World of Tanks || AMX CDA 105 – Sneak Peek!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX CDA 105. Today I’m looking at a mysterious T8 premium French destroyer that I had the pleasure to test at Gamescom; the AMX Canon d’assaut 105!

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  1. QB… Its an AMX 30 TD. Ofcourse its fast and the gun is good lol

  2. When will the test server be online again

  3. Quickybaby honestly, showing off an ace tanker is not that important, also a T6 game is not representative to the actual gameplay at the moment. Please go back to your in depth knowledge about the game and dont put out cramped entertainment value bs.

  4. It should get a auto loader it would be nice.

  5. Is WoT worth to play the game? 3yrs I was away and planning to the game again. Any suggestion?

  6. Help I need gold plz username Ted_L

  7. Yes more prem tanks to collect

  8. About being another premium tank WG must make money and that is ok but I hate that WG is making this tier8 tanks with OP penetration when other tier8 tanks in the game like the KV-5 with 167 pen and that is a big joke.

  9. Quickybaby admits to kill stealing to secure epic medals! XD

  10. You mentioned your possible hearing damage from the loud environement. I can absolutely recommend you using this next time:

  11. No Quickybaby, its not because of the ammunition that it has good penetration. It is because it gets the same gun as the AMX 30 Prototype and the AMX 30 B. Its a tier 10 medium tank gun on a tier 8 TD.

  12. No real point in buying this over the WZ unless you want a crew trainer for your french few. I believe that least only advantage you have is the aim time, accuracy and speed in a straight line.

  13. How is this OP?
    Its Completely glass cannon.
    But overall I would prefer it if they stopped selling fucking premiums and would just balance tanks 3 times a month.

  14. Cammo stats? I guess this Frenchie ain’t that profitable at all, if u had the same game results with a Scorpion G u would have made like over 100K profit

  15. “With a gun that compares to the higher tier british mediums”, its literally the AMX 30s gun. And wg give you tanks to review? Life is crazy…

  16. wot slow becoming TD camping game, you play great the whole game, kill half tim and in the corner of the map FULL HP /TD camper waiting for you whit fucking autoloder and one clip you..yea…great…

  17. What bothers me is that the AMX 30p and 30b both lost their significant shell speed. Most 105s at that tier have 1400 m/s or so. With 9.20, it was reduced from low 1500 m/s to 1100 m/s.

    Yet this tank still keeps that shell velocity? BS

  18. Kinda looks like it’ll b a T8 e25 – the annoying ass OP dpm.

  19. sounds like another tank that put german tanks into less use

  20. Oh new Quickybaby video! That must mean Wargaming is peddling a new overpriced Premium he needs to hype!

  21. I’m sitting in the US like who the fuq is sabaton

  22. no no more auto loader!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! WG is just giving away auto loader to every french TD they r seeing >:

  23. Karma always make u cry :D:D

  24. Tinnitus is not a joke m8. My country has compulsory military service. After a visit to an open air firing range I developed tinnitus and slight hearing loss in my left ear (when you tilt your head to aim your left ear is closer to the gun’s barrel, at least that’s my theory). Like you, I decided to wait to see if it would pass. It didn’t. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with sudden acoustic trauma. I got fed steroids and nutritious serums for five days. Then they injected steroids directly into my inner ear (which are no fun due to the dizziness). Then after not getting results after hyperbaric oxygen treatment I gave up.

    The doctors told me that if I had not waited before visiting the hospital I would have a better chance of recovering my hearing. Get checked before it gets worse. Also, and this applies for everyone, always wear hearing protection when firing guns, even if you’re firing outside. Don’t make the same mistake I made.

  25. Great, more stupid premiums.

  26. This thing is a piece of crap, compared to the new Chinese Premium TD.

  27. Next premium tank will be WT E-100 🙂 (with 440 alfa)…

  28. LOL Y(^_^)Y

  29. Give it a 2-shot autoloader 😉

  30. I once rolled 500 with a 400 alpha gun against a T95 on 500 hp 😀

  31. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    HEAT will be the standard ammunition for the e100 in the next update.

  32. fronter raamer ????

  33. another tier 8 prem

  34. in tier 6 game ok lol , in tier 10 80% of game u sucks

  35. WG could introduce a credit-maker tier 5-6 premium TD.

  36. Im playing 7 years lol the game has become pay to win

  37. Just a random opinion, But i think this AMX CDA 105 would be a really good tank, for 1.5 sec shell reload, 15 sec full reload, with a 2 shot mag…..would be so much fun

  38. 1000hp health is just not enough on a paper TD like this, arty will quickly splash you to death and an IS shot takes off 1/3 of your health.

  39. Puppy kicking again with Tier 6 while in a Tier 8 with Top MM? so more to everyones real interst how does it do at Tier 10 battles please where most of the time it will be really playing – or was any tier 10 battles avoided as it got farmed and was shown as another ‘average’ T8 Premium? guess we dont know?

  40. Great video QuickyBaby, that tank fits my play style and looking forward to the introduction of it in World of Tanks but could be a better trainer than that lower tier td as well. See ya on the next video, keep up the great work.

  41. Why use romanian flag?=)))
    E careva român? ?

  42. All we need in this game are: new maps , less op tanks , more reworks , and a more realistic combat system

  43. Take my Money I have been waiting for a Premium French TD for ages I have 2 good crews for the line but its been hard work using the FCM PAK 40 tier 3.
    I think I prefer a single shot gun as with an autoloader the accuracy will probably be nerfed and also likely lose a crew member making it less useful as a crew trainer.

  44. french flea vs german flea? xD

  45. Who’s damn tired of hearing new prem tank? again?

  46. Looks dope

  47. Step 1: get a T71
    Step 2: drop a Maus on it
    Step 3: remove autoloader and add french joke

  48. So they pretty much gave use a French e-25

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