World of Tanks | Anatomy of a Unicum Game Play Tutorial Breakdown

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Anatomy of a Unicum Game Play Breakdown
Hi mates, Following some feedback on my no commentary series I have decided to slow that down for now, I beleived that people would just enjoy to simply watch some games, but it appears you guys miss my joyous tones :p. I decided to come back with a new series, to pick some of the best in the game, watch how they play and break down how they get the scores and wins they do….. Stay tuned
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Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

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  1. Thanx Sir Havoc I really appreciate you taking time to make us orange
    players better I have learned alot from watching your tutorials and have
    since got my 1st radley walters thanks to you 🙂 awesome stuff your
    interactive vids are 1 of the best learning tools i have found

  2. He wasn´t using a fire extinguisher – interesting (&risky!?!).

    But what a monster game!

  3. Really nice game and well played!

  4. Top vid. These breakdowns on tactics etc are why I subscribed in the first
    place ??

  5. The Anonymous Patriot

    Sir Havoc doesn’t care if Arty kills him because Arty loves him and wants
    to have his babies!! :D

  6. The Anonymous Patriot

    i learned My lesson in My OI about cutting that south corner too tight. 🙁
    much flaming wreckage.

  7. Didn’t care for the videos without commentary, and stopped watching them.
    It was more of just watching a video to kill time than actually learning
    from it. I have better uses for my time. Had I seen this without the
    commentary, I would have noticed the angling, thought to myself, yes, I
    need to do that A LOT more often than I do and then thought, yep, a good
    player in a very good tank. I don’t think I would have picked-out most of
    the things you commented on. Love this format, and get a lot more out of it
    when done like this. Thanks!

  8. decha is a fucking boss

  9. I like this idea Sir_Havoc! More often than not, it’s incredibly hard to be
    completely detached from yourself enough to be able to self analyse without
    being biased. This way you can be more, subconsciously, honest about what
    was a good/bad move, tactic, use of environment, etc, etc. Personally i
    think it’s a great idea. Roll-on 20k subs.

  10. I would love to see a game of him where he is low tier with a heavytank.

  11. i like this format

  12. Its so nice to not see any comments complaining about his use of premium
    ammo. I mean, sure, he didn’t need it at times, but by using it he didn’t
    need to aim properly and thus secured the game.

  13. “Joyous tones…” YUP.. LOL

  14. I think premium ammo is pay to win. Which is a shame. you need a premium
    account to sustain the credits for use of prem ammo. The same goes for gold
    to demount, move crews up the tech tree etc. I don’t see any game play
    argument for prem ammo, other than making money for wargaming (which I
    realise they need to do). seems to break the tank balance in some cases
    though. light meds with good basic pen or heavies with lots armour suffer
    most I think.

  15. That was obviously very, very well played. However, at 9:30, he should have
    gone back to his own base. It was quite risky (and greedy) to keep

  16. dat black ops II intro wow :D

  17. wow decha on here I think I saw this on his stream?

  18. Nice work by Decha thanks for the commentary it is really needed.

  19. SU-152 firing AP…nevermind…he has the 122

  20. good vid, i like to watch *Anfield*

  21. Well, the E50 can be a beast to be respected, especially in the hands of a
    competent player. The usage of the premium ammo during the battle for the
    town is… well, at some point, it is a must to load a prem shell. As for
    the other aspects of the battle – situational awareness, relocating,
    targeting, angling the armor – well done, Sir, your results speak loudly

  22. ETA on my latest gif going up? Also, should be getting a new computer
    before the end of the month.

  23. I’ll admit in the higher tiers I use more prem ammo than needed but with
    the accuracy on my tanks gun its pretty necessary. Also in higher tiers
    that’s usually where the really good players hang out so I want to take
    them out sooner.

  24. Much better watch with comentary and breaking down the game play GG

  25. Sturer Emil

  26. Richard Michael Hanratty

    thanks for all the vids,prefer tthe ones with commentaries

  27. First bitches

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