World of Tanks – AMX AC .mle 1948 Tier 8 Tank Destroyer

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Time to get off my fat arse and review AMX .mle 48 now that I've field tested it extensively with both the 100mm and 120mm guns. Is there light at the end the mostly horrible tunnel for Tank Destroyer drivers? – Play World of Tanks Free

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System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 680GTX graphics card, running at 1920Γ—1080 resolution

Mods used (8.6 compatible):
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Tank Icons:

Intro by DiigitalDesigns



  2. finally a 50minute video yesss

  3. It’s like 3 am where i m.

  4. Ahh, thanks alot jingles. i was having some serious abstinences cause of
    the lack of youtube videos today:)

  5. The Foch is actually much better lol.

  6. Yay thankyou jingles:)

  7. same bro im from Hawaii

  8. you can tell its French cause it has one gear forward and six in reverse

  9. Thank you for being able to get to this review this TD. I don’t suppose you
    could possibly do a review on the AT-15A as well?

  10. Hey Jingles on one of your previous videos seen you comment about putting
    up a T28 TD review soon? Any idea when you will be able to do this? No rush
    though:D Love all your videos!

  11. Finally some French tank review

  12. Hey Jingles, try the gameUncharted waters online. It’s an MMO about ships
    in like the 1600s.

  13. Everyone here has commented before they have seen the whole video πŸ™‚

  14. just when i was bored πŸ˜‰ life saver

  15. amapolishplummer

    Lol, “Well she’s piss ugly but at least we have something in common”. God
    damn I love you man.

  16. Nice review jingles! love your vids!

  17. this comment made my day

  18. Seems physicaly impossible to me, that you saw the whole Review…

  19. You got a typo in the description, notice how it says Rewiew instead of
    Review Anyway, Great video, hoping to get this tank soon

  20. Please, Please, PLEASE do some reviews of the British TD’s.

  21. You’ll love the FOCH, Jingles. It gets rid of the ass-turret, thicker front
    armor (though with a weak point to the right and below the gun mantlet) and
    better fire control.

  22. I bought the foch 155 last weekend. It’s my favourite tank now. Even makes
    money which is strange for a tier 10.

  23. gj Jingles, now everybody know, where to shoot my foch 155……

  24. What if I didn't want a name?

    T-18 review?

  25. TheIncredibleAdriaan

    Jingles are you going to make a video of the economy patch on war thunder ?

  26. the gear thing…that’s italian , you know…

  27. Great, now kill yourself.

  28. How do you have a lot of gold

  29. Jingles would you get a headcam and do some airsoft:)?

  30. Jingles do you know why does french tabks have blue camo by default?
    Because they are all blueprints.

  31. I prefer AMX AC mle. 46 πŸ™‚ it has better gun elevation πŸ™‚

  32. and once again, youtube aint loading the video

  33. no1 likes fat chicks

  34. “Suprise but sex!”

  35. YEA, 1 hour of jingles! Got to love him!

  36. Jingles am I watch all you’re videos and as a sub I wanted to ask you one
    question. Isn’t the Foch( Tier 10 French Tank Destroyer ) The most OP Tank
    in the game? Am not here to shout ah that’s op blah blah blah, As a beta
    player and still playing I feel the T57 Heavy and the Foch is the most OP
    tank in the game. Wouldn’t you agree?

  37. Seems you havent played them before the nerf

  38. Being left with a fat chick? Hey, the bigger the cushion the better the

  39. Always fun to watch your replay’s Mr. Jingles! keep it comin πŸ˜€

  40. go to dspgaming for iron man of gaming in sgc in dallas

  41. Ahh, nothing like some jingles to ease the stress after a 14 loss streak
    with Sundays best and brightest.

  42. NoYouAreNotDreaming

    “Time to get off my fat arse…”…you mean time to get on your…because i
    dont see how could you do this standing hahaha πŸ™‚

  43. the traverse should be how much to the left and how much to the right. the
    T40 has a better traverse to the right the lee to the left.

  44. 41:10’Little fu–..little-little Chinese light tank with balls of steel’
    It’s ok Jingles – carry on and swear next time >:D

  45. Type 59 “Hello could I have a large portion of Navy cake please” Jingles
    “why certainly sir 1 large portion coming up”

  46. That moment when it’s in a tier 10 game and you’ve got an enemy JagPzE100

  47. Germans have grey.. British have sandy colors.. Chinese have jungle green
    colors… its just a color so people know what nation the tank is i think..

  48. It looks like it’s hull is derived from German tanks. Overlaping wheels and
    probably torsion bar suspension…

  49. Finaly todays video πŸ˜€ i think i have become Jinglesholic 😐

  50. ohh i 50 minute video, its are lucky day xD

  51. Robin van Iersel

    Lol i love the KV-2 152 derp gun and the SU-100Y for 2 reasons 1. huge
    amount of damage 2. its just super fun to see people raging when they get 1
    shotted :3

  52. i dont think he was being serious…

  53. WarshipGunnerFan

    Are all the French TDs really that bad?

  54. You’d know why if you’d looked at his Mingles with Jingles videos.

  55. Looking forward to more Warthunder videos πŸ™‚

  56. Hey, the UE57 is pretty nice too! WG did something really stupid with the
    Model 1948. If you compare the actual blueprint with the in-game model,
    you’ll notice that the rear AA turret is twice as big in the game as it
    should be!

  57. hmm gonna get my arlv39 back and fgind it to mlc46

  58. 31:44 really? All their top tanks are premium tanks? :/

  59. This little guy is so speedy and nimble, I’ve managed to use it to slip
    behind enemy lines and slaughter packs of very surprised scumbags!

  60. Don’t you just hate it when you spend a lot of time getting an enemy to low
    health and then arty steals your kill

  61. u can improve the bad aiming time with a GLD ….

  62. what does that have to do with a long gun? XD

  63. Do you use XVM?? That caused alot of crashes when loading into battles when
    8.6 was released.

  64. Wow I was just about to ask for this review! Thanks sir jingles!!

  65. what is XVM?

  66. It’s a mod. It gives you some additional information like Jingles minimap
    and how many people are capping. If you don’t know what it is then you
    probably don’t use it.

  67. i do use that but i didn.t know how it was called, i’ll remove it and try

  68. Hey Jingles, do you think you will ever make you’re way up the 2nd Russian
    TD line to the Object 263?

  69. i removed the XVM but it still doesn’t work

  70. Then unfortunately I don’t know. You could try removing any other mods you
    have and see if that works, but I’d suggest checking the forums to see if
    anyone else has a similar issue. Sorry.

  71. Jingles, I like your videos, but I think your opinions on many tanks are a
    bit one-sided.

  72. The low damage roll thing was/is a theme with french tanks, in my
    experience. My AMX 13 90, AMX 50 120 AND batchat used to do below average
    on like 70% of all shots. It seems to have improved after 8.6, though! And
    not firing at the edge of the aiming circle a LOT has made Frenchies a bit
    more competative again.

  73. “I Finally got my fat finger out of my fat lazy ass”Lol

  74. E50 with the 88mm l/100

  75. WOT isnt shit, you are. War Thunder is a horrible game made for virgins who
    have nothing better to do with their lives. You little queer.

  76. You sir have just made a bad impression of yourself, War thunder and World
    of tanks are both amazing games.

  77. Jesus, grow up.

  78. “world of tanks is shit” yeah buddy you don’t decide if other people than
    YOU like the game or not. Seriously now….

  79. Are you asking about Jingles?? Theres a link to the XVM mod in the
    description if you are.

  80. ProblemOfficer3000

    So change your name

  81. I was just wondering is WOT any good? I like War thunder and love the WWII
    period but haven’t been bothered to download WOT because the large download
    with low kb/s. I’m essentially asking is it worth the download?

  82. Yeah, i noticed a second after i asked it xD TY

  83. Jingles this last week in every video-> (>^(>OO)>

  84. XxxD4rkSc0p3zxxX

    i checked 7 times on his channel for the vid

  85. Your going to have to invest a lot of time for it to be proper fun

  86. Why is it that all the french tanks up to tier 4 are complete shit? Im the
    kind of guy who is too cheap to pay and I have grinded to the kv-3. But, I
    just CAN’T do the french tree. Enlighten me!

  87. If you can’t read the video description how can we expect that you can read
    a comment/reply to your question?

  88. SuperZombieGhost

    Tier X Russian arty, and Foch 155

  89. In the real world, how would those rangefinders work?

  90. lol i love how they flame about premuim ammo and shit, i do the same thing,
    because its unfair πŸ˜€

  91. NA is usually one of the last servers, if not the last server, to get the

  92. According to the WoT.EU site it was implemented on the 19th, which was 4
    days ago (maybe 5 for EU not sure of time zone that far). WoT.RU says the
    18th, this is considerably less than a week or two lol.

  93. Some people prefer those over Laser rangefinders.

  94. 8.5 went live on April 25 on both the EU and the NA servers, 1 week earlier
    for RU.

  95. jingles do a video of your gaming setup and your computer specs

  96. 31:04 What the fuck?! Was that a chicken?!

  97. LMFAO world of tanks is shit… trust me…. LMFAO he wants you to trust
    his opinion of a game that you play lmfao….. This guy huh?! just this guy

  98. you need a new version of xvm (4.0.0)

  99. They should seriously consider replacing the in-game crew voices with
    Jingles version.

  100. So, if it’s shit, why do you keep playing it?

  101. Hey jingles if you just pre-aim ahead of your target and have your gun in a
    position to move to the direction they are heading you wont find anymore
    problems. heres a diagram TANK-> . . |/_

  102. Ha you say nowadays, but you do mean since the start xD

  103. It’s not borderline overpowered in Tier 10 Games since Tier 10 Tank
    Destroyers can one shot this vehicle. >.>

  104. XVM needs to be updated to 4.0.0

  105. Scumbag Jingles complains about low damage rolls, doesnt say a thing when
    he two hits an IS of 1230 hp. πŸ˜‰

  106. dude,IT scares me,put it away!

  107. Im just so glad you are having FUN again in world of tanks, personally, i
    think you make better WoT videos, i love the war thunder coverage too, but
    you are more “yourself” in my opinion when playing WoT, but i’ve been
    watching you for a long time now…. πŸ˜›

  108. Just got damaged

  109. i cannot wait for tier 7 french td as its a hard grind through arlv39 πŸ™
    because tht tier 6 td has a turret :S not useable but its a very big
    weakness since it doesnt have any armour due to not rated :/ … plus bad
    aim time for the guns

  110. Hey Jingles, I (FINALLY) got the Jagdpanther II and its been pretty solid
    so far. I haven’t been able to bounce too many shots, but being able to hit
    someone with the 128 and running away speedily has been a blast. :p

  111. That is great you moron, but Jingles is playing that game since the
    Alpha… Please delete yourself from the Internet!

  112. Find a way to kill yourself.

  113. if i want to share a replay with u Jingles where i have to send it ?

  114. always wondering what the symbols next to certain people in the player list

  115. these are the clan symbols

  116. THE TIER 6 ISNT BAD EITHER, Jingles!

  117. jingles in a nutshell his minions dont care

  118. He can, you CAN’T. πŸ˜‰

  119. i hated the foch, you have a high rof but the low alpha is not for me, but
    the foch 155 is one of the most awesome tanks i own.

  120. Yea the 100mm is nice in tier 8 games but when facing higher tiers the
    120mm is awesome. therefore you should take that one.

  121. my T34 can penetrate that frenchie every day every week

  122. Can’t express how much crap you talked in 3 lines and a half.

  123. i would enjoy if you showed a game where you aren’t top tier

  124. Jingles, how do you have the 3 organizing bars to the left of your tanks?

  125. θ΅€εΊ§ γ‚’γƒŠ

    I was just thinking about this tank, great timing Jingles πŸ™‚

  126. Ah we dinged him!-Jingles voice over*

  127. so jingles we all know your the best at wot but just for fun do some tier 1
    or 2 games to see if your still good with crap tanks

  128. Hey jingles in case you didnt know there is a gunner in that AA turret so
    he dies if they hit it right just fyi its another weakspot

  129. I don’t want to be rude but WHY THE HELL you play WOT without zoom-in when
    you shoot ffs?!?! Only new players shoot like that…seriousely…

  130. He’s one of those guys that dies in the first minute of the game and jumps
    in another tank and does it again.

  131. When you deal over 1000 damage in 1 hit “Big assed hit!”

  132. Does this tank support the Wii Remote “Waggle control”? πŸ™‚

  133. Thekilleroftanks

    butt sex πŸ˜›

  134. Cough*183*Cough

  135. he does!It’s just that he is in replay mode you idiot, he can zoom in in
    Replay mode but he doesn’t want to!

  136. Jingles I have a question for you either for mingles with jingles or just
    generally but in war thunder have you found the bf 109 line to have a
    harder time turning to the right than to the left, historically the bf 109
    had a problem with that or rather a recognition of it ad I’m just wondering
    have they implemented that into war thunder and if so have you noticed
    and/or used it to your advantage? πŸ˜‰

  137. I think ill grind to that TD once 8.6 hits tho.

  138. There are tons of other Youtubers who post up WT videos everyday, why dont
    you go watch their videos. Also I originally found Jingles through WT and I
    didnt much mind his WoT videos, but now I prefer watching his WoT videos,
    this game is not shit. Its far from realistic, and thats what makes it good.

  139. The Mighty Jingles

    100% Sixth Sense makes a lot of sense, anything less than 100% is a waste
    of crew xp, since it doesn’t work at all until it’s 100%. You get more bang
    for your buck if you use something that works from 1%-99%, then swap it for
    Sixth Sense when it reaches 100.

  140. Anyone notice the last after-battle results screen say that Jingles got NO
    KILLS? even thought it gave him credit for killing the 3 lights.

  141. The problem with these bricks is that the side armor is overmatched by any

  142. What's Eatin' You

    I never liked War Thunder and I stopped playing World of Tanks long ago.
    All I care about is Jingles, no matter what he plays.

  143. what is up with the tier 5’s in a tier 8 game?

  144. Also, I have been smacked right in the face by IS-3s at over 500 meters,
    taking half of my HP off. At least trust a player who is on par with you
    (or slightly better, judging by stats). The French TD armor WILL fail you
    at the worst of times.

  145. EpicnessUnleashed

    But this is a Jingles Tank Review! A Jingles Tank Review that is shorter
    than half a hour is a work of fiction!

  146. Ha! Just 2 mins ago, an IS-8 penetrated THROUGH my gun mantlet. And I got
    the screenshot to proof it, if you want to.

  147. could you review some lower tier tanks πŸ™‚

  148. Well, T34 got Tier 9 gun, and you can bounce shots from tiers 8-10. No
    problem bouncing ca. 225 – 230 pen guns reliably.

  149. So should I free exp my way through the arl v39 or grind it out like a man?

  150. lol…surprise buttsex.

  151. WelcomeToDERPLAND

    the T6 jagdpanzer IV broke alot of german’s backs too :

  152. that game sucks

  153. you’re just not good at angling :p

  154. So much surprise buttsecks!

  155. Did you even watch the video,he bounces a T34 shot

  156. with TDs, (esp non UK ones) stealth = not dead. Cammo is pretty much the #1
    skill for TDs Lights & SPGs to own, and is still good for meds and heavies
    though they don’t keep their bonuses as well. *Best idea is 6th sense and
    JoTrades for CO, camo 1st all others; armorer great for gunner 2nd or
    snapshot, clutch breaking on driver, repairs on loader. 3rd set can put
    safe storage on loader with repairs 3rd all others. Just what works for
    you. *about 41% where can swap skills

  157. that is exactly what he said in his video. the replays where before 8.6 so
    at the time TD’s where still being penalized

  158. Do the Foch155 50

  159. The Mighty Jingles

    It will fail you if you try to play it like an armoured behemoth, I said
    this in the video. All it takes is three shots from anything in the kind of
    games it gets into and you’re dead if they penetrate. It’s a common failing
    of all tier TDs. But the AMX, like the JPII, can bounce shots that none of
    the other Tier 8s can because of the angling and sloping.

  160. The Mighty Jingles

    …common failing of all tier *8* TDs…

  161. Agreed. Also, if you don’t want to spend gold for a skill reset, wait until
    you’re at 40% on your second skill (again, choose a skill, not a perk).
    Then, you can reset for credits and have 100% on your first skill. A little
    something for those that may not use gold…

  162. thanks jingles for telling everyone to use gold on these TDs

  163. WelcomeToDERPLAND

    what’s your favorite TD jingles?

  164. Jingles, are you going to do a review on the AMX AC mle. 1946?

  165. Why would it work like that?

  166. Oh and Jingles, are you going to review the AT-8 too? I am really looking
    forward to drive it.

  167. No one decided to shoot at the big ass weakspot on your roof?

  168. Dude, 88mm = 8,8cm = the width of the barrel.

  169. 8.6 is live already.

  170. Why are you replying to a random comment?

  171. i think same too. coh 2 is shit. rome 2 is way better

  172. Wasn’t anywere near them.

  173. I find it a lot more irritating when arty kills me :/

  174. lol was looking today at his revieuw of the 46, and he said he would do a
    review of this one. and here it is

  175. Yes, he invented using those two words together. You are correct.

  176. I’ve seen a guy get 3 kills by doing 50 damage beat that jingles πŸ™‚

  177. Only Jingles can make 3/4 movie length tank reviews πŸ™‚

  178. Dude, stop being completely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. K10XBYE.

  179. Awesome. 1/4 through the download now. Any recommendation for factions? or
    which one does what best?

  180. CommanderofComrades

    Jingles, need some help in a decision. Should i go for the Leopard 1 or the

  181. Surprise butt sex set him on fire? Did I hear that right?

  182. I prefer Men of War it is just more realistic and more micro!

  183. changes every tank but generally, germans have great accuracy, americans
    get good guns early and have unpenetratable turreted heavies, russia gets
    high damaging guns and armor, british is generally have bad armor (exept
    Tank destroyers) but great gun

  184. He played it on Quickybaby’s livestream, and he enjoyed, eventhough he and
    quicky where terrible at it πŸ˜€

  185. don’t forget you will also have to choose tank type, not just nation.
    Heavies usually are the meat on the team (french are an exception). I
    prefer Mediums because they are more flexible in what they do. TDs are for
    the really big guns and ambush tactics (beware most of these don’t have
    turrets). Arty for lang range support (this isn’t as easy as some might
    have you believe). Think about what qualities you want most and then pick a
    branch from a nation.

  186. Jingles,can you review the AT-8 please?

  187. Jingles,since your small review on the hellcat doesnt say much and you are
    still to do the M36 jackson,what crew skill and modules i should go for ?

  188. Tyler Antonikowski

    i dont care how good these freach tds get im not going throw the sua to get
    any thing the freanch low teir is a joke in its self

  189. You know … with 8.6 tanks like the Maus just got a lot better.

  190. The tiger 2 got i-screwed

  191. They should make range finder no hit box or make t29 ears dmg box because
    its not realy part of tank

  192. Jingles, can you do a review of the Panzer III? I think it is the best tier
    4 medium πŸ˜›

  193. he hasn’t got it yet he keeps saying that hes going to grind it but he
    doesnt, he got the maus by using a press account which he dosen’t have

  194. juniormythbuster

    The guns an ACDC gun! (continues to sing “Highway to Hell”)

  195. It is almost superfluous to say “Quickybaby rammed him”, if he is playing,
    he is ramming.

  196. “The ARL V39 just breaks their spirit” My world of tanks history in a
    nutshell, first tank I got to tier 6, hated it enough to sell and swear
    never to re-buy

  197. Thanks for this. Good timing for the review.

  198. Zwerver AchtenTachtig

    It’s not shit and you can’t compare the two together.

  199. It is one of the most fun tanks in game! >:(

  200. Rome 2 isn’t out yet. Personally I love total war, but you should
    definitely try CoH2, it’s an free open beta at the moment!

  201. Jinges, is there a chance that you do a WZ-131 or WZ-132 review?

  202. And here is the bloody proof: wotreplays.
    com/site/231756#lakeville-guest-amx_ac_mle_1948 A IS-3 troll-platoon, just
    roflstomping absolutely everything. Like I said, keep wiggling, you’ll just
    be amusing for the enemy while they reload.

  203. your vids are so sweet πŸ˜€

  204. It’s ending today. So……..yea.

  205. CryptonymDarkpsy

    Still wondering What mod you are using for damage counters and the minimap
    mod to see last known positions in 8.6?

  206. Yes as specially since its still only in beta…..

  207. Surprise butt sex…….mmmmm

  208. LoL who sticks a aa gun on a tank? french

  209. Well, with the two hits that did most of the damage not only were you not
    wiggling, you were reversing up hill and almost completely negating your
    armours slope. Not saying you would have done any better or are wrong about
    this td mind but its a pretty bad example. I have never really understood
    the wiggling, personally i just turn angle to reload, turn back to shoot.
    Wiggling there is too much chance of the enemy firing on you just when you
    are head on like your death shot.

  210. Wooo Zombie Movies and games!!

  211. Fact is I was surprised to see all 3 IS-3 right down that alley, so I first
    I wanted to retreat, then I realized I didn’t have where or how, since I
    would have exposed my sides too much. Yeah that hill didn’t help either but
    the fact still remains that if you think that this TD is able to RELIABLY
    bounce Tier 8 heavy shots (not counting higher tier heavies), perhaps you
    should be reminded that it’s not a T28.

  212. lol jingles bla bla.. butsex, Ohh i got the kill

  213. on a more serius note its to bad that antiair gun doesnt work in WoTs it
    would be great to chew up the light tanks with.

  214. Apparently people don’t share my view πŸ™‚ It would be nice to know why y’all
    dislike it.

  215. Do a lot of people use premum because i made it to tier 7 with buying gold

  216. I also can’t play with my friends since it crashes on their computers πŸ™

  217. Brunost - Norsk Minecraft

    I dont think so, i started early tier (4,5). But yeah it’s less painfull if
    u lose tier 7-9 games as carpethroatius1 said πŸ˜‰

  218. Looking forward to more Vids MJ, will keep me occupied on my next OOA, will
    have to play WoT and DoT via your videos lol.

  219. Brunost - Norsk Minecraft

    Sure, but i should kill a M3 lee at 1,2 shells but i used 5 in a tier 5

  220. You talk a lot about your fingers in your ass. I don’t think I’d like to
    smell your keyboard.

  221. why did you separate this into 5 paragraphs, and chill out πŸ™‚

  222. Attacking anything in a tier seven KV-3 is dangerous. Be sneaky πŸ˜‰

  223. Dat creeky chair

  224. I already have the foch 155, but idgaf, it’s a new Jingles video xD

  225. Well I don’t think anyone asked your opinion, now did they?

  226. 😑 love those replays but u really must get the ST-I for a lot of fun. btw
    talking about premium account and f2p I have 70k xp on my ST-I and 700k
    credits and 4 more tanks and I never had to buy gold or premium. This is a
    really f2p game. Btw the gold fire extinguiser is a scam… I was set on
    fire in 2 of 3 games…soo goodbye 20k credits.. as u would say : ” -10%
    chance of fire MY ASS”

  227. You are arty, no one gives a shit.

  228. Which is not similar to CoH.

  229. Yeey i’m on youtubes XD

  230. Too many blind dates with fat girls hey Jingles hehe

  231. watching this with my ex at 2 am while i have been grinding the afjkl;sadj

  232. also you have got to be kidding me i always aim at the left center of the
    rangefinder and i got almost no hits but it was a no hidding zone. sorry
    for my bad english

  233. also i am sorry jingles but i only watched the battle “replays” only sorry
    but i aprreciate the time you put in these videos. ALL HAIL TO THE MIGHTY
    JINGLES. sorry for my bad english it is my third languages so sorry for my
    grammar mistakes.

  234. 50 min. video? aint nobody got time for dat..

  235. “surprise butt sex time” always the best kind of butt sex

  236. i always have a bad fucking team on this game

  237. Urm what i meant was that i havent played it after a week or 2 so im pretty
    clueless as ill try it again πŸ˜›

  238. There isn’t a tier 4 american heavy.

  239. donaldjasoncrunk

    “as ugly as a bulldog licking the piss off some nettles” . fantastic

  240. The Mighty Jingles

    No, I said you *can* if you’re in a tight spot but you shouldn’t count on
    it because depending on it will get you into trouble. But that never
    stopped people arguing with what I didn’t say.

  241. The Russian med line is pretty good except the T-43.

  242. how do you upload war thunder videos

  243. Hi Mr jingles I have been doing the British and German tank trees and I am
    decently faybso I was wondering if you could give me a suggestion as to
    what I should pick next BTW I like sniping

  244. getting close to the v39 and I’m not looking forward to it. Gonna elite my
    s-35 and free exp some to make it less painful. I like my s-40 its an ok
    machine but if the v39 is worse than the s-40 then i think ill need a large
    dose of Fitol just to get through it. Looking forward to a few more replays
    in the t7+ frenchy TDs

  245. MrImmortalityPrince

    Yepi don’t know if this is really what happened for me but: E 100: *shot
    but bounced me: πŸ™‚ E 100: that was a gold shell you lucky prick (or
    something like that)

  246. lol,its an aa tractor,AND a td

  247. Jonathan Appiott

    Yay butsex

  248. I’ve been having an OK time with the T-43, got my mastery badge the second
    game I played (tier 8 game). Gun is not good, but if you use it to flank
    quickly, you can do alright with it.

  249. I broke out at tier IV the Sau-40 πŸ˜›

  250. you’ll always have trollz jingles … always good for a laugh.

  251. I think somebody is a little angry because The Mighty Jingles is a better
    player than them, but regardless I love you videos and I enjoy it when you
    join the livestreams with QB and Sircon πŸ˜€

  252. The Odd Strategical Gamer

    He doesn’t have any point at all. =/

  253. Icecreamday Catlin

    hey jingles go try out wowp again do a id i would enjoy your opinion on the
    newer version not much change but its got system that gives free gold for
    the battles you do every now and then also! could you do a review on the
    t-34-1 and t-34-2

  254. ‘early’ French TDs aren’t ‘really’ so bad if a worth while player e-e…
    Got ma ARL and while it has no armor, neither does the hellcat. So? don’t
    get shot at ^_-./)* (matter of tastes i suppose. I rather enjoy my UK TDs
    somewhat but being so slow can get annoying) PS, T69 med tank, the 76mm
    ‘stock’ gun from T71 imo is better to use than the 90mm esp if dont want to
    spen 30+K a fight. It reloads so much faster too

  255. Jingles, you should make a video of all your derp moments hahaha πŸ˜‰

  256. JagdPanther2 still the king of tier 8 Td’s.

  257. Don’t worry, I have quite a number of replays uploaded, unfortunately 1)
    they’re on the mwreplays, site that doesn’t work anymore and 2) they’re
    from older patches.

  258. Thanks so much for this video review Jingles. It just so happens that I
    just bought mine. I had to sell the 46 to help fund it though but I am
    enjoying it tremendously. The grind thru the French TD line is indeed my
    most “intense” memory of WoT.

  259. Jingles, you DON’T manage to bounce Tier 8 guns! And this is VERY obvious
    from your first replay, where you’re left with 200 HP in the manner of
    SECONDS. How about you start teaching kids NOT to take their TDs and play
    them as Heavy Tanks?! And I judged both yours and QB TDs prowess by 1) your
    TD gameplay and 2) by his TDs “tactics” on maps. They’re both mediocre
    towards rubbish. If you want to take a TD into town and actually stand a
    chance, take the JagdPz E-100. Not the Mle 48.

  260. Then again, I might give you some of my TD replays when you would have
    mastered the English language. By the looks of it, not this eon.

  261. Fedaykin89: 54-55% WR, 1300+ official EFF, ~1500EFF in the last 5k battles.
    And your point is?

  262. Actually, The Mighty Jingles is NOT a better player than me. In
    Mediums/Heavies, maybe, but that’s due to me only having 1 branch of
    Heavies, mainly the KV-4 one (that do not that it is highly unpopular and
    much more difficult to master than the IS-3 line). And how about start
    showing a little self-respect and stop ass-kissing?

  263. You mean video series πŸ˜‰

  264. nice one x)

  265. __Wyrm__ WoT gameplay

    (1) If you want to compare, do it properly. (2) You play very low average
    tier, your 4 top driven tanks (2600 games, 25% of your total games) are
    tier 5 and 6 (derp PzIV being the top driven tank) gives you away for a
    noob basher..just saying. Come back with your stats after you have started
    to play real tanks against real players.

  266. Yeah, I played the crap out of the PzIV because it was a good moneymaker. I
    don’t know if I fired more than 100 HEAT shells ever since they’ve been
    introduced for credits. I don’t have a premium account, so currently I keep
    the Stug, KV-1 and VK3601H as money-making tanks. And noob-bashing at Tier
    5-6? I don’t think so. Not to mention that there are god-awful noobs at
    Tier 9 and 10, too (how the heck they managed to get to that tier, I have
    no idea).

  267. And honestly… “real” tanks? FU mate, I play whatever my heart pleases! If
    I would find the AMX 40 a fun tank (and it would be if it had a proper
    gun), I WILL play it. For instance, I’m thinking about buy the Matilda
    medium tank, for the lolz. Also, in other tanks, like the Hellcat, I’m
    grinding XP for the crew. I don’t want to reach Tier 8 without at least 3
    skills started. You know, because it’s the SMART thing to do.

  268. Mr, jingles, why it’s your post-game stats looks weird compare to mine?

  269. Hmm, maybe I’ve been doing it wrong πŸ˜›

  270. You wanna play a match?

  271. whats your ingame name?

  272. Scouting tank destroyer… im sure we already have one πŸ˜‰ The ELC AMX πŸ˜›

  273. M3lee is just not a tank. it is a TD, one of the most powerful cannoned(not
    troll gun using) of it’s tier actually. T34-85 is probably the best tier 6
    medium, and a excelent money maker with has constant earning buffing
    events. Russian heavies suck except for point blank range caues of horrible
    accuracy(not so much of an issue after 8.6, but still) and aiming time.
    BTW. British lights do not have a tier 6, same as american heavies do not
    have a tier 4 heavy tank. And w8 for a WoT invite code.

  274. Poor Austrians… Jingles: “And i just they put shots through your gun
    mantle like it was made out of butter” Subtitles: “and i just push austrian
    you know you come on the market was made out of butter”

  275. nice video Jingles! even with my su 152 the wiggling tactic is effective,
    especially with those random enemy players. i have bounced tiger 2s and
    t34s with it pretty often because the hit my huge gun mantlet πŸ˜€

  276. i don’t remember which episode it is and you might not watch him, but in
    one of ethos’s videos it said something like “and i… i just sometimes
    punch kick turtles” i read that and almost fell out of my chair πŸ˜€

  277. so your driving a T-Rex tent destroyer? wow i should get one of those
    things too πŸ˜€ subtitles ftw^^

  278. he just got virtualy Jingle’s Slaped

  279. i one shotted that tank before i was so happy while everyone was bouncing…

  280. InfectedReishiki

    So I guess that you recorded the footage when the game was still on version
    8.5 Jingles, since you go on about XP penalties for TDs. The 33% penalty
    doesn’t exist in 8.6 anymore.

  281. InfectedReishiki

    And that’s what I get for not watching the entirety before posting.

  282. Dude how about no? Just no Jingle’s play’s the game since the early beta
    day’s too I don’t see Jingles getting worse and how would you feel getting
    your ass haunted in every WT and WoT game trying to TK you or to kill you?
    Yeaahhh think about that one MORE Time

  283. how many hours/ days does it take you to grind to another tank

  284. Robbe Van der Linden

    Depends on your capabilities as a player and what tank you are using… Can
    be from 1 hour to 1 week flat out.

  285. Robbe Van der Linden

    It’s not because you see him playing in 3-man platoons 90% of the time that
    he isn’t playing alone when we don’t see him. And could you give me a link
    to you stats or something?

  286. It’s not the in-game battle results screen, it’s a feature of WOTreplays
    that replicates it

  287. Oh Jingles you charmer you. πŸ˜‰

  288. Robbe Van der Linden

    Oh, that’s not bad πŸ˜‰ , I just wanted to check if you weren’t just saying
    you’re that good as many players do…

  289. for those wondering this moment is at 5:21 πŸ˜€

  290. awsome video like all the others. I really enhoy watching your vids

  291. 34:10 what is that sign next to AT7s picture?

  292. how do you upload a war thunder video

  293. Seeing as I am speaking with you through the internet I am incapable of
    doing so.

  294. To tell the truth the French TD grind isn’t as bad as you’re making it out
    to be… anything under tier five is quick to get through. The tier five is
    a good TD, Tier seven and up is good… so it’s really only the tier six
    ARL V39 that’s a grind. But yes, it IS a horrible grind for that tank lol

  295. Umm.. he clearly states that fact in the video. Did you even watch it?

  296. Hahahah, Does anyone straight say surpise buttsex? Doubt it. lol

  297. what heavy tank line you preffer the IS-7 line or the IS-4 jingles.


  299. The Foch is that thing but….SEEEEXXXXX..bouncier armor less weakpoitns,
    better aiming gun….AND a better rate of fire.

  300. Great review. But for me i cant stand tanks that don’t have a gun that can
    rotate 360 degrees.

  301. Hey Jingles! I just started making videos for World of Tanks. I have two
    videos posted now one of which is my Ace Tanker for AC Mle 1946 and the
    other is my pershing. Any chance you could check out the game play and let
    me know what you think?

  302. Is it me, or is the WoT server unavailable?

  303. I went the German TD route. I tried arty and it’s actually quite fun. Not
    too hard but the reload times were killing me mentally.

  304. Thumbs up if ARL V39 broke your spirit -.-

  305. I just got the Fosh – same gun, faster firing, even better amazing frontal
    armor, same weakspots – 1 the turret at the back, same speed and mobility,
    +500hp. It’s even better!

  306. oh and above all else – BETTER GUN DEPRESSION FINALLY!!

  307. I looked for Fedaykin89 in noobmeter and got nothing … on all the servers
    listed … mmm … trollololo

  308. 37:35 – when you ram that Tiger, your tracks are run off your tank and a
    timer starts. What addon is that?

  309. Louis-Philippe Nault

    Hey jingles, i know it’s been a while since you’ve made reviews on other
    people’s replay and gave gold to them, but i got this old video of 8.2 or
    8.1 not sure.. and it was a clan war battle that i manage to turn around
    the tides in it.. got 9 kills in that battle i just want to know if you
    could watch it and/or give me a link to where i could post it.

  310. How do you type in chat

  311. when going German TDs, remember to cover the lower front of your tank when
    ever possible. That is a common weakspot on German tanks because it is
    relatively large and the transmission is there so expect engine problems
    there. Accurate guns and decent armor other wise. I’m on the Tier 7
    Jagpanther and it is very nice.

  312. “It’s surprise butt sex time, because it’s always the best king of butt sex”

  313. yea thats a great quote from Jingles

  314. 10% to the speed implies that its 10% faster.

  315. noobmeter. com/player/eu/fedaykin89 Sure you did

  316. A French tank with good front armor? Yes I know it is a tank destroyer but
    still it is French.

  317. I had been plodding along with my Mle.46 for some time and your video made
    me do that little extra push to get the 48. Have only played 15 or so
    matches (with the 100mm) and yeah… WOW. Nice improvement especially in
    terms of the bounce rate off the front glacis. I just had a losing game on
    Airfield where I was the last player and no chance to win (like 10 enemies
    left) and they came at me in a last minute rush. Killed 4 of them. It was
    grand. πŸ˜€

  318. i just watch this for jingles!

  319. jingles is there any way we can get wargaming to rebuff artillery? what
    they did is basically take it out of the game while leaving in the research
    tree and it totally perturbed the game play I know how much you hate us
    litte cowards arties but still πŸ˜›

  320. How do you know these thibgs? Black magic? Or butsex????

  321. Search on YT for it and u will find it! He has done both reviews.

  322. really, why are all the scouts in your games just sitting still and heavies
    driving into the open, you barely see that on euro servers.

  323. in your opinion whats the best teir 8 premium still available on na server

  324. That’s why it’s SURPRISE buttsex…. Otherwise, it’d be just butt sex. πŸ™‚

  325. At least the first 3..

  326. I wish more people would look at the map. I played a game with an entire
    team that forgot what an Encounter battle is about. They all rushed for the
    “cap” on Mines and ignored the actual cap. When the enemy was capping, the
    ones that made it to where the standard battle cap should be, just sat
    there wondering why they weren’t capping too.

  327. Buttsex=Spanish Inquisition

  328. 23:30 probably using the 122mm derp

  329. look his premium day

  330. Jingles would you ever reveal your rendering settings and stuff?

  331. Stll better than the ARL.

  332. JAGDPANZER E100 trolls this tank hard

  333. actualy im allways expecting supprize buttsex but i kinda like it… i mean

  334. Killing all enemy light tanks on the enemy team gets you ranger, but there
    have to be at least 3.

  335. ur just mad he can pull it off because he is the mighty jingles is he not

  336. they realy need to nerf AT-2, its a tier V Tank Destroyer, but it has more
    armour than Maus, a frigin tier X maus!

  337. The damage is like the kv2 152mm gun never has done more than 400when it’s
    supos to do 750

  338. Jingles! i got my tank on the big mountain in the sacred valley map! In a
    SU-100Y!!! i can send you a screenshot but dont know how. Greetings from

  339. haha no, it’s “only” 100 mm on sides, every 5 tier HT and TD can penetrate

  340. Yeah because its a derp gun.

  341. its buttsex TIME

  342. I got this TD recently and played 7 matches the night I bought it. 5 wins
    and 2 losses. I really enjoyed it. Since then I haven’t been top tier once,
    and my team continues to be made up of useless morons who just get overrun.
    The mle 48 may be good, but the enemy need to be complete retards to let a
    low tier TD with 1000 hp carry a game. I went from 5-2 to 7-15 or so. I
    still have 1+ kill per game, 1000+ dmg.. I just cannot get winning teams in
    French TDs. πŸ™

  343. lol just got 3431 spotting damage in the TOG

  344. the ac 48 has 100 less hitpoints than the tier 8 french light tank amx 13

  345. why does it have such a long barrel

  346. What if you expect the unexpected O.o

  347. v39 isn’t that bad really, good tank.

  348. When do you think you will get the tier 9 Foch? I am waiting crazy for it!

  349. This was a pain to play..but once i got top gun..o man..its just
    ammmmazing….too good…loving it.. i will upgrade engine next…love this
    tier8 tank with overpowered gun…i did put a gun rammer…

  350. ιΊ₯ ζ–‡εΏƒ

    u can definately use 120 mm and feel very comfortable if u ve got used to
    the russian HTs aiming time

  351. Jgtig 8.8cm has good armor.

  352. Vasilije Mihajlovic

    When will you do review of Tier 9 Foch?

  353. Amazing gun, turd tank.

  354. The high Tier French TD’s (Foch 155 the exception) have better chassis than
    other TD’s but worse guns.

  355. When you said “glass cannon” I thought of the T25/2, but then I remebered
    that it’s more like a glass shit-flinger.

  356. The top, excellent, the lower area has the MG port, but if you just go hull
    down or angle it works great.

  357. you never shot on its turret i guess… πŸ˜€

  358. I played it too and I liked it actually πŸ˜€ Well doesnt matter

  359. I laughed to hard in this episode, that can’t be right XD

  360. AMX Anti-Char (Anti-Tank) not sure about “.mle” i’m french and call me
    stupid but i dont even know what the “mle” stands for..

  361. yeah that must be it! lol i just had a blank. thanks!

  362. I have just yesterday free xped 60+ k free XP to get pit of the bloody V39
    that is such a bad tank just save your free XP and use it on the v39

  363. Why thank you, observant sir

  364. But it really doesnt have the alpha damage of this thing, i know its got
    good rate of fire but…….ive always liked big boom sticks.

  365. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    and raging-mad Type59 in 2nd Replay

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