World of Tanks || AMX AC 46 – For Germany?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX AC 46. Today ForGermany07 is playing the unpopular T7 French tank destroyer the AMX AC mle. 46 and showing us there are no bad tanks, only bad players.

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  1. Danyelpaladin the Impetuous

    skill my ass! just another dumbass with luck. I mean seriously no one shot
    HE when was low?! -_-

  2. guys how to send gold another guy

  3. Spearfisher1970

    Great game, great show forGermany!

  4. Amazing game, but I have to ask myself, why on earth is anyone grinding
    toward the Foch 155 these days?

  5. wtf too easy with those Tigers xD

  6. What td would be best at doing 2k damage without being spotted ?

  7. Tbh, replays like these are just terrible. Not detracting from the guy’s
    performance but it seems that replays used by QB are based on pure damage
    and medals but in this case it’s just rubbish. Yes he played really well
    but that team was so bad it’s not even funny.I’d rather see more
    entertaining and more interesting replays even if that means they don’t get
    amazing damage or medals.

  8. that Tiger was supernoob.

  9. WOAH that last Tiger player tho… I dunno what he was thinking. Also,
    firing HE on low HP AC 46 is gonna work. 2 HE shots at average will gonna
    kill AC 46. But I guess, 17k gameplay isn’t enough to learn WoT :))

  10. Hey QB love your videos but I have a suggestion. Maybe instead of showing
    good players getting good results maybe you could show average, worse than
    average and bad players get fantastic games because people expect good
    players to get good results but for the not so good players at WoT they
    don’t and are almost all of the time not expected to get fantastic results
    or to push above their weight in games. And considering that the majority
    of WoT players are average players, it would be a great encouragement gor
    them to see a fellow average players get fantastic results.

  11. QB i have a question. Always when i want to see such video’s like this, i
    download them. But if he starts my pc says that the program with i want to
    see it doesn’t work for these replays. Now is the question wich program do
    you use?

  12. I would have killed the afk Tiger for the medal, you need to kill both to
    avoid the draw anyway.

  13. Hi QB. Did u watch the Videos from MouzAkrobat: Extreme Positionen Wot 1-4″
    ? Very nice and strong new Positions, some are easy to reach, some hard,
    but the spots are awesome !

  14. the 105 is the low version. you get that at tier 5 and with apcr is doing
    330 alpha. the 90 on the tier 7 is the main French 90 that is on most
    vehicles. the French guns are best on the next tank both on the tds and the

  15. The Tiger played 17k games? I don’t think so. More like botted 16k and
    played 1k.

  16. carry-pants™ :D

  17. Horác Mckoziáš

    And thats how real skill (+ bit of luck) looks like, not just running
    around in ABSOLUTELY BROKEN T110E5 which should be nerfed.

  18. Axel Kusanagi (AXELXu7)

    I’ve ground the crap out of that line and I’m still not tier X. Foch Grind
    for years.

  19. I’m so sad, that I lost my replay with Foch 155, where I did almost 13k dmg
    and 7 kills.. I have only screenshots now, I’ve written to support too, but
    they were not able to help me 🙁 That’s a pity…

  20. Nono Spelfanaat

    I just unlocked the tier 8 franch TD, but I dont think im gonna progress
    any further in that line becuse I didnt really enjoy the tier 7 and I think
    I’d rather spend my credits to another tank line, unless the tier 8 is
    really good.

  21. Super noob enemy Tigers. Can’t believe one of them played 17k games and
    played like that.

  22. I still think the best t7 TD is the T25 AT, people underestimate it but
    played well it is so good

  23. Afk tiger 1 u sure not a bot? Lol

  24. Why aren’t you streaming?

  25. No 3, 2, 1 or ASS????

  26. kratos killsyou69er

    For Germany plays a french tank…

  27. ive done 4900 dmg in the Sturer Emil. the worst tier 7….

  28. Destroyer Inazuma

    Isn’t there a twelve kills medal? He almost got it

  29. No aim..just shoot in the air and a little hm strange

  30. taht tiger….

  31. Dumb team, dumb enemy, good mm…i dont think its shows the player or the
    tank ability

  32. If your having a bad day in WoT remember, someone, somewhere, is using the
    stock arlv39…

  33. BEgamingTV - Games4you

    my wot just stopped working correctly, I hope i can play it soon.

  34. Still no 9.15 Video? Really behind on schedule….

  35. How is it whit peppypepper

  36. enemies all look red…

  37. Ørn Runar Mong

    cool, awesome tank:D

  38. I liked the ARL V39, I would mainly fire premium ammo on the 300dmg gun on
    that tank not for the extra pen, but for the extra 30 dmg that the premium
    shells give it. 330dmg on a tier 6 TD, yum yum.

  39. this is like my favorite tank after the AMX foch 155 tier X

  40. I decided to tech thru this tank with the 90mm gun cause the ammo price was
    less then 300, while 100mm ammo is worth 1k silver. I did like the vehicle
    more than AMX48 (6 deg gun depression). French T4 and T6 TDs were crap, T5
    is crap after the open top vehicles view range nerf, but 46 was fine. Just
    dont use the 100mm gun witch is crap on every single non auto loading
    French vehicle.

  41. Hi Quickybaby,
    Why did he not get an ACE tanker? Surely no one beat that score within the
    last few weeks, and being the 2nd highest ever.

  42. The English German

    Reads title “What? a premium AMX AC 46 for Germany?”
    starts playing video “oh, its his name .”

  43. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    The last 2 Tiger tanks are bots.

  44. Good

  45. showing once more that it’s less about the tanks but more about you use it
    and even more about how dumb your oponents are :)

  46. Omg the number of tomatoes on the enemy team!

  47. With that lucky HIT and PEN RNG….Even bull eye by drive? Top luck to have
    dumb enemies also.

  48. when you realize that the best player on the enemy team by stats, is the
    crusader xD

  49. RealBaconProductions

    Methinks that Tiger was a bot, only way to describe so many battles,
    multiple missed shots, and completed stupidity at the end of the game.
    Forgermany already won when he killed that OI Exp.

  50. i bet some people upvoted this replay just because of his name :P

  51. count how many times he says “hey guys”

  52. I was honestly expecting at least one of the tigers to somehow be stuck on
    his side…

    luckily it was more interesting than that. :P

  53. Compared to that ARL V39 this tank is a great joy to play.

  54. OK that is a nice result but still, this guy did it mainly because the
    enemy team was absolutely HORRIBLE. Every single enemy player was a tool.
    These two Tigers should have killed that AMX… There is nothing impressive
    in this video except maybe the number of lucky bounces the AMX got…
    Terribly underwhelming video…

  55. where’s the mastery badge?

  56. Time for a little constructive criticism. While I like watching your videos
    I find it very off putting that you have the map so large. I want to see
    the game not the dam map 1/3 the size of the screen. I really do not see
    how you even can play the game with it that big but to each his own. But
    when you are showing someone’s replay we really don’t need to see the map
    that big at all. Also the window with you could also be a little smaller.
    And while we are on the subject the players names and xvm could be
    shortened too. When I look at your videos I can literally see about 65% of
    the actual game.

  57. Carry Pants????

  58. No Ace Tanker? Is there something I’ve missed, if so please tell me.

  59. the stock gun on the arl v 38 on xbox is a tier three gun

  60. o-i exp should spam HE. with his 10 cm.

  61. 17000 games tiger…. 17000!!!!!!!!

  62. Nice replay. Hope your having a good time on vacation Quickybaby

  63. All the french TD’s are awful since they have huge Wargaming logic weak
    spots on them which makes them impossible to play

  64. cuttlefish culler

    hey Quicky will you review the tier 6 premium light tank the t50-2 for
    console when it comes out?

  65. Track pad tigers?

  66. 0:7. Still to soon for Brazil :D

  67. Dont compare it to the Jpanther…. the French tier 7’s main issue is not
    which gun you choose… but its gun arc… its gun depression makes up for
    it with the 90 mill….but the gun arc is terrible…. makes the Jpanther
    look generous….

    But that is French TD’s for you… does not change up to the Fch 155

  68. QuickyBaby, you said ForGermany07 did 7145 damage….he did 7175 damage! A
    difference of 30 HP xD…not that it matters or anyone else pays attention
    to that….

  69. A sacrifice to Stalin on the altar of Serb…!!

  70. Games like that while entertaining do make me despair at how bad someone
    could be at this game and others. Like maybe he did have a crappy bot that
    just sucked its way up the tech tree. But at the same time there are some
    people who play this game who are so bad that their only real achievement
    in life was crawling out the right side of the womb.

  71. yay world of bots

  72. I’ve been playing through this tank recently, honestly feel like the ARLV39
    was better. The AC46’s gun performance with the 90mm is good, but it’s a
    shame it can’t use the 105mm with the broken higher damage apcr rounds. The
    V39 has that gun, and for some reason it had the dpm it has on the tier 7
    heavy *and* a 2.3 second aim time, which actually made up for the mediocre
    mobility and the paper armor. The AC46 would be a stronger vehicle with
    that gun, even if it had the exact same stats as the V39 version. Then
    again, they could just as easily buff either the reload or the aim time of
    the 100mm and it’d basically be the same, so really it’s just that WG were
    cautious and left the gun performance at an underwhelming level, which kind
    of makes sense considering this tank not only has stronger armor but is
    also faster than the V39.

  73. Wow. Theres no way that last Tiger was the same “17,000 gamed” player. That
    HAD to have been a newbie friend or a younger sibling or something… I
    absolutely refuse to believe people are that oblivious with that much
    experience. For the sake of my faith in humanity, I hope im right.

  74. The 90mm is actually the top gun on this one, and it has better pen than
    the 100mm :P

  75. Why do you bother posting stuff like this? A bunch of potato players
    playing like idiots. Really learn a lot from that, eh? Most of those guys
    had stats worse than bots.

  76. Is there a way to check in the garage the gun depression and elevation?

  77. You’re right, the 100mm on the ARL is better in nearly every way except pen
    compared to the top 90mm, no reason to research the other guns

  78. Can someone explain to me the purpose of going down the French TD line?

  79. That was practically seal clubbing.

  80. Hey QuickyBaby! Can you open older replays if I upload them to your
    website? Thank you :)

  81. Now something like this with CGC pls, considering that no one plays it 2k
    damage with it must be the highest of all time.^^

  82. I could imagine you as a Sports Reporter. For Germay ;)

  83. Dabombinable Mi

    People still wonder why I love the VK 20.01D and a lot of other tier 4
    tanks while I wonder why they call them bad. Especially when I’ve had some
    (not including the Luchs-its really a tier 5) be quite competitive in tier
    7 games.

  84. Awesome play by everyone involved… not.

  85. Clearly For Germany is a great player, but OMG that enemy team, lol.

  86. Nicolas Terny (Enover5)

    Yeah the Tigers were definitely so damn good players! :P

  87. I wish I had a quid for every time QuickyBaby says “Hey guys”

  88. I wish I could get on the move shots like that, whenever I try to take
    shots like that the shot always seems to come out of the gun at a 45 degree

  89. no live stream today?

  90. Hey QB, are you review the Grille 15?

  91. 98% Players FUCKING ANIMALS or bots…

  92. I did with JPanther 7172 dmg in tier 8 match. The biggest dmg for me ever.
    I lose that battle, of course.

  93. Gaming with scissors

    ahh I see pure skill based game, absolutely no luck involved.

  94. Valentin Macannuco-davy

    je suis le seul fr à regarder ?

  95. Lol QB has never heard of Ol ‘Derpy Bastard from Wu-Tank Clan R.I.P.

  96. Holy shit 7k dmg in a fucking tier 7… How??? Hahahah I never did more
    than 4.1k dmg in a tier 7 haha

  97. 16k battles isnt dangeous when you have a 41%wr…

  98. Where’s the latest update sounds in this replay?

  99. carlitosskater89

    Now, that’s some skills, but also a bit of dumb enemies…

  100. 17k games with stats that bad? he uses a bot

  101. Of course we are all the best players and our teams suck if we lose and I
    carried if we win. Good grief. If you think you never get enemies like
    that, then the other team is laughing because you are an enemy like that.
    The point is, you sometimes get bad players for enemies and sometimes you
    are the bad player. Or maybe you are always the bad player. I know I will
    kick myself cuz I realize I just did a stupid thing that could end up on
    QB’s feed. lol I can just hear him saying “I don’t know what this guy was
    thinking”. Or Jingles saying “Yep. This IS World of Tanks”. Other times I
    pull of awesome carries that amaze even me. Usually awesome saves are
    because the enemy is not thinking it through … like gang rushing the last
    tank. “Thank you for coming at me one at a time”.

  102. these videos are becoming the same old shit everytime

  103. I think you should start pronouncing the O-I correctly. The i in the O-I is
    short for ichi, Japanese for 1. Japanese do not pronounce i normally,
    instead pronounce as e; so o-e. And anyone who bothers replying with
    ‘weeaboo’ will just get their ignorant ‘comment’ removed. Apparently having
    an understanding of the Japanese language makes me one right?

  104. For Germany!

  105. Thibault Legrand

    wtf is that life =o less than my kv

  106. QB was wrong, ForGermany absolutely had to stop and kill the AFK Tiger,
    because there wasn’t enough time to go kill the Tiger that was capping and
    then come back to kill the AFK Tiger. Leaving it behind would have been a
    guaranteed draw, which is functionally the same as a loss.

  107. TheLegitLyricsOfficial

    The t25 at is probably the best t7 td

  108. That tiger, 17k games and still can’t shoot a big target with 1 of the
    accurate guns in the games. I don’t have anything to say.

  109. Hey guys… XD

  110. “Doesn’t look like the strongest of players” – trans “he’s a halfwit”.

  111. Finally , a not OP tank replay :-3

  112. Hey QB, that was one great replay. awesome video man.

  113. world of BOTatoes

  114. kills are kills….. the stars aligned on this one.. .or maybe the tomatoes
    aligned is more like it..
    Come one come all.. these tomatoes drive towards the AMX AC 46 one at a
    time to die. then sit back trying to snipe it while it sits behind railroad
    tracks. mamma always said.. “cant fix stupid” …

  115. haha i just got this tank days ago how funny :D

  116. The ARL V39 has more DPM than a Tiger II using the 10,5cm gun with gold
    ammo. I have 2 marks in it, and the tank is fantastic for going against O-P
    Japanese tanks.

  117. ForGermany had skills but what really made him a good day was the “skill”
    of the ennemies (sarcasm)

  118. hey guys, Quickybaby says “Hey guys” alot

  119. Well…the AMX series of tanks uses german Maybach engines so technically,
    you could say for Germany :)

  120. Old patch?

  121. Quickybaby needs a store! Where else can you buy CarryPants? 4:16

    But don’t show them the pants! Not the pants!

  122. And the one that everybody wants…. the Kolobanov’s medal !!! <3

  123. What a game! The guy farmed so hard on afk and tomato players lol.. Can I
    order a dozen of enemy team like that please??

  124. I’m glad French TDs are underrated/a minority because in my AMX AC 48 I
    have monster games because people under estimate me.

  125. 7:20 O-I Exp. has 300 alpha damage, not 320…

  126. FRENCH BIAS! That’s what he sees!

  127. Great game in any tank let alone an AMX AC 46!

  128. Nicolas Vandessel

    So when are they going to remove arty?

  129. It’s looks like a French tortoise

  130. Why not Für_Deutschland is his name?

  131. Jesus von Nazaret

    17k games, 447 Wn8 and 46% win rate, how can anybody be so bad at a game
    like this?

  132. and this is hwy you cap to win

  133. Tiger BOTs saved the day 😀
    GG anyway.

  134. AC 46 and Jpanther have good DPM???Look at the SU100M1—-FRIGGIN 10,19 RPM
    with the 100 mm gun and 1,9-1,7 sec aiming time

  135. bots

  136. exactinmidget92

    stinker? surely it not worst then the jagpz 4?

  137. Wow nice game, still most of his enemies were quite some potatoes :D

  138. That ‘bizarre’ gun on the ARL v39 is indeed the 105…. with 300 alpha.

    The really bizarre part is that the APCR on it has 330 alpha!

  139. Thanks for doing a lower tier battle video, Quickie!

  140. Kristopher Koperski

    i dont care how good you are bad tanks are bad tanks and the red team were
    also xvm red

  141. Senya Borovikov (Tablelampp)

    AMX, why how tall you are! What huge cupolas you have!

  142. Pavel Mičan (SirGlorg)

    I know the scores of this battle are great. Amazing damage, 11 kills… but
    … seriously, so many misplays, quite average gun handling and
    positioning, there is little to take from this battle apart from an amazing
    damage output and kills. Don’t take me wrong, I applaud the result and wish
    only the best to the author of the replay, but coming from someone watching
    this channel for a few years now, I’d rather watch a ‘more average’ but
    well performed unicum play than this. I think that this channel misses that
    a lot lately, and is more often then not featuring rather average (or even
    below average) players having their one in a lifetime extreme battles with
    amazing ‘paper outputs’, often showing little skill.

  143. This was an awsome game no matter what kids say…
    We’re talking about great game with some nice medals in a tank destroyer,
    with no six sense, not fully upgraded that you would never repeat!
    By the way, I liked that tier 7 except for the tumors on the roof… 120mm
    of frontal armor can be really good in a TD…

  144. Oh wow, so I am just a bad player.
    Well shit, I couldn’t tell.
    Couldn’t be my 700 WN8 or my 47% winrate.

  145. That last Tiger though. 17k games played!

  146. This replay is so old QB!

  147. most miss leading title ever -,-

  148. Michael Sheldon


  149. I hope the KV-2’s name Old dirty bastard is a reference to the Detroit

  150. He risked WAY(!!!!) too much IMO

  151. This tank is most awesome TD in WoT :)

  152. I read it as ac 130 lol

  153. 1 in a 2 milion chance to get thhis enemy players

  154. Very well played in the middle and final stage of the match, but the
    beginning was just terrible. That initial location usually gets swarmed by
    enemies, and he was absolutely alone there. Just one single tank came over
    who didn’t even know how to tackle him, and there was no arty. I call it
    controlled luck.

  155. Oh God, this game was like winning the lottery on two consecutive weeks.

  156. Guig Mohamed Lemin

    i didnt enjoy the replay really didnt c that much effort .

  157. hey QB! can you make F5 also a fly button because i use mac and i dont get
    that free fly cam. Thx!

  158. Kovács Bertalan

    I’ve seen this replay before on youtube……coincidenes happen.

  159. Damn, what a hard game. The last tiger players were so competitive, must be
    professional bots

  160. why we cant see reload timer in your replays ?

  161. Colton Cantrell

    And here I am seeing unicorns 24/7….

  162. Bertis Bärtige Bäume

    liked this tank more then AC 48 and Foch ^^

  163. Nice bot bashing at the end.

  164. 17k games 46% win rate : “it doesn’t look like this tiger is the strongest
    of players”. Thank you detective QB.

  165. No such things as bad tanks but there are such things as bad players? I
    agree so let’s do a D.W.2 replay someday without the use of premium rounds
    and bad matchmaking (Just kidding) Love you QB

  166. how the hell can you suck as bad as that tiger after 17k games…

  167. was that last tiger a bot?


  169. “Hey Guys”?

  170. This tank in the game is just WTF. I’m not refering to the game but to
    reality here. The actual project AMX Mle.46 is a tank supposed to be in the
    same class as ISU-152 or T28/T95 : assault gun. It has 280mm of angled
    frontal armor, 40km/h of max speed with 59 tons and a 120mm gun. If you
    want to learn more about french vehicules you have this link (yes it’s
    fucking promotion to this guy who did an amazing job) :

  171. Gabriel Therrien

    lol this has nothing to do with how *good* the player was but how bad his
    opponents were.

  172. For forGermany, if you see this: In the future, whenever you see an afk
    German tank put 2 rounds umder the middle of the turret. You have a high
    chance of blowing up the ammo

  173. VERY lucky game.
    Player seemed only average.

  174. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    ive uploaded a good guy replay on your replay site

  175. Marvelouz Marble

    I died when quicky said that kv-2 player’s name, OI_Dirty_Bast4rd

  176. Sorry but this kind of shit shouldn’t be happening and shouldn’t be
    winnable. Just goes to show how shit the majority of WOT playerbase is ….

  177. Un Lupo da Salotto

    onestly, amx ac46 suck.

  178. Nobody on earth can hit with the Cruiser II howitzer. Nobody. There is
    nearly no possibility of hit from about 50m, the aim is that bad, about
    three Pz.1 Cs could fit lengthwise in the aim circle at that range. Not

  179. Jacksfilms Forehead on Quickybaby?

  180. OI Dirty Bastard was founder of Wu Tang Clan

  181. I liked my AC 46 a lot, got 4-5 ace masterys with him, and many top guns
    and steel walls

  182. Martin Dubbelfeld

    german player power

  183. this replay clearly shows how pathetic is WOT community nowadays

  184. Quickybaby: And than you will get to the Foch 155 with its monstrous auto

    In my opinion, the Foch 155 is the worst Tier 10 td maybe even the worst
    Tier 10 tank

  185. PixelBucket The Herobrine Hunter

    I know I’m gonna sound stupid asking this, but what setting is it on WoT
    that makes the tracks animate like that, where each road wheel move
    independently to the others? I can’t seem to find what setting enables

  186. If it wasnt for the 8 year old kid playing the tiger at the end, he would
    have lost this game for sure

  187. Retards on one team, retards and afk on other team, one player takes
    advantage of it. Standard WOT.

  188. Ricky Villasenor

    people still play this game?

  189. Michael Wallace

    Foch 155 has a monster auto loader? Cmon QB, we all know it’s bad. Among
    the worst of the tier tens.

  190. Djole Milanovic

    that tiger was probably some heavly retarded kid

  191. I think nobody found the Easter egg on 3:50

  192. thx to bots. GJ WG with not doing anything about the Bot users

  193. amx ac 1946 is a good tank i have one with top gun and engine and i love
    this thing it isnt slow to move away from fire and can bounce shots very
    well if you angle it right

  194. Is the gun pointing backwards … ?

  195. So amazing 1v bots oooh such banter

  196. this td is op

  197. Deutschland!

  198. Tiger BOT

  199. If he is a real German he would have never touched a French Tank :P

  200. So all tier 7 French tanks are bad, maybe WG should do something about

  201. A noob question
    What is the best nation for TD ?

  202. Vector Signorelli

    the description of the video will make very salty the noobs that are able
    to play only overpowered tanks,the description literally nailed it!

  203. I once counted 29 kills, for some odd reason the game only showed I had
    one…stupid game…

  204. Tigers players are HORRIBLE!

  205. Those Tigers, man…

  206. At least it’s not an STB

  207. that AFK tiger….may not have been AFK, he may have gotten disconnected…
    it does happen from time to time.

  208. can you review obj 268?

  209. Jingles have already explained the guns on the French TD why its better to
    use the 2nd top gun

  210. 2 bot tiger´s

  211. Stamatis Bakalis

    There are no bad tanks, only bad players –> m5 stuart.Yep best tank ever.

  212. He almost lost the game because of his own greed. 1 second longer delay and
    he would be getting mocked right now, not praised. If this were my replay I
    would not have even posted it because of how embarrassed I would have been
    fighting that AFK tiger instead of securing a win.

  213. noobs all around.
    but GJ for this tank anyway.

  214. Dukes The Lan Guy

    I much prefer the 100mm on the IS over the 122mm, it’s so much better as a

  215. when’s the next 300k, wana see some real gameplay eh?

  216. This was an excellent game and I really don’t agree with all the people who
    are saying it wasn’t because he was fighting bad players. Bad players can
    still kill you!

    For Germany did everything right except when he took too much time for
    killing afk Tiger (but he was worried he will maybe stop being afk if he
    lets him live, so who can blame him).

    This was very exciting to watch and I really had a feeling it will be a
    heartbreak but I’m so happy it wasn’t. Thanks to For Germany for sending
    you this and to you QB for making a really nice video out of it! Cheers.

  217. no there are bad tanks…*cough* dw 2, e25,type 59….jk on the last 2

  218. for germany or for france hmmmm

  219. takahashikagawa

    Twin Tomato Tiger, How Terrible

  220. I don’t know whats the problem… I loved my ARL V39 and also I love my AMX

  221. Can you please make Tiger I video pls.

  222. Keep it up Quicky We love your Videos !

  223. chiefsmokembrown

    I’m a foch fan, keep tier 7 and up, a lot of fun

  224. Theres bad tanks, then theres good players in bad tanks making terrible
    tanks look alright

  225. that tiger better og play his M2 Medium Tank because he have like 2k
    Battle on it

  226. Lots of luck in the game. Even with his depression those cupolas were still
    very hitable at that RR track. Still gg nonetheless.

  227. “Hey guys”

  228. Most of these high ribbon games seem to have some things in common, an afk
    tank or a stuck tank…

  229. Shut up comment section… This was an amazing game in this tank. Can’t see
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    Ofc the enemy team was bad! You don’t get alot of monster games if they are
    Especially not in a tank like this thats way below avarage for the tier.

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    laughed. I have 100+battles in this tank, top 4% of players in it according
    to damage(not that impressive, but I’ve gotten better) but once getting the
    Ac48 I can easily say this tank has garbage for armor. The huge weakpoints
    on top destroy the tank.
    That is not to say this is a bad tank. Tier 7 does not have many OP
    vehicles(T29?), and the maneuverability this tank has makes it great for
    skilled players and map readers. There are bad tanks, this just is not one
    of them.

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  240. Those Tigers are 100% Bots. One was AFK and the other was moving exactly
    like a Bot

  241. “showing us there are no bad tanks, only bad players” I don`t want to be a
    dick, but there is a some bad tanks… Duche Wagen 2 for example :)

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    time to return later. He only had 20 seconds left at the end, not enough
    for the extra travel time. It definitely seemed like the wrong play at the
    time, but he couldn’t have won any other way. Best nailbiter I’ve seen in
    quite a while!

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    Hillary Clinton

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    week .. wargaming probably took them off so you can get the only specially
    or pay 100$ ?

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  258. Mle means Modèle and not Mademoiselle guys

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  266. It’s reall not that bad of a tank. It’s no SU-152 and it’s no Jagdpanther.
    But it has it’s upsides. It’s mobile, it had good pen, at range it’s armor
    holds up and the gun depression allows you to hide your weakspots. You can
    make something out of it unlike some tanks that are just plain shit like
    it’s predecessor.

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  268. Actually the AC 46 is a very bad tank,theres always luck and bad players
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    The V39, however, was bloody awful.

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    that it needs to change as your channel is fine, but I think a graphics
    overhaul would suit it well. Hope you’ll consider it, and keep up the
    awesome work! :)

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