World of Tanks || AMX 50 B – 11,000+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today moogi1215 going to show you how to carry hard in the T10 French the AMX 50 B.

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World Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Not tracking the e4 and autoaiming that is3 meant he deserves a loss from
    this one…

  2. “fantastic result” – shooting apcr against lowes, leopards, waffentragers –
    definitely necessary. Vs the is-3 went full retard shooting like a monkey
    wihtout aiming wasting 3 of his 4 shots and the last one by pure luck hit
    the weakspot on the cuppola.

  3. A part from the panick brainfart against the IS-3 played flawlessly.

    And here again we see the BS that is the IS-3 armour, casually bouncing 3
    T10 gun shots like nothing. Not broken armour at all XD

  4. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Did anyone else notice the circle movements/tics just as he fired @ 3:20 ?
    It the replay bugging or what is going on?

  5. Gotta say I completely enjoyed that utterly unnecessary use of gold rounds,

  6. QB can you do a MAP tactic for the PILSEN ??

  7. khishigbayar terbish

    Hes Mongolian great warrior. Сайн байна шүү. Эр хүн.

  8. Love the way how you pronounce the Waffentrrrrrrrrrägerrrrrr E100.
    Anyway…grrrrrreat video which shows exactly why I ‘hate’ these
    autoloaders ;-)

  9. T37 heavy confirmed

  10. Why is mugi shaking his sights right before it fires?

  11. Jan Arvin Fetizanan

    QB make a video platooning with your friends make it happen again please 🙁
    I really enjoyed watching those. Thanks QB

  12. Gold tard in action. Shooting premium ammunition in WTF E100, leo, than
    shooting with autoaim. Stop uploading such gameplay.

  13. Mongolian horsefucker spamming gold meh

  14. Did anyone notice how bad his ping was?. 180 average. Was this replay from
    Aussie?. Thats what my ping rate is normally.

  15. Batbayar Batdelger

    He is Mongolian like me :)

  16. good vid!! thank you for update!! from s.korea

  17. spams gold ammo the entire game… Nope

  18. love the name. same as quark’s mom on ds9.

  19. Too much free camera.

  20. Is anyone else getting an issue with choppy youtube videos today? The video
    doesn’t stop or anything but it sorta shudders, and I’ve checked everything
    I can that might cause it.

  21. boring… too bad this thing is only about having extreme luck and nothing
    else :S

  22. ami2fast4y0u gaming

    fucking gold noob
    he was using gold at everything
    even the leopard XD

  23. Anyone want to get together? I have just started but have a couple tier 6s
    and 5s.

  24. I have one it’s ok, been grinding the new line out atm. just did over 3k
    spotting I’m my TVP VTU

  25. that was quite a bad Pokémon pun quicky XD

  26. MrImmortalityPrince

    Even i, a regular player, that i don’t need a premium/gold right after
    killing the E 75, E 100 and E4… I may no even load any for that matter.

  27. Quark?

  28. thirst

  29. The Gaming Leopard

    Please do the Löwe next. I love the blasted thing but for the life of me I
    cannot figure out how to use it effectively.

  30. I cant understand people….. bitching about “unnecessary gold spam”
    exactly UNNECESSARY so why the fuck does it matter

  31. TheRancidMarshmallow

    the thing is, when you say “i hope this isn’t a heartbreak” there is no
    suspense, because i can clearly see with xvm that he’s done 10670 dmg, but
    the video says 11000+. so I know he does 300+ dmg to a certain arty…

  32. NO!!! MOOGI CALM DOWN!!!

  33. Batchat 55 58 only gets a 3 round clip, right?

  34. Still waiting for this tank to come to WOT blitz

  35. Mongolian clan 🙂 wp

  36. When I saw this I wondered why people call the wt e100 overpowered, its
    under powered compared to this (lol).

  37. I feel like all of QB’s new subs are bad players, so many people calling
    this guy a noob for ‘Gold Spamming’ and saying how the IS-3 is OP. Do these
    people know how an auto-loader works?

  38. Gold noob,he used apcr to tanks that dont even need premium ammo to

  39. QB could you please do an M-48 Patton review? If it isn’t to much trouble

  40. Does he know when to stop using gold? He can easily pen anything left after
    the kill on the e4 with regular. He might have done a good job but the apcr
    should remove the credit he is given. Like there is no skill at all in this
    gameplay after he spams gold for no reason

  41. NanoNanoNanoNano NanoNanoPants

    Nice match, I’m sad there was no ramming though 🙁 So much ramming
    potential in the 50b.

  42. What a hard ping : 200ms is so much!!!!

  43. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    after that enemy e4 was dead he should have looked at the enemy list, there
    was no tanks that needed gold ammo, he could pen them all with no problem.

  44. Is it me, or is the airfield map getting more epic games than usual for a

  45. Got love them 0 skill auto loaders.

  46. when are you going to finish the 300k subscriber competition videos?
    (I’m looking forward to it)

  47. well, this game WAS fun.

  48. this just shows how OP is the damn is3… if he wouldn’t be bad player,
    they would win.

  49. Double A Batteries

    I have no issue in people using premium ammunition as it’s in the game so
    may as well live with it, I was telling him to stop firing APCR simply
    because he was wasting silver with the amount he was firing.

  50. Gus Davis (Major G)

    hey QB, what equipment do you reccommend on the Tiger and the Tiger II?

  51. Not very nice to be “That Guy” but I wanted to point this out: The channel
    “World of Tanks The Best Replays” uploaded this same battle on December

  52. Nicolas Covarrubias

    Hey QB love your videos can you please make a video over the T-10? Thx

  53. Outstanding gameplay! When the event (which name i have forgot) where you
    could use the special version tier X tanks, i enjoyed the AMX 50 B! ??

  54. Liked the video before it started and while it buffed
    Anyone else did the same thing?

  55. LOL So many haters complaining about his gold rounds. It doesn’t take
    anything away from this great game. He probably doesn’t give a tiny rat’s
    ass. In tense situations I would use gold against seemingly unnecessary
    targets just to make sure WG’s bs rng doesn’t troll me and the shell
    velocity is better for aiming.

  56. Minecraftster148790

    Has anyone noticed that instead of saying things like t57 heavy, he says
    tier ten heavy American auto loader?

  57. it’s pronounced LeOpard not “Leppard”

  58. FAME World of Tanks

    We like the 50B because it’s a very strong Clan wars capable tank. Four of
    those can really push or deflect an attack ;)

  59. Man that IS-3 standing against a tier 10 autoloader bouncing nearly all his
    shots you’ve got to love that tank there is no other tier 8 tank that can
    threat the tier 10 monsters like it

    and by the way for those guys that are shouting ” gold noob ” come of it
    they are no longer gold you can buy them for silver if you don’t know that
    yet but if you are a crap player doing ” not that good “in nearly all your
    matches such as myself then of course you won’t be able to afford them

  60. The power/weight ratio on the IS-7 is actually quite good. They nerfed it a
    long time ago with ground resistances, so I would really like people to
    stop being ignorant and saying it has bad power/weight ratio.

  61. Fired so much gold

  62. Gold into a WT auf E100..

  63. Great video. I am WoT veteran and I was entertained the whole time. Nice
    comments, informative also. Keep up this professional work.

  64. With all the buffs the AMX 50B got a while ago, i think the T57 heavy
    deserves a little mobility buff too ^^

  65. Amazing game! great map awareness, good play… but such an unnecessary use
    of APCR…

  66. “Holy crap” finally you speak as everybody:D

  67. Luckiest guy ever + auto-aiming gold noob vs out of position terribads
    coming at him one by one.

  68. QB don’t you think it is time to update your outro? Or at least have the
    annotations to those videos which you posted waaaaaay back?

  69. Absolute gold nub.

  70. gj moogi. QB what is with the 300k ?

  71. man i love this tank i played it on the test server at first i was playing
    the german tiers as i liked the e75 and the french tanks has no armor which
    is a turn off for me,but when i played the amx 120 on the test server,i had
    so much and the tier 10 i think has a good reload so i did 3000 average dmg
    i learned that just because a tank got no armor doesn’t mean its unplayable
    or underpowered..

  72. It’s like youtube doesn’t want me to watch your videos. It never notifies
    me that you uploaded or even place that little “1” next to your channel to
    tell me you have 1 new video.

  73. hey QB, could you maybe put out a video showcasing the T20 or the T28
    (fixed turreted)?

  74. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    13 90 needs some russian love

  75. great game but bit unnesseary gold spam

  76. Awesome video as always :)

  77. French tanks, autodeploy white flags when they see enemy, didnt do anything
    worth mentioning in war in real life, but doing 11000 dmg in wot, doing
    1600 damage in 7 seconds, reloading less then kv2… Russian bias

  78. @QB: Why dont you discuss the strength/ weaknesses of the replays in your
    videos a bit more. I see that you do it already, but I would like to have
    it increase a bit.
    Like if you agree. (sry for bad english)

  79. Remember guys, to be good you have to spam gold for more than half the

  80. I really dont know what to think about this replay: On the one hand I liked
    his decisionmaking, for example the relocation to the center midgame, but
    on the other hand he did so many things wrong: during his attack on the
    löwe (which was the right decision imo) he took way to much time aiming
    etc, allowing the löwe to put 2 shells into him (Löwe ca. 9.5 sec relode,
    AMX 50B 7.5 sec unlode). Then the completly unnessessairy use of APCR after
    killing the T110E4…
    Not even to talk about his panic against the IS-3

  81. Why is mugi shaking his sights right before it fires?

  82. Only one of those APCR was really necessary… Just spamming the gold at
    WTs and arty… :D

  83. I would love to see a good player not spamming gold. It really wasn’t
    necessary in most of these situations.

  84. haha 325mm of penetration on 10mm of armour

  85. sorry to say it but there is nothing else to say then typical autoloader

  86. Great game and all, but after he killed the e4 he didnt need to use gold
    rounds. He just kept spamming them.

  87. He’s not really a good player, just had lot of luck

  88. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    find rock.. camp.. shoot morons.. win .. world of joke :D

  89. That noob atry tho….

  90. Shooting a T110E4/T110E5 and an E75 into the side, fighing against a Löwe
    and aiming at his lower plate and a Leopard truly needs APCR ammo, …

    Edit: and APCR into the WT auf E100 turret

  91. That waffle pikachu12 is from my clan 4HIM.

  92. What a gold spaming noob game. #Justsaying

  93. hello babies it’s quickyguy

  94. 11:20 I almost inhaled my computer screen from gasping.

  95. this guy fucked up quite badly: attacking the full life lowe,stupid
    decision, rushing like a complete bob the IS3, stupid decision, playing too
    ballsy and not reversing once spotted, stupid decision. i know you need
    luck to do super games but i prefer to see a 8k damage game played properly
    with intense moment than that. still à great game tho. ( before you whine
    on how much of à noob i am, i’ve on recent above 3.3 k wn8 and 65% win)

  96. Some say that he can hit an inside of the barn from the outside and that
    the only reason it doesn’t have a turret is because Hitler wanted to give
    the allies a chance at winning the war. All we know is, he’s called the

  97. auto-aiming at an IS-3 is such a bad play, even if you are a tier 10

  98. Fucking autoloders. Broke game.Report them all unfair play. Let them have
    UC ban,. Fucking assholes in autoloders.

  99. Can you make an amx 12t review please? I’m on my way to the Bat Chatillon
    and I heard it’s a pretty shitty tank, but it’s reviews were rather old and
    with all the changes I thought I would make this request. Thank you very
    much and keep up the great work

  100. I feel like I have watched this guy dominate before. Has he been featured
    here or Jingles channel before?

  101. Very well played, hes not statistically that good of a player but he
    definitely knows how to play a 50b well. That panic on the is3 tough xD

  102. The max 50 b is my favorite tank in wot it’s so awesome but I don’t have it
    lol. I also can’t play wot because I have a virus on my computer and that
    sucks I can only play wows but once I exit the game I have to restart and
    it’s so annoying. But my mom will fix it soon ?????

  103. wow a great all around tank. and sexy too lloll

  104. Are you ill?

  105. I’m on the 50 100 now and I am hating it because the 50 second reload, at
    least I’m close to the 50 120.

  106. Due new T-57 video too please.

  107. Quickybaby can you do tank comparisons? That would be nice. And just one
    question, are you going to do more minecraft videos, that was fun. Youre
    doing an amazing job!!! :)

  108. Damn! This guy is playing with 200+ ping. I can’t deal with anything over
    80 XD

  109. IS-3 Comrade stronk armor rusia

  110. autoloader and using gold ammo what a noob.

  111. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    lucky kill on is-3 ?

  112. The 50b has an oscillating turret so if its pointing its gun at you it
    doesn’t matter how much of its gun depression it’s using; the armour
    retains the same effective thickness

  113. Exploding Baconeer

    Hey there, random person, how was your weekend?

  114. is-3 stronk :D

  115. And Jesus against the IS-3 he was a tomatoe

  116. 10:05 that was my jam…in 1st grade lol

  117. All the (unnescecary) gold makes my eyes bleed :D

  118. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  119. Great game, but not good aweareness for arti!

  120. 1:10 Kill steal denied. I hate it when people shoot tanks that are about to
    burn to death anyway.

  121. Hey QB, do you have a QSF clan in WoT Blitz NA? If so, I just want to
    inform you that the clan leaders have made several”interesting” comments in
    the name of Quickybaby

  122. QB i need someone to ELC with me im on my way to the amx 12 t

  123. great game

  124. I found a WOT youtuber called UberCheese256 who has always battles like
    this he has 30k battles and 3700 WN8!

  125. Watch Jingles’ latest video on his trip to Wargaming HQ, come back to my
    subscription feed and oh! Look! A new video from Quicky. :D

  126. Fires APCR at a leopard 1 and a WT E100 lol…

  127. He played like a tomato versus the IS-3 , it was very bad play and I don’t
    know why his replay is in this channel… I’m not hating ,but damage is not

  128. Humorous Tony Bricks

    T32* you said T37 LOL

  129. if anybody would like to buy an account with an e25 on it msg me

  130. so many gold diggers

  131. 3:26 …T-37? New american Reward Tank ? Keepo

  132. QB make a new INTRO :)

  133. minute 4,20 why the fuck did he stay there

  134. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Autoloaders ruined World of Tanks.

  135. T57 heavy > AMX 50B

  136. What gun do you use on the O-ho? Love your videos!

  137. Easy to get 11k dmg if the enemyteam is red like hell.

  138. Earl of Lee

  139. Quickybaby upload an arty game deamt

  140. Thanks for the work you put into your channel!

  141. Yaaay new vid!!!!

  142. are you going to make video about your meeting at WG HQ?

  143. yall got no life…. when u trynna be first but u scroll down nd get

  144. WooHoo im early!

  145. I am the most complete fighter in the world! i challenge YOU to a BRO DOWN

  146. you are awesome quickybaby

  147. First dislike

  148. im from stream :)

  149. Yay I’m early

  150. I have a joke

    Look in the mirror /jk

  151. GG WP xD The video hasn’t even started yet but hey… GG WP xD

  152. FIRST LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. What do you think of the AMX 50 B?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  154. Q and A hype???

  155. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. 2nd

  157. first!

  158. First… Just saying.

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