World of Tanks || AMX 50 Foch (155) – 12 KILLS…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Here is Malacore of the obliterating the opposition with his T10 Destroyer the AMX 50 Foch (155)!

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World of Tanks is a online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. QuickyBabyTV ,what headset are you using? :D

  2. Andrew Martinez

    The Amx 50 Foch (155) is my most played tier 10 i like the tank for its
    camouflage values and 155 auto-loading cannon.

  3. Now that’s what I would call a youtube worthy replay. It’s just INSANE.

  4. Dat Is-8 😛 Can’t you report people like that??

  5. Good work QB. This video was really good

  6. Why would you play a tier 10 without 6th sense?

  7. I love how you say “Waffenträger auf E100” xD

  8. So my theory was true about the RNG for TOMATO, as we can see, many noobs,
    like is8 and T110E5 shot from clutch shot to him and penetrate all the
    time, when a 62a unicum with heat directly in a weak spot didn’t pen.

    So my theory is if you are a tomato, you get better rng.

  9. Wtb that guys RNG! Seriously i wish my shots were as lucky as this guy’s

  10. jeffrey mcfadden

    I am mcfadden314, in this battle. notice at the end I got the t54e1. You
    can hear my m53 go boom. would he have pulled this off without this kill?
    The enemy attacked the base, I made it out with 1 hit, and was forced to
    go td mode from then on. I remember this game. good for him. I followed
    along with him, it was nail biting.

  11. no 60fps?? :'(

  12. R.I.P Foch 155 the nerf bat hit you hard my son.

  13. Well played. Good job. Nice skill there against less than intelligent
    opponents but well played.

    Utterly useless tank imho. Was never op in the first place. I dont think it
    needed a nerf and it was balanced but now it is worthless. Anyone who knows
    what they are doing will annihilate this tank in almost any situation.

    T57 heavy. 50b. Batchat. Wt e100. All of which easily outclass a foch 155.
    Now the rarest tier 10 in the game. Even rarer than tanks like the 113,
    121, obj 263, maus, obj 430. WG fucked up as usual and they dont want to
    admit it so they won’t buff it again. 

  14. What an incredibly huuuuge mega CARRY! Starting with a beginner´s IS-8
    drowned, dishing out 17 penetrations (“one by one by one” as QB would say),
    ammo racked but finally even getting the last arty, that was really great!
    I liked that he didn´t camp on the 1st position, that he went back to
    defend the base and how he managed to shoot so efficiently.

  15. 0:25 You’ve featured this tannk many times on your channel lol

  16. TheMusicFanForEver77

    OMG this guy must be RNGesus himself… or Stalin… or Chuck Norris.
    All the shots hit the target even when he did not even aim there 😀 GG

  17. Montenegro Boys

    I love Foch but i hate when i get ammo racked 😛 I still can’t believe that
    malacore won this game :)

  18. great game, but not possible in 9.7 due to the amount of clutch shots he

  19. Still Periferic

    It’s not incredible is just pure luck ( enemy team noobs)

  20. LovesPunchingBabies

    +QuickyBabyTV quickybaby could I suggest less descriptive video titles for
    these intense replays? the title is “12 kills”, so when it comes down to a
    1V5 and he has 7 kills a little math takes a lot of the suspense out of it.
    I’d really like to not know beforehand whether we’re looking at an epic win
    or a heartbreak so we can be right there in the suspense with yourself and
    the players.

  21. Christian Wertti

    “taking out an entire tank inside a T21” either I misheard, or sumthin is

  22. 2 gir.. kills! 1 cu.. kill! eh?

  23. quickybaby did you know you are the 420 th best wot player in the world and
    sirfoch is the 42th!

  24. probablyasleepLoL

    in the offchance you see this.. im still banned from like a year ago when i
    literally just put to words what Ike said “qsf tomato lol”, which stopped
    me from watching your channel since I can’t interact with people.. name is
    ctrain46 on twitch please unban <3

  25. EmperorNefarious1

    people always use there repair kits for their tracks to generously, then
    pay the consequences later. he played great but that repair kit use on his
    tracks when he was relatively safe could have cost him.

  26. Really good tank,always wanted it,also wanted you QB to do a review on
    it,it will be very helpful

  27. QuickybabyTV, I was so close from getting a Kolobanov’s medal in a matilda
    I end up getting a draw at the end of the game and I was 1 Vs 7 and I
    killed 10 tanks that game on serene coast and I ran out of time to find the
    last guy (he was in a birch gun arty).

  28. Quickybaby, when will you release the XVM modpack for 9.8?

  29. You’re wrong, it’s not the slower time to realod in WoT 🙂 Try to reload
    with a B-C 155 58 ammo racked ;)

  30. I want to know why it was that the Foch was even platooned with those
    guys… their stats weren’t good, nor were they in the same clan – and
    meanwhile he has amazing stats.

  31. I retired my Foch 155, the nerfs it received are just too much. fuck you

  32. Martin himmelsköld

    Great replay!

    Can you do a review or future a game with the chinese tier 10 113? 🙂
    Regards from sweden! 

  33. +QuickyBabyTV , when will the XVM 9.8 update video come out? thanks :)

  34. Samuli Vainionpaa

    I drove this on test server and i noticed that having 5 seconds of silence
    between your shots can become a problem. Because its hard to kill enemy as
    he pulls back when first shot lands in and i cant do nothing about it,
    because i cant get new shot into chamber fast enough..

  35. can you please make some more quick tank reviews. i loved them very much
    and enjoyed the ones where you also showed the not so good matches in the
    tanks aka the tortoise… thanks

  36. Anonymous Hello

    Do a review of this tank pls!!!

  37. I love this tank!!

  38. tier 10 with no 6th sense???

  39. RNJesus was truely smiling onto Malacore this match. As any player that has
    played the Foch155 for more than 150 battles can tell you that normally
    from each 3 round clip at least 1 shot will be a “0 damage hit” or tracking
    shot meaning you only do 1500 damage per 3 round clip on average.
    To have his gun function so blessedly through the whole match was a delight
    to watch.

    Besides that snapshotting with the Foch(155) usually does not work at all,
    this gun is atrocious when not fully aimed even at point blank range.

    I’ve played 220 matches in mine, have a 63% win ratio (solo) in it and can
    tell you moments like this hardly ever happen. It used to be a great TD but
    then WG went completely overboard with the nerfs of this tank taking away
    it’s engine, it’s gun stats, 100 damage per shot AND nerfing the armour.
    Since then I’ve rarely played it because it’s simply pretty average at the

    Very entertaining match to watch but sadly tank performance like this is as
    rare as a fish piloting a helicopter.

    • +Cobra6 Gaming Fish piloting helicopters aren’t that rare. You need to say
      as rare as rocking horse s***

    • +Gary Zhang
      Yeah sorry, should have remembered ^_^

    • +Cobra6 Gaming Saying it is average is being nice. Please be honest and say
      it is borderline terrible. Actually, I would go so far as to call it the
      worst T10 TD, because aside from the horrid excuse for an autoloader, it
      really has nothing going for it anymore. In a TD you want alpha, armor, gun
      handling, or a combination of the three more than anything else. While I
      can reliably rip shit apart in my jagde100 in just about any match I play,
      at any distance and against any target, I cannot do fuckall in the sad
      excuse for a tank called the Foch, and is why it collects dust along with
      several other T10’s

  40. Was the Tank OP? Hell yeah! Did WG overnerf it? Yeah. Just give it 100
    horsepower, a bit more armour on weakspots and cut the reload between shots
    by about half a second.

  41. Tuomas Heikkinen

    I remember when I was driving The with couple of Amx 13 90’s. We were
    nearly at enemy base but then waffenträger appeared and boom, boom, boom!
    Killed me and 13 90’s with one shot each one. 

  42. That was pretty epic. I don’t like fighting those things.

  43. Damn that was impressive

  44. Well after seeing this video you may think well the Foch isn’t that bad.

    It is. Here he had cover to rld quite safely for even 90 seconds! No one
    ambushed him while he was rlding, no one did circle him. And most
    importantly, he hit EVERY shot. Every shot! Not a single bounce, miss or
    hit to track. That usually doesn’t happen with Foch at all and it is very
    This was a the ideal game for the Foch, usually it is much worse. 

    • If you can’t make 293 pen go in 95% of the time, why even bother playinh

    • +newman8r45 Sure, it is easy to get 95% in if you only fire fully aimed
      shots at still (not super heavy) tanks that are within 300m of you.
      However, if you actually played the game, you would know that sometimes you
      have to fire more hasty shots, and that the Foch 155 has a terrible gun
      handling, and a very narrow gun arc.

    • +newman8r45 Your shots won’t always go where you aim them. Frankly, dude in
      this replay had quite a bit of luck with his accuracy RNG.

    • +newman8r45 Even fully aimed at 200m, the dispersion circle still allows
      for shots to go underneath tanks, as they are still part of the circle.
      This tank, WILL miss those at least 1/3 of the time, because WG balancing.

  45. How does one not have sixth sense on tier X td and who uses camo net on
    Foch? Murican bobs.

  46. I have the foch very changling and trying to play it and be shot by arti so
    prtended to be afk becase 4 arti only shooting at me and have six sence and
    still get shoot blindly in the open so yea and can’t make money 4 k damage
    on a win but 1 final arti shot put me at less than 100 hp at the end of the

  47. Braden Gerbrandt

    How do you toggle free roam camera on 2ot replays?

  48. Never had much troubles shooting at the Foch 155 in my 121 and FV4202 up to
    about 500 or some meters. Beyond that, I don’t even bother trying to shoot
    at it because the armor it has which pretty much bounces all medium tank

    Getting hit by the Foch 155 is more devastating than the WT E 100. While
    the WT E 100 does have a higher total damage done, it’s done in intervals
    of 500~ damage whereas the Foch 155 slams you for over 800 damage. It’s the
    3rd scariest thing to get hit by. 1st and 2nd being the Deathstar (FV215b
    (183)) and Jg. Pz. E100 respectively.

    In a fog of war battle, unless you can see your target, it’s mind games til
    you get slammed by a huge tank destroyer.

  49. Evan Ireland (Commando5017)

    hey QB (or anyone else) what tank line should I start on (I have a few
    lines I have either completed or have gotten far on) I am just looking for

    • +Evan Ireland if you are a new player, you may go for russian heavys…
      they are the most noob friendly tanks in the game by far

    • Evan Ireland (Commando5017)

      yeah I had been using them (even though I wouldn’t call myself a noob…
      I’ve played this game a lot) they are very fun. I haven’t tried the mediums
      yet, are the normal ones better or are the rear turreted ones?

    • +Evan Ireland
      in russian medium go for t34 (tier 5), a43 (tier 6), a44 (7), object416
      (8), t54 (9), and object140 or t62a either way in tier 10, they are quite
      fun and reliable.
      high tier american mediums are mediocre, but tier 5, 6 and 8 are good
      the grind to the french meds is quite bad, but in tier 9 and 10 they are
      very good
      british are good but tier 10 is dissapointing (fv4202) and tier 9
      (centurion 7/1) is very situational
      chinese meds are ok, big heavy tank guns on fast tanks, but no accuracy or
      gun depression whatsoever
      japanese meds are horrible up to tier 7, then they are quite nice
      german meds are not great, but both tier 10 are quite good, very different

    • Evan Ireland (Commando5017)

      I’m starting on the Brit line… trying for the 7/1

  50. Grant Warburton

    Anyone else notice how quikybaby never mentions the top gun medal in the

  51. He didn’t need to use his repair kit earlier, as irpt was clear, and it was
    just his tracks

  52. Wow just wow ammo racked and all :o

  53. “No cap kill all” is the sole reason why he won that game. Bunch of
    tomatoes should have put pressure on him by capping. Instead they fed him
    kills for no reason whatsoever, and he skillfully accepted their bountiful
    gifts. He had nice situational awareness and pulled off some impressive
    clutch shots, but let’s be honest: against opponents with more than 3 brain
    cells between the five of them, he’d definitely have lost.

    This replay is a great example for what it takes to get kill counts like
    this: skill, situational awareness, a shitty enemy team, an even shittier
    own team, and RNGsus’s blessing that your clutch shots hit and pen and
    theirs don’t. Any of those do not apply, and you’ll not see a scoreline
    like this one.

  54. normal situation : enemy group up and rush city and rape 155 in a minute.
    super lucky shit situation : enemy come to a 155 one by one with lower than
    800health and wait for his 90sec reload and go feed 155 again.

    i really wish i could hv this kind of luck

  55. AttackPenguin666

    In the WG devs office: “eh, look at this! This Foch 155 TD is still OP!
    Ehh, I reckon a nerf is in order. Good one, that!” “Eh, what’s that you
    say? IS-7? Isn’t a Russian tank?” “Yes, Sir!” “Well quick man buff it! BUFF
    THE B*TCH!

  56. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    didnt quickybaby have a similare game like this in his batchat 257?

  57. Is3 is a 44% baddie. *facepalm*

  58. You don’t give tier 10 TD’s these glaring weakspots unless it has a turret.
    Foch155 fires it’s 9th shell, a T110E3 fires its 8th shot, and then the
    Foch has to start reloading again while 2 more ring out of the E3. With so
    many anti-sniper maps this tank is now only a support and ambusher.

  59. 1:30 I run on low quality graphics and it becomes really difficult, if not
    impossible, to see that passageway on low graphics. I can see how the IS-8
    missed the pathway there.

  60. your the best

  61. That su-14-2 probably gambled that the foch 155 is reloading by coming
    around the corner. It just looks like a stupid play because he was wrong,
    but I would’ve done the same thing. I rather catch it while it’s vulnerable
    than wait for him to reload and obliterate me.

  62. Ashley Thompson

    That sideshow that you pointed out was the range finder

  63. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    “HMS IS-8” ROFL that broke me when QB said that! XD

  64. here ı am trying to play my fv215b. ı hit e-100 lower plate-no penetration,
    ı hit cheeks of maus-no penetration, ı hit side of IS-7 (90 degrees) and
    bounce? ı try to sidescrape (not more than 8 degrees) and ı still take
    damage, getting hit at upper plate-penetration, getting hit at
    turret-penetration (ı managed to take 2 hits at turret with top tier t29
    too…) ı try to sidescrape- get rekt by arty. ı try to stay back and
    snipe-ı bounce or miss even when ı fully aim. When ı was at Caernarvon
    everything was perfect. ı was making 4k+ damage almost %90 of the games and
    bouncing-absorbing damage with sidescrape or super turret. Am ı the only
    one who thinks fv215b is bad? Also ı heard about chieftain replacing fv?
    what is it or when?

    • +Jerfi Ceylan And what do you (Caernavon Master) think of the Conqueror
      The Chieftain will replace it. But no body knows when. You get the usuall
      bullshit answers from WG like: ”when it’s done it’s done, or: ”it will
      come in future patches”. WG messed up badly somewhere, I don’t think it
      will come this year, maybe 2016, but probably in 2017

    • +SirDigsALot90 caernarvon>conqueror>fv215b ı think

  65. why are there suddenly no comments?

  66. dat super long drum reload tho

  67. bringingtherukas

    XVM should show 2 different winning Percentages. One winning% should be
    when you play alone in a random battle, another winning% when you are
    platooned in a random battle. Reckon there would be a massive difference
    for some players and you would get a better idea of a players actual skill

  68. on top it’s a rangefinder QB!

  69. Ur Kryptoknight

    there was a shttr on his team XD

  70. AMX foch 155 has benn downgraded a lot. 5 seconds per shot and 47 seconds
    of long reloading time make this tank really hard to get 12kills.
    I strongly suggest upgrade the foch 155 either from the aiming time or from
    the reload time per shot.

  71. that tank needs a better reload to be more competitive

  72. Well I must say that despite the heavy needs to it it is still a fantastic
    tank. I think that you have to play a lot more intelligently than you did
    previously as the nerfs have made it an awful lot less forgiving to drive.
    However a TD is mainly about the gun and the gun works perfectly with pen
    well above the WT making it still competitive and great when you play it
    right. Wargaming will have to hit it a lot harder to obsolete it. All in
    all still a great tank in skilled hands-nice replay thanks for the
    entertainment QB

  73. They really need to buff the Foch 155 then cause the WT E 100, debatable,
    is still a lot better, and they only Nerf one shell out of the clip but
    still reduce the reload time, and the Foch 155 gets a beat down, seems a
    bit unfair don’t you think?

  74. HMS IS8 lol

  75. +QuickyBabyTV I believe the piece on top of the Foch you were confused
    about is a rangefinder. I could be wrong but I believe that’s what it is

    • +Dfault You’re correct. There are lenses and prisms at each end of the tube
      and it uses parallax to calculate range. Works on the same principle as the
      “ears” you see on a T29 upgraded turret.

    • +kvineyard but on the T29 they aren’t part of the hitbox

    • +agbrenv True – but we were talking about the function of the rangefinder
      in real life. In Wargaming fantasyland you can kill a Foch 155 by pumping
      rounds into its rangefinder but not a T29. In reality you probably wouldn’t
      aim at any tanks rangefinder and expect to kill it.

    • +agbrenv The sides of the rangefinder (like what you see on the T29) are
      not part of the hitbox on the AMX 50. The hitbox is the cupola that is
      between the two rangefinders.

    • +osurulz2010 oh, ok thanks, didn’t know that, haven’t met too many of those
      tanks yet, I mainly play at tier 5 to tier 8

  76. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    saw this on twitch

  77. I don t know why wargaming nerf too much this tank …

  78. If he had not of used his repair kit to fix his tracks (which were already
    almost fully repaired and he was not in immediate danger), he would have
    been able to fix his ammo rack

  79. how the foch could spot the arty????
    another replay praised as heroic, but if you really watch what happends
    here.. its a server decision ;-)

  80. Brendan Underhill


  81. QB you should play the t30…

  82. I pretty sure wg is adding the t58 heavy which has a 6 shot 155mm auto

  83. at 10:25 when the arty came out behind cover was not foolish at all. He
    assumed the foch was reloading especially after shooting the light tank and
    the e5. Foch made the right choice not to reload there, but if he did the
    arty’s play would’ve won him the game.

  84. Tier X without SS? WTF

  85. Marko Podbrežnički

    Just give back 200 hp and its all good :D

  86. Amazing gameplay!!! Nice job Malacore

  87. Florin Buleandra

    Notice me SENPAI!

  88. i am playing wot a long time…but i have NEVER seen such a lucky guy in
    this game. i play the foch155 for myself and i know exactly, how its gun is
    crap in such situations. even if you are fully aimed, fochs gun has lowest
    accuracy compared to its accuracy on paper. what i want to say is, that the
    fochs gun has worst distribution of shots in RNG in the whole game! and you
    can see this in the game. there are some shots, who got VERY far away from
    middle of the aim circle and just because of that, he hit the enemy. 75% of
    the shots in this game can be declared as luckshot. i am sorry, but its the
    foch 155 got nerfed to death with that updated some time ago. hardly weaker
    engine, worse armor everywhere, 100 less alphadmg and whats the worst: his
    top speed backwards has been nerfed to about 15km/h or some. that is WORSE
    THAN MAUSES! if you have empty clip and want to go backwards behind a house
    or some, you are f*cked up, because the cant really drive backwards anymore.
    so in conclusion: the foch 155 is now just a piece of crap, its gun is
    hardly trolling, it is NOT fast anymore like it was some time ago and so
    this replay is the most luckiest game in world of tanks i have ever seen!
    (but nevertheless it was very good game)

    • +Paul Steinert as someone who has played the French TD line, would you say
      that the French TD line is one of the worst tank lines in the game?

  89. You want to know what i think about the foch 155?
    I think that i really dont want to meet one when its got a full clip

  90. And here we have the HMS IS8

  91. Nice video QB 

  92. +QuickyBabyTV Believe it or not, there’s a difference between a magazine
    and a clip. A magazine, stripped to the basics, is a metal box that
    contains the cartridges, pushing them by use of a spring into the chamber
    or breech of the barrel. A clip is a strip of metal shaped like a 3 but
    without the middle section. This holds onto the rims of the cartridge while
    they are pushed into an internal, non removable magazine (except for
    cleaning/maintence) by thumb. Stripper Clips are mostly used in bolt-action
    rifles, such as the Mosin Nagant and M1 Garand. Using the wrong terminology
    is a major pet peeve among the gun community. You may want to start calling
    clips magazines in the future…

  93. How long does an ammoracked Bat Chat tier 10 artillery reload it’s clip?

  94. Wow, never seen foch gameplay, now I want it.

  95. You got to love this things side armor… well as long as you dont play the
    tank XD

  96. quicky = still a cunt to shit players

  97. Well, there’s some incentive to grind out the ARL v39.

  98. Valentin Petrovitsch

    the dmg was too nerfed form 850 to 750

  99. 93sec. reload lol. Lucky guy

  100. I am going up this line right now. Since the nerf, no one plays these
    anymore evidently. It was nice to see that those folks are wrong. Fantastic

  101. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Yeah 12 kills in something as stupidly OP as the Foch 155 55 is SO
    impressive isn’t it…

  102. The horizontal bar on the Foch is a coincidence range finder.

  103. please do a review in the 59-16 please!!

  104. Anton Hagström

    why have you stopt doing reviwes?

  105. 6:09 What happened there is that IS8 shot his MG cupola and then shot
    bounce in side of that view port. Crazy!!! Simillar stuff happened in one
    video on my channel.

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      What’s sad is that face on, it’s impossible to hit a marker onto an object
      parallel next to it with an armor bounce

      Your comment makes sense, but wg messed the bounce mechanic shot
      registration up

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      Btw, if you want to fight, let’s go 🙂

      Retard? I do believe that’s an offensive word, although I’m not sure how
      your dyslexic vocabulary expands so far into a whole 6 letter term 🙂

    • +TheBlazinAsian XIV I didn’t say you are retard, i gently asked you, are
      you! You should learn about tanks in game and in real world. Because even
      in real life bounce can go in 90 degrees from previous trajectory, or even
      bounce backwards(guns and rifles).

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      I’m not sure if you’re joking or not

      Grazing a cupola will not make the shell curve at 90 degrees……

    • I just today bounce shot like that, and i have in one video on my channel
      similar stuff like on this video

  106. 9:47 that shot is just… -.-

  107. Leatheredneck na

    Refreshing change from the last replay. Well played

  108. i need 100k exp to unlock Foch155:3

  109. Rangefinder QB, that block on top of the tank is a rangefinder.

  110. Best Chicken Ever

    He is a friend French ! (I’m French) =D

  111. imagine a bc 155 55 ammo racked and loader dead… prob takes like 150+
    seconds :P

  112. dewd bitterdewd

    Foch 155… It used to be one of my favourite tanks, but the nerfs really
    crippled it. It’s logical that if a tank is overperforming, they nerf it in
    one of its parameters, but the 155 was nerfed in THREE! Gun, armor and
    mobility! Struggles to even keep up with the heavies sometimes, side armor
    gets overmatched by any gun of 120mm caliber or higher (so you can’t even
    angle it), it’s HUGE, you could literally land a Bf-109 on that airstrip on
    top of it! AND if it doesn’t aim, it just misses, point blank.
    I have mad respect for this guy, but yeah, he did get lucky, partly by
    hitting all of his shells and penning, and partly by having the artillery
    miss him all those times. And the RNGesus punished him by damaging his

  113. i once got a crucial contribution in my cromwell with only 146 dmg and 0
    kills, i have the most epic platoon mates ;)

  114. The average damage per shot was nerved by 100 and the reload time between
    shots was nerved as well.

  115. YEY!!! Arty getting rekt !!!

  116. idk how someone could play a TD, let alone at tier 10, without 6th sense.

  117. Foch 155 is still strong my first kolobanov’s and pools, loving the tank,
    don’t know why it gets alot of hate, just made this utube account because I
    didn’t have one before

  118. That final arty really blew it. He should have gone and capped too. They
    would have won. Not doing that he could have hidden away to try and shoot
    Malacore in the back when he came to their cap. Sitting there was useless.

    • +Feral Feline hes a deep red, what was you expecting lol
      he did like deep reds always do 😀

    • +Marcel Brh Not always. There are some who are trying to get better by
      thinking. But, alas, I think his thinking was that he would shotgun
      Malacore. Very bad place to do it from tho.

    • +Feral Feline in fact i could not imagine a worst spot in the whole map for
      him to be lol

  119. pls stop spoilering the video with the name 😀 i was just like yeah he will
    get the last arty…

  120. This game was nail-biting to say the least, especially just after he
    started reloading and the base capture timer was ticking down by a narrow
    margin, that was tense. His skills and decision making were excellent to
    boot. 10/10 gameplay by Malacore. :)

  121. I just got a t49 and I can’t get Xp to upgrade I use it a lot but I only
    have 127 Xp tell me some advice plz

  122. Good Game with 140ms

  123. dumb ass enemy team should of put someone on cap to force him to come out
    of the city

  124. Nice cancer hunting Kappa

  125. A couple streams ago you were playing in your Foch 155 and you started
    raging about how bad it was. It was on prokarovka and your camo wasn’t

  126. perfect example of misuse of repair kit

  127. WG buff the Foch 155 please. At least give us the 200 HP or the good
    frontal armour back! Just looking at tanks like The T110E3 or those russian
    TDs I have to say that the Foch is utterly underpowered now.

  128. @9:08 as CW arty player I tell you that 90% of players after useless juking
    of shot by going foward-backward, will go forward after 5 seconds (unspot

  129. North Korean General status achieved!

  130. Apparently aiming is for skilled players only.. (seriously like 1 fully
    aimed shot and still not missing or bouncing a shot)
    Also I dont get it why people are such cheap ***** and not use premium fire
    extinguishers on tier 10……

    About the tank who needs nerfs when you can have luck like him.

    • +DoubIeO A huge amount of players carry manual fire ex. because they are:
      a) cheap bastards b) overconfident in their quick-reacting firefighting
      skills + being a cheap bastard
      -this guy had no sixth sense (crappy crew), carried a manual fire ex. and
      had a camo net. and was still able to land all those snap shots with his
      French aim time and gun soft stats. This guy was super lucky and super cheap

  131. While I do own an Foch 155 and still play it, I have to be honest that I
    don’t play it nearly quite as much as I did before all the nerfs. Oh well,
    still an enjoyable tank, but yeah, you do need skill and map awerness to be
    able to play it good :)

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man You really never drove the
      Foch 155 before, it requires a lot of skill and the RNG factor is very hard
      on this tank, normaly your shots went all over the place but not where you
      want to hit unlike in the video. You would understand it if you played it
      some battles!

      Sure, the Tank was overpowered before he got nerfed, but they nerfed to in
      to much points. You lost your very great mobility, you lost your acceptable
      armor, you lost the alpha dmg like the other tier 10 TDs and with it the
      DPM, you lost 1 second between the shots and your gun is crazyly unaccurate
      with a long aimtime (3 sec.)! All in all, this Tank is not good anymore!
      And you only get penetrated because they dont nerfed his pen yet!

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man I hope you’re joking.


      +Yodaman598 youre retarded arent you? lil bitch

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +KuomoJK You know what I say to all the tier ten TD’s? You should have a
      tactical advantage, not a tank advantage.

      The gun was already the tipping point for the Foch, being able to clip
      things or remove all but a smidgen of their health is just ridiculous. Then
      it got armor that is completely impenetrable, then it got stupid mobility
      so it’s impossible to flank.

      Even WITH the nerfs this thing is broken. I have played the damn thing, and
      I got three topguns in a row, and my average damage over the 30 or so games
      I played, was 7K.

      I don’t give a shit what you say, this thing is over powered. Period.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Yodaman598 Nope, sorry.

  132. Michael Riabtsev

    It was before the nerv of the accuracy???

  133. jacco doevendans

    The toch is nerveus to hard

  134. The arty medal is the best medal. Foch 155 is only accurate when the blue
    moon comes out. 

  135. I know the people that disliked this video are circon and jedi 😛 

  136. It’s not a cupolar, it’s not a viewport, It’s a rangefinder!

  137. 0,5 speed rulez :D

  138. That was some tense gameplay; ammo racked and alone. 93 seconds of

  139. It was much worse before nerf. Foch 155 had biggest average WR in game for
    reasons and nerf was needed.
    From my point of view(i dont have Foch 155, but meet him in game), it is
    still very, very dangerous TD, even after nerfs. Just need to be played
    more carefully than before.

    • +Cyphi Sek Before the nerf, the Foch was an imbalanced joke. Ridiculous
      frontal armor with weakspots that were still easily able to bounce most
      guns on Tier 9 and even 10 along with high speed and mobility.
      Encountering a Foch before its nerf when you have been on your own was most
      of the time your death sentence, in my opinion it is quite fine at the
      moment. Maybe they should buff side armor a little bit, since the cupolas
      and the mg turret are easy to hit and penetrate.

    • +Colonel Radec No arguments here,especially for the “pre-nerf” Foch…Thing
      is,it met the destiny of most tanks that get nerfed by Wg: IT got
      absolutely overnerfed.
      The nerfs on speed and track traverse were pretty ok imo,that tank had the
      speed of a medium which was ridiculous…But that gun is ahhhh! PRETTY
      You tend to miss shots from 20m because of this damn rng….And there are
      few things in wot that hurt most than missing with a Foch 155….

    • +Cyphi Sek Pre-nerf Foch had the speed to get into position faster than
      medium tanks, it had the armor to bounce shots better than heavy tanks, it
      had the low profile to evade shots better than anyone, and it had the gun
      to completely wreck any tank in the game in several seconds.
      I think that when designing the Foch 155 WG employees were consuming the
      same shrooms as they were when they were designing artillery. I need to get
      my hands on that stuff. Seems to be some crazy shit.

    • +zorkan111 They also use that same shit to nerf tanks too. WG really likes
      to do some serious drugs when it comes to their balancing department. Hell,
      look at the FV4005 for example, the 121 or 113 compared to the 183, T62a
      and T110E5 respectively. Some are just straight better in about every
      category. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out some tanks are
      straight up worse, and buffing them SLIGHTLY to make them more competitive
      isnt exactly groundbreaking either.

      For example. increase the upper front plate of the 113’s armor by 10mm, and
      the lower by about 20mm. buff the side armor by 10mm. Remove the fact the
      tank catches on fire everytime someone shoots it and wallah, you have a
      good all round T10 heavy that is decently fast, has good enough armor but
      not great, and an OK gun too.

    • +Arais Demlant They should at least fix the broken spaced armor at the side
      of the 113.

  140. Think about the reload of the bc arty ammorakd xD

  141. If 3/5 of the enemy tanks werent arties on the kolobanovs medal i would be

  142. 2 kills -1 cup :)))

  143. The highest damage I have earned was in the pre-nerf Foch 155 on Komarin~
    8319. Basically, half of my team died pointlessly at the beginning of the
    match, and thanks to a combination of lemmings and a couple of decent
    players I was able to farm damage as they came at me one by one. I doubt I
    could repeat it, these days the Foch 155 has had a damage nerf, armor and
    mobility nerfs, etc.

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      You somehow remember the EXACT number huh

    • Josh Bloomfield

      +TheBlazinAsian XIV No one ever forgets their best game. My e75… 10944
      dmg. Well, if you’re a good enough player and you get that all the time,
      then you’ll forget. XD

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      I get 7-9ks every other day, so sorta :/

      My highest ever was only 9.8k in the jg pz tho, damn teammate stole my 10k

    • Josh Bloomfield

      +TheBlazinAsian XIV lol XD I really want a high damage game in my jageru…
      I get about 5k consistently with it, but I really want 10k. 🙁

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      Yea, I’m sitting at 98.6% marks, avrging 3.8k for my whole 500, and around
      4.5kish last 100, it’s simply easy to hit a tenk 4-5 times, and get uber
      unicum stets

  144. Watch this with subtitles lol

  145. Guys how many battles i need to play to have colour on XVM?

    • +Peter Melicher yeah no clan is gonna accept a reroll statpadder with some
      prem tanks xD

    • +Peter Melicher Rerolling account just to get to clan, cos your stats are
      bad? That is just lame…. How many battles did you have on your previous
      “yellow” account? I managed to get ~700 WN8, WR 50.2%, 5k battle account in
      about 6,5k battles to WN8 1.6k and WR almost 53%…
      Don’t care about stats, play for the win, try to be the difference maker
      for your team, with that your dmg goes up, your WR goes up, and as
      secondary effect, your stats will go up.

      Ow yea, and answer to you question… 1k battles i believe is a minimum for
      you to get XVM colour. GL with your super-unicum stats and getting a clan
      without any decent tier X. Hope the reroll will worth the money and time
      invested (and wasted on your previous account)

  146. Holy moly! This is truly a very great game with lots of skill and almost no
    luck!! GG WP

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +TheCassual “Wow, that last sentence. You do realize you described
      yourself?” You do realize how you sound remarkably like a child, right?

      Perhaps his grammar was right, also perhaps maybe I have such perfect
      grammar, it wasn’t good enough for me to understand? I’m not saying I have
      perfect grammar, I certainly don’t, but perhaps?

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man You are calling me a child
      when you yourself are arguing about grammar on the Internet? I’m not saying
      it’s childish or anything, but… well, it’s childish. Maybe we’re both
      little idiotic kids? How about that? We both lose. We’re both wrong. I
      think that’s a pretty good way to end this petty “argument”, eh?

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +TheCassual No, arguing about grammar in any situation is not childish.

      But sure, if you want to end this argument, go ahead.

    • +TheCassual OP was being sarcastic.

    • +JFskeezix 17 hits of 17 shots! the game uses RNG and there is alomost no
      luck ?? ^^

  147. Alone, in that situation and tank… and ammo racked? I would have probably
    just quit out to the garage or wot completely because obviously the
    universe was in hate me mode. But man… what a carry! He hung in there and
    gave me motivation to play my AC 48 (which I stopped bothering with when
    they nerfed the 50 155). Nicely done.. great replay.

  148. Godamnit quickt dont blame the IS dont everyone has a zoom mod

    • It can happen to normal players while they have been chased by enemies. But
      in this video actual battle wasnt even started. Also its not abou the zoom
      mod. Water effect qualit what makes the difference

    • +timpyrules i dont use any mods yet i never drowned myself by mistake like
      that xD

      I think some people needs to find a brain mod ;D

    • +Marcel Brh When playing on minimal graphics settings, it becomes alot
      harder to see if water is too deep, or not.

    • +Martijn Heil i played for 2 years in minimal graphics…

      as a human being who owns a brain, what would you do if you had to enter a
      river? Go full retard mode into or go slowly trying to find a path?

      Lots of good plays have crap computers as well dude, yet you dont see a
      purple player dying like that very often…

    • +Marcel Brh Me as well happened to me once because I couldnt see it and I
      assumed it was straight. Didnt happen after but withour knowing its pretty
      fucking hard to see. Also you cant afford to “go slow and find a path”
      since you fighting other fucking people

  149. Havent we seen this guy before?

  150. Fantastic play. I think that Foch 155 will always be popular)

    • +Shi Rai Well it’s not that popular at the moment (since the big nerf) and
      the whole line from Tier 6 upward is shit, so I don’t think it will make a
      comeback in popularity if they don’t change/re-balance the T10 or the whole
      shitty line. The line has overall the worst guns of any TD line in the game.

  151. that’s skill.

  152. Well, good play against not so good opponents. Early on they were throwing
    themselves away against all the tanks defending the cap. The rest was
    basically cleaning up. I guess the T110E5 didn’t know to zoom out a bit to
    see around the corner that he had turned away from him, otherwise he would
    have taken another hit. Somehow the arty had a great set up to ambush him
    as he came to reset the cap and still missed him. But that’s what it takes
    to get a great result.

  153. What a tons of luck this Foch155 had ! It’s has just no sens how lucky he
    was. So much succes shot, so much braindead ennemies, that’s ridiculous.
    It’s nearly impossible today to have such a great game with that kind of
    gameplay in Foch155.

  154. Is it just me I had a delay of about 5s

  155. How you get free camera? :)

  156. Spartakus112112

    why do you say evryone wants the kobanovs medal you can get it very easy
    playing arty in defend mode

  157. 13:50 it’s also lost 100 damage per shot, it used to do 850.

    • +EirikXL so did all the other TD’S with that caliber gun… but they got a
      RoF increase to compensate for it, the Foch didnt’t get anything :/

  158. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Despite the reload time this TD is still brutal. Congrats Malacore! :)

  159. Why a so devastating nerf on that tank? :(

  160. Meh, just the day I release a vidéo of a good game in foch you release an
    even better

  161. Again super video

  162. You need a better video intro man :)

  163. 2208 XP doesn’t seem like a lot for what he had to do.

  164. Itz amazing

  165. The Foch viewport only has a HP hit box in the centre. if you hit the outer
    parts of it you will only deal module damage.

  166. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Wow, 12 kills, Kolabanov, ammoracked Foch 50 (155) carry, this must’ve been
    the best replay you ever uploaded and certainly is the best replay I’ve
    ever seen :D

  167. that thing on top is a rangefinder QB. Quit an impressive piece of
    engineering in it’s time :)

  168. Tuomas Heikkinen

    This had been here about 30minutes

  169. Tuomas Heikkinen


  170. Good video QuickyBabyTV :)

  171. Barcalonafan123

    I gotta dig bick

    like when you realized you that read wrong…

    That awkward moment when you read that wrong too.

    You just read that last one slowly to make sure you weren’t being trolled.

    Like if I got ya!!

  172. That bot Pershing though,

  173. For some reason the video refuses to play. Looking at time stamp 0:00 with
    a tank on it…refreshed the page 3x now.

  174. i loved my Foch 155 but when it got nerfed it got useless in my mind ._.

  175. It’s nice to see a Foch replay where the foch does Well. The thing is
    underpowered now in the game.

  176. Endyrym | WoT And Minecraft

    What mod does he use to view his vids?

  177. So I’m bored and get on YouTube. “Oo, QB uploaded. OH MAH GAH! 12 KILLS!

  178. I think the long bit on top of the Foch is a range finder.

  179. Endyrym | WoT And Minecraft


  180. still needs a buff of the side armor and time between shots

    • +Wiley Cat Do you angle the turret? I do and get plenty of bounces and for
      the gun and turret I think it’s fine. Also don’t snipe in it, play it like
      a heavy.

    • yeah in cw its good with the e 100’s but i would rather play somethign else
      in pubs every tank has its strengths but its mostly the heat spam that
      kills it i guess it does have a solid amount in armor inspector i dont have
      the thing but test servered and killed them on live with ease

      people can make the worst tanks look like ultimate op killing machines

      combine a good crewset and a good player with the e4 and yeah you could do
      good in it

      i however can say easy im not that good not near

      however improving wot and my need to improve actually funvampired it for me

      i need bassicly something to make me want to play again then i get rocking
      its just that lack of fun for me atm that makes me suck

      lolz im relly close the the jag e100 though i want it alot gonna be so good
      test served it with same loadout ill have on live and ohhh myyyyyyyyyy
      gooood gonna make some people cry rust tears 😛

    • Phoenix Hemaloto


    • +bryanFDNY Needs alot more than that if you want it not to suck complete
      shit. Atm, it, along with my chinese t10’s are collecting dust, waiting for
      the day they will become semi-relevant again. While I personally think the
      Foch AFTER they nerfed its alpha became balanced, WG thought otherwise and
      shat all over it. If WG really wants people to play this tank and the line
      again, theyre going to have to seriously buff the Foch 155 because as it
      stands now, it is clunky, awkward, does nothing particularity well, and is
      very frustrating to play.

    • +Arais Demlant The 121 isn’t too bad, it can really put a dent in peoples
      hit points. As for the Chinese heavy I do not own them so I’m curios if
      that needs a buff. I like the Foch 155 over the Russian Obj 268 because If
      I happen to miss a shot while in close quarters I’m not officially fucked
      because the auto loader. Speaking of I think the 268 needs a buff to me its
      terrible and the worst T10 Td in the game.

  181. Nice vid quicky

  182. The power of the FOCH xD Greate video Quicky :)

  183. nice to see Foch 155 gameplay, nobody want play it after nerf when its
    totally craptank

  184. Livestream?

  185. First

  186. Woo, new video!

  187. first?

  188. I hope you all enjoy Malacore tearing it up in the first AMX 50 Foch 155
    video on this channel – it had been too long!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • Review obj 263 please

    • +Jame Gumb are u joking now? Cyprus was Greek since history, turgay invaded
      in 1974 and still illegally occupies 1/3 of my island and filled the
      occupied area with settlers. And if u are a dirty barbaric turk dont worry
      the time will come and we will be there to slit your throat

    • +Jame Gumb stupid kid learn history or go to kill your self fk gay from U.K

    • +QuickyBabyTV GZ to his oustanding game 17 hits from 17 shots is a bit rare
      and lucky ^^ but he did very well with good map awareness and balls of
      stell !!
      To call that Tank an autoloader with 5 sec between the shots its a bit
      ……. If it would have a 3 sec break between the shots its an
      autoloader!! Most times u cant do 2 or 3 shots right after annother, so you
      have to handle it like a “normal” TD. The aiming time is long and if u get
      spotted ^^^well at tier 9 or 10 everybody knows where to shot a 155. At
      least the gun at long range isnt a german one ^^ Not worth the grinding my
      opinion !

    • +QuickyBabyTV What headset are you using? 😀

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