World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | Ricky Rolls | Obj140 | Gameplay Tutorial

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Source: Sir Havoc

of Tanks | Anatomy of Games | EU Server Number 1 Ricky_Rolls | Obj140 | Gameplay Tutorial
Lets take a look at the finer detials that enable Ricky Rolls to consistently L ‘Ricky_Roll’ over Teams in this game play tutorial.
A brilliant show of strategy, Shooting and Aggression.
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  1. Unicum play broken OP medium tank against noobs. What great was in that.
    Another nations more accurate tanks u can not do shots what USSR tanks do
    casually all the time.

  2. Sometimes I also look around to see where my team is going on the map and
    where I should go. But occasionally when I do it someone in chat is calling
    me a bot or retard for not moving forward right at the start of the battle.

  3. Dear Sir Havok, can you show a video like this but with the unicum player
    in a losing situation? I havnt seen one yet but would like to see how /
    what a player like him does in a bad situation. Also another “carry” type
    of scenario would be appreciated. Lol, oinked – his name makes me chuckle
    every time I see it.

  4. Spotterino Cappuccino

    He is first in the WG rating, which is not really a good metric.

  5. hi +SirHavoc i was wondering how do you change the xvm stats in your xvm
    mod (im assuming its aslains) i use the same and its different…

  6. Today I saw a 1K battle unicum player! And we bet them :D

  7. This was just thoroughly meh for me. Maybe its the fact that RNGesus smiled
    on him with every full speed shot, maybe its the fact that the enemy team
    had just one blue player whilst his team had a lot of purples(This happens
    A LOT anymore.) or maybe its just the fact I come to WOT youtubers to watch
    every day Joe pull of something great instead of unicums patting themselves
    on the back.

  8. One thing about those wn8 counters is that they aren’t totally correct,
    initial spots winrate, frags and decap point also count towards it,
    something these mods don’t tell you.

  9. wish i had a ping below 100ms…

  10. +Sir Havoc I’m speechless….Jesus Christ almighty…I just hope I’ll never
    meet him in opposite side… :)

  11. Very well played, great player. Yes was also on a great team……….much
    better than opponent. Such players should be highlighted when on underdog
    teams. Keep helping the community Sir Havoc!

  12. “sucking his testicles into his body like a samurai”. Classic. Love it.

  13. Great game, but after 56k games he must have amazing crews. Every shot in
    the middle of the bloom, even when at full tilt…the benefits of grinding
    I suppose, but great play anyway.

  14. Yet another awesome game. There is something I’d like to point out – during
    the attack on the eastern flank the Obj140 was not focused that hard by the
    opposition (something I am yet to figure out how to do in my Action X…).
    This and the creative use of the terrain to get these extra degrees of gun
    depression cleared the path all the way to the northern spawn. We all saw
    what happened after that. What I don’t get is why the first E100 the Obj140
    encountered allowed to be caught out in the open without any fire support
    from his teammates?…

  15. It’s shit like this that pisses me off, and convinces me RNG is on an
    account by account basis.
    I have an Obj 140, a 5 perk crew, and I don’t pull off anywhere near as
    many shots on the move as that…

  16. nice RR very nice

  17. +Oinked very true. High skill teammates, but he managed to get a ton of
    damage. He is the epitome of efficiency, no bounce/wasted shots or
    movement. If only I can make my Object 140 do that!

  18. Hello Mr. Havok, i was wondering if you would put up a few more how to play
    light tanks tutorials because I’m still trying to learn how to play light
    tanks and I’m not very good. I forget I’m in a white tank and think im in
    my E 100 and that doesn’t work out very well lol. Thanks for you vidios
    they have help me be a better tanker.

  19. 120k profit in a non premium tank is just insane lol

  20. Ricky Rolls yes great game HOWEVER the MM was very nice to Ricky the enemy
    only had 2 very good players and 3 average ~ HIS team had 7 good to UNICUM
    and Super UNICUM players – players SKILLS are what makes a huge,
    huge difference here, NOT the tanks ~ it would be much more an interesting
    video if Ricky was on the other team? much harder to carry there but more
    for him to show his skills imo, just saying…

  21. As always, nicely commented. Thx

  22. Holy crap what a game, I’m just waiting for my brain to finish watching the
    clip! :)

  23. Such fundamental perfection with aimed shots aren’t always possible for us
    poor bastards who are cursed with crappy frame rates.

  24. This is about the quickest steamroll I have ever seen, very good play by
    ricky and I totally agree with you when you say other unicums would have
    switched to HEAT when firing at that E100. I’ve been fortunate enough to
    help out two guys in the W-UNI clan for NA, Brits_Abroad & sonnymassey.
    Very good community and a fun bunch of clans Pete ?

  25. I want to play like Ricky.. ;)

  26. Where do you get the live wn8 counter?

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