World of Tanks || AMX M4 mle. 51 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – AMX M4 mle. 51. Today I’m reviewing the T9 French heavy the AMX M4 mle. 51 – a strong frontal all-rounder and one of the most enjoyable T9s heavies I’ve played!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. @ZAndKGaming entire German tanks except maus nd pz7 are underpowered

  2. But you have to grind through that pathetic AMX 65t firsrt


  4. Nice review about dpm and shooting at certain angles, m4 54 is definitely more passive than tier 9.

  5. Hi quickybaby, I remember your mouse bomb video and how it impressed me so much. I am almost done with my Oho grind, I would greatly Appreciate if you made a video about either the Oho, type 4 heavy or the type 5 heavy. I need some lessons about how to play a type 4 – 5 heavy. I would greatly appreciate if you made a video on either of these vehicles. I hope to see you in the wot PS4 server as PenguinJLD.
    Sincerely chicken nugget.

  6. Love that you’retelling us about the tanks as you play them!! Very awesome to see!

  7. I will stick to my E75

  8. Confirmed, QB is a pigeon.

  9. 20:05 a non-turreted heavy tank would be very weird lol

  10. Tank is bad, dont bother

  11. Actually Jingles- I mean, Mr Quickybaby 😉 The FV4202 is a british tank.

  12. armor thiccness.

  13. I think he lost the second game because of that atrocious platoon 1.

  14. I would like to see some 130mm, 490 alfa gun on T110E5. Really, 340- rolls on the current gun are not best :/

  15. You need to say “hey guys” again instead. It’s annoying me now.

  16. next time do the is-M tank review

  17. Aww quickybaby do you at ASIA sever? i wanna meet you :3

  18. The 3×caliber overmatching rule is just so dumb.

  19. What is your opinion about is m

  20. For me the 127mm is to make it unique. Otherwise I simply could play the Conqueror. I use the 100 octane gas to increase power and turret speed. Also it’s a cheap tune up and I can earn good credits. Also quickybaby forgot to mention the HE on the big gun is reliable.

  21. You say there isn’t a problem with the 257, but that’s just wrong. The lower plate is so small, I find it quite difficult to hit it when the 257 is moving around. Also, don’t act like not being able to track and damage it isn’t a problem.

    • Riley Ridgway there is no problem with it… it just requires a different play style to take down. The front armour is very weak if you’re in a tall tank and the lower plate really isn’t that hard to hit. That along with the fact the upper side armour is a low thinner than everyone thinks makes it an easy tank to take down if you use your brain ?

    • I think that tank is well balanced against equal tiers, T10 and wz -111 will wreck that tank in every situation, so its not even that good, but it is prob broken vs lower tiers with lower pen

  22. Kappa.txt

  23. @18:00 That’s why I prefer to have 122mm gun on my T-44 than the 100mm 🙂 I don’t care anymore about the accuracy or firing speed as accuracy is pretty much RNG and you probably won’t be able to always stand still and shoot your enemy like it’s a shooting gallery.

  24. Let me tell you a joke HE rounds, no need to pen

  25. Emil II is better

  26. QB make your next video a “Sassy Game”

  27. Maybe its just me but the 70 extra damage isn’t worth all the drawbacks.

  28. So my poor E75 continues to languish in pretty well all areas except side and rear armour……

    • Richard Dyson Side armor makes a huge difference though. E-75 can side scrape like a boss.

    • Rickard Shen until it meets a Japanese superheavy

    • irish Senthil The Japanese superderps being broken doesn’t make E-75 bad though. And at least E-75’s gun is good enough to return the favor. Just a pity that you need to load gold to pen them back reliably. That’s kind of why I don’t play high tiers anymore. It’s no fun when you pretty much need to shoot gold to pen “weak spots” nowadays. That cancer hasn’t quite infested the mid tiers nearly as much yet.

  29. Whats with the KAPPA.txt

  30. No reason to ever use the 127mm. That 70 alpha gain is not worth the dpm drop.

  31. I still perfer the bigger gun

  32. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    9:40 can’t think of a better tank to side scrape this corner,
    *Cough E-75 cough*
    *Cough VK.**45:02**B cough*
    *Cough Object 705 Cough*

  33. I think it is the aim time that makes me want to use the lower caliber gun all the other stats are unimportant for me in this case. If I want long aim time I have some USSR heavys XD

  34. Why show a win for the 120, but a loss for the 127? Just not another good replay for the 127?

  35. I watched the stream and your matches in the Tier 10 french heavy and was a bit disappointed. Anyways I still think Tier 9 is the god tier and tier 10 is not worth it especially for F2P players.

  36. The first balanced tank WG puts in the game in a long time … It’s not OP that’s why people are not interrested in it …

  37. Thanks for the video today! I still have not got used to seeing you without your room in the background.

  38. This tank when top tier in +2 mm is just W-key and steamroll every tank.

  39. While Tier 9 is good, T10 is really Meh, bad DPM, turret armor gots raped by TDs and gold spam. S Conqueror is a better choice tier for a tier.

  40. Help we just got the Chrysler on console.

  41. Vladimír Řezníček

    Hey QB, i just want to share with others with my idea. First battle on winterberg, dont forget you were only 2 tier 9 and the players against you were statistically bad players …. If you meet more tier 9 and some tier 10 and good players, who know where to shoot this tank is the worst tier 9 heavy trust me …

    • Vladimír Řezníček maybe ur the tomatoes u are talking about….every one admits that this is one the best tier 9 tanks in the game…..

  42. Good to see you have had that gaping chest hole seen to. Can’t have been easy keeping your food in…..

  43. Unfortunately you’re spreading a bit of misinformation in regards to the overmatch mechanic here, Quickybaby. Overmatching armor does NOT guarantee penetration. It only lets your circumvent the autobounce mechanic, the shell still has to penetrate the effective armor.

  44. 2nd game, all 30 tanks are different, that’s pretty cool

  45. wargaming is just bad.

  46. Do a review of the Jagdpanther little brother of the Jagdpanther II

  47. Guys why do I have a Deja Vu

  48. Hey QB, have you heard that WT auf E100 it may come back as a reward tank? I just love that tank 😀

  49. GG man, battle whit tier 7. No words QB, what is going on whit you man? Did you really sold out to WG???????????

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