World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | Leopard 1 | 8 V 1 | 11 Kills Gameplay Tutorial

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Source: Sir Havoc

| | | V 1 | 11 Kills Gameplay
You have to check out this epic game where Dadas35 scores himself 11 Kills in the Leopard 1 Tier X medium and at the end it his 8 V 1 will he prevail??
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  1. Incredible game. WP

  2. Nice video Pete! It clearly showed me how I can improve my medium tank
    gameplay. You pointed out some very common mistakes that me and a lot of
    other players tend to make.

  3. He got a great result however this was not a perfect game, at the start he
    picked some lovely shots, his first relocation was poor and invective, he
    fluffed a few shots, he took some needless damage in the one on one.

    What he did was take advantage of poor play by the enemies coming at him
    one by one, this happens a lot more than you would think.

    The enemies gifted the result by this, he made great use of ammo, as always
    lots to take from these videos I wouldn’t describe it as a perfect game

    Also he was exceptionally lucky that RNG didnt shut him down…..!

  4. i hope jim_west eats himself… hahahahaha what a stupid player he is. if i
    would be in his position, i would be smiling because someone is getting
    really really good game. u dont see that kind of game everyday. Well played

    Thank you Sir Havoc for these amazing “anatomy of great games” videos. Keep
    up the good work ;)

  5. very nice carry

  6. Brilliant game, well played. Jim West you are a plank, you need to quit the
    game if you can’t accept the fact that he was better than you. FACT.

  7. what kind of modpack he is using??

  8. what kind of modpack he is using??

  9. but yea the leo player is a fuckin rockstar :).

  10. when you do 3k damage in a T20 and it’s still a loss…………

  11. got the T20 yesterday and im fucking loving it

  12. by his own words that jim west guy should uninstall cause he hot killed by
    the leo, see? he’s number 3
    Great game beautifully carryed

  13. Awesome relocation at the end to get the job done, very well played. I do
    think this video also highlights another important skill though, early
    damage. He was too passive at the start which helped the enemy into their
    huge lead (im not saying he would have prevented it) and if he had been
    more aggressive with his early positions this could have easily been
    reduced the deficit. But still he played it perfectly once it got to 1vs8.

  14. 2500 gold to change your name? Jim West get your hand in your pocket lol be
    ashamed dude

  15. Great game,even better comentary

  16. I agree, one of the best games I have seen. The downside of wot is the
    never ending mindless banter and Ill will of some players. Its a cancer of
    online gaming and its more prevalent in wot than any other game I have ever

  17. “Jim fix your logic mate”…lol

  18. Sir. Great content. new to WOT. played PS4 beta. cant wait for release
    tomorrow to try out tactics learned on this channel. thank you

  19. Arne Ingvald Pettersen

    wow cool

  20. What a GAME!

  21. That t-54 lightweight was a sore loser.

  22. I like the hitmarker sound when he penetrates :D

  23. wow, did anyone pay attention to how he rotated his camera when he started
    circling the T62-A… at 7.55

  24. He didn’t win it, t62 and obj 140 lost it.

  25. Epic video and commentary Sir Havoc. That Jim dude was jealous of the Leo
    driver. I bet he didn’t realize that he was killed by the Leo! lol

  26. Leopard 1 masterrace <3

  27. Only thing I will say is that the last 5 kills out of the 8 were easy
    kills, all 1/2 shots but still the way he acted to take them down would
    have been how he would have had to take them down if they were on 1/2 or
    full hp. Amazing game and gratz :)

  28. 5th also!!

  29. 4th comment!!

  30. 3rd comment!!

  31. 2nd comment!!

  32. hello sir.. I love those kinda videos!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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