World of Tanks || AMX M4 mle. 54 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX M4 mle. 54. Update 9.21 brings the AMX M4 mle. 54 – a true French tank at T10 with two competitive guns – but does it stack up?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. type 5 heavy restore the balance

  2. 10:49 to skip past

  3. Japanese 14cm HE has 880 alpha, that’s the main reason why I use 14cm in my Type 4 instead of 15cm cuz as if I can’t penetrate I still can derp people in the face with it.

  4. Sounds like a ‘meh’ tank

  5. keep doing what you are doing

  6. Basically the French Tier 10 equivalent of the M103

  7. 0:43 A Type 5 Heavy that isn’t using the derp gun? That was a good joke, QB XD

  8. it looks like a Liberte on steroids

  9. 14:07 I was trying to hit the leopard but somehow I hit the gorilla ?

  10. And that’s why premium rounds ruin the game like that t57 no skill involved pay to win.

  11. “Mle” stands for “Modele”… so you could just as well say “AMX M4 Model 54” !

  12. congrats on HT-6!

  13. 10:40 That was the Liberte QB. If you skip out on the Coated Optics and have the AMX M4 mle 54 fully tricked out, you actually get only 443m view range.

  14. Load more gold to pen this tank 🙂 Good job wargaming. Deleted this game already.

  15. French ? looks like a Tiger II or E75 with a T110E5 turret lol.

  16. Muhd Nasruddin Bin Muhd Zahidi

    It is vertically fat

  17. Its T57. Not T54.

  18. Can we rebuff E5 tumor lower plate is okay just make E5 great again

  19. Console player: wanna hear a joke
    Pc player: sure
    Console player: Chieftan!
    Pc player: I dont get it
    Console player: Exactly

  20. Same. I think the higher alpha gun best suits the tank, since it has its weak points, and can be used as a mobile, heavily armored, high alpha supporter

  21. still playing the T6 french heavy tank.. so yea, wont be able to get this anytime soon.

  22. Great, another tank that’s too user friendly and dumbs down the gameplay. With tanks like the IS4 and E100 you have heavily armoured tanks that need to angle to not be penetrated. This new tank is like the type5 heavy, point yourself towards the enemy because that takes so much skill. Same stupidly small “weak spot” on the turret that is impossible to hit except at close range.

  23. Thanks for destroying your Vods with ads of Battlefront evry 10 mins, kind of sick of that ad now,…. cant watch u live always , better do that. or u go mad.

  24. 226 millimeters of armor-tier 8 tanks are going to be pening that at least 50% of the time. QB love your content and you as well but my tier 9 medium tank called the T-54 can’t do that. Sorry but you’re fired

  25. test server filled with barns with planet destroying guns…..type 5 derps…….and a LOT of gold

  26. Only liked the video because he was honest about giving a thumbs down if something was wrong about it…

  27. that game bekame so stupid on X tier… i got armour but its worthless – just spam gold in a faster tank…

  28. Just like war thunder. After badger and this french tank they are going to add rockets to every tank. RIP Maus :C

  29. How is this balanced you make amx frontal armour better than maus same thing with badger!!! :C

  30. So, Since when did the T57 turn into a T54?

  31. I have all other tier 10 french tanks but will be giving this one a pass. Looks boring and not really good at anything

  32. So basically T8s are completely fucked and you will be stuck on this tier for 3 years because you can never pen anything.

    Edit* Unless you buy a T8 premium. Do you see the algorithm yet?

  33. Watched some gameplay of an other Youtuber yesterday, who had the pleasure to play against you in one of his games… Was interesting to see how fast you were taken out on that game…

  34. Wait a minute when did the French stop using paper to make tanks

  35. AP firing Death Stars and Killer Barns are gonna laugh this tank’s hull side armor if one attempts to side-scrape in it.

  36. You put yourself into crossfire, stop bitching about the tank, QB…

  37. More skills when you try a new tank!!!! My god who have seven skills?!?!! Cmon!!!

  38. are u playing war thunder quickybaby???

  39. U played such good games and say it’s not a good tank, but all in all, hope AMX would get buff int the future

  40. Meh this tank has way too bad armor ! The cheeks make it awfull to play and the DPM + meh penetration makes you struggle to take guns out of the game. I think they should either remove / buff the cupolas or buff the cheeks or else that armor will be useless at about 10° or more

  41. Did you just called premium rounds pay2win?

  42. wot today=- retarded invincible hulldown tanks

  43. Dat turret doe

  44. im just wondering how AMX will be compared to the “old dogs”: is7, maus, the american one which name i forgot…. cmon. 300mm front and a lower plate that is not going to be penetrated by most of the guns… thats just cruelty…

  45. Don’t angle the liberte either unless you’re hiding the special corner

  46. even more reason for WG to remove prem ammo from the test servers

  47. “Il est cuit ! Passez au suivant” ✌ vive la France ? j’adore tes vidéos mec, merci pour ton contenu qualitatif ?

  48. No buffs to the “Superheavy” Pz VII ?

  49. I’ve been enjoying the 130mm gun a lot. The fact that you can snapshot like that with a gun that has higher alpha damage than usual makes it feel satisfying. Plus, I don’t think there’s any other tank in the game similar to the AMX 54 currently.. and I like having different vehicles that I can enjoy playing.

    Let’s just hope they don’t overbuff it like they did with the S. Conqueror.

  50. Is this tank going to replace the 50B, or it’s going to be a different line?

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