and
    have a good gun don’t care if it has bad armor when u have speed u don’t
    need armor use your speed to dodge the shells or at least try

  60. Wishing I have a 13 90

  61. Did the M48 Patton really ram an E-100? Very smart he really thought he was
    gonna make out alive.

  62. Are you going to do a review of the AMX-30B? I’m very interested in both
    these new beasts!

  63. As a Centurion 7/1 driver, I feel more and more cheated! Worst dpm, worst
    top speed, worst camo rating, and largest silhouette of all Tier 9 mediums.
    Disgusting! Buff dpm and it’s fine, but as it is, one of the finest tanks
    in history is just the runt of the in-game litter. :/

  64. Question for you: how much xp is required to research the 30 1er? ive been
    running my 13 90 on a regular basis for about a year now and I want to know
    if I have enough xp to research it when 9.7 comes out :)

  65. Leo 1 was slaughtered by the stb-1 qnd now the leo pta is screwed by the 30
    Same speed. Better armour. Better module health. Better dpm. Better hp/t
    etc etc
    There is now no point to either of the leos imho.
    Leo1 at least has kind of a chance. Because it is faster and more accurate
    than stb but really doesn’t make up for the amazing strength of the stb.

  66. I see the pattern now….

    Every NEW tank they release is released as unjustifiably overpowered. They
    get every super competitive player (a huge number of people) to spend tons
    of money acquiring the tank, and then later they nerf it down a bit to make
    room for the next overpowered new tank to make money on. Transparently
    profit motivated, this diminishes the long term prospects of the game
    because it illustrates the profit over game experience concerns of
    Wargaming. It’s as cynical as Russian foreign policy. The way they diffuse
    criticism about it is worth of note. Deflection, deflection, deflection.
    Never acknowledge what you’re doing. Corporations nowadays don’t have to
    actually act responsible toward customers anymore. They know that with a
    huge worldwide market they will make more money by chasing it headlong,
    than they will by balancing profit through a relationship you earn with the
    consumer over time. Customer loyalty? Corporate loyalty. These matter not.
    Only maxing out the revenue..

  67. I don’t want to feel like in order to play tanks equal to the ever-present
    platoon of professionals in random late night games, I have to chase every
    new tank Wargaming releases. This tank really pisses me off. It’s pretty
    clear profit is why this tank is being released. Has little to do with
    anything else.

  68. A french medium with a gun that i sometimes wish my dear Lorraine had.
    It’s rely tempting to save up some xp.
    Just wish they would give the Lorraine some love in a future patch.
    It dose nothing better than the 50 100 (arguably speed and less reload

  69. Your usual great job. Thank you, QB.

  70. looks like i need to buy 13 90 again

  71. These reviews are like and Ikea store. With the proper lighting the
    furniture look amazing. When you finally get your hand on its never the
    same. I do want that tank though

  72. If you get a Ace tanker badge in the test servers does it stay with your
    account in the regular servers?

  73. I’m having trouble seeing rear view mirrors on the AMX 30. Does this mean a
    french tank can actually can go forward?

    [its a joke if you haven’t figured it out yet]

  74. I did 4.2k DMG and got a mastery on the test server….:-) I’m definitely
    gonna free xp to this only need 100k xp for that and I got 448k lol.

  75. Rip leopard PTA

  76. WOT seems to be going well beyond the cold war tanks now.

  77. foxy the pirate fox 1987

    Sry but the is 8 is the fastest of them all 

  78. foxy the pirate fox 1987

    Btw what happen to the type 25 it was a beast of s tank 

  79. French tier9 mediums? Pls, E50 is better…..for ramming!!!

  80. Why does my marder 38t get better dpm than all of the tier 9 mediums?!

  81. How you can get those , I thing germany voices?

  82. Shadow protect backup software

  83. And once again, the Brit tanks move even further down the line of
    usefulness. When the 7/1 was introduced it was awesome but it has been
    steadily power creeped by each new tank that enters the game to the point
    now where why would you even chose it over the other tier 9 meds that do
    everything it does just that bit better. Come on, WG, show the Brits some
    love! Give the BP and Challenger the 20 pdr, the Comet the 17 pdr, do
    something with the Caernarvon(even a RoF buff would be nice), buff the RoF
    on the 7/1 and above all GIVE US THE CHEIFTAIN!

  84. Russian meds FTW.

  85. This tank looks amazing,might have to start grinding some french tanks

  86. Great review, I’m assuming they’ll nerf it’s RoF or terrain res before it’s
    introduced, because this thing looks beast as is. I’m currently on the 13
    75, but I’ll be putting more time into this line I believe.

  87. I like the addition of graphs in your video, but some constructive
    criticism. You can add more information if you add a second axis (e.g.
    HP/ton and max speed, or dmg/min and penetration). Makes the plots more
    instructive. Hope that helps. 

  88. they should really buff that centurion 7/1 gun :|

  89. This tank seems like a nice combination between the Protopard and the
    Type-61. It has the speed of the former and the gun depression and
    performance of the latter. So best of both worlds.

    This begs the question though……why drive the others at all if they are

    Also, 197K XP to unlock is quite hefty, normally that amount is that high
    if you get the best gun or other modules already but you still have to
    unlock those. So that amount does not make much sense to be honest. Should
    be around the 150K mark.
    But then again that is also probably to prevent everyone spamming them on
    release day 😀

    Nice replays mate, the thing looks like a lot of fun to drive!

  90. I have no spare French crew and no CDC to train them in. Not going to
    switch my expert BatChat crew into it, likewise I love my 13 90 too much to
    swop the crew out. So, is it really worth the XP grind to then play a stock
    tank with fresh crew? I’m thinking it is not.

  91. this new tank is simply a better Leopard prot A as same tier, I do think
    some of its status must be nerfed before release.

  92. Could you do a quick review on the t95 prototype to see if it’s better or
    worse than the t28

  93. Well here’s me at my 13 90 happily grinding away towards the Lorraine and
    Bat Chat… while training a crew on my 13 75 that can go to the Bat Chat
    eventually… where am I going to get a crew for the AMX 30 1er? I wouldn’t
    want to take this tank out without 6th, snapshot, smooth ride… Oh well
    still a lot of exp to go because I am not giving up on the Bat chat line

  94. Sorry, but DPM does not say much, as it does not state how this damage is
    done, e.g. is it one shell with monstrous damage at the cost of reload
    time, or is hundreds of small calibre shells that are fired in quick
    succession for one minute. Depending on the type of tank, the other stats
    and the situation it does matter how the damage is delivered.

  95. More and more modern tanks are introduced into the game. So when can we
    expect to see Leopard 2 and Co.?

  96. meh…. my TierVII/VIII light Tanks will not like this one 🙁

    and what’s it’s balancing factor anyway compared to the PTA?! 

  97. Hi Quicky. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it very much! I was just missing
    the t-55a in your comparison of the amx30 to other tier 9 mediums. Was that
    on purpose? I would be interested to see how these two compare to each

  98. i am interested in finding out if that flat armor behind the headlights is
    spaced or part of the hull. if it is hull then i might try shooting there
    in light tanks and such if i can flank.

  99. Hey QB, thnx for the AMX review. Looks like a great tank indeed. I was
    watching your stream last night and theres something I wanna “complain”
    about. Its about this Sheppard guy who was comanding you guys during
    skirmishes. Plain & simple; drop him. QSF doesnt listen to him (for obvious
    reasons) and so shouldnt we. That guy needs to STFU and gain some comanding
    skills else. This is the 2nd time I see him on your stream and hes bloody
    annoying. For the rest I love your content, keep up the good work and all
    the best to you.

  100. The Leo Prot has 0.36 and not 0.32 accuracy which makes it less accurate
    than the Amx Prot.

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