World of Tanks || AMX 30 vs T-54

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – AMX 30 T-54. Today I’m putting two T9 medium tanks to the test, which wins?

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  1. 14:16 – QB hit the wreck of the T34,otherwise the WZ would’ve finished it.

  2. hey qb,
    If I uploaded a replay to the wot replays website, and I want it to be
    featured by you, do I have to send you the link. And if thats the case,
    whereto do I need to send it?

  3. The arty player who hitted Quicybaby is a piece of shit player and most
    probably would never hit 851 Quicybaby without arty or 1vs1 duel.People
    only play arties when they are not competetive players or they just want to
    benefit its’ broken mechanics..You see a t92 in enemy team with %45 Wr and
    500wn8 just one shoots you with prem round behind covers.They have no max
    draw range dynamics and can shoot every pixel of maps as long as the map is
    not city.And Wot has very few arty safe maps or you hardly ever get MM
    without arty.Great camo rating for every arty even they are as bis as an
    elephant you cant even spot them properly after they fire those huge
    guns.once a 55 58 empty clip on my is7 from 100m and i didnt even spot
    it.not crying here i have %41+ survival ratio and i can really cover myself
    from arties.They are completly broken and only here in Wot to let casual
    players play this game and do some damage like they would never do if they
    drive a skill required tank.
    btw im not native speaker so u can fuck my english.

  4. HEAT- 54 :)

  5. What, I thought the overmatch changes were postponed, not cancelled…?

  6. AMX 30 1 – 0 T-54

  7. amx30 vs T-54 which one wins? OBVIOUS arty wins.

  8. I took 28 hit in my stock t54 before I had to go back to garage when I was
    facing 7 enemy meds and light where 4 of them were autoloaders. definitely
    recommend a platoon of t54s

  9. Someone needs to sound bite. I loved this tank so much that i moved my

  10. Plz tell me why I should play the Leopard pta when there are tanks like the
    amx 30 ?

  11. i have a video

  12. T-54 is a horrible tank to grind. Its stock gun which you will be stuck
    with for a good long while is absolutely horrible for its tier. You will
    bounce nine out of ten shots easily unless shooting into the rear or at
    light tanks.

  13. the 30 has 2.9 Dispersion while Turing turret! the 30b 0.68…

  14. balanced arty and autopen prem rounds

  15. Tier 7 American* Tank Destroyer. c’mon QB the t25/2 is american.

  16. I really dont know but god lately i cant Play this game i dont know what is
    happening but i loose everygame i Play every game i do my best i’m left
    alone by my team everytime half my team does 0 dmg…

  17. Premium ammo costs need to change to a higher number,it’s so stupid how QB
    slams round after round into heavy tanks face

  18. 11:05 soviet or American make up ur mind

  19. I can’t log in on your site

  20. AwesomeDestroyer 12 (AwesomeDestroyer12)

    I love using my big 203mm gun on my SU-14-1 just to piss people off

  21. ahh really love the amx 30, so much that i invested 4 girls into it. I
    f*ckin love you QB

  22. I prefer the AMX 30’s gun over armor

  23. Hey QB,
    My WoT is moving live absolute shite (30 fps) when it was moving with like
    100 2 days ago…
    Help plz…

  24. I usually see Ehrlenberg turn into North vs. South on the NA server, not
    East vs. West.

  25. Why would you ever load HEAT against a T34? It’s got like, 120mm effective

  26. Go Stream with Jove!

  27. yup, AMX 30B needs something like a reload buff maybe..

  28. for me it is the t54

  29. When did the T25/2 become Russian?

  30. It makes me so angry when i see people just load the skill when they run
    into heavy tanks. Yes, qb is a great player and even with heat the average
    player would not have done as well. But it makes shit so difficult for high
    tier heavy tanks that everyone loads skill rounds whenever they see you.

  31. ur too op so clicker balanced you out

  32. i think amx have equal pros and cons like t54. amx can be nice rich line in
    some map. i mean he can use gun depression and snapshot right. but t54 is
    pretty awful in slope can need to go all the way up to shoot except he
    finds a nice hull down cover which is pretty rare.

  33. Does the T54 have different turrets in WoT ?

  34. #TankBetter:

    Malinovka – T49 – 11.389 spotting damage

  35. what u dont like west vs east germany?

  36. I think I’ve only seen *one time* when a player goes into a battle without
    a premium ammo crutch.

  37. We can all say Slyvester stallone knocked you out of the fight with that
    hit for 890.

  38. Can you do something on the credit systems

  39. arty took a big old dump on u lol

  40. Is that a cactus behind quickbaby because if it is, He wouldn’t be the only
    prick in the house :)

  41. when u killed T-25/2 you said it was a “‘Soviet TD”

  42. Justin justintheman

    Thats why i play the t54 mod 1

  43. t54 has better carry potential cuz op heat great turret and amazing DPM.
    but amx is just really fun like the Leo prot.

  44. Hey QB. I do have both and I guess I lean more towards the t54 as it can be
    a decent infighter and the amx folds up too easily. I do like both but
    definitely play the amx as med to long sniper. Happy Holidays.

  45. Good Video sir..would like to see more of these types of videos…would
    personally like to see another matchup involving the E50 at level 9.

  46. PixelBucket {Razor The Fox}

    Now, We need a TVP T50/51 vs Batignolles-Chatillion 25 T.

  47. valentin lefrancois

    in the real world of tanks , rng miss all your shot and artilleri one shot
    you because your uniucm so there is 2 options: that’s not world of tanks or
    —>== UNICUM LUCK ==<--

  48. 6:05, “he puts a shot in enemy e 50” ??????????, what the hell????.I
    thought the e 50 was on your team

  49. i hava got this tank but with the 100mm gun he is so cool :D

  50. Hoi lars

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