World of Tanks || AMX 30 Prototype – Tactical Insight

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. Today I’m giving into a close game in the the AMX 30 Prototype.

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Why would you apologize to whiners? Gold ammo is there to be used.

  2. i saw the live stream but i was late because i thought the stream was
    starting at 19:00 UK time
    it was great i had a blast

  3. Jantje van Speijk

    Awesome gameplay QB, only true unicums can turn these kind of games into a
    victory, hats off!

  4. I cringed a little watching that tomato IS3 expose himself over and over,
    only to survive because he’s driving a “balanced” tank.

  5. Premium ammo? you mean *luxury* ammo ;)

  6. You claim accuracy in this tank, but early game 40% of your shots go wide –
    the aiming recital on this tank is HUGE. The gun handling on this tank is
    so rough!

  7. Wait, gun depression is the only thing wrong with this tank? What about the
    shit acceleration, traverse, and dispersion?

  8. Awesome stream Jingles and QB always awesome thank you guys

  9. Nice gameplay dude! Exactly how I love to play my AMX 30.

  10. I could not make it due to working. It would have been great to watch. I do
    follow you and Jingles daily and enjoy your videos immensely. Take care and
    have fun.

  11. I am not a great fan of you Quickbaby but I watched your stream on Tuesday
    and liked it a lot., I may well watch more now, I did join because of your
    code give away but you made me want to watch more live streaming. I do
    watch all of your Youtube videos I have watched since the very first one
    all them years ago when you talked about where to put yourself on the map
    and best spots to be in.
    I do feel that most of the time you are a player who sits back and farms
    damage, not being a front line player which results in you getting a lot of
    damage and normally being the last tank alive. How ever after watching you
    with Jingles and playing with others you are a totally different player and
    I really did enjoy watching you. I found you telling Jingles what to do and
    why to do it, please bring more of this info and you way into your Youtube
    videos, just like this one.

  12. That gun depression over the back of the tank is obvious. According to the
    French that is the correct way to face the enemy.

  13. I hate this map. The team that camps wins… It’s not really the only map
    like that. Nowadays the team that camps more seems to win more often than

  14. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    Stop apologising for firing Premium- it’s there to use, we all do it when
    necessary. The code is great- thanks for organising it, have made from
    great XP off it already- cheers!

  15. guys can any one help me whit choosing the best t10 td

  16. did qb just imply french have flat butt XD

  17. Advice: you can easily penetrate the Object 263 through the gun mantlet,
    dunno why you were aiming until the last shot at the bottom of the TD.

  18. When you get shot, you get the red arrow icon that tells you from what
    direction you got shot from. The Jag should have noticed that shots were
    coming from his right instead of his left.

  19. AMX 30B Better :)

  20. nope quicky that jgpz was a noob lol he didnt know how to read the showcase
    from where are you geting shoot at lol

  21. The bonus code doesn’t work for me. :'(

  22. nazinama persona

    pls new intro

  23. Omega Kevin Allahu Akbar

    “Why do i love this AMX 30 Prot” -> “I can keep my op wn8 with a T9 medium

  24. Hey QB, nice video. Just wanted to let you know, that your mike is awfully
    low compared to the tank noises When I turn the volume up enough to
    understand what you say, the shots almost pop my ears.

  25. you are unbelievable good at this game

  26. Stevica Kurcubic

    7k damage with 10minutes of camping gj medium tank

  27. great game no wonder u r good in it…..It is yoi to watch every your
    video..I learn a lot from them ..keep it caming

  28. Where do we put in the code that we got during that stream?

  29. Michael Krejbich

    QB whats your best pokémon? xD

  30. Can’t view in HD on mobile anymore? Same with jingles vids. I know its not
    my device as linus tech tips is still in 1080p….

  31. Cromwell Berlin is on Blitz Quicky

  32. Valentin Kovachev

    Almost 400 000 subs man !!!!

  33. How about Leo pt a?

  34. great video and great insight and advice. looks like the game punished you
    for chancing those HEAT rounds, so it balances itself out.

  35. Snippsnapp Gaming

    9:41 Whut you don’t like tem8s

  36. Would you say Amx 30 or Lorr. 40t (new BC 25 AP)?

  37. Fuck i missed the code for bonuses shit 🙁 i gues im fuck up cuz i watch
    only the videos

  38. unicum kills tomatoes at end game. nothing to see here, move along

  39. I watched this game live. You kept your calm and carried. Nice job QB!

  40. why not limit the amount of prem ammo a tank can carry to a max of say like
    5 rounds per tank?

  41. About the stream:
    get Jingles to play arty or a TD, that way he’ll stay alive for longer
    Also, instead of playing the same vehicle and acting as a wolf pack, you
    could also try to use different classes, and showcase some teamplay like
    For example, light tank with arty or TDs, or heavies with support

  42. Normaly i will hate geting shot by premium shells cuz i drive heavy tanks
    but in lower tier and you dont realy need that much premium shell but yet
    people overusing them , so i dont mind here

  43. jose cedres herrera

    nice game, as always 😛 , hey am i having a bug in my garage ?? amx tier 9
    is 197 k and tier 10 180k experience ?? tell me i’ mistaken please

  44. Tim “runfox” B

    Great game QB, I love my AMX 30 also, do you have the tier 10 30B yet? As
    for the code, thanks for trying, I figured it was a mix up, it was
    dissapointing , but no biggy.

  45. Hey QB, you mentioned the M46 Patton in the last two videos and I noticed
    that you don’t have any content on that tank (not recent at least). I was
    wondering if you could do a video (or even better a review) of it. BTW nice

  46. wot is ruined

  47. More awesome gameplays (and british td’s)

  48. huuuuuu

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