World of Tanks|| AMX CDC French Premium Medium Tank, Mines Interactive Gameplay Tutorial WoT UNI

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks|| AMX CDC French Premium Medium Tank, Mines Interactive Gameplay Tutorial WoT UNI

►Welcome to another where you get time to think and see what you would do. This time its a game on mines in AMX CDC, in this game we see how a bit of patience can help you win a match in the most unlikely of ways.
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  1. Hey Sir Havoc i dont know if you know this but if you go to C9 you have
    very good shots all the way down the C line and would allow you to support
    and put some shots in on the heavies pushing. How ever i feel like if you
    had gone that way, you could have gotten over run. If you play smart you
    would have been able to take some health off those heavies and leave that
    flank without having to much trouble. Hope this helps you and possibly
    others passing by

  2. can I join wot uni? I PMed both the leaders and there has been no reply

  3. somebody knows the song at 3:00?

  4. Great play :)

  5. I’ve just tried streaming on twitch for the first time and I’m really
    enjoying it! Have you got any tips so I can improve? My twitch is-
    darkrider7t thanks for any advice given :)

  6. Had to stop watching because the music was an annoying distraction and made
    it hard to hear you. Hopefully there isn’t any on your next video and I can
    watch it all the way through. Otherwise have enjoyed your past videos. Keep
    up the good work.

  7. mate…your intro is awesome…

  8. I feel like you’re teaching bad habits. As soon as you see the Patton come
    over to the Island you have to give yourself an exit strategy, i.e. don’t
    go to the main island and get trapped as you did. This game was more about
    making the most of a poor decision. That said well done for out playing the
    T9s, but if they were even remotely good players you would have had a bad
    game. (Also that bounce from the conqueror!)

  9. The Anonymous Patriot

    having watched so many of your videos and seeing you how to react in
    situations such as you faced with the Conqueror and the Patton, I would
    have done exactly what you did.
    #1- Circle the rock and take the shot from the Patton to put that rock
    between Me and the Heavy Tank
    #2- Back up and let that Patton get between Me and that Conqueror. It kinda
    sucks that he did have the auto fire ext tho (smart for him, bad for you)
    I wouldn’t have went to that spot you went to first. Having embraced My
    Inner Bush Wookie I would have camped for a bit behind the bush at J7
    hugging the rock to get shots down the Eastern flank then moved down the
    line to K4 bushes to snipe the western flank using the spotting of the
    MT-25 to light up the Patton and Conqueror. the best thing I learned from
    you was how to fire from Bush Cover without being spotted.
    The thing I learned on My own is -not- to rush to the front in any tank,
    and that hanging back to let others spot for Me (and be My Meat Shield) to
    farm DMG/Kills . I’ve watched it happen in battle so many times where I
    rushed to the front, gotten all messed up while guys who hung back racked
    up the big scores off My spotting, then seeing My terrible scores and
    watched My WN8 nose dive because of it.
    No more of that! LOL In Pub matches, the only people I can trust are My
    Toonies (Clan mostly) and I don’t expect anyone to come help Me because of
    large amounts of experience of seeing them sit and not do a thing except
    snipe and most times not being effective at it

  10. Why this music -_-

  11. french just don’t give a f*** about armour :p

  12. I don’t know what it is, but french tanks look like they are made out of

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