World of Tanks || AMX 30 B – 11,000 Damage…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Anoid21 of the NA server is going demonstrate the power of the T10 French Medium the 30 B, a fantastic sniper, but how does it compare to the ?

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  1. I also have a Kolobanovs in my 30b…
    But it was with 5k damage not 11k!!!!

  2. Highly impressive! Really good job, mate!

  3. TheOneWhoBringsStorm

    If I had so much luck, I would probably be a lot better at WOT…

  4. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Anoid should have gone back and protected the base and the M53, that was a
    major mistake on his part.

  5. Well he could have finished the MT-12 Incinerator mission too, then it
    would have been a good game. :>

  6. If there is a lesson learnt from Jg E100 when facing a MT, that has to be
    keep distance

  7. Keep calm and carry the game.

  8. stefano piantanida

    What is quickybabys new mod that says damage recieved on his livestreams

  9. 1500 statistically strong LMFAO

  10. Donkey team vs donkey team. Anoids team had no left flank, and the enemy
    team didnt exploit this at all. They just rushed forward instead of putting
    pressure on mid. Quite a cringe to watch.

  11. very lucky :D

  12. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    And thats what makes the batchat special. Special? You mean OP

  13. Stewart The Third

    Quickybaby reminds me of bear grills

  14. If you want a summary of this replay. 50% luck

  15. I’m just here to eat popcorn and read comments by players who have 1100
    wn8’s and never done more than 5k damage in a game shit talk the
    “auto-aiming noob”

  16. I don’t like the 30b due to the massive cupola and doesn’t have great gun
    depression stops you from working ridge lines. Peek-a-boo tactics do not
    work as they can see your massive cupola long before you can see them. Also
    the gun trolls me so much so i feel the 0.3 accuracy is a figure made up in

  17. Skill is overrated, get a better RNG ;P

  18. so, I’m also a 30B driver and I think it aint bad at all, sure I heard alot
    that Leo1 Leo1 Leo1 always better but I dont care, 30B is in fact also my
    first tier 10 and i love it so much!

  19. Jade Lashua ಠ_ರೃ

    Why does his team always gets taken out

  20. Giovannie Doldolea

    I really thought AMX 30B’s gun is a 122-130mm gun, it’s so thick it looks
    like a penis

  21. Jade Lashua ಠ_ರೃ

    I bet leopard is beast

  22. idiot team, if they cap the game would be over already… all these fking
    idiots trying to get the last kill… WoT is just full of CoD players who
    likes “KILLS”….

  23. this idiots come one by one ….. how stupid human can be ?

  24. if the heavy tanks are smart, they should go cap and won the game. Those
    heavy tanks are so stupid….
    How can that happen? If like this, we have 100% win rate in every game

  25. QB, I always thought you had more substance than this. Are damage numbers
    the only requirement to be worthy of a highlight video?

    I’ve seen this replay, Zeven did a replay review on it. He picked it
    apart, and rightfully so, as this player basically cornered himself late
    game. It was a poor move considering the advantages the 30B had over the
    remaining enemy tanks; camo, accuracy and view range. It was only due to
    the incredible ineptitude of the enemy players, and dumb luck, that this
    guy survived.
    A lot of damage? Yes.
    Play deserved of that much damage and a win? No.

    Everyone has that one amazing game if you play enough. This dude, or
    dudette, is milking this one for everything it’s worth.

  26. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui


  27. Jonathan Pinkerton

    If that was me RNGesus would have destroyed me instead of having the enemy
    miss or bounce.

  28. well I tried the leopard1 on the steelhunt and I liked it. I loved to spin
    around IS-7 when they try to shoot you. anyways I’m giving you massive
    thumbs up when u do your 500th video. QB u are my favourite on youtube!

  29. world of donkeys…… 1 vs 5 and jagdpanzer tiger 2 and t34 didnt go cap
    just wow…..

  30. “Tack-O” ;)

  31. Could somebody tell me how he switches his damage tracker to the one where
    you can see the remaining enemy hitpoints? thx ;)

  32. Autoaim should be removed from the game.

  33. It seem like WOT happen to give the new lines of tanks a great tanks for
    its tears till you get to T10 then the magic will disappear from them :(.
    but WOT is fun and we will keep playing :).

  34. Stupid enemy…they should of capped..

  35. When you need to poke out and make quick shots autoaim is great (or in fast
    lights in the circle of death lol), it’s not some kind of cheat or low blow
    cause you have to actually pull out far enough to not shoot the ground and
    it doesn’t guarantee a pen every time. It takes some skill to use it right.
    Nice job imo :D

  36. I got a Fadin’s medal in my AMX 12t

  37. ‘Ich bin ein’ Shirt!!

  38. dont cap! kill all!

  39. Jeageroo giveth, and Jeageroo taketh away

  40. I love how quickybaby pronounces “taco”, he obviously has no spanish
    knowledge, but on the other hand, you dont need to know any spanish to know
    how to pronounce “taco”

  41. 5 Donkey =]]

  42. Alot of mistakes by amx 30B saved by the gods luck… btw no camo in tier
    10 med which is relaying on camo ratio? i would say that this game is more
    series of fortunate events rather than outplaying opponents. And that
    unneccessary use of auto aim in 80% of situations ? didnt show any map
    tactic awerness and didnt use his tank how he should…

  43. Zeven just did a replay on this too. Seems no point to watch it again.
    Pitty it is not a different replay

  44. You say taco funny

  45. Napoleon Borntoparty – best nickname Ive seen on the European servers.

  46. 35 shots hit its target out of 36 with that all of that auto aiming..
    Can I have that rng just once?

  47. amazing auto-aiming skill :)

  48. Let’s do not forget that the auto aim he used was on enemies that are not a
    question of penning.

  49. s anagnostopoylos

    no cap kill all, amiright? at least he didnt spam heat all the game……

  50. umm I don’t think that a tank as lightly armour as the amx 30 can have a
    weak point considering it is the weak point

  51. Quickybaby! PLEASE include the WN8 counter in your next modpack (or current
    one). I have to use Aslains along with yours to get a perfect modpack ):

  52. he was a reroll so sad

  53. We’re closing in on 300k Subscribers! I remember I subbed when you had 90k

  54. omg i cant belive it u forgot to say it, leopards have terrible ammo racks

  55. This battle didn’t earn Ace Tanker????

  56. Eternally Angelic

    That last shot that goes into the dead Tigers barrel is beyond lucky for
    Annoid. Only reason he won this match. Not to say he didn’t play incredibly
    well, but that insanely bad luck of a RNG roll…

    Edit: and that last E-100 shell….

  57. Well QB, Zeven beat you to it. He had this replay on his live stream a few
    days ago 😛 man this replay gets around. Must be the 3-4 channel looking at

  58. Quick QB Question; Why are you uploading videos at 48 fps?

  59. What received-damage log mod are you using?

  60. What is wn8?

  61. Good game, but a bit lucky and a bit too much autoaim, although i use it
    more than most people do, this is too much.

    • Klab “Klabstepih” Stepih

      +DreamCrusher123 I have 30 fps on lowest possible details and broken scroll.
      Autoaim makes this game even possible.
      P.S. 1k battles 1429wn8 😉

  62. the best thing the 30B has over the leo1? the AMMO RACK

  63. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    the amx30 hunting down the amx30b-ok, but why didnt the others cap? so
    dumb. wp

  64. no dont cap they said, it will be fun, they said

  65. mm im on the french tech tree this tank is cheaper than and easier to get
    to than the leopard

  66. the jgpz e100’s gun was totally aimed at the amx 30b and didnt shoot him…

  67. Thanks QB for uploading this. Pretty cool to see my replay on YouTube. For
    those who thought this was luck, I totally agree. I was laughing at the end
    of this, just the stupidity of the enemy team.

  68. You bought that T-shirt in Germany ;P

  69. meh enemy team was total idiots who came at him one at a time

  70. Autoaim lucky no skill noob
    I had a better game just now but of course I got no video – did 13k damage
    in my m5 Stuart
    Got Radley Walters and confederate medals etc etc

  71. Cleverland!!! (Hungarian Youtuber) MAGYAROK!

  72. Bertis Bärtige Bäume

    most time i get the situation at the end with the jagdpanzer e100, my obj.
    416 has 20 hp, i scratch the enemys side … and die

  73. cleverland update amx 30 B

  74. “Ich bin … Kappa” what is that mister QB?
    Love from Germany <3

  75. Cool, except the fact that the Jgpz E100 shell went right through the

  76. The same match Zeven had in yesterdays Replay review lol

  77. Those Mlg Taco people are like all the kids from call of duty with the Xx
    names, they are annoying.

    • +TheTemplarnight I’m fairly sure this guy knows that, and chose his name
      just to mess with people.

    • +TheTemplarnight i know! they are fucking plagues in game chat, if you kill
      them they start sayin shit. depending on who though. only one or two are

  78. Heyguysitsquickybabyandwelcomebacktoworldoftanks

  79. lol I’ve fought in battles with about everyone in this battle. Small world
    I guess. DICE is pretty numerous on NA East too. What the heck is that mod
    that tells you who shot you?

  80. first

  81. Autoaim is the most horible game feature in it! Without autoaim, more
    dispersion according skill would be the rule of the day! Not lols driving
    around autoaiming you hitting 60%

  82. Typical morons, don’t cap but chase 1vs1 a mega mobile tank.All 5 guys
    should receive 30days ban for stupidity.

  83. That play against that jp100 was horrific…total miss from the tracks and
    all that. But SerB is real and decided to do huge bullshit ghost shell and
    save his life. Game is hard.

  84. The difference between the Leopard and 30B is that the Leopard wouldn’t
    have bounced many shots like the 30B in this game ;)

  85. lol..what monkeys

  86. He was very lucky

  87. IK mlg taco snake

  88. amx30b has just all advantages over the leopard, why discuss about it?

  89. The thing that really pisses me off about this med is that it is for the
    REALLY good players 😛

    Thus, I cannot play it well lol :P

  90. 12:04 ghost shell

  91. full health t34 was scared off a 25% medium……..

  92. Nice game from him. The tank is not OP is a normal tank.I see all meds do
    this but is a good tank

  93. that guy is a fail reroll

  94. Cool Mlg taco was in this vid ill have to tell him

  95. i want to go for the 30 B over all is it worth?

  96. I have neither of this tanks but they both seem to be awesome.

  97. Not that much aim noob and luck win the game no skill

  98. his autoaim isnt working right its locking the front of thier tanks when
    thier behind the hill, im calling mods and i dont think they are legal

  99. i have seen it at cleverland he is a hungarian ,,video maker” :D

  100. Why does no one talk about the FV4202?

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Zymon Ramirez It will be replaced at some point anyway! Enjoy it while it
      last! It was my first tier 10 myself, back when i was a noob. As soon as i
      got another med, never played it again ^^

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash) yeah after thinking about it, the specialty of
      something like the Patton and Fv4202 is not being terrible in one way.
      Tanks like the t-62A are good for the dpm, armor, gun handling, and speed
      but gives up gun depression and having limitations. The FV4202 makes sure
      that it is able to do something in each situation and not be completely out
      classes. If you rank stats, the FV4202 comes in third for Gun accuracy,
      thirdly or fourth in aim time. Average armor, speed, and power to weight
      ratio. It doesn’t excel in one thing.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Zymon Ramirez You can enjoy it, nothing wrong with that. it is still the
      worst tier 10 med. It doesnt do anything that another med will do better.
      It’s an all rounder, like the patton. It doesnt have any speciality.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash) honestly i really enjoy it. It’s probably
      because some players are really crap and don’t know how to make it work.
      It’s probably just inexperience from noobs who don’t know how to play it
      properly. But that’s none of my business

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +MyReligionIs2DoGood Every tier 10 med apart from the stb1 has a laser gun.
      Its turret is shit. It doesnt have special dpm. IT GOES FUCKING 40. nuff

  101. saw the same replay a day ago on an other channel :O

  102. So I am guessing the enemy team is one of those that went for the kill
    instead of the cap. Not only that, there was no coordination and it is
    just “first there, my kill” kind of tactics. WoT, what have you become…

  103. Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

    +QuickyBabyTV Finally i got you wrong 😀 spoilers at 10:30, you tried to
    camo it, but you can’t ahahahahah

    It’s the first in the thousands of videos i saw, great work, great video,
    great gameplay, what asking more?

  104. nivir siw sich giid ind licky gimi

  105. That wasn’t 11,000dmg :/ It was only 10,900……………….

    • +WTHisDaftPunk lol i meant it as a joke. All of his videos round up. I just
      felt like making a comment on it 😛

    • His mod pack doesn’t count shells that were put in while the enemy wasn’t
      spotted, so there could have been extra damage done that you couldn’t see.

      Or he rounded up 😉

  106. When you show a replay (and on your stream) could you turn on colour bling
    mode, i have real trouble telling the difference between the teams :/

  107. You’re using the tank wrong, your supposed to run away from the enemy not
    fight them!

  108. Ki az aki látta már cleverlandtől is?? Az like! :)

  109. BK94 - Chaîne Gaming

    LOL i have select this replays to my channel but i’v no time to comment him

  110. Link mods pack pls.

  111. “3 quarters of his combat capabilities left”
    Someone’s been playing world of warships a lot

  112. pure luck… he should have died really early.

  113. The misses were fucking BS, rng was with him today holy shit those
    misses….especially the jpE100… lord

  114. Nice demonstration of a non-coordinated attack by the enemy team.

    • +Vincent Gaudet well seemed to me that he committed way too late anyway, he
      sat on the hill for far too long waiting for him to pop out again instead
      of going in soon as hit missed his first shot.

    • +vgamesx1 Seems he already had committed, To be in the fight with other’s (
      but they rush 1 by 1 instead of waiting for other’s )
      For me this is another example of team I am getting very often on the NA
      server’s, lack of team work or too many that are solo player’s and wont
      give a shit about anyone ( but wow do those make the loudest bitchier on
      chat when they do not get help ) lol

    • +Nico Meier You got it right on the dot. Still players on high tiers that
      also still fight sideways!

    • +Nico Meier that and also how to NOT drive a TD… why on earth would
      anyone with a brain drive up close to a tank that can out maneuver you when
      you don’t have a turret? much less drive over a hill so they can shoot your
      tracks off too.

  115. welll alot of people do that shit always do that really dont know what they
    want from that

  116. xXx FaZequickscopePRO xXx

    And now Kids… this is how ends “NO CAP KILL ALL !!!” , “OMG IDIOTS
    CAPPING”, “MORE XP !!!”…

  117. What is standing on the T-Shirt ?:D beacause iam German ^^

  118. Thanks for featuring Anoid he’s one of my good friends on WoT and I’m glad
    you featured him QB :)

  119. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    GG Anoid!!!!!

  120. Vive La France !!!

  121. Ive seen this replay on Zeven’s stream

  122. awesome video quickybaby!! your irish fan base loves you!

  123. the amx is not an ammorack on tracks unlike the leopard

  124. No Mastery badge? the hell?

  125. Just did a WoT survey.
    One of the answers were:
    “I have taken a break from World of Tanks because half your community are
    retarded 8 year old like unskilled assholes.”

    • +Pyxel Dust lol! This guy

    • +Maj Pain Man… You have to be seriously deluded if you don’t think the
      WoT community is as poisonous as a viper. It ranks up there with the
      original Dota in terms of vicious game chatter. Not going to lie, it
      brought out the worst in me too, never dished it out as much as I did in
      WoT before or since.

    • Epic_snow_leopard

      +Xeffx Try playing other MMOs, all the internet communities are the same,
      all of them have mean people. Don’t be like them, be nice to everyone,
      surely some people might change their behavior if you will be nice, even if
      they are mean to you.

    • Blancuzproductions

      +Inspired 523 No no no. They leave no wrecks when they lose their tanks in
      But the chat is toxic in almost every game. We know that. You are playing a
      game that can get pretty frustrating and no one will ever see you again.
      Some people lose it and insult every moving object in the game. I mean I
      flame my teammates every third game or so but I do it in TS and not in chat.
      What I want to say is: It’s okay to get angry but don’t be a dick and write
      it in chat because that’s not helpful for no one

    • +Xeffx
      “act like children”
      “stupid, wreckless, annoying and rude.”

      Sounds like someone’s lost control of their kids?
      And it’s ‘reckless’ btw.

  126. That luck :D

  127. зачётно

  128. If you miss with 0.3 accuracy ,its not RNG or the gun ,it’s you.

  129. A hungarian youtuber, named cleverland made the video with this tank before

  130. That shell that the Jagdpanzer e100 shot went through him

    • YDGameProductions

      +Maj Pain This is WoT, no War Thunder

    • +Robert Harris Look at the JP E100 barrel, the shell definitly goes over
      his engine. No Ghost shell.

    • This “ghost shell” thing has been happening to me a lot lately… I had to
      watch my e100 shells repeatedly passing through 13 90s, is7s and T57’s…

    • +Robert Harris The shell went over his engine deck next to the left side of
      Anoids turret.
      The JgPzE100 doesnt have the gun depression to hit the hull from that
      position.No ghost shell.
      I am just wondering why he didnt shot the AMX 30s turret earlier,as he was
      clearly pointing his gun at him.

    • No, if you look it went right behind the turret,

  131. QB wich tier tank french madium do you reconmend to a new player?

    • ok a good player not been down the frendche line and wants some advice from
      a pro wich do you recomend QB

    • +Encrafter Since when do newbies listen to that kind of advice? ^^ No
      really – the frenchies are autoloading paper tanks for the most part and
      those require some skills that you just cannot have atm.

    • +Encrafter neither of them because theyre both difficult tanks to play well.

  132. Why not use auto aim dat much when you enter in the sniper mode you migh no
    be able to shot Silly players

  133. When I used x0.25 speed to look at the last shot that Jgpz E100 did, it
    just went through the 30B’s ass lol.
    Well done WG for making ghost shells.

    • +RoyalMarineGT1 The tracer stays in place and then he moved the back of the
      tank into it, that is why it looks like a ghost shell.

    • +RoyalMarineGT1 That’s not legit as there was also no tracer when the shell
      was in front of the AMX 30B. If you pause the video and look at said
      tracer, you can clearly see that it’s a lot higher than the tank, the shell
      went at least 1m over the back of the tank. No ghost shell.

    • +Night Kirie That was clearly a ghost shell the tracer appeared after it
      went through the amx

    • Seemann Rammstein

      +Night Kirie Nah, ghost shells exist but there the shot went over its hull
      and just left off its turret. not ghost shell.

  134. Boristofu Povolotsky

    Hello QuickyBaby!
    Need some help streaming WoT.
    Do you think overclocked i7-2600k and GPU like GTX 960 is sufficient to
    stream 720@60fps? Thank u

  135. these people are insane

  136. I wish i had as much luck

  137. What about blocked 11,000 dmg ?

  138. his aiming skills are so bad

    • +ultraboy222 No man, he aim really bad when not using autoaim of course. I
      tell that to myself zilion times when watching this game and nothing
      special really, bad really

    • +MrCoconutv3 And yet he did 11k damage with those “bad” aiming skills. Did
      you ever have a game where you did 11k damage? With such an accurate gun
      it’s totally alright to use auto aim more than usual. I also prefer it in
      some situations, as does this AMX 30 driver.

  139. Hrvatska!

  140. Hrvatska!

  141. that tank is un xbox one edición? i cant find it

  142. 770 th view, OMW how amazing, gonna call my mom and take a screenshot…

  143. Henrik Peltoniemi


  144. Henrik Peltoniemi

    QuikyBaby where you from

  145. I AM thee 500 Th Vewer

  146. did u know that fv4202 is going to be replaced with centurion action x.
    post a video about that pls.

  147. Wow i acctualy got it within 1 min before update and im watching the stream
    keep it up love the work gg on game

  148. Thirteenth like!

  149. From da streeeam

  150. I’m watching your stream right now QB ;)

  151. ich bin ein Kappa.

  152. 1 min ago wow


  154. Kappa

  155. first comment

  156. play wot blizts

  157. first !!!!

  158. First comment :)

  159. PENIS

  160. What do you guys think of the AMX 30 B especially compared to the Leopard 1?


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