World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | [KAZNA] Mistercroo – T95E6 Tier X |Tutorial Guide

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Source: Sir Havoc

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  1. Does not have a great pen? If i am not mistaken, this thing has almost
    exact gun as T110E5 and i would not call 258 pen “not great”…

  2. Is MrCro on fuckin speed? XD I’m getting nauseous just watching this vid

  3. i couldn’t help but notice how many clutch shots he pens, like against the
    t 30 and e 100….. was that luck or is there some external factor that he
    does to minimize rng? like some mod or crew skill or specific aiming
    technique? I always miss those kinds of shots, and I just want to get
    better at taking those. thanks!

  4. nice game

  5. Awesome game by Mr. Crow…….best Unicom game posted………Sir Havoc.
    thanks for sharing, mate.

  6. standart battle for tier 10 mastery badge

  7. what about vk 72?

  8. Would you be interested in a M48 Patton game with 7500dmg? it’s a 9.13
    replay though.

  9. Thanks for the vid boss!

  10. WT auf E100 must be a donkey player, i had teams full of those on my last
    gaming session…

  11. Hey Havoc, where did you get the WN8 counter (expD) that you use in this

  12. Pete,can you give me a link to that mod that counts your wn8 and how to
    install it

  13. really really nice game altho I would have loved seeing him load HE for the
    low HP jagdpz E-100 and the waffentrager

  14. nice vid! #blameOinked

  15. This is some good stuff.Nice video Havoc.Nice game Mister.

  16. MisterCroo is an awesome player, I have watched many of his games and he
    can position his tank better than anyone I have ever seen. great vid
    SirHavoc and keep it going :)

  17. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    I love Kazan omg thank you!

  18. And also MisterCroo isnt using ANY mods and he is still that good he is
    sort of croatian quickybaby

  19. Stijn Hernalsteen

    Now I really want this tank :p

  20. what i didnt understand was that he didnt shoot HE at waffle and 140

  21. wow…I try to play like this..but I’m far from unicum. gg

  22. first … :D

  23. 18th to watch, great video again??

  24. Murad Abakarov (MAdman)

    hi havoc pls make some t54 mod 1 videos

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