World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | Ricky_Rolls | Game Play Tutorial Breakdown

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Anatomy of Great Games | Tutorial Breakdown
Welcome to the continuation of this great new series where we dissect great games played by consistently great , and look at how we can use their experience and knowledge to help us improve at an accelerated rate!!!
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  1. amazing play enhanced by the stop action commentary, inspiring instructive
    and entertaining

  2. yet again another game where commentators rabbit on about the carriage and
    use of “premium” & another I now watch with music because I couldn’t give a
    fig if they use it or not.
    Nice game though :)

  3. Perfect game!

  4. gr8 video…..keep doing more


  6. I love the way you analyze these replays, pausing when needed and
    explaining the highlight of the situation, the mechanics behind a choice,
    the important areas of the maps etc. Keep on with this awesome serie, you
    are making a great job and a great contribution for the community.

  7. sir havoc i havent been able to get on tanks for a few days i am gonna need
    to do my trial period some other time i cant log into ts either to get a
    messedge to brits abroad 🙁 fallout 4 is entertaining me while my isp is
    flipping its tits

  8. oh man…the amount of times this very player has taken me out in
    battle:)…gg Ricky_Rolls. Im sure he just plays wot 24hrs a day:) Great

  9. Hey Pete….. Ricky Rocks…. Ricky Rolls…… great vid showing and
    explaining just how it should be done, your explanation of what and why
    Ricky does what he does is illuminating cheers buddy.

  10. great analysis Pete

  11. Great play and great review. As you mentioned: Intimate map awareness,
    intimate knowledge of the individual tanks, relocating, tracking, great use
    of bush mechanics and all that jazz.

    A few minor points though. Yes I agree lights have places to be asap and
    it’s a dick move if you roll your fat ass tank in the path of the lights
    but, in this particular situation, it was the light tank that simply took
    the wrong route. He came from behind Ricky and then starts rubbing up to
    him. He should have known straight away where Ricky was going and set his
    own course accordingly. The other thing is, and I might very well be wrong
    about this as it’s just my impression but the first tracking shots on the
    E50M and the Centurion seemed more luck than intent. The follow up shots
    were intended tracking shots and all those on the JPZ as wel ofcourse.

    Overall great stuff man, keep em coming =)

  12. The last two enemies (waffle and AMK) he was still using gold, when credit
    ammo would have worked

  13. awesome replay, not like the BS replay in 300k quickbaby

  14. Hi, great video as usual. I was wondering what is the mod that gives an
    audio notification that one is no longer spotted? Can I add that

  15. Another one thing is when you success going around hill, enemy will most
    likelly push on other side of hill and yolo tanks on mid.

  16. Great replay. Just wanted to point out that by putting himself where he did
    he actually made the enemy arty kill it’s own Jg pz E100. I always like to
    see this :)

  17. Did you notice that the enemy M53/55 DID kill the Jageroo? What a scumbag!

  18. Best WOT Youtube series of all time!

  19. Lol notice the double Hello Ladies and Gentleman, what a Noob!!!

  20. ayye it’s Ricky.

  21. Welcome to the continuation of this great new series where we dissect great
    games played by consistently great players, and look at how we can use
    their experience and knowledge to help us improve at an accelerated rate!!!

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