World of Tanks || AMX 50 B – The Heavy Assassin

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Babuin29 shows us how to the “ Assassin”.

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  1. did you see the ending? that what happens when you underestimate your

  2. Difficult to criticise a 10k damage game but the first 2.5k damage cost him
    50% of his HP which he needed later and he should have dealt with arty
    earlier, he tunnel visioned on a tunnel visioner, that E75 was no threat
    arty was.

  3. for those that don’t know,babuin means baboon

  4. I love the way he says “Waffenträger” :))

  5. Congrats on your graduation QB! Or should I say Dr. Ing. QB now?


  7. I like when he says “waffenTRAGER” :D

  8. OP, the noobs ticket to ruining the game for skilled players. 

  9. The only edge which T57 has over 50B is in shot range brawl, where it can
    unload 0.9s faster… and in clip reload (5s faster) but in all other ways
    the 50B just tops the T57 by a mile…. Before it was that the slower tank
    got a better gun, sounds reasonable. But per statistics it was OP for the
    slow tank, so they nerf it and buff the fast one…

    Now tank which is faster then most meds at tier X has dominating gun
    performance and autoloader as bonus… WG thought process in nutshell

    Yea i am T57 driver (got it like 2 months ago) and that tank tho all those
    nerfs is still insane, but there is one thing i just dont understand, why
    the F*** has the 50B almost double ammo capacity to T57… that is just
    bullshit… ..

  10. Auto-loaders are vehicle’s for stat paddlers, not seeing much of a skill
    requirement on them.T110E4 for example shoots once in like 17 seconds with
    BiA and vents, while maybe doing 750 avarage damage and these.. well “look
    i’m pro”

  11. Alexander Johnson

    Would we have a special QuickyBaby TechTree for WarGaming and Gaijin? 

  12. Alexander Johnson

    Hey QuickyBaby, if, for example, you were an engineer for British in WWII,
    what kind of tanks battleships or planes would you create, or how would
    they look? 

  13. How lucky he got that both the Jpz and the WT went that alley you can shoot
    down at from the hill.

  14. Congratulations on your graduation.

  15. moar E75’s please

  16. Gratulations for your Education :)

  17. hell a lot of luck!

  18. Barnabás Horváth

    Wow what an epic battle. Nice job. But he lost because his team is total
    idiot. Many many retard people…

  19. Kangchendzoenga8

    The only thing he could have done bether, is beeing the good guy and
    shielding his own amx30b against the E-75, it was a valuable Tank driven by
    a competent player. Never the less, a great game by Babuin couldn’t have
    done it bether ;)

  20. Yes, he should have carry a clip of HE – he would finish the battle from
    the hill, when WTF was at A8. A good lesson for us. Incredible battle.

  21. Black90 I AM GAMERZ :D

    what server did quickybaby play> eu?US?NA?ASIA?

  22. only the video to us chicken and put the us more often that secondhand ?
    You lose a Subscriber.

  23. that ricochet sound at 4:17 is soo satisfying….. lol

  24. Leroy Tian-Wen Lee

    There is always knowledge out there somewhere for you to learn, don’t you
    think? For me, mannerism is one that I need to learn. Sorry for my poor
    English, tis not my native tongue.

  25. Congrats for graduating QB! +QuickyBabyTV

  26. that bounce from FV 215b 183 lol well I noticed on mine 50B that sometimes
    it bounces impossible

  27. Brendan Underhill

    That made me cry :(

  28. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    that guy was shooting at tier9 heavys with bad dpm….
    i would seroisly doubt he could of got result like that against e100s,
    maus, is7….its tier10 brothers……oh well ofc amx 50b doesnt stand a

  29. doesnt he deserve the Confederate badge too, he did damage 6 other tanks
    and killed 6, so 12 tanks in total.

  30. Congratulation for your graduation.

  31. Congrats on the graduation Quickybaby!

  32. I don’t normally comment because I’ve heard youtube comments cause cancer
    in rats BUT

    I have to say, congratulations on graduating college :)

  33. Is QB going bald?

  34. fuck he wt its gt the best damage in the game because of its flawless gun

  35. Wow, talk about the last minute fumble. What the hell was this guy thinking
    driving down a corridor the WT is preaimed at?

  36. I got 13 kills and 15000 dmg with my 50 B but of course it was a loss

  37. Vaffentrrrrahger E100

    Just stick with WTF 100 :D

  38. give the dude a cigar good tanking mate o fukin 7

  39. That first play made me cringe…. why would just go out like that and
    trade a third of your health for 1 or 2 shells….

  40. omg the 10k dmg loss is so sad..i had a 10190 dmg loss in my T57
    before…just so sad….

  41. Gratz QB on your Graduation, well deserved.

  42. Doctor QB :P

  43. If he had killed that arty while he was on hill he wouldn’t have taken that
    1000HP shot and this would be a win

  44. Wilhelm Schicklegruber


  45. With enough momentum it is possible to get up and over the rubble so he
    could’ve killed that arty as well.

  46. Cap & Gown pic or it didn’t happen.

  47. Deliciouus Tacos

    I’m a bad player but even I see the two misplays here… #1 is that he
    didn’t go for the arty on the hill. Now, that was good play and bad play
    because if he gone for the arty it would not do those 1k dmg and he would
    still be at half his health, but I dunno… Depends on the player, one type
    of player would have gone for the arty and the second type wouldn’t. It
    actually was good play but I’m really wondering what would have happened if
    he gone for the arty. #2 is at the end, he went right there and got stuck
    between those allyways where he should have gone left. That might have been
    the key for winning. Never the less, great game, such a heartbreak but
    still very amazing, congratulations!

  48. congrats on graduating and i feel that tier ten autoloaders and autoloaders
    in general are very situational in solo play but when platooned with other
    autoloaders almost become overpowered unless enemy teams concentrate fire
    on them in oportune moments of reloads.

  49. There are sooooo many “illegal mods” cheats that people use and wargaming
    is doing absolutly nothing.


  51. What only 4 comments?

  52. Congrats quicky

  53. +QuickyBaby TV
    I think I would go to my bed and start crying :P

  54. Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

    If no premium, 2k profit… this is awful and meaningless!!!!!

  55. traiasca jucatorii romanii!!! (long live romanian players, just like this

  56. No mate it is not the end of your education , now your real education
    begins 😀 ….

  57. Congrats on graduating QB

  58. Hey quicky, can you make a review of IS-8 and IS-7 please?

  59. amx 50b its a beast i have it do 2k dmg and allways killed by arty rlly
    me full hp and they kill me with 1 shot i hate t92 and gw e100

  60. GeneralRudolfski

    One thing i havent read here yet, wich could make the difference between
    win/lose game : he shouldnt trow his HP away in the beginning uphill, he
    made several unnecessary moves there. That was bad play, but still a

  61. Deserved the result Outstanding game

  62. E75 na 5:57 je Bosanac

  63. Johnny Smith (GamersBlock)

    i am barely at the Arl 44 a fun tank but i use it as a medium no armor but
    great job using that autoloader

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      arl 44 is just goddam ugly, ugly ugly. u seen the first turret right???
      plus u can over match the sides turret armor with a 105mm HE shell doing

  64. He ended up outplaying himself there at the end. He didn’t think the WT
    would be stupid enough to stare down the street like that. He should’ve
    just bombed it around the right side of that building and caught the WT
    with his pants down.

    • PoisoningShadow671

      I would’ve spent the time taking the other side of the hill after catching
      the Waffle at 9:10. 🙂

      Then again, I may not own a tier 10 tank, despite playing for quite a bit,
      but if the AMX was one of the more mobile high tier heavies it was said to
      be, then I believe it would’ve had enough time to go down the hill south
      and flank through the middle before the Waffle could fully cap, and knowing
      how long it would take, the Waffle would be considering multiple approaches
      by then instead of solely on the east road.

  65. +QuickyBabyTV i have a very good replays in my IS3 and both are heart
    breacks, like 7 kills a bad desicion what cause my dead, where i can send
    those replays to you?

  66. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    What is Quicky getting a degree in?

  67. Congratulations on graduating from university

  68. Their arty won it when it shotgun ed the 50B for most of its HP…. WT E100
    got lucky. 

  69. Stevenbrutiscuddlstworthmeomeothe third

    I think wargaming should introduce a smoke round for cover and situations
    like that

  70. under 301 club

  71. omg such an interesting and epic game but with a disappointing end :(

  72. The German commander and gunner must’ve been on some crack to not only spot
    him but to turn the turret that fast

  73. I’m 40 yrs old Mr QB…you never stop learning…knowledge is power…never
    stop being curious of our world and the Universe itself.;)

    congrats on your achievement in your life..

  74. World of Tanks replays by Az

    50B was beast even before patch.
    Check this replay
    I played the game good few months back

  75. WhiteKnife | Free Intro's

    World of tanks is saai

  76. Soooo unfair!

  77. what german tank can stand a chance in this game ?!
    whats the point of having german tanks in one town area.. and gin wot at
    all so tht russian kids can say “look daddy i destroyed a tiger!”.. cant
    watch this game any more and playin pfff..

  78. He did everything good until the end there :'(

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      well he was on the hill still as wt took the left, he could of went all the
      way round and would make in time to stop cap and shoot wts ass

  79. Liuetenant Dan (Ramser)

    the pressure on them ears

  80. I luv qwikibaby fapfapfap

  81. tomato retards always outsmart good players at the end

  82. My best xp per game is 1705 in a bulldog

  83. Hey QB, Congrats on finishing you studies. What have you achieved,
    Bachelor, Master or Doctor? Have a great time celebrating. Whats next?

  84. Jonathan Guerrero

    Have Fun At Your Graduation! 😀 

  85. This td was map hacking

  86. Do a review of the is 7 please. Been subscribed for a while an love ya vids
    even tho I don’t like them lol sorry just forget to hit it but please is 7
    review its been a while! 

  87. sooo said…

  88. aici ai gresit babuin trebuia sa faci snipe de sus…..e asta e oricum

  89. I’d have only done one thing differently this game; when the WT started
    capping, I’d have gone down the opposite side of the hill and flanked all
    the way around the the west side of the friendly cap. I think it’d have
    surprised the WT a lot 🙂 other than that a great game! And a lot better
    than I’ve ever done…. ;)

  90. omg 6 E-75s in that battle 4 on enemie team.

  91. Thomas Bresciani

    No stream? 

  92. +QuickyBabyTV Also QB since you were talking about the differences between
    the AMX50 120 and the 50B, it’s worth mentioning that the 50B has much
    better depression and elevation (both were horrible on the 50 120) and so
    makes the 50B that extra bit more flexible :)

  93. He didn’t get a profit from the game.His premium consumables didn’t
    automatically resupply, so the resupply cost for those were 0 as supposed
    to 60000. He would have lost 11k for resupplying those.

  94. Congrats on Graduating QB!!! ^_^

  95. Congrats on your graduation!

  96. oh babe you break my heart tonight!

  97. Very good gameplay quickybaby i lové it 🙂

  98. why he didnt took arty its the most dangerous class in wot such a faggot^^

  99. Congratulations Quickybaby on your graduation! Well done sir.

  100. Hey qb, it will be very wonderful if you could do a IS review. Just hope if
    you reply…or even read this :<

  101. Very stupid play in the end

  102. Ok, look Quicky, you really have to say when it’s going to be a heartbreak,
    this is not the first time. I am really happy to see people playing like
    this next to many many many noobs, and I’m like “look, another good player
    is carrying his team” and then somebody kills him. I am dissapionted after
    something like this and I am fucked sooo… yeah. Just pls put it in the
    title next time…

  103. What a poor decision there..

  104. Waffellltrrrrägerrrrr auf E-100….. i love it^^ Yeah, i know its
    Waffenträger, but it Sounds so nice :)

  105. Legion The Comrade

    I love that people keep shooting the hull of this thing. Probably the best
    hull of any tank in the game with upper and lower taken into account.

    • Legion The Comrade

      Oooh I completely forgot about that.
      Yep, VK B takes it.

    • +Legion The Comrade After the buffs, think that the VK B takes it. 200mm
      ultra angled lower plate with no weakspot 200mm upper at a good angle makes
      that thing a demon to take out if they keep wiggling the turret at medium

    • Legion The Comrade

      +SamboDaHambo _
      Gotta keep myself covered with “probably.” 😛

    • Richard Gustafsson

      For being that fast it’s awesome

    • +Chauncy Popperstein Technically due to the 50b’s angled frontal hull its
      got more equivalent then IS-7 and even E-100 in some cases, but yes,
      definitely not the best hull, but it can still pull some amazing
      bounce…straight into the turret (for me anyways)

  106. Chris Diepstraten

    I fell the screen is starting to get a bit too cluttered. Has the map got
    larger or is it just me?

  107. Shame he didn’t win. But from these battles, you learn. So it wasn’t
    totally a lose

  108. you probably didnt know babuin means gorrila in romanian

  109. time to get a real job qb lol congrats on graduation

  110. Ouch the heartbreak.

    I think trying to cross the street against *that* tank, with its aim time
    and accuracy was only gonna end badly though. :/

  111. Arcan power

  112. the misplay was that he went down the hill towards his base at the end. He
    should have went down the other way around, then he would have had more
    options to flank the WT E100

    • +ProDesignHd Yeah, that was my thought also when I watched the video.But,
      if I was the guy playing I probably would have been pumped up witch so much
      adrenalin that I would have made the same thing. It is one thing to watch a
      game on youtube and another to be the one who has to carry.

    • lol my thoughts… What are you doing!?!? that will ruin your win!?!?!!?!?

    • Exactly what I thought. as I watched this I almost had the tendency to
      scream at my phone

    • Agreed

  113. Quickybaby do a stream :p

  114. O batalie in care doar norocul l-a tinut in viata, atat! O gramada de
    momente demne de un jucator cu 47% Win Rate, nu 57%. Oricum, Babuin asta e
    probabil la al 3-4-lea cont pe care il are si joaca doar cu tancurile
    “bune”, asa fac mai toti din ARCAN. Apropo, stati departe de cei din ARCAN,
    sunt cei mai jegosi jucatori romani din WoT, cei care vorbesc cel mai urat
    si ii injura pe toti cei care nu se ridica la “valoarea lor”. Asta daca
    murea acolo pe deal la inceput de runda (cand s-a dus kamikaze peste 4
    tancuri inamice) ii injura pe toti din echipa lui ca nu l-au ajutat :))

    • +Andreas Sonne lasa-ti nickname-ul

    • +Gamerul Roman Uuuuu, depasit numeric! Am destule medalii Kolobanov :)) Am
      avut o parere si mi-am exprimat-o, nu trebuie sa va placa voua si nu
      trebuie sa raspundeti. Puteti sa treceti peste, dar vad ca va roade, ceea
      ce e foarte amuzant! 🙂

    • Ba prostule esti depasit numeric las-o balta!Tipul chiar daca unele miscari
      au fost proaste tot a dat peste 10000 dmg!Si nu am intalnit pana acum
      niciun om din clanul asta si joc de 2 ani dar nu e logic sa-i judeci pe
      toti din clan pentru 2 sau 3 care te-au injurat pe tine

    • +Claudiu Tanasescu Te-ai descris pe tine in comentariul asta :))

    • Claudiu Tanasescu

      +Andreas Sonne Haters gonna hate ! Esti penibil omule(sau mai bine spus
      copile). E atat de mare frustrarea ta incat a trebuit neaparat sa pui un
      comentariu de cacat(e normal, venit din partea unei persoane de acelasi
      fel) si sa arati tuturor romanilor cat de infect poti fii ca om. Esti
      PE-NI-BIL !

  115. Should 

  116. Hould i get the is 6 or the t34 what is better

  117. I want this tank so bad :)

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      get your self a t57 heavy….its fast enough id say better gun, its faster
      reload clip and interval between shots. and troll armor

  118. Hmm , this does confirm my beliefs that the grind through the 50 120 is
    worth it , i am struggling with it greatly.. Any tips for it would be grand

  119. I think he made a mistake by the end. What i think he should have done is
    going down the hill on the enemy side and go around the wt auf e100
    probably wouldnt have expected that

  120. good vid as always 🙂 tnx u made my day

  121. PanzerKampfWagen X

    That ending was painful to watch

  122. This is a HEARTBREAK

  123. Why are you calling the Waffle and Death Star by their actual name? XD

  124. he killed bosnian


    I want that tank now

  126. Dammit


  127. Hey quicky, I really like my SP I C because if I get a good team, I usually
    do over 720 damge per game, my secret? Play it like a medium tank, the gun
    is very big, I killed a FV215B 183 in it today

  128. Shouldof gone down the other side of the hill

  129. QB that’s our romanian flag , not France’s flag

  130. Young Pain (RICH KING)

    My heart broke when babuin died, excellent game man

  131. Romanian players ftw!
    Babuine, respect man.

  132. I have this unlocked. I just don’t have anywhere near the credits. Also
    unfortunately no discount for 50B on NA server, On Track is the Foch 155.

  133. This is only on the EU server? Damn, I’m nearly at the 50 100

  134. Iam still on the ARL 44.. Can anybody give me some tips how to grind it

    • +DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee tiger 2 one of the best tier 8 heavies? show me your
      stats, tomato, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      eerrrh frontal plates???? realy the french dont even know what armor is.
      and the autoloader stats are average it isnt great

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      how is an auto loader with bull shit armor 50 sec reload on its autloader
      big ass size average gun performance and low dpm one of the best tier8
      best is the classics and thats tiger2 is3 110 and t32.
      the cearnarvon amx 50 100 are just average….they do not excel in any area.

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      dca 45 isnt very accurate….its 0.36 its just above average. good accuracy
      is 0.34

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      the french heavys are cursed…..they are sooo fuckin ugly looking every
      one of them…..they dont excel in any catergory wethers its armor speed
      firepower….there autoloaders arent even unique anymore as the american
      line as a whole is just much better

  135. congrats on finishing your graduation qb :). Ceep your good work up mate

  136. Fuck polacks

  137. Just want to point out. Graduating is no guarantee of success. I love QB
    and Jingles and they are both great. Is it a port to financial success? No.
    Only the likes of the awful pweee de who cares makes masses of money. I’d
    prefer QB and Jingles to take that. But – it’s not down to qb’s geography

  138. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    If he went from the other side and got spotted and got back from the other
    side (while not spotted) he could’ve won :/

  139. Hi quickybaby! Have you heard of vessel? Its really worth checking out. Its
    similar to youtube, but much much more organized and very nice. I think you
    should check it out!

  140. Nice, i really feel sorry for him ..

  141. x ImageBreaker x

    My heart skipped a beat at 4:18

  142. when does he stream? in east coast time?

  143. i need guide for amx 50 100 lol…

    • Nan laisse tomber tu ne connait pas mais +DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee le connait et
      moi aussi 😉

    • Christophe Loiret

      quoi aizen ???

    • Aizen ? you play WOT ? xD

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      the amx50 100 is an average tank… realy.
      its long as 50 second reload on its top gun will place u in the secondary
      if ur top tier try not to trade with your hp as amx does have low hp for a
      tier8 heavy so if ur planing on going into frontline battles go with an is3
      tiger2. go with tiger2 because it has armor and goodROF gun so he can pin
      down tanks and you can clip him.

    • Christophe Loiret

      +TheLegend je suis toujours gentil :'(

  144. Hey QB what are you thoughts on the KV-220 and is it worth £20?

  145. Great video! That lasts little bit after he’s done talking is pretty

  146. clicker noobs, E75 can shot 1 time and amx did 1600 dmg in the same time,

    • +† Masterhp † It doesn’t say that on mine…maybe your settings are for the
      wrong time zone? I don’t know :)~

    • † Masterhp †

      +Lonesome Son Question: Why does your comment say that it has been posted
      at 11:04 when it’s 12:08?

    • +Norbertos33 Two of the E75s literally ignored the AMX…they deserved to
      die. The other two didn’t play particularly badly, but they were caught in
      rather compromising positions.

      The really big thing to remember though is that Babuin29 has like 40k
      battles and is a great, experienced player who goes high tier most of the
      time. You try jumping in that AMX and show us a replay this good…ain’t
      gonna happen bud.

    • † Masterhp †

      +Norbertos33 You can’t fix stupid people. They just like their op tanks.
      Such ignorance, much wow.

    • lol this replay was on himmelsdorf, nobody sits on open field but hopefully
      u saw that they had no chance to kill this amx because they shot one and

  147. Congratulations on your graduation Quicky :)

  148. He should have just gone up the A-line road to shoot the waffle. The waffle
    was tunnelvisioned on the B-line which shows he could shoot him from the A
    line and then go back and shoot from the B-line.

  149. hey QB. what the time you online twitch?

  150. Yeah,the AMX 50 B is cool,but everything before it,is just…
    -B1,no comment,same league like the AMX 40 and the M3 Lee
    -BDR, was actually very fun to drive it,because of its nice punching gun
    -ARL 44, too,used even the 165/300 and not the 214pen-gun because on T6 165
    penetration is enough when you know where to shoot
    -AMX M4 45,the one I have at the Moment and..we are back with the bad
    no Armor,very big, not as mobile as you might have wished and the gun
    is..mediocre..212 pene okay,but outside of that..only 240 damage, long aim
    time,0,36 accuracy,could have been better and very long reload in
    Comparison to the Tiger-Gun
    I’m very curious about the AMX 50 100 when the Autoloader-Gun will finally
    compensate for my bad armor…

    • It gets worse with the amx 50 100. thats where I gave up with the 56sec
      reload 🙁

    • +Colonel Radec I’ll admit, I forgot to consider that tank when writing my
      previous comment… however, while they share the similarity of higher
      alpha damage than regular AP rounds… they’re not exactly the same. IMO
      The SU-100Y is essentially it’s own category, as the *worse* penetration
      (as opposed to better in the case of the french apcr rounds) technically
      makes it riskier to use them. This means that in random battles an SU-100Y
      driver can encounter enemy tanks that they’ll need to shoot regular AP at
      (thus sacrificing that extra bit of alpha damage) in order to ensure a
      penetration, whereas an AMX M4 45 driver’s one and only excuse to fire AP
      instead of APCR is to save credits.

    • +ChromeHomura The SU-100y has the same premium rounds. AP with less
      penetration and higher alpha.

    • +TheMaleLynn The AMX M4 45 is terrible… unless you’re willing to throw a
      metric fuckton of credits at it. The APCR rounds on the 100mm gun have
      higher alpha dmg, a quality no other tank in the game possesses (aside from
      the British HESH tanks) With the application of vents/coffee in addition to
      the standard rammer (and/or a crew with the Brothers in Arms perk) the
      gun’s fastest possible reload will actually allow you to outperform some
      dude in an IS who doesn’t have all of those things… In other words, the
      tank can actually shine compared to the other tier 7 heavies, but it costs
      an extra million or so credits in order to achieve that level of
      performance, never mind having to own an FCM 50T in order to train the crew
      to such a level :v

    • +macdam11 yeah..and how do you do damage with that Potato gun?!-.-

  151. autoload is great machine but when battle i think 1 shell with short load
    time is better

  152. Fridolin Kringelbach

    100th like!!!

  153. quick and monster gun… and you team mates drive between you and your
    target just when you aim is done. close call to 5 times on this video….

  154. jacob entertainment

    at 1:45 once you hear “shave your poo” or “shave our poo” there is no going

  155. Hiiiiiiii quickybaby do you know when will is-7 be top of the tree?????

  156. I personally do not like autoloaders as they cannot (in my opinion) keep
    the enemy in front of them all the time, normal cannons can keep firing and
    therefore the enemy cannot advance or it will get shot at

  157. Archie Bold (ArchieBo1d)

    Nice video keep it up

  158. I feel like auto loaders are only good if you can dictate the terms of
    engagement. They are super deadly the longer they survive in a battle
    because the other tanks will start to become one clips.

    I think auto loaders are a little more effective on lights and Meds rather
    than heavies. 

  159. Noice (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  160. First

  161. The AMX 50 B is currently “Top of the Tree”. Babuin29 shows us how to play
    the “Heavy Assassin” in this MONSTER round!

  162. What do you guys think of autoloaders and their capabilities to carry? No
    livestream today as I’m attending my graduation ceremony!

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