World of Tanks || AMX Chasseur de Chars – 9.6 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Preview of the French T8 premium medium tank the AMX Chasseur de Chars in patch 9.6!

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  1. I hope you enjoy this video of the upcoming T8 French premium medium the
    AMX CDC!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. before 301 club :)

  3. ooooooooooooh new premium vehicles are actually out soon ! bring meh the

  4. soft stats are really bad so the 1200 is in battle the same as 416

  5. are the british replacements coming in 9.6 or later?

  6. Sta 2 

  7. nice vid are you going to gamescom this year? want to meet you there!!!!

  8. Wait a sec… wasnt AMX CDC a tank destroyer last week?

  9. However – this gets normal mm – the FCM does not

  10. Actually, that t49 shell just straight up penned your tank. The t49 doesn’t
    carry ap/apcr shells, the only shells that are capable of overmatch.

  11. AMX Center for Disease Control XD 

  12. Is ifs you for to play French tank is for Claus is for to haves advice for
    you for to play. Is for you for to reads for to learns. OK. Is for you runs
    fast for middles map for thinks for you spots for have armour for bounce
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    shoots gun for just for to wait for team for maybe wins for maybe lose? NO!
    Is for you is for to thinks you for go hulls down for have strongs turret?
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  13. What? preview? Great

  14. whats up with your fps?

  15. Not bad new paper tank. / thank review QB

  16. Shit tank, another way to milk them children :)

  17. Meh. I would take the IS6 instead of this every time :p

  18. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    That frenchy name is misleading. “Chasseur de chars” means tank destroyer.
    So why is it a medium tank in World of Tanks then?

  19. Nice, but not E-25.

  20. it looks like a tier 8 elc amx, witch makes me happy =D

  21. Great, this will be perfect for training all of your French medium
    crews…. oh wait; there aren’t any. (until the end of the line)
    Cool tank though. I find it funny that it’s got worse view range than the
    tier III TD 

  22. the french are so use to giving up im surprised a little white flag didn’t
    pop out from the top of the tank during that game 

  23. Should premium tanks go against tanks of 1 tier above them?

  24. N75 | Multigaming & Tutos

    You have a good french accent ! :)

  25. WoT, the only game where you can shoot things with government acronyms such
    as CDC, lol

  26. the penetration of the arty shell doesent matter, it will overmatch the
    armor anyways

  27. thats a nice looking tank

  28. Finally an AC/DC gun – that rocks! ; )

  29. This tank was clearly implemented for those who need assistance in training
    their amx 40 crews.

  30. Its got AC/DC in the name: of course it’s a good gun.

  31. Its like a large arctic fox with no healing……

  32. That T49 hit wasn’t that bad; I got hit by a VK and it damaged literally
    every part on my tank and killed two crew. That was in a French heavy. 

  33. Tankiste Marseillais

    CHaSSeur DE ChaRs lol c’est comme sa que tu le dis 😉 ( i’m french )

  34. Mako! From kill la kill! 

  35. quicky it wasn’t 29 mins it was 29 secs :)

  36. More glass cannons for my KV-2 to shoot at…

  37. Why do I allways have 999ms?! I can’t even play proprly,Im just lowering my
    stats -.-

  38. kay so the AMX chasseur de char is a medium tank???? Hey! cmon “chasseur de
    char” is the french name for Tank destroyer,it’s like adding a light tank
    in the game named howitzer!

  39. Center of Disease Control 

  40. I think I’m going to have a new favorite tank to shoot at. Especially with
    my M53/M55.

  41. the only problem i have with AMX CDC is that instead of having a wide
    turning circle it looses almost all speed when turning. and in a tank with
    That insane hp/ton and actully quite good ground resistance i feel like it
    should be able to keep speed up in for example a 90 degree city corner. but
    from my experiences it looses speed down to about 35-40 whenever it turns.

  42. I think that ELC drivers will accomodate quite easily with the very poor
    armor of the CdC. Run fast, know yourself and your ennemies, have fun!

  43. I notice you had shot the guy helping you in the STA-2 in the ass before
    recording the speed test… lol

  44. I’m afraid of the accuracy nerf :(

  45. Lol scrub shooting your team at 8:05! Lol im Just kidding I suck ):

  46. You forgot to mention the price

  47. how do cope with all the idiots in the game, im constantly the last alive
    with only 3 mins gone in battle

  48. Based on the fact that this thing is gonna meet T10 tanks I can safely say
    that it is not worth the gold!

  49. From what I’m seeing about this tank in various videos, including this one,
    the CDC should be played as a highly mobile TD with spall liner, binocular
    telescope, and gun rammer. Add in a large repair kit, large first aid kit
    and if the spall liner is not your thing, a vertical stabilizer or gun
    laying drive. This is clearly not a good front line tank and barely
    qualifies as a flanker. But of course, I have not played this tank on the
    test server myself and am basing my opinion on YT video observations only.
    Excellent video as usual. Keep up the great work.

  50. But the main diffrence between CDC and 50t is the fact that CDC doesn’t get
    premium MM, thanks to WG’s decision not to give new premium tanks better MM
    anymore. And this taken into account I feel like 50t is the better one.

  51. as all other french tank the accuracy is no match with the stats as the pen
    and the view range, serioulsy when i see other tank just point and click
    and with french you need so much time to aim and stay uncover with no armor
    it’s just useless. Mobility is useless with all the op meds with heavy gun
    and armor around.

  52. ‘AMX Tank Destroyer’ blueprint – made Premium tier 8 French MEDIUM tank in

  53. Worst Tier 8 ever made?

  54. 9:40 thats some mobility .fuel tanks damaged yo

  55. I kind of love this tank just because it looks fucking awesome.

  56. Shoots freindly…..

    Helllo QB!

  57. Hrm, looks like a faster Panther II with worse armor. Could be fun.

  58. this tank reminds me of a t8 crummy

  59. I think He and Heat can’t overmatch …

  60. Meh, this thing looks like it would make me rage with the lack of armor

  61. klineczproductions

    This tank looks retarded… What I would really much like to have is a
    historically accurate BC25t with 90mm F3 as a tier 8 medium premium. That
    would be very nice indeed!!

  62. i wud say its a joke that thing dosnt even have crp armour to atleast
    protect from HE. WG should stop ading machines that mostly have no armor
    because thats what the game is mostly ruled by, they realy should put tanks
    with heavy armour and low mobility because the game honistly has become so
    crap now

  63. Your pronounciation of “Chasseur de chars” is so funny for a french x)

  64. only bad players can say that the tank is bad , he just need skill /pretty
    fun tank 

  65. So many glass cannons introduced lately to world of tanks

  66. in my opinion its too op

  67. AMX CDC, wasted as a Premium. Should have been Tier VIII in a line leading
    to the AMX-30.

  68. mdr je kiff ton accent

  69. Quicky would you make a vid from amx 13/57?? Thats light tank looks

  70. is the test server still open because when i try to login on the test
    server it says that it needs latin words and some face symbole

  71. So does this tank get Premium Matchmaking?

  72. time to rek fools in the t49. rip.

  73. Lol, deleating this shitty game yesterday )

  74. Hey QB! The 3 feb Is my B-Day and I wana buy a premium tank:) I still have
    no Idea which one to go with:/ What do you recommand? Oh btw Im not looking
    for a tank destroyer:) Please answear If you see these comment:D and as
    always great video keep up the good work:) 

  75. In a perfectly ideal scenario, a skilled player could manage with only 1 mm
    of armor, and simply avoid getting hit in the first place. If other aspects
    of the tank (mobility, view range, camouflage, depression, firepower, et
    cetera) are good enough, then it should be possible to dictate the terms of
    any given engagement even without having to withstand enemy fire. Tanks
    like the ELC AMX are living embodiments of this notion. The CDC does the
    same, but to a lesser extent (mostly due to its massive profile)

  76. I love your accent “chasseur de char” ^^ My language accent is hard, isn’t
    it ? ;p

  77. The only French t8 prem eh? So what’s the FCM…?

  78. Every KV-2 driver will get wet when they see this tank, can’t wait till I
    see a few in my KV-2 ;)

  79. sooo, why would anyone get the panther 8.8 over this now?

  80. Dang, 30mm of armor, almost anything that sees it can overmatch the extreme
    angles, 90mm guns and larger will be able to pen any thing except for
    possibly the gun. As much as I want it and/or the FCM 50t I scream
    internally not to.

  81. QB playing arty? Shamefur dispray!!!!!!

  82. 03:08 sorry to say this quickybaby, but you reached asshole level 100 with
    that shot

  83. f u google no real name

    imagine a Ru251 vs a CDC, oh the slaughter the Ru251 is going to put on.

  84. I’m sorry, when I see CDC I think of the US Centers for Disease Control.

  85. Nope sorry AMX CdC I´d like to live after an arty hit me once

  86. Doesn’t the thing almost looks like a td in the garage, or is it just me?

  87. f u google no real name

    too bad these new tier 8 premiums no longer receive Preferred MM, making
    them substantially less attractive than their predecessors.

  88. I love the Hellcat, so I’m probably gonna buy this tank.

    BTW Chasseur de Chars is French for Hunter of Tanks (Tank Destroyer).

  89. klineczproductions

    You are going to rekt them so quickly indeed!

  90. HE cant overmatch

  91. Will u buy the CDC on live server ???

  92. tanks looks awesome : as i played and loved the Leopard PT & 1 so cant wait
    for somthing like that at tier 8 xD but seems unfair it dosn’t have premium

  93. is this tank better than FCM?

  94. To me seems like a tier VIII Leopard 1 but with a bad matchmaker. Although
    must be a fun tank to drive.

  95. They should add the STA 2.

  96. Ironic to have a tank called “tank hunter” as a medium and not as a TD.

  97. Gun AC/DC :)

  98. Awesome Storys Of Random Stuff

    It’s called the CDC ’cause it’s gonna quarantine your ass.

  99. Ugliest tank ingame

  100. EfficiencyBestMetric

    Streaming on Super Bowl? :<

  101. Ugly and lackluster. Disappoint.

    Give us Russian premium meds.

  102. I just noticed it’s a medium tank D:

  103. how much is this thing going to cost?

  104. Wouldn’t this tank be better in big maps with open environment?

  105. @13:42 HE doesnt overmatch

  106. i wonder how fast the t-54 would be in that circuit. my guess would be just
    a little quicker than the fcm 50t.

  107. Just what I have been looking for in a prem med…..thanks QB for the
    review 🙂

    PS. Can you please give my new channel a shout out ….only have a few
    videos up atm but they are pretty funny, (so I have been told – T54
    lightweight) ……..”thebo4an”…in game name “TheBoan”

  108. What do you guys think of this accuracy nerf?

  109. CDC looks more like a better SU-101

  110. Looks like a arl 44 mixed with an m103

  111. well the thing that pisses me off is that it has a crewmember more than all
    french medium tanks…

  112. Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff

    Best tank for the zombie apocalypse

  113. Hope you’ll read this comment : I’m French and I have to admit that your
    French accent is really good :)

  114. Aiming seems longer then 2.2

  115. It is stupid because “Chasseur de chars” means Tank destroyer.. 

  116. When i see this tank in the future i use HE ammo and he disappear.

  117. This tank is AWFULL! the Sta-2 is unlimited times better! Why is this tank
    even shown? 

  118. Quicky… overmatch is 3x the diameter of the gun. So every 90mm and bigger
    gun is outopenetration anywhere except gun mantlet and tracks.
    KV2 says nom nom nom.

  119. HE Shells don’t get overmatch benefits. The reason the T49’s shell was
    able to pen your turret top is because the turret top angles forward a bit,
    and because the T49 has a fairly high shell trajectory for a direct fire

  120. Since I already have a French heavy crew, I’ll pass on the CDC.

  121. so in a nutshell, people are going to buy this tank and camp. guarantee
    most people dont use the mobility properly and if they do they are just
    going to suicide. GG WG for making another shit tank

  122. arty is really going to love this tank. even firing HE, a tier 6 hummel can
    pen it. and any tier 7’s are going to give it hell

  123. My kv2 is so happy of this new hp farm

  124. ZxSawtx420 GamingHD

    Play some war thunder 

  125. Hi!
    So there are some plans for a new French line for mediums?
    Otherwise other than having some fun this tank is useless… 

  126. Man, this tank is ugly! :D

  127. This tank is just horrible!

  128. Made in france. 

  129. Fair Tank, if you want a Tank with pref mm get the fcm in you arent
    interested in Match making, get the CDC 

  130. this is 🙁 tank!!

  131. that t49 hit… in the immortal words of E.T. “Ouch!”

  132. How are you surprised that the T49 penned your extremely angled roof? HE
    doesnt get normalization which makes it impossible to bounce HE in theory.
    For overmatching to happen the gun caliber firing at you has to be 3x your
    armor. T49’s gun is 152mm. That is also the reason why you penned the CDC
    with arty. I thought you as a unicum knew something about the game but I
    was wrong

  133. AMX Chasseur de chars, quel nom très recherché :p

  134. hey is it me or when I try to log in the common test server I get the wrong
    password but its the same account on my live but when I go to see if I can
    change the password it goes to the Russian page all in Russian please help

  135. Let us be honest – Armor does not count anything if it is 20mm or 100mm at
    Tier 8 to Tier 10 – shots will go through like butter

  136. YAY!!! Claus Kellerman is still there !!!! 😀 😀 :D

  137. I didn’t know HE shells could over match.

  138. Yum yum…nice AMX to shoot at…wont be buying it…but it looks soooo

  139. HE(or HEAT) shells do not overmatch anything, overmatch is part of
    normalization mechanism and only AP/CR has normalization. T49 did hit 15mm
    thick part top of the turret while tank was tilted towards him and shell
    simply went through. 15mm is so thin it needs to be in 11 degrees(79 from
    normal) angle to match average pen of T49’s 152mm HE(= 50% pen chance).
    Already at 15 degrees, T49’s HE will pen about 99 times of 100 as effective
    armor is very close to minimum roll.
    HE lacks also auto-ricochet mechanism. It just tries to pen and if it
    doesnt succeed, it explodes doing splash dmg.

  140. To be blunt, it’s a worse FCM 50t, with better speed and acceleration.

  141. 8:3 That’s a low role on the ground, It has monster armor and the highest
    health pool in the game.

  142. so the cdc looks basically like a lorr 40t with no auto loader hmmmm.

  143. 0:11 good pronunciation but the “r” is not perfect :p

  144. Need arty limit
    1 arty/battle

  145. If this tank haf FCM 50t matchmaking, it would ruined FCM…….

  146. They desperately need to improve the engine sounds, that’s just not what
    1200 horse power sounds like.

  147. Just giant target with not armor 

  148. HE shells do not overmatch armour, only AP and APCR do.

  149. O.o Isn’t that the Arl V39’s top gun? 90mm dca 45 ac. A td’s gun on a

  150. Garbage concept tank. Inflated light tank

  151. i like that AC/DC “Big” Gun :)

  152. if your a slightly below average player but are quite good at driving the
    leopard1 (73% on moe) should I get this tank or stay away?

  153. just buy the SU100Y, it has the biggest fun factor + it makes quite good
    credits even when you dont do much^^

  154. So wait a 90 mm gun can wreck the thing? So that means my elc amx can kill
    it with its top gun…

  155. Do you know if the personal missions campaign 1 is permanent or will it be
    removed when they add campaign 2.

  156. I found this tank on the 19 january or something like that… And here it

  157. I thourght that CDC ment ” Cul De Canard”. 🙂 Anyway thank you for a very
    informative and interesting channel.

  158. HE and HEAT don’t overmatch…

  159. good review video QB. the only thing you failed to mention is the FCM 50t
    has premium matchmaking (8-9) whereas the AMX CDC doesn’t (8-10) 

  160. So, a Panzer 1C can pen it….

  161. I am French and your French accent is excellent x) “AMX Chasseur de chars”

  162. which crew sound mod are you using? i cant seem to tfind one that has all
    of the nations?

  163. Wargaming engineering. … This tank never have….. is 1 arl44 with no
    armou. … another bull shit like panzer tier 8 premium. .. 

  164. Really a monster with good mobility.

  165. AMX 30 line and chasseur de char, yeah french touch ! You will eat frogs by
    me guys !

  166. Hey, you can call it the “Tank hunter” or “Tank Chaser” if you want.

  167. This tank seems really nice, in nice players hands ^^

  168. well, fuck, another waffentrager-type tank…wtf WG!?

  169. PJSalt PJSalt now ban me like you ban others QB :)

  170. I have to say, this tank looks awesome, I’ve been waiting for a highly
    mobile tier 8 premium medium since I started playing (which was
    6.something.) I don’t mind sacrificing armour for mobility, however…such
    a big sacrifice would prove problematic, most mediums can shrug off normal
    caliber HE damage at least, but the gun and mobility look amazing, so I
    think that’s enough to compensate for it’s weakness in terms of armour. I
    guess we’ll see 😛 

  171. Was just listening and heard “Maco finishes 37 minutes later…”. So I
    pulled the vid up and saw it was 37 sec. STA-2 is slower, but not that
    slow. :D

  172. The odd thing is that Chasseur de Chars translates to “tank destroyer”
    (lit: tank hunter).

  173. love ur accent in “chasseur de char” :D

  174. I want a tank that is a complete opposite. (Yes, I already have T95) :D

  175. So the cdc is good at running away ? 😀 Oh, the irony…

  176. I think the Amx CDC need more arrmor 10mm on the top are to small 

  177. I don’t see the point of this tank with the FCM 50t in the game. The 50t
    has the same gun with only slightly worse soft stats on it, better armor
    all around (Still unlikely to bounce anything, but at least it won’t be
    screwed over by HE shells) fine mobility (It performs better than most
    equal tier mediums) AND preferential MM. The CDC only has speed and a
    slightly better gun.

  178. Should have given it an auto-loader. 

  179. This really is more of a tank destroyer (which is what chasseur de chars
    means btw :)) than a medium tank… kinda like a hellcat in my opinion

  180. Shut up and take my money. Tier 8 Cromwell :)

  181. In my opinion the CDC needs a bit more top speed and a bit less engine

  182. Ehm, HE doesnt overmatch btw…

  183. I am going to love firing HE at this tank.

  184. quicky y cant I log in to the 9.6 ts it say my email or pass is wrong

  185. but its not wrong

  186. ”Speed IS armour!’ roared Naval First Lord Admiral Fisher. He not only
    invented the first modern *Dreadnaught’ Battleships’ that were armoured and
    could take damage but also ‘Battlecruisers’ that could not. These later
    became famous; but mostly for getting sunk (think ‘Hood’, ‘and the 3
    ‘Invincibles’ ‘blown up’ at Jutland.)
    No speed is very good and important but it is not armour when you DO get
    hit. Tank Destroyers with very big guns can sit back and ‘shrub it’
    successfully but generally tanks without armour get ‘blown up’.unless
    played by very superior players.

  187. People still play this trash game?


  188. AMX hunter of tanks? is my crappy American translation correct?

  189. Yes we need more of ‘Doctor Quicky’s’ tank investigation reviews. More and
    up to date one’s too. More knowledge and understanding = better play for
    all. In this case, more is good!

  190. dapoppels doerksen

    I was wachting the stream in the second reply

  191. am i the only one that hears TD in my head ?

  192. Accuracy nerf doesnt seem that bad. Now people have to fully aim to hit. No
    more wonder snapshots from high alpha guns.

    And now, smaller tanks will have a chance again, as they can simply dodge
    shots easily. Elc ftw

  193. Death star drivers are gonna love this tank

  194. T49’s new Tog!

  195. so literally the top of this tank is sheet metal… ahh the french

  196. I don’t care about any of this because as soon as I herd that they are
    nurfing all round accuracy in the game, I decided to quit. they need to
    buff accuracy, not nurf it.

  197. so
    french have 3 actually medium tanks, in terms of crew training. The
    americans have 2 BRANCHES of tank destroyers. Why do they not have a prem?
    WG would cash in even if i was a hellcat clone with no prem mm and tier 9.
    Why do they not put on in? it makes no sense at all

  198. Accuracy nerfs will save light tanks from snap shots from heavy tanks and
    tds. A lot of light tank drivers are gonna be happy because getting in
    close just got a lot easier. Indirect nerf for WZ-132 because it was so
    good at shooting on the move. Got 3 out of 5 shots from a distance of
    approximately 250m.

  199. QUICKYBABY can you please please do a new review for the Fv215b 183 on
    patch 9.6

  200. When will the 9.6 test server end?

  201. we’re gonna see alot of these when 9.6 first goes live but they’ll fizzle
    out as people realize it’s hard to use.

  202. how did you activate free camera?

  203. Very insightful review, especially at the end. Thanks for the upload QB!

  204. That was some amazing gameplay.

  205. CAN YOU DO World of warships please

  206. QB why dont you use tank inspector so we can see the actual armour values
    taking slope into consideration?

  207. Why not load HE for WTE100s? QB, any chance you can do a video testing the
    accuracy changed with different vehicle classes?

  208. It looks like accuracy is just fine in 9.6!

    I’m happy firing on the move has more RNG though.
    Nothing worse than a Russian medium zipping by hitting you for 390 -_- at

  209. i just want to point out that quickybaby have made one mistake which even
    side scrape is not going to help, because the armor of the hull armor is
    just 30mm. when the enemy gun caliber is equal or over 3 times of your
    armor thickness, the angle doesn’t work and would just penetrate.

  210. Thing is ugly, not that it matters what so ever, but man, that is hideous.

  211. Looks more like a heavy to me! :)

  212. Still no Soviet tier 8 medium premium tank :(

  213. Ah, good ol’ French tanks: the best tanks for running away in. :D

  214. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    jesus christ! quicky you are crazy good at this, i bet if your tank went
    out of action in real life you would be able to take a bike from a french
    girl and using sling shot take on rommel him self!!!

  215. +QuickyBabyTV
    HE doesn’t overmatch.

    But then again, E-50M is weak -.-

  216. Basically, when you see this fat stupid french tank rolling around load HE
    and it will die fast.Just like the japanese tanks.

  217. This is an E25 with a bigger gun and a turret. 

  218. So basically this is a PTA with a PePe LePew accent. Gotcha.

  219. This is awesome,this tank represents the french so well,big mouth and best
    at running backwards.

  220. Not the tank for me. On the other hand new meet for my E-100 with HE shells
    niece :)

  221. Looks like Imma gunna love drerpin’ this tank with my KV-2…

  222. Interesting vehicle!

  223. I’m guessing this’ll probably be 12,500 gold.

  224. SuperstarMcAwesomeville

    AC/DC gun, I like XD

  225. hello guys i woud like some input on the videos i created. thnaks if you do

  226. looks like a fun tank, might be the first prem tank I pick up for making
    credits since I tend to like faster tanks. Also looking forward to the
    snapshot changes

  227. hey +QuickyBabyTV don’t want to contaminate his thread but have you seen
    this? you are on BBC! (skip to 1:00 in timeline) lol

  228. Wahou QuickyBaby, “Quel accent charmant !” (For “What a charming accent”)

  229. I can already see this thing being nerfed, it seems too good as it is. It’s
    gun depression is very un-french, and it means I can’t really play my
    favorite tank any more.

  230. That so funny how pronounce chasseur de char

    ps I am french 

  231. I hate the RNG of WoT already. and it’s RNG hates me. and they’re going to
    make it *worse*?????

  232. thx QB

  233. The highlight is the spaced armour?
    lol.. anything that shoots at this will triple overmatch the armour and
    will have no chance of bouncing, even with insane angles..

  234. I’m afraid of the accuracy-nerf :/
    my most played tank is the WZ-120 atm. I’m already willing to not aim fully
    and take snap-shots because the pen without gold is good enough as long as
    it hits the enemy …
    now I fear I cant take those risky snap shots anymore 🙁

    it propably is time now to Start the russian medium line *sigh* 

  235. Goood the CDC is ugly!

  236. Chasseur de chars mean tank destoyer

  237. AMX 40 on steroids 

  238. It really seems to be a more weakly armoured, yet more mobile, Leopard

    Checked the wot-compare site, and all the stats are the same, exept for the
    armor, HP horsepower and aimtime.

    They might be using the Leopard PTs stats as a placeholder for the CDC
    until they get a hold of the real stats.


    Just for the record: HE shells DO NOT OVERMATCH! Only AP and APCR
    overmatches. At calibre > 2x(nominal thickness), shell normalisation is
    hugely increased, and at calibre > 3x(nominal thickness) ricochets no
    longer happen, and the normalisation is increased as with the first

    Basically, if your shell’s calibre is triple the un-angled thickness of the
    armour it hits, it is an automatic penetration. Again though: this does NOT
    happen for HEAT or HE (or HESH of course).

  240. yesterday have seen the first cdc and no clue what this thing is 😀
    now with wot-king qb´s help i think i will use HE rounds when i meat this
    hope HE rounds will do the job better as AP :D

  241. Can’t wait to shoot at that with my trusty KV-2! :D

  242. you need a new intro….just saying

  243. It’s like if the ELC was turned into a medium 

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