World of Tanks || AMX 30 Proto vs D-DAY

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Shepherd_48 is going to show the capabilities of the brand new 30 Proto on the equally new map; D-Day.

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of Tanks is a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Redskull6 Redskull6

    Wow! You are a f….k good player!!!! ;)

  2. Is it worth playing my 1st win every day on my 7 tanks till i buy a new pc,
    I have like 10-15 fps, i like the game but not enjoying playing atm :(

  3. U hav no hobbies

  4. I love my Centurion 7/1 but i think it really needs a rate of fire buff, i
    know it has armour that can work, but i think now the amx 30’s out, it
    needs better rof to be competitive

  5. Does the G.W. E-100 have same hull armor as E-100?

  6. Can we have a slow look at the post game stats someday please? :)

  7. the only people is see playing this tank are the best ones. like the people
    with wn8 above the 2500. thatts why i hate it. 🙂 i justcant stand those
    trolls playing that tank.

  8. Too bad that because of this tank it’s really hard to get into a game with
    my 13 90 to try to get the Lorraine 😀 I have had games with 6 13 90’s or
    so in… the number of lights in the queue are also horrible (helped by the
    mm bug)

  9. Matúš Sýkora

    Hello Mr.Quicky how send replay for you please ?

  10. i think the only tank to realistically compare it to would be the leopard

  11. Finally a good play video and not a seal clubbing or a special olympics

  12. Aimbot…

  13. Why they removed the rat its a huge tank

  14. #Powercreep

  15. Never show another of this guy’s videos. That incessant flipping between
    arcade and sniper nearly drove me mad.

  16. I feel like the Centurion 7/1 should get a speed buff, I mean the Cent has
    a dominant engine than the M46, but the HP/t of both tanks only has a 0.83
    difference. I think 45km would be resonable

  17. Hey QB, have you ever made a review/ shown a replay on the T26e4 SP?

  18. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Really good game! And finally a new map that is not a stupid brawlfest for
    heavy tanks and where every tank has a role to play (maybe not a T95, but
    that is bad everywhere anyway, my platoonmate flanked one and one shotted
    it in the butt with a conqueror GC, so hard to outplay a tank who does

    For once, thanks wargaming for introducing a map that is actually enjoyable
    no matter what you are driving.

    But this AMX 30, like every new tank is better in almost every respect than
    the older 105 tier 9 meds, theres just no point in playing them anymore if
    this tank isnt nerfed when people stop free-XP it. Or just buff the leo
    proto/cent 71/type 61 DPM and/or gun handling hidden stats to the level of
    this free-XP sink.

  19. Just had my account banned for joking about selling my account in chat. I
    was upset with the terrible team i had and said screw it anyone wanna buy
    my account. Next thing I know my account was permanently banned. As a
    big fan of your channel maybe you could share this with some of your fans
    so they do not become a victim as i have of wargammings lack of a sence of
    humor. Ty and unfortunately i will not be seeing you on the battle field

  20. Kill stealing like a boss

  21. iam not playing wot anymore ,but its still the same as always i see ,good
    ol power creep.this is soo stupid =(

  22. My first game in this thing on the test server was 6 kills 6500 damage.
    Cant wait till i get it on the live server

  23. Brand new tank…1st mark of excellence…dude must need a job ; )

  24. great replay but as always i have to bitch about the ammunition loadout
    here, 15 heat rounds? the apcr penetration are already great why would you
    need so much heat?

  25. the camera work gave me headaches
    is this what an aimbot does to playability?

  26. did this guy have some sort of twitch. that was hard on the brain

  27. Richard Gustafsson

    Time for the Leopard prototyp to get powercreeped

  28. Lukas Griessenberger

    The most kills are stolen, the most time he dont finisht his kills and runs
    with out a plan across the map. There is nothing special in the beginning
    with this player, only at the last part of the Video he ist good. I mean,
    12 kills and only 6600 damage? Nice stealing.

  29. Right well now the Type 61 has no place as this is better in just about
    every way that matters. And it doesn’t have a horrible capola.

    • +Sp33dyStallion Yeah, Type61 is basically worthless, all it really has is
      depression and that’s it. Armor is a tossup between the two, mobility
      easily goes to AMX 30P, gun performance as well. WG Power Creep in action
      yet again, but not really surprised.

  30. Awesome video, had a similar battle in my t37 in same area on overlord,
    though not as affective I created enough spotting damage and finished of 4
    tier 8 tanks only to be finished off by a bloody camping td…we won and I
    got top xp…good stuff quickly 

  31. I still think you should lose gun performance, when you give up armor to
    get camo and speed… Its just an unfair trade, whats the matter of having
    armor if it literally only has disadvantages due to high pen in general and
    gold ammo…

  32. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    What a sexy beast that new french tank is.

  33. Someone needs to make a Dr. Who David Tennent voiceover pack for the French
    Tanks when they say Alonzi!



  36. This replay sends shivers down my body.

    The *good* kind of shivers.

    I… I also think I need new knickers now.

  37. The great HKD

  38. They congregate at the ridgelines because the beach and cliffs are too
    exposed to arty.

  39. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    My oh my, this replay was disturbing to watch. My eyes are bleeding from
    That sensitivity and zoom in and out, the kid must have some serius ticks.
    Sad when the game looks fun, but I cant watch this…

  40. Typical WG power creep tank.

  41. Nice video..oh wait only kill stoling ..

  42. It’s the speed of this tank that really makes it. I was skeptical about the
    CDC but i saw a few games, bought one myself and now it’s one of my
    favorite tanks. I was skeptical about this, especially that it’d be better
    than the Type and Centurion, but with the speed it definitely excells vs
    the type which is far more similar IMO than the centurion. The type still
    edges it out in gun depression with it’s excellent -10 but -8 is still good
    and the +20 elevation is a lot less awkward than the Types poor +13. Add in
    the slight DPM increase and huge speed increase and it’s a no contest,
    sorry Type 61 but you’ve been power crept. As for the centurion, well it’s
    got the armour, but the speed and DPM mean that on most maps I reckon the
    AMX is going to be a better machine to be driving. The Centurion still has
    it’s place and offers IMO a more noob friendly option, but in good hands
    this is going to be a far more scary tank to see on the opposition. Other
    than the poor armour there’s just nothing bad about it and plenty that’s
    good, even excellent about it.

  43. I feel as though I’d love this tank. I enjoy the handling on the terrain of
    my Type-61 so I’ll have to adjust a bit. I feel like it’s close to the
    Type-61 but with the traverse and gun depression I believe the Type-61 is
    still more favorable, but as it is with every tank, you have to find the
    right time and place for it to be effective. I’m certain there are many
    roles where the AMX-30 will dominate in.

  44. quickybaby, when are yo going to review the t54 mod 1?

  45. his constantly switching to sniper view really does not make this a
    viewable replay….

  46. This guy is using an aimbot :/
    See at 12:20 , his aim flickering on front tracks-cupola-back tracks-cupola
    Nice game anyway :)

  47. Awesome replay comment, as always 😉 keep them coming. And this awesome
    tank… Btw doesn’t this one have 10° of depression, with the tier 10 only
    having 8?

  48. I still prefere the ltractor

  49. amx 30 fires 5.88 rpm type 61 fires 6 rpm, slightly slower. amx 30 also has
    2.5 seconds of aim time, not 2.3.

  50. Why compare it to the m46 and not the leopard prototype?

  51. Why don’t you compare it to leo prot ? That is the closest tank obviously

  52. He completely forgot about the Leo prot, rlly annoyed me lol

  53. I almost broke my screen screaming “STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FKING CAMERA MAN

  54. Hey guys, do you notice that you rarely get ads before any of QB’s videos?
    How come? Not that I’m complaining!

  55. Typical green/blue player 😀 1k dmg after 5 mins of game :D

  56. Helder Fernandes

    Pause at 14:58 and you will ser horrifying stuff

  57. How to get those white lines on the gun?

  58. That was me in the CDC. Amazing game from the AMX 30. 

  59. We can see the aimbot against the T95 :)

    • Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

      +voinch Report me also. I’m also using the aimbot in World of Tanks. I bind
      it at my right-button mouse. Help me that WG won’t ban me. T^T

    • kovacsistvanhetfield

      +voinch i guess you are red as blood.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I’ve heard that the auto aim also led the shots back in the day XD

    • Look against the T95… He is driving and at the same moment he is aiming
      for the track and to do damage. Finally, when you auto-aim behind the t95,
      you’ll touch the roof of the T95, and it’s auto bounce.

    • +voinch Ofc you turn autoaim off if you are behind a tank and have all the
      time in the world to aim __”

  60. pssh….. type 61 still better

  61. Nice aimbot at the end when he circles the T95 :)

  62. “Luckily, the E5 goes straight for vodka”

  63. stock grind is so bad though
    seriously, *170* pen at tier 9 with *58.5k* grind to get a competitive gun.

    • +Brown Thats why you research the Lorraine first, atleast before you knew
      they were going to add new better french meds…

    • Even so, gotta grind 24k xp to get the tracks before mounting the gun.

    • +Brown I’ve saved and made 35k free xp from just playing my 2x xp

    • +Brown Thats why you put on that track equipment, with that installed you
      can research tracks last.
      And its certainly worth it to give up 1 equipment slot (for optics*) to get
      the good guns, turret and maybe even engine first.

      *Ofc you put on Gun rammer and vstabs over optics

  64. Dodgerpro Gamer

    How we can change server ? I need to leave the EUnoobsPolish server …

  65. they just keep pumping out these op meds and its kind of leaving the patton
    and cent in the dark

  66. What is with the jerking movement in and out??? Is tha QB or is it a
    product of the replay system???Either way I cant watch this anymore
    ….getting nauseus

  67. I don’t want to make the mad bitch but….. THIS THING IS OP AS FUCK

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      +Avyxx not really no…….

      All t9s bleed money without premium…

    • Shalaka Booyaka

      +Avyxx Who cares about credits? That’s what money 8’s are for.

    • +ole snejbjerg I agree and disagree in a sense. It’s not OP, not as well
      rounded as T-54, but it can do amazing games either way. It’s always a
      great WN8 padder’s tank once you get the 105mm and get used to it’s
      strengths and weaknesses. I get a couple Ace Tanker games on it practically
      each week, and nearing my second mark of excellence for my E50 and I only
      got the thing just over a month ago. Doubt I’ll ever get my third MoE
      though, but it’s an awesome pubstomper tank.

    • +ole snejbjerg i couldnt even pen e50’s upper plate from above with is-8,
      the armor is op as ****

    • +J Vilander fluke

  68. The last kill was awesome, Flanking a TD, nice skills !!

  69. Where did you found the free cam mod for 9.7 ?
    It seems this website says it’s forbidden now.
    Is it true ?

  70. lol “only” 8° gun depression. This tank completely outclasses the PTA :(

  71. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    well quicky dont get to happy with the ultra high pen on the top tier tank
    guns…they will be nerfed soon

  72. Quicky forgot to give the replay a Thumbs Up D:

  73. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    This tank outclasses my Leopard Prototype so hard :/

  74. AttackPenguin666

    Ooh, how will he deal with a T95 in the open? It’s a real ponderer, that
    one 😉 he should have just taken the shot and gone around the T95,
    admittedly his way he didn’t take a hot but hey if he waited the T95 could
    have killed the T-54 and could have RNGed Shepherd

  75. The problem with the new high tier French tanks are their soft stats. The
    Leos out class them on accuracy on the move, camo, and things like ground

  76. Easy Company Airsoft

    Hey this is the AMX 30 not AMX 30 prototype

  77. i worried for Vodka

  78. Collin Mitchell

    i think this AMX 30 proto is kinda OP maybe nerf the reload a 0.5-1.0
    seconds to balance a little bit more?or nerf the view range by 10-20

  79. Alin Sebastian Epure

    That’s a shitty game…

  80. Suzumiya Haruhi

    feel sad for t95 he drive from his base to enermy and died

  81. How they can have a gunmark yet ????

  82. God is real most muslims are nice

  83. AKUMOVY Lets playe

    No coment ? :D

  84. ah yeah, a leopard 1 … with a new hat. It always reminds me of that
    simpsons episode where they introduce a new puppet, which is exactly the
    same as the last one … but it got a new hat 😀 the tank is already in the
    game, called a leopard prototype ^^

  85. Hey u! of the QF :v how i send a replay? in ur FB Fan Page?

  86. 6k damage on 12 kills.. That’s just picking up one shot kills after your
    teams done all the work. I didn’t see any skill in this video, just some
    kid in an OP tank cleaning up one shot kills. Didn’t do anything to support
    his team.

  87. this tenk is op plez nerf

  88. Mincraft Performance 101

    i quess the french tier 9 meds went from zero to hero in patch 9.7 :D

  89. Quickybaby you should play some more world of warcraft on your channel.

  90. #notfirstbutwatched!

  91. Good gameplay

  92. Why would anyone try to get a Leopard after this thing has been introduced.
    The AMX Proto is so much better than the PTA, I wonder, whether it has lost
    it’s niche since the introduction of this tank.

  93. >QB talks about similar tanks to the amx30
    >Doesn’t even mention LeoPTA but mentions m46
    c’mon quicky

    • +ODSTspam3 Yeah seriously, the Leo PTA is basically the nearest tank in
      overall comparison to it. Especially when you realize the history of the
      AMX 30B and the Leopard 1.

  94. Stuck on the A-20, it feels like I will never get my T-34. Any tips?

    • +Nadeem Lobner Just keep chugging at it, getting from tier 4 to tier 5
      doesn’t take that much time. Try to stay alive without camping behind your
      cap circle.

    • +Nadeem Lobner Play the T-60,70 and 80 line instead

    • +Nadeem Lobner
      suicide scouting, or do some smart passive scouting, use bushes, do not
      shoot, just spot and facilitate some shots for your allies and if nothing
      helps, go trough the t-80 line, this tank is ok

    • +qwupe95 The a-20 doesn’t get scout MM anymore. Highest it will see is tier

    • +GhostTaco thanks, fixxed 😀

  95. gg

  96. Shepherd is pissing me off with all that camera flicking in and out.

  97. If you find the AMX 30 to OP, why instead of nerfing him, buff the other
    one like the cent 7/1 (he deserve it)

    • +Looping Because the problem isn’t that the other tanks are bad, it’s just
      that the new ones are too good. It’s called powercreep and happens almost
      every time a new tank is introduced.

    • Look at the M41, it completely knocked the AMX 13 75 out of the game when
      it was first introduced, If a 13 75 ran into an M41 without support, he was
      doomed to die a fast and painful death… M41 is still a power creep, but
      at least it’s semi balanced now

    • +osurulz2010 if a wz-131 would see a 13 75 it would be dead too…

    • The difference is that the WZ is not an autoloader – it also has enough HP
      to survive the 13 75’s clip (average of just over 700dam). The Walker
      Bulldog is an autoloader just like the 13 75, only it has more pen, more
      damage, is a faster tank, more agile tank, and has 4 more shots in its
      autoloader, and is thus capable of clipping the 13 75.

  98. respect for this man

  99. meanwhile, Im still stuck at the amx 13 75 :C

  100. meh this looks like a power creep… it really does make tanks like the
    Centurion, Patton, Leopard PT A etc competely useless in comparison

  101. 15 HEAT rounds ……………………

    • Its to much

    • Pikilloification

      +RLJY And how many did he fire?

    • +RLJY And? If you want to stay competitive you have to have expensive
      credit ammo. 15 HEAT isn’t even that much; I run 15-20 round of HEAT on my
      Leopard 1 for situations when I really need to make my shots count.

    • +RLJY Heat is a must when you know you can run into tanks such as the Maus
      and the E-100, I never want to be caught against one of these tanks without
      some premium shells up my sleeve.

    • +Timothy Cooke I know, i just got my E100 and i just hear the sizzle and
      see black spots on my turret.i’m from the asian server and every amx30 i’ve
      encountered just spams me with HEAT. Its just good to see how much they
      bring to gauge how long you have to angle against them.

  102. What? Power creep in WoT? Never! Just another example of how WG lures
    people into converting XP to get a new tank. Not sure why you keep
    comparing it to the Patton or Cent 7/1, it’s more of a Leo PTA with better
    DPM. Or a faster Type 61 with a reliable and faster reloading gun.

  103. So I can watch any 1080p 60 video on youtube without a problem but I can’t
    watch this one in 45fps. Wtf? The grey bar is so slow to load

  104. I am having trouble with xvm can you help ty

  105. I have to say it looks like power creep. I cant wait to get my hands on it
    though.. I felt that the type 61 had power creep but if this is ‘better’
    then I have to say its probably in need of a nerf. Every time I have seen
    it, it wrecks me….

    • Double Double 4G

      +Pippin It’s French, which means it has no armor. He was really
      opportunistic in that match, going for the low-health tanks, which meant he
      was never in much danger of taking return fire. If he had, he would have
      been chewed-up in a hurry, IMO.

    • +Double Double 4G the type 61 is just as fragile..

    • Tim “Obediance” Johansson

      +Double Double 4G Type61 has no upside over this tank, exept for -2 extra
      degrees of gundepression, this tank will most likely get a small nerf in
      9.8 or 9.9 as right now it outclasses all the other T9 mediums in terms of
      soft stats.

    • +Tim Johansson Yes.I loved the type 61 so this once I get it will be a joy
      seeing as it doesnt have that massive tumor on the top

  106. this tank is amazing , is like a leo but 10x better

  107. yesterday deleted again this game agter 9 mounths of non-playing. But still
    watching yout channel )

  108. quicky what color filter do you use?

  109. Meanwhile, im still stuck on the 90mm gun on this tank. fighting E100’s
    with 170 penn…

  110. World of Medium Tanks… That rate of fire should be nerfed. Don’t start
    with kmeee no armour kmeeee, it has great mobility and gun depression, rate
    of fire makes it OP.
    Look at the Leopard PTA – no armour as well, slower tank, shoots every 10
    seconds (9.something). That tank is way under performing especially
    compared to AMX.
    Fuck WG idiots, what are they now sucking up to the french?

  111. gave me a damn head ache with all that camera view switchin holy hell

  112. tbh he was an idiot at the end, why taking such a wide circle around the
    T95 when he could of gone straight towards him, even if the T95 was
    reloaded, he had plenty of health to spare

  113. I feel that the AMX 30 takes away really the only advantage that the type
    61 had which was the amazing pen on the gun. yes it does have 8 degrees
    instead of 10 of gun DP but the top speed definitely makes up for that.

    • +IAmManyNames You are right that it shares the characteristic of high
      penetration but just because one tank shares the strengths of another does
      not mean they are cancelled out completely. High pen on the Type 61 is
      still a strength, whether the AMX 30 has similar pen or not does not change
      the Type’s effectiveness against enemy tanks.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      And the type 61 isn’t as fast

  114. nice skillful play :D

  115. what do you use to record videos

  116. I’m a little bet confused now .. and I want you to advice me …. which
    tank you recommend between the B-C 25 t & the AMX 30 B ???

  117. Holy shit all that snapping in and out of sniper mode was annoying.

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      Everybody that has good awareness does it

      I for one continuously switches aim from 3rd person to sniper view, it’s a
      good tsctic to look around you and preserve conscience of where your
      enemies are, whereas only shooting in the sniper mode

      Increases survivability and hit ratio

      Of course, some pubbie nubs don’t do this due to fps lag, unknowledgement,
      or plain incompetence

    • +Colonel Radec Yes! That’s great 😀

    • +TheBlazinAsian XIV ur a dumbass, how does getting in and out of sniper
      mode while aiming at the ground increase ur awareness?
      It’s just plain stupid

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      +Dineontitan nice insult

      Extremely well thought of I see

      Anyhow, after he shot, he pulled back, and went out of sniper mode correct?

      That’s what I’m talking about right now

      Anyhow, there was twice in the replay where he seemed to “spam” the shift
      key, but they were unnoticeable Imo

      So stating being hurt with a headache due to a small fps change is …well,
      either unethical, or you hv vision problems / high cholesterol 🙂

    • +Coconut2651 I didnt notice it at all XD

  118. Circling a T95 like that is out playing a 95 its called playing cheaply

    • As a light tank driver, I scoff heartily at your comment.

    • +davidabeats Couldnt agree more. You use your tanks advantage to beat the
      T95s weakness. That IS out playing. The T95 should have backed up as soon
      as he saw the AMX30 but didnt. It was 2 meds vs one of the slowest tds in
      the game, he lost when the Panther 2 died.

  119. 301 club… good vid

  120. The Drifting is not yet in the game stupid 9.7 patch :D

  121. Well….on the 9.7 test server the Overlord map was very commonly……

  122. No power creep at all.

  123. love this video

  124. almost ready to buy this little beast |<3

  125. Stop zooming out 20 kilometers every two seconds

  126. Inb4 war gaming nerf it calling it right now

  127. MrTheKikoKiller

    This tank looks pretty amazing ! But why so much gold ammo !? :p

    • Standard is gold idiot

    • +Callum Pilkey Probably means the 15 shells of HEAT….. Idiot…

    • +MrTheKikoKiller It’s not much. It’s a healthy amount of gold ammo.
      Standard ammo is pretty damn good by itself, but it’s better to be safe
      than sorry. I pretty much always carry 5-15 gold shells in my tanks. I
      don’t use them often, but they’re there.

  128. Indeed a good tank but just the same as the leopard 

    • It isnt at all. It is better in allmost every way. The only thing where the
      leopard is better at is getting ammoracked

    • +Bob Graser It kind makes the Leopard obsolet. I got them both and although
      I only have about 30-40 games in the AMX, I do not see any situation where
      I would say “Good god, if I have only been in a Leopard now!”
      It is the old problem again….

    • +Bob Graser No Leopard Pta has way better mobility (Traverse speed, and
      Ground Resistance). The Pta feel way more agile since turning is really
      hard in the AMX 30 proto.
      Yes it takes slightly less ammorack damage BUT it has fuel tanks in the
      lower plate which makes his coffee rather risky to use.

  129. cool for the live man
    i am gonna try to see you living but it has to be good 

  130. Under 92 club

    You can proud of yourself

    Or not

  131. 24 views!!

  132. I hope you guys enjoy this awesome gameplay by Shepherd_48, can’t wait to
    play more games in this brand new T9 beast!

    I’m LiveStreaming TONIGHT with Ectar and Ikzor!

    • +The_cookie_monster the leopard 1 (and even the Leopard PT A) is like just
      the same as the AMX 30B just a bit better in everything. 8pen more, 1° gun
      depression, much more speed etc

      the only advantage of the 30B is the Turret which has 30 more front armor
      but i don’t know if that compensates all the weak points compared to the

    • Double Double 4G

      +QuickyBabyTV Simply put, this tank is the reason I prefer medium tanks.
      Compared to Heavies, Lights and TDs, good Mediums give you so many more
      options and are so versatile. I feel they let you better adapt to the
      changes on the field as the match goes on,

      I don’t think it’s OP – we didn’t see it in this replay, but being a French
      tank, it has paper armor. Had he allowed himself to be flanked, he would
      have been chewed-up. Basically play it as if it’s a Light and don’t trade
      hits if you can help it. 🙂

    • Jonathan Jung (Metagross555)

      +QuickyBabyTV hey could you do a T28 HTC review?

    • +Uhuorc 1 T9 AMX30 has 12% more damage per minute (imo the most important
      stat in a medium tank) than Leotard PT and 2 deg more gun depression.
      As for T10 AMX30 your right. It has better gun stabilization more (~15%
      better) but everything else – even the hidden ground resistance stats are

    • +Paciat Got better armor than the Leo, too.

  133. CarelessFacepalm


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