World of Tanks || AMX 50 Foch B – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX 50 Foch B. Today I'm previewing a T10 French tank destroyer coming in 9.20, the AMX 50 Foch B.

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  1. If anything nerf the reload a bit. Seriously though i dont think its going to be as bad as everyone thinks with 257 pen.

  2. And Obj. 268 is still UNDERRATED well thnx WG

  3. I predict a server winrate of this tank of at least 57% and up.

  4. Played this on the test server and now I’m grinding towards it with my tier 9 Foch.
    Does anyone know how these “special” tanks like the Foch 155 work as regards credit earning, do they have lower repair costs like premium tanks or are they just none purchasable tanks.

  5. Freaking autoloaders is OP

  6. Foch B op

  7. time to bring back WT E100 🙂

  8. Holger Breidscheid

    Who said, autoloader are not op? Sorry WG, that is not understandable, you put away the WT E100, because you can’t balance this tank and 2 updates later you introduce a new total op autoloader with 2.400 damage per clip to wipe out the most tier 10 HTs? Lower the penetration? That means more premium ammo, mens more credits needed means more premium tanks to compensate it. That is the wrong way.

  9. what about gun depresion and elevation? stay the same like f 155?

  10. Marshall Allshouse

    I think we should let it hit the live server, and review a months worth of data from there

  11. #bringbacktheWTaufE100

  12. if the DPM was 2500-2700 it would’ve been the very best thing WG have done in a while

  13. We need the redone French TDs on console!

  14. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    No 1080p?

  15. 4:35 the right cupola is a rangefinder

  16. Yes scary tank and reminds somehow to the WT e100. But this tank was still much more a beast. But what i am more worried about, is the fact the 30vs30 game mode is just not balanced. As QuickyBaby said. You can carry how much you want. Suddenly you realize that the game is over. There are so many games with a wipe out. Standard duration of one game was at max. 5 min until now. Either we won super fast or the others. As soon one flank collapse….game is over. And this is happening all the time. Ok if WG wants that games go quickly…..they archievd their target. But this not much fun. 🙁

  17. Herman der German

    The “periscope thing” is a rangefinder.

  18. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    I disagree with wargaming about Foch B. I cannot understand why to make it a such op tank

  19. That thing they previewed way back in May on the Russian news sites came true after all.

    The WTF-E-100 is back, holy hell.

  20. Will this come to console

  21. You know you’re in trouble when QB describes a tank as “filthy”. Holy smokes.

  22. Why can WG only introduce OP tanks or nerf tanks to death?

  23. Hello wargaming?

    Wargaming broke.

    Understandable have a great day.

  24. Next up Uganda 150mm machine gun tank destroyer

  25. the reload is way to quick, the jagd e100, reloads for 25 seconds, for one shot, add 10 seconds, and you can fire 6 shots whoaw. just mind blown.

  26. I still don’t like a bouth this that your standard shells has 257 mm pen but when you load gold pen is like on normal TD pen gun but bether for 20mm

  27. The Foch(155) should have this DPM to compensate original owners for the stress caused by over-nerfing the Foch(155) years ago XD

  28. WT E100 has come back: Now I’m FRENCH~

  29. Žygimantas Petryla

    Like allways, WG dont know how to change tanks not to do them OP. It is matter of time when they will change it

  30. You are dumb if you think it’s better than WT e100 it has low pen and fight with it against buffed is7 or against is4 with great armor you can’t even damage them.

  31. Benjamin Nigel Semmler

    why is it a new tank why didn’t they just give it a second gun choice like the e100

  32. Waffentrager ausf Foch B 🙂

  33. Looks like the return of Wt E100, with that extra dip your 2 key so WG gets his money. This enough-Money-gets-you-through-everything playstyle that has developed over time is rally sad. I know they are buyable with ingame credits but not everyone has that millions of credits to spare and i know its technically “F2P” and WG needs to make money in order to keep the game running. I just dont like that approach to that.

    Though i somehow like to see those extreme dangerous tanks cause they put in some thrill to the game and make you play more aware of enemy movements, positioning and stuff.

  34. Foch B should have the old foch 155 side armor

  35. there should never have been TD’s with mags

  36. Qb Twitter?

  37. Congrats. MORE pew pew pew pew pew pew on the battle field :/ god damn.

  38. why are WG doing the same mistakes?? (Wt auf E100)

  39. Now they give the Foch 155 as a reward, I want my WT Auf E100 back!!

  40. Retarded overpowered shit and Stupid russians in WG. This tank will be downgraded for sure. Whats the point is to have Tvp 50/51 now? Stuuupid stupid russians donkey

  41. remove 2 shells, en give it 260 pen, voila done

  42. Quicky, the thing on top is a coincidence rangefinder, has lenses on each end and uses triangulation to estimate range.

  43. Welcome back WT auf E 100

  44. I think the gun is a bit unbalanced. Great dispersion, great intra-clip-reload, great clip-reload, great DPM, ok penetration.

  45. Being relevant doesn’t mean OP. They kinda overdid it.

  46. Time between shells should be increased, this thing is borderline Zop

  47. When he started shooting the is7 I had a flashback

  48. Foch E100 ausf B 🙂

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