World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great ‘Bottom Tier’ Games Tier 8 V Tier 10 Place Your Bets!!

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great ‘Bottom Tier’ Tier 8 V Tier 10 Place Your Bets!!
In this episode we look at how to carry a BOTTOM Tier , this game is a Tier 8 T-44 USSR in a tier 10 Game.
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UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks


World of Tanks University NA…

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  1. I am very exited for your university for all interested players. So this is
    the right time to say “thank you” for your engagement in instructing people
    in world of tanks. I think you have one of the best and most helpfull
    videos of the WOT community. I learn a lot from you. Wish you all the best
    for 2016 and I hope that I will become better every day :-)

  2. Sir Havoc. I’m not often comment on youtube videos .I like your videos and
    how you explain it but the sound quality is quite bad. I know a pro mic is
    expensive but try to get a sponsor or something. I will love to watch ur
    videos in hd60 . Thx man and keep up the good work. Oh and btw ur interface
    is drive me crazy . Haha xD

  3. A really good game thanks Havoc. I just can’t believe that this great
    player or any player could really digest all the awareness that you mention
    in your commentary during the battle. This this just seems to be a metric
    ass ton of hindsight, although quite convenient for such videos. Thanks
    again I’ve enjoyed the lesson.

  4. when i saw bottom tier and high tier, i thought: medium

  5. I’m in a clan, The Big Red One, can I still train with you guys from wot

  6. thank u….more pls

  7. What damage panel do you use? I cant seem to find one with the damage
    received and wn8.

  8. Great game from this T44.

    “In a tier 8 tank to only take 10 premium shells”.
    Some off us play this on a laptop with 3 premum shells only 😉

    I must get a proper PC….

  9. Wow, what a great intro. Great graphics

  10. this was great. would love to see a greater variety of these bottom tier
    matches as that is usually where I struggle. cheers sir.

  11. While these are medium tanks used as an example, the lessons of patience
    and knowing when to change locations (and conversely, when to stay put) are
    applicable to all tank classes. Another lesson from this video is knowing
    the weak spots of tanks you are engaging (other than the sides and rear, of
    course) and really displays how that knowledge can be invaluable to a tank
    in the low-tier/support capacity. In other words, using your head, aiming
    your shots, and knowing your enemy’s weaknesses (as well as your own
    strengths) can yield substantial rewards. Great video, Boss.

  12. Good info thx

  13. anyone know what the wargaming secret code was for that they had in the
    advent calendar

  14. Magnificent use of terrain at the end there :-o

  15. is it just me or did the t44 seem a little slower than it normally would be
    fully upgraded

  16. your always showing the meds but I can you show low tier heavie or TD
    gameplay becuse those games are the hardest while being a low tier with
    meds isn’t that hard most of the time…

  17. haha …good vid but its ST-1 not ST-I m8;) (because the name is Russian
    the I=1)

  18. Well done, great gameplay

  19. I bet it is a Russian tank…

  20. WoT uni training sounds epic! I am in a clan (OPQ) atm and would ask to
    transfer to yours but I sometimes play when I cannot use a microphone and
    so I wouldn’t always be able to use teamspeak. Opening up WoT uni training
    for other people is very kind of you and is much appreciated. I am very
    keen to develop my skills in WoT and your videos are amazing at helping me.
    Taking that to the next level in-game is going to be invaluable.

  21. Plus it was a X5 xp. Nicely done.

  22. Please share on Twitter and FB it really helps!!!

  23. Awesome carry!

  24. This is a great example of hoe to play a bottom tier medium :)

  25. This is a good example of how to play a low tier medium in a support role –
    my biggest challenge. I have a tendency to rush the enemy first and die
    early, but this is how it’s done. (Krampus)

  26. TheMinecraftHoarder


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