World of Tanks || An Inch from Death

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Indien Panzer. Today revo_energu facing his greatest challenge but an inch from death in the German medium!

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  1. E 100 Tech Tree Showcase LIVE FROM GAMESCOM right now!

  2. 1:21 o ho aaaaaa

  3. Wow i just bought that tank 😀

  4. lol u called the o-i a o-ho

  5. i am iluminati himself

    actually my quickybaby it’s not a O-HO, it’s a O-I 🙂

  6. That tank is crap, just watch this, ☻☺Only NOOBS&HORSES (LTs are best for ramming, ’cause fast) – WoT ep.18

  7. Damn, best indien play iv seen.. This duud got fantastic Nerves. 🙂

  8. just a lucky shitlord

  9. Makhoe van der Vlugt

    Holy Moses…

  10. Russian bias…

  11. mrcannotfindaname

    Should have kill that Lorr arty long time ago and that could have saved him hundreds of hp. But he is greedy to farm enemy in cap and got lucky.

  12. Where you have this mm?
    I dont member when i had this mm 🙁 …. only tier 10

  13. their secret is Vodka!

  14. Nice game. But in every epic battle, the enemy’s are so retarded. If they just loaded HE ammo, they would’ve won. I really don’t get why people shoot AP

  15. You talk a lot but say nothing

  16. So lucky… I’ve been in this kind of situations 1v5 , 1v4, 1v6 and they never miss me like they missed him … They always high roll for example is -470… what a lucky guy …

  17. Top tier medium going hill on mines…u know whats coming….

  18. no offens but fucking mutz is not a premium indien!! it s a swiss tank where is your respect for my nationality 🙁 btw mutz is called Panzer58 here…and i hope wg eventually gets it and gives me my swiss techtree

  19. “…and what is it about these Ukranians and these Russians that just makes them such awesome tankers?”
    Are you kidding us, QB? His team was disgustingly incompetent, and he pretty much had to carry for those 14 dead weights.

    Seems to me like they suffer from the same problem as we do with a broad, massively talentless player base, where a few decent players are constantly drowning in the tomato soup that is their so-called team mates. I mean; he had to fight back enemies coming up to him on hill *three times*, because his utterly useless team mates were incapable of giving him the support he needed, much less keep the base clear of enemy tanks.

    Oh no no no! The majority of the [RU] players are just as inept as our [EU] brethren, and far too many battles are lost, because it doesn’t matter how well you yourself do, when most of your team doesn’t even know where to deploy.

  20. Debil clubbing and RNG on his side, pure Luck little skill

  21. Wasnt the M48 Patton your first Tier 10?

  22. Micheal De La Cruz

    The WoWS ad is cringy.

  23. that was OI bot OHo quickybaby

  24. insane battle! well done!

  25. C U R R Y A S C E N D E D

  26. wow very intense battle here lovely video.

  27. wow…. very good….

  28. “What I like about this 1v5 is that their top tier tanks on the enemy team its not like there all artillery and bottom tier vehicles”
    Me——–You missed their stats quickybaby

  29. The Indien Panzer has got the chance to see bobs. 😀

  30. Happy this was no heartbreak.

  31. This is the game that demonstrates how a bad player can buy a premium tank a dominate the games!!! he jumped down the clif, 0 dmg out of 1 hp… And a premium account!!! SHAME quicky baby, this is what makes player uninstall game!!! But on the other hand, that’s how you, and i mean yourself and wg make money… BUY PREMIUM TO WIN!!!!!!!

  32. How can i get this crue´s voice??

  33. WAIT THE OI IS A OHO???? 1:35

  34. kolobanovs medaille, radleywalter and dumitru’s medaille. now that i have your attention QB, please take a look at my wz 132 replay, my name is MijnNaamIsLowie on wotreplays

  35. There needs to be a metal for winning a match on such low health. 😀

  36. what a geme

    skill and luck combine

  37. QB U thank in russian to a guy most likely from Ukrain. That is not kind. For sure it is not. But i assume that U did not know. Be aware on that in the future. Say thanks in russian only if U R 100% sure that guy is from Russia.

  38. Great White North

    Speaking of high caliber. What are the hidden requirements to get it? I’ve had countless matches where I’ve done top damage by hundreds and sometimes thousands of damage and I get no high caliber award??? Happens on any and every tier.

  39. Why not a cm from death?

  40. 1:41 “O-HO” it’s a O-I qb ?

  41. Wow awesome game ……

  42. Those Tigers in the cap, and the Rhm Borsig on the hill. Let me have enemies like that…

  43. This is a very odd comment section, far more than usual actually ?

  44. Senator Armstrong

    concerning the title are we talking about your YouTube career or you playing the game

  45. an INCH from death? more like a MILLIMETER

  46. This was pure RNG and every tank was a 1 shot…

  47. جوشوا Rutledge

    What website?

  48. Jens Van Der Poel

    7:51 T69 got a ghost shell. Lucky Indien Pz.

  49. “SO BAD”
    “He’s actually retarded”
    “I’m gonna have to put him down”

  50. That was pretty intense.

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